Why Are Apple MacBooks Good for the Classroom? Guide 2023

With teachers today looking to upgrade technology in their classrooms, it seems that preference for Mac laptops has become eminent. This led to a lot of questions about why are Apple MacBooks good for the classroom. So it’s given that many modern users favor an Apple MacBook for some reason.

black MacBook on brown bench

What is a MacBook?

The MacBook is a line of Macintosh laptop computers that run Apple’s operating system. Although it costs a lot higher than other PCs, people trust the name APPLE for a computer designed for the highest possible learning. If you too go by this name, you know that a MacBook looks as much as how it works, and that is how many users rate Mac’s aesthetic value.

Macbooks typically last longer compared to other laptops. Also, there are fewer chances of costly repairs on software issues making it cheaper in the long run. This makes an Apple MacBook one of the best tech gadgets a teacher must own.


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Why Are Apple Macbooks Good for the Classroom

Take a look at the best features that make MacBooks good for classroom and school use:

1) Overall Security

Since Apple designs most of the parts in their devices, each system has been developed to work in perfect sync with each. That makes you sure that Mac’s operating system is built to minimize bugs and block off outside threats. This means that Mac laptops are essentially a lot less vulnerable to viruses, spyware, and other malware.

Students frequently download files from the internet, where they might find both useful materials and malware. However, it is one of the primary reasons why students and professors typically move to use MacBooks. Obviously, the requirement for an effective security system is not restricted to individuals in the academic community.

2) Software Compatibility

What makes a MacBook best for the classroom is having software that students find easy to use. Teachers and students in the fields of Computer Science or Arts and Design, for example, need to access more than one operating system. A MacBook generally caters to this coursework-related need. MacBooks have a built-in program and other third-party virtualization programs in their arsenal — something so ideal for school and educational use.

For example, taking a photo on your iPhone can automatically sync you through iCloud, iPad, and iMac without the need for any external software. It also allows you to start a conversation on one device and continue it on another. That means sending text messages through your iPhone and Mac is simple, quick, and easy. Impressively ideal for online teaching.

Computer backlight features

3) Hardware Reliability

The screen on a MacBook is virtually brilliant and LED-backlit. Its multi-touch trackpad supports natural motions. A polished, backlit keyboard and a brilliant built-in iSight camera with user-friendly iChat software on the side are some of their most recent upgrades. This equipment is incredibly useful for instructors and students whose coursework centers on using little features.

Typically, Macs provide three basic categories. The hardware department such as the USB, camera, printers, graphics, etc. There is also the network group comprising the connections WIFI, Firewall, and many others, and of course, the software department where the Mac OS, etc, are installed. This 2020, every MacBook in Apple’s arsenal boasts its recent improvements to the keyboard.

Here’s one tip for you:

Every new MacBook Pro 2020 comes with the latest version of the most advanced desktop operating system called the macOS Catalina.

4) Apple’s Ecosystem

Apple Ecosystem is the collaborative network of Apple products and the optimized functionality of each individual device. It works seamlessly with the iPad and iPhone — an integration that adds to the unique Apple experience. It is convenient in terms of not having to take a lot of steps when transferring files from one device to another. All their iOS devices are already in sync with one another. This feature also helps in organizing and managing files.

Macs are quick enough to process anything without taking up a lot of your processing time. It makes it easier to use Photoshop or run a few music programs, for instance. I can confidently state that Apple has its own ecosystem, which consists of hardware and software developed by the same firm, which gives its laptops an advantage over competing models of computers.

You can see a MacBook’s processor by going to the Apple menu “About This Mac.” Here you can also see the version of its operating system along with the computer model name. For example, if your processor is an Intel Core Solo, it’s a 32-bit processor. So you may want to opt for the 64-bit version.

5) Battery Life

Most MacBook models are optimized to the brim. So its all-day battery saves a lot of energy in spite of being highly powerful. Mac laptops last for at least 10 hours (or even more) without charging. A MacBook’s battery is designed to retain up to 80% of its original capacity at 1000 complete charge cycles. After this time, you may start to notice battery status warnings indicating problems in the power supply.

Of course, your Mac battery life reduces as it ages. However, you can do something to save your MacBook’s battery life or how long your battery should last, and when you should replace it. But in such a case that you did all of the suggestions and it seems not working, then it may be time to replace the battery in your MacBook.

With a student’s life of running around in their own work-riddled laptops, finding a nice spot with an outlet can be tricky. A laptop with a reliable battery life can be time-saving.

MacBook Pro inside a tote bag

6) Portability

You will agree that the MacBook is leaner and lighter if you conduct your own review. Although they may not seem like much, weight and portability are crucial factors in a good laptop for the classroom. Teachers and students need laptops that are lightweight and portable because they are constantly on the go. The weight of MacBooks has decreased without sacrificing any optimization. Since a MacBook fits into any typical-sized backpack, you won’t have as many transportation issues while moving around school.

7)Dependable Durability

To focus on a solid product that looks cleaner, elegant, and trendy, Apple MacBooks are now built with aluminum bodies. This is to upgrade the once-plastic materials that can easily crack apart when dropped. Although aluminum is likely more prone to scratches — it solidly holds together in a fall. With a sturdy design, it comes out well-built to last for years.

The less-in-repair feature and the need to look for repairable parts make the Apple MacBook worth investing in both for educators’ and non-educators use. While it’s true that even the toughest computer brands can have certain issues, with an Apple MacBook, you know what you are buying and you are confident about where your money is spent.


Apple’s Biggest Strength

I am an Apple MacBook user and I can tell why people are willing to pay extra for it.

Let’s take a look at the Macbook Air. This model is Apple’s slimmest yet has a storage capacity enough to provide teachers with 256GB of newer flash memory. The storage may not be as big as other laptops but it still can store all your essential teaching documents.

Apple through the years developed the ability to design its own hardware and software. These advancements gave the company the power to develop an operating system and a suite of apps that are customized for the Mac. There is a new keyboard design in MacBook Air models for teachers. The glossy LED-backlit screen makes it cool to surf the net, work on grades, or watch movies for some relaxing time. I believe this is the perfect choice for both teachers and students.

System-wise, any application I downloaded remains a part of the same system. With a standardized menu bar, it has an easy-to-comprehend user interface not to mention how simple it is to move documents and applications with a mere click.

The MacBook’s Little Downside

If you happen to work on a MacBook and encounter this little issue, I thought this video might help you do some fixing on your own, as well.

Like anything else in this world – a little downside is not a big deal. I and some teacher friends noticed that an Apple MacBook’s built-in camera has an inferior quality. The most latest models seem to have the same issue. Well, the camera may depend on a particular need and that is just how it is in our case.

Well, it’s the only complaint I have about an Apple MacBook and I don’t find it a super big issue. My Mac still offers incredible value. After all, I trust that Apple is on its way to addressing this complaint.



Users around the world may argue that MacBooks make a better computer for classroom use. Well, we could agree to that. If you dig more, one of the biggest differences lies in the computer’s operating system. While MacBooks can offer the best learning level for students, many modern PCs already possess features close to that of Macs.

Everybody has a special opinion about Apple MacBooks. With all the features discussed above, do you think a MacBook will work in your own classroom? We appreciate it if you could leave a comment below.