Why Do Great Teachers Spend a Lot of Time Preparing for Each Day?

Teachers have a huge responsibility of educating a child and great teachers have exceptional qualities. You’ll have a lot to learn from great teachers. They always aim to give what the students deserve. They are hardworking. We might still be wondering why do great teachers spend a lot of time preparing for each day.

why teachers prepare for each day

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Why Do Great Teachers Spend a Lot of Time Preparing for Each Day?

Good things happen in the classroom of a great teacher. Why? It’s because a great teacher will do everything to ensure student achievement. Thus, he or she is competent. The skills and talents of a great teacher are noteworthy.

I am a teacher, too. I am always considering student learning. Hence, I make the necessary preparations every day. I am certain that learning is happening in my classroom and I am excited every time I meet my students.

Although teaching has become very overwhelming, I still love every inch of it. For me, there is real happiness in teaching as there is great satisfaction seeing students doing their best and are improving in their performances.


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Reasons Why Do Great Teachers Spend a Lot of Time Preparing for Each Day

1. They ensure quality student learning

Great teachers devote much of their time preparing for their instructions to ensure quality student learning. They always make time to create a student-centered learning environment. Certainly, they make careful assessments of their student’s needs and learning styles so they know exactly what to do with their students.

Moreover, great teachers impact student achievement. They work hard to deeply motivate students to learn new concepts and master life skills. Thus, these teachers never come to school unprepared as they always consider what transpires in the classroom.

Creating an active learning environment is their main concern. They think outside the box to provide their learners with exemplary learning experiences. Moreover, they don’t just stick to one teaching strategy as they always consider the diversity of learners. This really makes them effective and great teachers.

2. They share their great passion for teaching

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Photo by Jason Goodman on Unsplash

With many jobs available, why are there professionals who choose the teaching profession? We know that teaching is never easy because you have to deal with students of different backgrounds, personalities, and abilities. Maybe this is something we call – passion for teaching.

Teaching is advantageous if it’s your passion to teach. Hence, great teachers always get ready for each day because of their great interest in teaching. Looking at the education setting, teachers have done their best for the improvement of the students. So, I must say that most teachers are great teachers. They don’t stop at anything just to show their teaching prowess.

I should say that the development of society depends on the hard work of great teachers because they are doing their best to educate the children- the future citizens of the world. I am glad that I belong to the noblest profession. One of my goals is to create a well-educated society. Hence, I will prepare and equip myself with the necessary teaching skills.

3. They establish a strong work ethic

Great teachers are committed to their mission and are mindful of the vision of the education sector. Nurturing young minds is one of their roles and they take it sincerely. Thus, the eagerness of great teachers never falters. They always extend the extra mile for the sake of student learning.

For me, teaching is a great career option. But it can’t be suitable for anyone. One should have a strong desire to nurture young minds and mold different personalities. All this needs a lot of work. Being accountable for the education and academic growth of the students, great teachers never render service half-baked. True service emanates from their hearts, hence they teach from the heart and make a big difference in the lives of the students.

Having been in the teaching career for years now, I have been abiding by teaching professional ethics. I know deep in my heart that I have a huge responsibility on my shoulders. And I can just live each day with the thought of whatever comes just let it be. For me, everything should be done to lay the foundation of each of my students’ lives. Therefore, I prepare.

4. They set high expectations for all students

I always bear in mind that a teacher like me has a strong influence on students’ lives. That is why I set high expectations for all my students. I treat them equally and give them enriching learning opportunities. This can’t be done if I just let things be. Of course, I set myself as a positive example to my students for them to understand the things I am expecting of them.

Teachers who set high expectations for their students believe that they can achieve great things in their lives. Hence, these teachers really set time to design learning activities that promote optimal learning in students.

On my end, I prepare to learn activities that are highly relevant to my student’s experiences and tasks that stimulate critical thinking. As I do it, my students feel that I believe in their strengths and I know their interests. Thus, my students also work hard to demonstrate learning and the skills that are expected of them.

5. They help students establish learning goals

The day-to-day instructional management teachers provide should help establish learning goals for the students. Again, this should be part of the greater plan for student learning.

Conveying lesson content and instructions should support students and should prepare them for maximum academic growth. Furthermore, great teachers help students set their own learning goals and rely on their efforts for their achievement. If students are able to specify what they have learned for the day, they will be able to make plans for themselves and become more independent learners.

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It’s a wrap-up.

Teachers should always be well-prepared to make the most of teaching and learning. Before entering class, the great teacher knows very well what to do first and what to do the entire learning day.

An enthusiastic teacher loves the teaching profession. He or she does the necessary preparations so students always get attracted to listen and participate. Furthermore, great teachers don’t just design learning activities but also provide a fun learning environment and immediate feedback to students.

Quality assessment should be given to test the efficacy of the instruction. If one strategy doesn’t work, a great teacher is always ready with another most fitting teaching strategy.