Why Do Teachers Need Gel Pens? Top 7 Best Motives to Note

I find it necessary to ask: What do teachers need in order to get motivated and more enthusiastic about their writing tasks? Why do they need those opalescent barrels of ink? Why do teachers need gel pens? Are they the right pens?

One of the most underappreciated teaching aids is the simple gel pen. Despite the world’s fascination with technology, schools will always need gel pens because of the beautiful way in which ink flows on paper. This article explores the top seven reasons that reveal the truth about why teachers need gel pens and how these writing miracles can revolutionize the classroom.

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This is quite an interesting read.

They say real educators need flair pens of which I totally agree. Pens are used for notetaking, recording, writing schedules in the planner, marking up students’ outputs, and for some other writing and creative tasks.

Evidently, just ask me, what’s in my bag. And I ask you back, “Why do teachers need gel pens? Why do I always love to have them in my bag? In the same manner, why do I have a bundle of these paper mates on my desk?

With the amazing options of pens, why include gel pens in your list of essentials? There must be something with these pens that teachers have to consider. As you navigate the stores for pens, don’t hesitate to pick and grab exceptional choices of gel pens.

Gel pens are among the best choices of pens out there!  On a personal thread, they have been my favorites since my college days. Amazingly, these great pens offer the ‘fine point’ most fitting to my scribbling task and attractive colors that inspire me to record and write more!

If you are still unsure of your choice, I can help you figure it out by reading the incredible reasons below. These are notably from teachers I know and I also included my incredible intentions for my choice.


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What should teachers know about gel pens?

The Microsoft Bing dictionary defines a gel pen as “a pen that uses a gel-based ink, combining the permanence of oil-based ballpoint ink and the smooth glide of water-based ink.

Interestingly, because of that, gel pens produce clear and thick water-based gel ink that supports various types of writings. Moreover, teachers claim that illustrations, drawings, and handwritings become comprehensible when gel pens are used as a writing device.

On a personal view, I have gel pens as always in my reservoir of school supplies because I find them really helpful in my writing toils.  Plus, since their pigments are opaque, they are stylish and more effective than felt tip and ballpoint pens.

Gel pens contain ink with “higher viscosity,” which gives it the right amount of tint.  Hence, writings that are supported by gel pens can be seen clearly even on dark papers.

The coloring matter of gel pens is distinctively supported by high-quality components like copper phthalocyanine, a crystalline blue pigment, and chemical compounds known as iron oxides.

In addition, the gel is of superior properties like biopolymers, substances like polyacrylate thickeners to increase the ink’s viscosity, and water.

Most importantly, gel pens are available in various glittery shades and pastel colors. So, not only are teachers and other professionals content and happy using these writing buddies but also the students as well.

The metallic colors of gel pens are very attractive and look really good on paper that the users and the onlookers are inspired to write and read more!

Why Do Teachers Need Gel Pens? Top 7 Motives to Note

Choosing the right pen shouldn’t be a pain. Knowing that as teachers we are into great roles and responsibilities so choosing the best handwriting tool should not consume most of our time. Supposedly, it shouldn’t be a lot harder.

So among the different types of pens in the market, why do teachers need gel pens?

1. Aid in coding schemes

Making use of color-coding schemes has been my practice even before I became a teacher. I usually take good care of labeling for easy access to data and comfortable scanning of important details.

Best point:  Gel pens provide rich color options.

I take advantage of using color coding in my manual class record, in journaling, and in my other writing endeavors.  This technique helps me categorize the scores of my students for easy identification.

The pens’ vibrant colors offer the best options for me to classify and categorize columns for scores. It’s not only neat and clean to look at, but it’s also attractive. Do you know how it feels to have your class record pretty good to look at?

More so, the color-coded scores in my class record help me in easy tracking of who missed the submission of outputs. For example, I use a blue gel pen for the written outputs, green for performance tasks, orange for assignments, and black for the final grades.

Hence, it’s easy for me to give reminders and plan for remedial activities so my students can catch up and master the competencies.

It’s one of the awesome benefits of using gel pens in my recording tasks. They look really good on paper and they excite me more to do the task!

2. Support great and clear writing

Clear writing is really critical in presenting ideas and in compositions. It also has an incredible impact in taking down notes and in preparing drafts for narrative reports and anecdotes.

At times we seem less energetic doing it. I admit it because I experienced it.

Amazingly, the gel pen’s ink has rich density and opacity that contribute to clear handwriting techniques. These features give me the enthusiasm to write.

Best point: Provide the appropriate point size

Not only does the clear ink barrel support our craft, but we can also take advantage of its opaque-looking ink for great and clear writing tasks.

Admittedly, I really find my gel pens my best writing tool whether it’s for the art of journaling, note-taking, or artistic endeavors. I feel more effective if I convey my ideas fluently in writing and not only in speaking.

Hence, I really need that pen with a fine point. Better yet, a 0.5 mm tip makes me comfortable to write with. Or if you’re comfortable with a pen tip of 0.18 mm, that’s very possible with gel pens.

I am confident that I can catch up and jot down important notes during faculty meetings and seminars.

Even though jotting down can be done with technology, it feels satisfying when I scribble in my conference notebook for future reference.

3. Help organize and remember ideas better

writing using gel pen

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Writing is one of the best universally known creative expressions. And teachers are among the people who are most inclined to it. As we organize our thoughts, we usually make drafts of our work.

For this matter,  I consider gel pens as a smart choice. Even though we are now in the digital realm of laptops and other smart gadgets, there are still instances that we organize ideas manually and lug notebooks to log in important details. Hence, we tote pens everywhere.

When I have things to record or when I write narrative reports, I prefer taking notes manually before encoding them on my laptop. It’s very comfortable for me.

Again, glittery pens help you organize your ideas to formulate a sound composition.

In conjunction with organizing ideas, we conduct research to support our narratives or accomplishment reports.

To do so, we need a reliable pen to write important details. The gel pens best support this pre-writing stage.

Fun Fact: 

Kenneth Kiewra, Education Psychologist, notably shared techniques that writing by hand enhances our capacity to remember facts and information better because he believes that scribbling on paper is better than typing notes on a laptop.

Hence, we should write as much as we can. This is a bit of great advice from him.

Handwriting notes might be a good old-fashioned way of recording things, but it incredibly works well with information retention.

Yes, writing down facts such as important dates and names can enhance memory or retention because the brain is actively involved in the process, studies show.

Moreover, we can concentrate better when we take down notes. It’s much easier to write down than typing.

Also, writing manually on paper means keeping away from glaring screens which is beneficial to our health. In other words, handwritten notes really make a difference as you remember facts longer!

Only that, you have to choose the right pen so you won’t fuss when your barrel is out of ink! Again, gel pens are the best choice! The tip glides on paper smoothly, no smudges, no worries, no hand cramps, no stress!

4. Allow erasures

When we write or record, revisions are a normal thing. So, we make erasures. Although the best pencils offer you this kind of service, some gel pens also have these erasing properties, too. Some variants have combined the pliancy of pencils and the brilliance of gel inks.

While there are gel pens with water-resistant inks that can’t be washed away, there are also erasable gel pens.

When you make a spelling mistake or you have to change your words and ideas, there’s no need to fret over liquid erasers or correction tapes. It’s a good thing that some gel pens have erasable ink for this purpose.

Fun Fact:

Water-resistant gel inks, once dried, stay still even though the paper gets wet. This incredible ink can’t be washed away even with solvents such as acetone. Their pigments do not disintegrate.

5. Keep grading  and recording tasks

quote about handwriting

Gel pens do not feather so I use them in manually recording the scores and incidents of actions of my students. Since they perform better than any other pen, I have become an avid fan of gel pens.

So, my multi-color packs are a helpful thing for me.

I can say, they are the best pens I have ever used. When I write, I feel how the tip glides smoothly on the paper which also makes me more comfortable with what I’m doing.

This made me say that gel pens are ideal for everyday use. Indeed, they are most fitting to us, teachers!

Hence, when your students have graded recitations or are to perform their group tasks, don’t forget to grab the gel pen of your desired color and record their scores right away!

6. Support relaxation coloring activities

Gel pens are best known for their efficiency. But does everyone know that gel pens also support artistic endeavors such as drawing and coloring? Believe me! These coloring gel pens make your art vivid and shine!

Color endlessly and invite your students to join you!

My coloring books provide me relaxation and the act of coloring helps me manage stress effectively. I have been doing this and so I have included this among the best reasons why teachers need gel pens.

Ours is a stressful profession where we need to look for remedies to stave off stress from our lives. One of the best ways to get back to our senses and achieve peaceful contention is by coloring. The vibrant gel pens support my coloring activities.

As for me, gel pens are among the best products that support our aesthetic ventures. You just have to choose the best coloring gel pens and you’re good to go at reducing stress.

The glitter colors make your cards look pretty and your coloring book fantastic!

So, grab your adult coloring book and your glitter gel pens with you, sit peacefully under a tree, color, and unwind! I just can’t imagine how peaceful your countenance will be!

7. Customize teacher planner

While gel pens make coloring an exciting hobby, these vibrant-colored little things can also do great in customizing our planners.

Emphasizing our to-do list on specific dates is best accomplished using the opalescent gel pens.

For a detailed narrative of your daily activities, you can catch them in your teacher planner using colorful ink. Just let it flow on the pages and you can track your activities to keep you more productive.

Labeling the dates with the luscious green while marking the months with pink pop ink is a fun thing to do! I’m sure your teacher planner is also ready for this ink delight!

Quick Motives: Ink-spiring Education!

A. Flair for Creativity:

As teachers we are artists in our own right because we shape kids’ minds with information and ideas. With our bright colors and smooth lines, gel pens give lesson plans an artistic touch that makes notes and sketches more interesting to look at. Color pops not only get people’s attention, but they also make people more creative in the classroom.

B. Smooth Sailing Through Grading:

The relentless task of grading can be made infinitely more enjoyable with the right tools. Gel pens effortlessly glide across paper, reducing hand fatigue and ensuring a smooth grading experience. You can breeze through stacks of assignments with ease, leaving more time for personalized feedback.

C. Expressive Emphasis:

When you teach, you need to stress important points, and gel pens give you a lot of options for how to do that. Gel pens are very flexible, so we can emphasize things in a way that is both clear and appealing to the eye. They can be used for bold underlining, gentle circles, or bright notes.

D. Personalized Feedback Magic:

Providing constructive feedback is an essential part of teaching, and gel pens make it a delightful experience. The smooth ink flow allows for precision, while the variety of colors lets you personalize feedback, making it more engaging and encouraging for students.


As we monitor our students’ writing skills, we should also enhance our writing experience by choosing the right pen. Gel pens offer inspiration to write intelligently. They are the best aids for your non-stop writing tasks and creative adventures!

Experience its smooth application and neat longhand writing! Moreover, its comfortable grip makes you feel good! With your hard work, you deserve to own these magical gel pens and experience the great advantages mentioned in this post.

Moreover, as teachers, it’s our responsibility to grade tests, write lesson plans, document students’ progress, and do other writing tasks that define our work and student learning. Therefore, it’s necessary to arm ourselves with the best pen. Hence, in the big list, gel pens should be there.

With our bold writing tasks that are always on our plate, gel pens are a great choice. They are a perfect addition to our great array of school supplies that highly contribute to our being effective and motivated educators.

Have we missed anything here? Feel free to leave them in the comment box below.