Why Is Pedagogy Important in Teaching? 6 Best Points to Remember

Not a small one, is it? On occasion, though, this is one of those questions that is left unsaid.  But if we all want to give our students the best learning experiences, then we should consider asking this question from time to time.

giving the importance of teaching pedagogy

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There is a tremendous need for high-quality education. Parents, specifically, are very confident that their children are given high-standard instruction. That is why as teachers we come to reflect on why is pedagogy important in teaching.

To ensure that our students are prepared for the future and for higher education, as teachers, we must do our best that we are giving them a high-quality education. And how teaching is delivered can impact this end.


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The education environment is advancing at a rapid pace. Is pedagogy in teaching and learning something you’re familiar with, or do you think you should be? Discussing the relevance of pedagogy in teaching is a good place to start.

What Is Pedagogy in Teaching?

Pedagogy is the teacher’s strategy of communicating content to the students. It is their approach to their teaching styles that are influenced by the teaching theories and methodologies they employ.

In other words, the term “pedagogy” refers to the method by which a teacher presents the curriculum to students. When we talk about pedagogy, we are talking about how we teach our students – whether that’s through theory or actual practice.

It signifies the connection between learning styles and cultural norms. The primary goal of pedagogy is to develop students’ prior knowledge and engage in the advancement of their abilities and attitudes.

It is through the use of pedagogy that students are able to gain a complete comprehension of content and appreciation of the curriculum, plus the application of what they’ve learned in real life.

Additionally, teaching pedagogy does not always remain the same for every teacher. Learning theories and our pedagogies are always evolving and not sequential. They are influenced and shaped by the real scenario and our experiences.

Why Is Pedagogy Important in Teaching?

1. Enhances the teaching and learning process

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It takes time and effort to teach and learn. Thus, the teaching and learning process is a complex one. In the classroom, have you imagined managing your class without a clear teaching pedagogy to be used? Do you think the students will process the content?

Before we can focus on improving specific components in teaching, we need to properly enhance the teaching and learning process by using varied teaching pedagogies.

Furthermore, we must be able to adapt and develop new approaches to improve our teaching styles in order to keep up with the ever-changing educational landscape.

The teaching pedagogy we employ will not only help us be more effective in the classroom but will also assist our students to learn and retain the knowledge in a more effective manner.

2. Promotes diversity in education

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The quality of teaching improves when our students are actively involved in the learning process. Active learning is achieved when students’ academic and social needs are met. Thus, we embrace our dynamic teaching pedagogies to provide choices to our students.

With the right teaching pedagogy, we can address the needs of our students with efficiency. Hence, as teachers, we have to consider individual differences and match our teaching pedagogies. It’s quite a challenge but the results are noteworthy.

Notably, when our way of teaching is carefully thought of and planned, our students are expected to learn through active engagement with the curriculum, class participation, and collaboration with peers.

3. Improves student performance

Increasing student performance is one of the positive outcomes when using the right teaching pedagogies. In order to get the best positive results for our students, we need more than just good teaching.

Our good teaching practices should work in tandem with the best teaching methods and approaches. As educators, our teaching methods and actions have a significant impact on the quality of the educational experiences for our students. Thus, teaching pedagogy must be held in high regard.

4. Allows students to demonstrate their skills

a student is presenting her work


Our best pedagogical practices provide students with an enriching learning environment that allows them to freely demonstrate their skills. Its appropriate implementation in the classroom encourages all students, including the most challenging ones.

Therefore, as teachers, as we prepare our lesson plans we should target teaching strategies that motivate students to showcase their skills and learn at their best.

If a group of your students has a kinesthetic learning style or they might be artistically inclined, then we should get in touch with differentiated instruction so we can give our students rich opportunities to develop and exhibit their abilities.

5. Provides effective instructional structure

Our teaching methods are a significant component of education, particularly in regard to the manner in which we interact with our students, organize our classroom, and deliver instruction.

However, we must make important decisions as to what teaching methods to use. Yes, there can be a readily available wide variety of teaching methods but it is obvious that not all of them are equally beneficial and effective in fostering favorable student results.

6. Improves quality education

There are several ways that a well-planned pedagogical strategy might benefit students. It enables various students to study and interact with content in different ways. It’s also acceptable for students to remain with their favorite methods of studying.

If our students are comfortable with the teaching pedagogies we are using, increased student engagement is very evident. They can gain a deeper comprehension of the subject which in turn helps them improve their overall abilities, knowledge, and growth.

With improved quality education, students are better prepared to learn life skills. That is why we teachers continue to enrich ourselves with the latest trends and methodologies so we can always provide our students with the quality education they deserve.

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Our students should benefit from effective teaching methods. It’s a critical element to make learning successful for all students. Through our pedagogies in teaching, we help our students develop 21st-century skills to prepare them for life.

All styles of pedagogy are equally feasible. This raises the importance of how we, as educators, can achieve the noble objective of giving every child access to quality education.

As professional teachers, we are all guided by our own distinctive pedagogies. As a result, our instructional decisions and actions are influenced by theoretical frameworks that guide us on how learning should work.

Have I missed something? Why is pedagogy important in teaching? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.