Why Should I Use a Classroom Rug? 6 Awesome Benefits to Any Classroom

Would the floor be safe enough for my students? Why should I use a classroom rug?

Classroom rugs are versatile. Available in myriad designs, shapes, and colors, classroom rugs don’t just serve as a mere classroom embellishment because they function more than that.

using classroom rugs

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These playful and best-designed carpets can be our classroom decor or our best source of protection. Rugs are mostly used in our homes, but they certainly can make a difference in any classroom. Essentially, these stylish and colorful carpets are also best known as classroom rugs.

So, why should I invest in classroom rugs in my classroom? What do I get? What do my students get?

Let’s begin by settling our thoughts that classroom rugs or carpets could be a game-changer in the classroom space. According to the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI), classroom rugs are an all-important classroom tool that’s worth the investment.


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Check out how these lovely, high-quality classroom rugs benefit our students aside from making the classroom look fantastic and giving it a welcoming atmosphere.

Why Should I Use a Classroom Rug?

6 Awesome Benefits of Using Classroom Rugs in the Learning Space

One great advantage of using classroom rugs is to make the learning environment safer and better. But there’s more! You’ve got to read on and appreciate how you made an incredible decision for the perfect purchase of a classroom rug.

#1 Reduce classroom noise

As classroom space accommodates heavy foot traffic each day, classroom rugs play an important role in reducing footstep sounds and noise reverberations. This makes classroom rugs an excellent flooring choice to make the learning space a quieter place.

Well, students can’t learn with too much background noise.

Noise is a known disturbance to student learning in the classroom. It is best understood that students love to move and are very active. However, when they do that they may cause noise which can alter their full concentration and they can’t learn in a noisy classroom. Plus, the neighboring noise causes a lot of discomfort to everyone.

When installing classroom rugs in the learning space, the noise around the environment is reduced. This makes classroom rugs the perfect classroom acoustics. By way of improving classroom acoustics, noise of any kind and from different sources is reduced, making the classroom a conducive place for learning.

#2 Improves indoor air quality

Poor indoor air quality has a negative effect on one’s health. Children who mostly stay in the classroom during weekdays are prone to air pollution indoors. Therefore, as teachers, we should do something about it.

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, indoor air pollution, like in our classrooms, can have adverse effects on one’s health. Moreover, the density of contaminants indoors is 2 to 5 times higher than outdoor pollutants and can go even 100 times greater, which is alarming, according to the EPA.

However, we can lessen the impact of indoor airborne pollutants by using classroom rugs. Preferring to use carpets inside the classroom lessens the dread games of air contaminants. The air contamination may originate from the outside or from the interiors of the classroom.

According to a researcher from Cornell University, “Carpets in schools can help the quality of indoor air by trapping contaminants and allergens.” However, floors must be kept clean and microfiltration vacuum bags must be used to ensure carpets are highly efficient floor coverings, says Alan Hedge professor-researcher at Cornell University.

Moreover, we have to consider high-quality classroom rugs that are easy to clean and disinfect so it won’t compromise their great purpose of improving indoor air quality.

#3 Reduce slips and falls

Carpets are safer to walk on than on a bare tiled floor. Aided with non-slip surfaces, classroom rugs reduce slips and falls.

With carpets or classroom rugs on the floor, we are confident that students won’t fall or slide. However, we need to consider the quality of classroom rugs. It should spell a difference in terms of durability and safety. It should display maximum grip onto the floor.

During the rainy or winter seasons, floors can get wet and slippery. But with carpets, we can easily traverse at any direction in the classroom and our students can likewise move freely.

#4 Provides an instant spot for group discussions

Whenever we have grouped tasks and activities that our students need to gather around and brainstorm, having a carpeted spot in the classroom space can make a big difference.

With a carpeted spot, students can easily and comfortably sit. The classroom rugs provide the students a great place to discuss with one another in a more personal manner. It’s a way of cultivating good relationships in the classroom without alienating anyone.

The carpet serves as a gathering rug where the students compose themselves and exchange positive conversations. Beyond that, with the floor covered, students can easily establish a homey yet sophisticated feel.

When the carpet’s design, color, and purpose work in harmony, the students are best supported with their individual and group learning activities.

# 5 Improve the physical appearance of the classroom space

Classroom rugs also ooze with aesthetic sense. Aside from offering a welcoming feeling to students, the well-designed and attractively colored carpets improve the overall appearance of the classroom.

Giving the classroom a highly sophisticated presentation, the classroom rugs are the perfect addition to classroom structure.

The bright and colorful classroom rugs can make the learning space even more beautiful. Choosing the best designs and styles that match your classroom’s physical structure can give students a homelike and snug feel. By saying so, students experience greater confidence to participate in the learning activities and finish required tasks.

Especially when floors are covered with educational and playful rugs, the classroom becomes more appealing, making the students be more active and participative.

#6 Promote basic reading and numeracy skills

Classroom rugs are quite helpful to intensify your educational goals. Learning to read and count is possible with educational classroom rugs. Spread the ABCs on the floor and make children familiarize letter sounds and more.

The colorful letters and numbers on the educational rug make young children recognize letters and numbers in a fun way. This makes learning more interesting and captivating.

Introducing the letters and numbers is made fun and easy with educational rugs. Plus, the attractive and inspiring characters representing each letter encourage young children to sit on the rug, to get curious about what’s printed, and play with their peers. Thus, learning the alphabet becomes a fun task for them.


Classroom rugs are a perfect addition to the classroom space. As excellent surface enhancers, carpets, or rugs are highly recommended in schools.  The fantastic designs, attractive colors, and high-functionality of classroom rugs make me install them in my classroom.

By affirming why should I use a classroom rug, I am saying that the structure and the overall positive atmosphere of our classrooms are in our hands.

Hopefully, the awesome benefits mentioned above help you decide whether or not to use classroom rugs in the classroom.  Choosing the best design according to your style, with the best quality, of course, can help you create a very stimulating and welcoming learning environment.