10 Life-Changing Examples Of Things Out Of Your Comfort Zone!

Trying out something new and unfamiliar can be frightful at times, there will be doubt and fear of failure but how will you know how things will turn out if you don’t take that first step? 

Taking a leap of faith can be unnerving but consequentially you will earn something highly rewarding from taking that first step out of your comfort zone. 

Best examples of things outside your comfort zone

As a teacher, it is crucial for you to stay creative and inspired but if you are struggling to get out of your comfort zone at the moment because you don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, I’ve got you! 

Keep on reading for some compelling inspiration as we go over 10 life-changing examples of things out of your comfort zone because if not now, when?

What is the comfort zone? 

A “comfort zone” is a place of comfort and familiarity. It’s a psychological, behavioral, and emotional construct wherein everything is familiar and is safe to you. It could be your daily routine, things that you always eat, or when you choose not to try out new things because it scares you. 

In the comfort zone, you can always predict everything, it makes you feel complacent and not worry about the consequences of your actions as you already know how things will roll out. 

It sounds nice and cozy, right? But wait, there’s a catch to it because nothing great ever comes out of the comfort zone, in fact staying in it for too long can make you stagnant and unhappy in life, and nobody wants that. 

Uncertain things are indeed scary but don’t just run back to things you already know just because they’re familiar. Explore life, explore new things, watch yourself grow, and don’t let your comfort zone make you miss out on the best things that life has to offer!

comfort zone vs. the growth zone

10 Life-Changing Examples Of Things Out Of Your Comfort Zone!

1) Try out a new thrill

Open up yourself to new experiences and new challenges because experimentation and adventure are crucial for success. 

Try to find a new hobby that you’ve never tried before or maybe go out and try skydiving or water sports, once you feel the adrenaline rushing through your veins you’ll feel more alive like you have never been before. 

Go on out and do something spontaneous, something that you’ve been wanting to try but haven’t been able to, be vulnerable and challenge your limits and try to surpass them. Doing something that gives you a bit of discomfort is the first sign that you’re getting out of your comfort zone. 

2) Embrace the discomfort

Did you know that lobsters can teach you a thing or two about growing out of your comfort zone? 

The process of lobsters growing is very similar to how you would go through the process of you entering your “growth zone”. 

A lobster’s shell is hard and unexpandable, which means there’s only one way for them to grow. They have to go through a series of discomfort as their shell gets tighter and tighter to the point that it’s no longer habitable for them. 

So what happens next then? The process of outgrowth leaves them no choice but to finish their misery once and for all by shedding from their old shell and growing a new one that will fit them better—but it doesn’t stop there. 

Their growth process is continuous and goes on and on as they grow bigger and bigger. 

So what’s the takeaway in all of this? Each time that discomfort is present in your life consider that everything is conspiring to make you uncomfortable giving you a sign that it’s time to grow out of your shell which for you is your comfort zone. 

Step up and go over those boundaries and make those changes that you have long needed to make. Embrace that discomfort that you are literally being called for to create that better version of yourself. 

3) Make a major shift in your career

Have you ever had that feeling that you want to do something more? Something like a step-up from where you are right now in your career?

It can be applying for a job that intimidates you or asking your boss for a raise, something within those areas. Gather up the courage to take your career to the next level, hesitation and uncertainty are inevitable but don’t let yourself be left with the what if’s until it’s too late. 

Take a leap of faith and you’ll find yourself pleasantly surprised by how much you can accomplish!

4) Visit a new country

Now I know many of us dream to travel the world but are you just going to let it stay as a dream when you can make it come true?

Visiting a new country is beneficial for you in many ways, you get to experience a new culture, new customs, and breathtaking views as a bonus! And not to mention, you also get to meet and connect to new people as well. 

The skills and experiences you gain from traveling in new lands are also priceless as it gives you a lifelong benefit that you won’t get to experience if you stay cooped up in your comfort zone.

So get on up and plan your travels, ride the wave, and let life lead you to all of the rewarding experiences that await you. 

5) Learn a new language

Let’s say that you finally decided to travel, and while you’re at it why not learn a new language as well while you’re there? 

Maximize the opportunity and let your horizon become wider as you journey into self-discovery.

Whenever an opportunity presents itself grab it and hold on tight to it. Traveling is about connecting with new people that you meet along the way and to deepen that connection further, what better way than to learn their language and understand their culture from their point of view.

Learning a new language can also help you develop and improve skills such as information recall, problem-solving, critical thinking, enhance your focus, and betters your listening skills. 

So not only are you gaining the ability to speak a new language, you are also developing and improving your own set of skills as well which is a great advantage especially now that the need for bilingual professionals is exponentially rising.

6) Eat new food

New things can either be scary or something fun that will be a life-changing experience for you, it all depends on how you view it.  

Eating the same food over and over again is boring, so why not try to indulge yourself through new food experiences. If you cannot travel at the moment, the next best thing for you is to try food from different cultures because, in that way, you’ll be experiencing them even without having to actually go there. 

And with that in mind, there’s no doubt that new food can be a great way to break out of your comfort zone. Not only is it going to widen your horizons, but it can also help you eat better as you broaden your food spectrum. 

The more new food that you’ll try the more you’ll benefit from the nutritional variety it offers and of course the enjoyment of eating scrumptious new food that will just tickle your tastebuds.  

So try to pick up a good cookbook, and to give you a hint Japanese foods are the bomb! 

7) Unplug

Do you remember the last time that you spent the whole day just relaxing without looking at your phone for a whole day? If not then this is a sign for you to unplug.

We’ve become so used to being online all the time that it now sounds unnatural to be offline for a day or two. 

Everything was so simple back in the day, but nowadays we are flooded with emails, deadlines, and endless meetings as we try to keep up with our fast-paced lives and the modern world. 

Unplugging and reconnecting with yourself again is essential. Try to go on a full day without any gadgets lingering around you. Away from emails, phone notifications, zoom meetings, and most of all social media. 

Go on a hike or spend a day by the beach, camping sounds promising too. Enjoy the breeze and the trees, live in the moment, and enjoy those experiences as life is too short to bury yourself in work, right? 

Cleansing yourself from the buzzing world will do you lots of good especially for your mental health because you deserve a break. Recharge and re-energize yourself, focus on you and nothing else—you’ll find yourself better and ready to take on anything that life throws at you.

8) Become a “Yes” person

Are you someone who always says no? If you are, then you better change that habit because saying no means that you’re staying in your comfort zone. 

When I became a mother, I instantly became a “No” person. Saying no to letting my daughter try out new things, no to her trying to climb up the stair on her own, and another big no again to her wanting to go up that big slide that she was really excited to go on to. 

It came to the point that I heard her talking to her Dad saying “I really want to go out and go on the slides, but I know that mommy will say no”. And it really broke my heart to hear her say that. 

That’s when it hit me, I was hindering her from trying out new things and having fun and that’s not what I want. I know that I only wanted to protect her but I got so carried away that I began restricting her from exploring and learning new things without me realizing it. 

As soon as I realized I knew that I had to let go of the reigns and let her do her thing, live her life to the fullest and not let her be scared to go out and experience new things. 

The same goes with you if you always say no to new opportunities and new challenges because you are afraid of how it will turn out you’ll be missing out on a lot of things that you might regret later on. 

Remember, old ways won’t open new doors. So make it happen and shock everyone! 

9) Build your network with the right people

Avoid negative people around you and surround yourself with people on the same journey as you. 

Getting out of your comfort zone is not easy that’s why it’s important to have an environment with people that support you as this will give you an instant boost of confidence and motivation to pursue your dreams and goals. 

When you first get out of your comfort zone, you’ll be just like a lobster shedding skin which is uncomfortable, it will surely be a not so enjoyable experience at first but know that it’s highly rewarding. 

Also, find a mentor who would gladly take you under their wings and has done the same things that you want to do. This can immensely help to pave the way for you to reach your goals and even surprisingly surpass them and achieve more than you could ever imagine. 

10) Ask someone out on a date!

One of the most nerve-wracking things that you can do is to ask someone out on a date! And if that’s not a great example of things out of your comfort zone then I don’t know what is! 

Gather up your courage and you’ll never know, you might hit things off with them and find someone that you can go on a journey with while you grow out of your comfort zone. 

A Takeaway Message

These are just a few examples of the thousands of things you can do outside your comfort zone, as we all have contrasting definitions of our comfort zones. My sincere advice is to try—otherwise, you’ll never know.

Just like how I took a chance on writing, never in a million years did I think I would turn my passion into my career, and look at where I am now. I know that I still have a long way to go and I’m hopeful that I’ll be where I want to be someday. Just trust the process.

So take that chance, and see how it goes! Live a life that you’ll remember. You won’t lose anything from trying, you’ll only gain valuable experiences that you’ll be thankful for.