How Can We Help Teachers Maintain Their Motivation? 10 Best Tips

Keeping teachers motivated is a meaningful effort. In today’s education setting, teaching is indeed an overwhelming profession. Hence, motivating teachers can be a great role for school administrators, fellow teachers, students, parents, and the community. How can we help teachers maintain their motivation?

how to keep teachers motivated

A motivated teacher makes a difference in the students’ lives. Accordingly, they should always be committed to performing their roles to give students meaningful learning experiences. In particular, they need inspiration just like any other human being to keep going!

Facing the enormous challenges of teaching and keeping enthusiasm to increase student learning are among the great goals of teachers. However, no matter how energetic they are at the beginning, they also feel weary and sad. They get stressed and experience teacher burnout.

I am one of them, as a matter of fact. I should keep a high layer of motivation to become effective and efficient in increasing student achievement and making my students become lifelong learners. To keep going, I should be inspired by the people around me. In this case, I certainly acknowledge the amazing role of school leaders in keeping teachers motivated and stimulated.

All right. We don’t just teach, but we also inspire. However, we need to get inspired as well!

Motivated teachers can establish inspiration in the learning environment to deeply engage learners. However, teachers really find it hard staying motivated amidst daily stress in the classroom and keeping up with their highly demanding roles if the people around them are unaccommodating and dissuading.

Furthermore, a motivated teacher looks forward to students’ success! Therefore, they should gain motivation from others so they can be more effective in the actualization of their roles.

At this juncture, let me include myself in the scenario. And to keep us more committed and inspired, we need to revitalize our days with your inspiring thoughts and actions. I get myself involved in this article because I am a teacher too. That’s why I am confident that the following tips below can inspire more teachers just like I do.

Delve no further, I am going to give you the best tips right away!  I really find these efforts remarkable that it boosts my morale as a teacher.


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How can we help teachers maintain their motivation?

Seize the 10 best tips

Understand what teachers need. The multitasking. The grading of students’ work. Classroom structuring. Never-ending instructional preparations. Everything mentioned and not mentioned here requires an understanding that teaching is a demanding profession.

teachers are sharing ideas

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1. Tell them they are important

Organizing a program for World’s teachers’ day will make teachers feel they are important and appreciated.  If you are the school principal, you can invite the parents to attend and give recognition to their children’s teachers. This is a practical strategy to keep your teachers motivated.

Best of all, you can heighten students’ participation in the program by allowing classroom officers to organize a surprise party for their respective teachers. And make it a holiday! The celebration should be for the whole day!

Take out their loads even for one day and let them feel they are special. Why am I confident about this strategy? It’s because I really feel happy every time my students give me surprises in the classroom during World Teacher’s Day. Besides, it’s done once a year, so it should be made meaningful.

During this day, my students would give me flowers and mementos. I just couldn’t explain my feelings that I became so emotional and teary-eyed. Maybe because I did make a difference in the lives of my students that they were so grateful.

2. Show them your support

If it means attending professional training and seminars, then you should send your teachers so they’ll grow professionally.  So, if you are a school administrator, you know exactly the capabilities of your teachers through their portfolios and profiles. Provide them with great opportunities for professional development so they feel that you are hoping for the best for them.

Another way of showing your support is by allocating school funds to complete school supplies so your teachers won’t be digging out from their salaries.

Essentially, teachers can bring out the best from their students if the classroom is equipped with school supplies and includes technology. For example, when teachers have enough supplies of bond paper, file folders, organizers, and teaching materials, they are more inspired to teach.

In other words, if they are well-provided with teaching materials, they’ll do their best because they feel the support of the school administration.

3. Never forget the sweet words

Teachers love to praise students. It’s their way of keeping kids motivated and inspired.

Likewise, teachers need your sweet praises and commendations too. If it’s done during a program, like they’re publicly recognized or appreciated, they increase their self-esteem.

Why did I mention this? It’s because  I experienced being praised in front of many people. When my efforts were recognized and my skills were appreciated,  I felt valued.

We can also do this, my fellow teachers. By expressing how grateful we are for the help extended by our colleagues, we are making them feel esteemed.  The gesture of appreciating our fellow teachers keeps their motivation alive! And when they feel their worth, they feel better and more inspired to stay as committed teachers.

Why did I note this? It’s because I received appreciative thoughts too! When it happened, my days were re-energized and my commitment strengthened.

4. Understand their struggles

Teaching is never easy. Moreover, teachers are human too. They experience hard times and financial struggles. But despite the struggles, they still can manage to smile and inspire their students.

Why am I so particular with this? It’s because I struggle too. Being the breadwinner is tough. I have to make ends meet just like any other parent too. What I need from the people around me is their patience and understanding.

Everyone has his or her stress times. So do the teachers. We may not be showing it, but holding it deep inside is another struggle. Therefore, I am so blessed for having a school principal who recognizes the hard times of her teachers. Well, she once was a classroom teacher so she probably felt our struggles.

5. Celebrate their achievements

When teachers make great achievements like ending the school year without dropouts and failures, coaching a winning student, and earning certificates of recognition, they ought to be celebrated.

As a school leader, you’ve got to recognize the efforts of your persevering teachers by personally congratulating them or appreciating them during a faculty meeting. Or you can go to their respective classrooms to present your words of appreciation while the students are listening. Such actions will boost their morale and tell the students how lucky they are to have such a great and hardworking teacher.

This act of appreciation can be the simplest thing to do to a teacher, but it can make a big difference. Doing so can inspire your teachers to be more effective and efficient.

6. Give them a break!

As a school administrator, you are pretty aware of the daily struggles of the teachers. They need to catch their breath from time to time to stay effective. Approaching the last few weeks of the school year will be tedious for teachers as they become very busy computing final grades and preparing paperwork. The end of the school year can be the weariest moment for teachers that they deserve a break!

Or more practically, by allowing them to stay in one faculty room so they can exchange “Hi’s and Hello’s” during break time, they would most appreciate that.

Therefore, spending quality time plotting the schedule for the new school year is required so teachers can have a particular moment of each day to reboot.

7. Listen to them

Treat them fairly and put aside personal issues. Moreover, if you listen and consider their suggestions and ideas, you are letting them feel that they form part of the school plans and organization. You can do this during faculty meetings. By asking them their ideas and plans, you recognize them as valuable members of the institution.

Personally, I love this idea. The democratic setup allows me to express my ideas which I think can be of help to promote student learning. I feel happy every time the school principal interacts with me and listens to my thoughts. When there’s no barrier to communication, I am more motivated to express my thoughts and more inspired to find ways that increase student achievement.

On that note, teachers will really feel unappreciated with authoritative leadership. It’s an energy drainer and many teachers will lose motivation in a very authoritative environment.

8. Allow teachers to collaborate

Collaboration in teaching is one of the most effective strategies to increase student achievement. Thus, if teachers are working collaboratively, they are more motivated to make teaching and learning productive.

By giving them time to convene and discuss things on their own, you are expressing your trust and sincerity that you believe in their capabilities.

teachers sharing ideas

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9. Give them opportunities to seek professional development

School administrators should give all teachers equal opportunities for growth. They should allow them to attend workshops and seminars not just in school, but also outside the district. It could be national or international training for it can boost teachers’ confidence and keep them motivated.

Providing them with equal opportunities to learn means opening doors for professional development which is a big factor for teachers to become better and teach more effectively. This is one of your roles as a school administrator.

Consider conducting observations and making assessments as to what your teachers need and what teaching competencies do they need to enrich. With that, you are guided as to what workshops or seminars can best address their needs so they can teach more efficiently and become deeply engaged in teaching.

10. Allow teachers to say their piece!

In faculty meetings or in conferences, hear them. Give them a voice so they can express their thoughts with full confidence and trust. By that, you’ll know how they are and what they really do.

By giving them opportunities to perform their roles in decision-making, teachers feel their importance and are more motivated to perform with excellence.

As a teacher myself, I really love when asked for my opinion and suggestions. I can feel the sincerity of my role in the educational system and it makes me feel better. An invitation to present my strategies and decisions on a certain matter during meetings builds up my confidence to do more for the students and for the institution. I am an important part of the big group and it creates an impact on my self-esteem as a teacher.

Thus, school administrators should not forget to ask and listen. Get your teachers’ opinion for it will not just build harmonious relationships but will also help them become more decisive.

Who can motivate teachers?

School principal. School leaders are the immediate people who can motivate teachers. Being the immediate supervisor, the school principal can develop plans to keep teachers excited and inspired.

Hence, if you are a school administrator, you have the best chance of making a big difference in the lives of teachers. Making yourself available when your teachers need your assistance without discriminating their worth, can help them become more confident to face the day-to-day challenges in the school.

When they know that you are a supportive leader,  they will face each day with greater heights of inspiration because they never feel intimidated. You can do it by giving recognition and commendations. Giving them certificates as a winning coach or an active grade leader also means an upgrade to their sincerity for the teaching profession.

Other teachers. Teachers make friends with their colleagues. And when they recognize one another’s efforts instead of dwelling on the realms of competition, they can help develop positive school culture.

Students. The success of every student in the classroom inspires teachers. When a student knows how to read and write because a teacher has been doing his or her best, it is quite an achievement that brings happiness not only to parents but also to the teachers.

Parents. Parents can also encourage teachers to be at their best. Instead of always complaining about just anything, parents can show support by extending their compliments.

A simple “Thank you for teaching my son/daughter” already sparks motivation in the teacher.

Family members. A teacher’s family members can also extend their endeavors to motivate him or her. At the end of the day, the perfect ingredient that completes a teacher’s life is his or her family.

After all, just like any other individual, a teacher’s greatest source of strength is his or her family.

Community. Community leaders can also lead programs that nurture teachers. I have attended teacher programs at the school that involve community leaders and stakeholders.

They are giving school supplies to teachers and are recognizing their best efforts in the delivery of quality education. In fact, there are Local Governments Units that work in tandem with education leaders in the search for the most outstanding teachers.

Motivated teachers are happy teachers!

When teachers are happy, they make their students happy too. I can attest to that. Also, when teachers feel good, they are more motivated to give their best to support student learning.

However, when teachers feel that each day is very hard to bear because of the very unsupportive environment, they lose motivation. Whereas, when teachers are happily engaged in teaching because they feel valued and strengthened, they face each day with energized spirits!

A teacher’s fading motivation affects student performance as well.  If you are a school administrator and you happen to read this article, I know that you are aware of what I’m talking about.

More so, if you are a parent, you should know by now how to make the teachers of your kids feel happy. A simple thank you note can bring happiness and keep the air of motivation alive!

Additionally, if you are a teacher like me, well, you know how it is to be inspired and motivated. We know what makes us energized when our enthusiasm begins to droop.

My fellow educators, now that I have presented my piece of what keeps teachers motivated, you can also share your best tips on how others can help us stay engaged and motivated. Own the box below and shoot your best tips!