10 Amazing Ways How Teachers Make a Difference

A teacher might have a variety of attributes that will have a long-term impact on the learners. This article is quite a fine discussion on how teachers make a difference in the lives of students.

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My Ways of Doing It

We often hear expressions like creating a big impact, genuine help, and a positive influence on others. How do you take them?

Ultimately, these lines really make sense to me as a teacher. This is of moral importance to me as an educator in the world.

For me, teaching is a profession where making connections with the students and sharing words of encouragement really matters. Do you still wonder how teachers make a difference?

I am a teacher and I do make a difference. I value my role of inspiration rather than intimidation. Having authority in class is not a hindrance to listening to my students. It’s not empowerment for me. I lend my ears to them too.

Yes, I listen and I feel them. It’s my way of maintaining a good connection with them. It’s a pitch of humility that clearly gives my learners the confidence to share and to be themselves.

I believe that the idea of eternal happiness emanates from the teaching profession. That is why I have made the decision of becoming a teacher.

Moreover, I am very confident that I am a great addition to the education workforce. Over and above, my experiences are my motivation to make a difference in education.


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Making a Difference Matters

Making a difference in the lives of others has never been easy. Undoubtedly, great teachers can do it. This idea ignites my confidence as a teacher. It inspires me to become one. In my journey as an educator of the young, I want to affect their lives and I want to make a difference.

The teaching profession shows me the way on how to think of the welfare of others, especially the young people around me. For me, they are delicate flowers that need to be nurtured and be loved.

According to Philip Wylie, an American author, “a good teacher in a lifetime may sometimes change a delinquent into a solid citizen”.This is what I mean by making a difference.

Teachers serve many roles. Nurturing young minds to become responsible adults and worthy citizens of the country is one of them. Indeed, it is very remarkable.

But, how do teachers do it? How do teachers make a difference? Well, then, let me count the ways. Here are the notable acts of teachers that contribute to their goal of making a difference in the lives of the students.

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10 Amazing and Effective Ways How Teachers Make a Difference

1. Be committed as a teacher.

A while back, my colleague and I talked about the essence of the teaching profession. We were chatting about great sacrifices and making a difference. We shared the same views about the noblest profession.

“What keeps you in this profession?” I heard her ask with utmost sincerity. I simply put it. “I love to cultivate my garden of flowers. They bring me joy and they brighten up my day.” And, I faced her and asked, “Do you think the same way too?” Her reply left me in awe!

“Well, I never want them to wilt for they create an impact on my life the same way I do to them!” Wow, it was such a great metaphor! I can sense the give-and-take relationship now.

Some who are not from the teaching profession might wonder how teachers touch and change lives. They think that teachers are mere dispensers of knowledge if not dictators in the classroom.

Well, teachers are immensely involved in the lives of the students. They are known to have shown great influence on the students among other people.

I will elucidate further how to leave a long-lasting impact on the learners. Please do me a favor for I will be talking from the realms of my experiences as a teacher.

2. Mentor and nurture students.

Teachers are considered second parents. Many believe that teachers are primarily to educate students by giving out knowledge and by teaching good behavior and morals.

Nevertheless, teachers go beyond that role. They are willing to go the extra mile just to reach out to their students altruistically. They show love and concern for they act as the second parents to the children.

When something goes wrong, they essentially teach children what is right and wrong. More so, teachers treat their students like their own. So as second parents, teachers are ultimately concerned with shaping the lives of the students under their care.

A simple counseling act means a lot to the students. Reaching out to them means asking them how they feel, what burdens them, and what makes them sad or happy.

I am certain that mentoring is not only about teaching them concepts but it goes beyond that. It can be about caring about them and it’s never a short-lived interest.

For example, if a student is absent in class for several days,  a concerned teacher will tend to be worried about that student’s whereabouts.

As a result, the teacher is not content with sending letters to parents but will initiate a home visitation no matter how far or how risky the way is.

Mentoring is not just about feeding students with needed competencies and skills but it is also about nurturing them to become better humans.

3. Inspire the learners.

Parents are the immediate family of the students.  More oftentimes, when I ask my students as to who their inspiration is, they would answer “my parents” or “my family”.

This is expected because parents love their children. These children are greatly inspired to strive more with their studies because they have responsible and loving parents.

On the contrary, not all children are in the same condition. Some of them are victims of abuse and maltreatment. A concerned teacher will get to know about the real condition or situation of the child.

There must be a reason why a child behaves like this and that. How to handle unique personalities in the classroom is the best motivation of a teacher.

How do I inspire different personalities inside the class? This might be a great challenge for a beginning teacher. Well, giving out a portion of yourself will matter a lot. Show concern and love and these kids will love you in return.

4. Involve the learners.

The teacher’s creativity matters a lot. It should not only be seen in the overall structure of the classroom but should also be evident in the different class activities. Once the learners are greatly involved in the structure of the lesson, they are captivated to learn.

Don’t do the talking all the time or else their minds will wander about. Make sure that you make teaching and learning really collaborative and interactive.

On my end, as a teacher of the 21st century, the involvement of the learners in the discussion is a perfect addition to the stimulating environment you create.

The use of colorful relevant visual materials really helps a lot in getting their best interest. Illustrating the topics and skills using audio-visual materials is just one of the ways in enriching the subject matter.

The involvement of the students will make them feel that they are appreciated and are important. Once this happens, it’s easy to get in.

5. Value the real worth of learners.

Every learner in the classroom is unique. A great teacher knows it. A thorough understanding of the learner’s individual differences will give a teacher the chance to make that extra push.

I always keep this in mind. That extra push is my optimistic view that teaching is more than academic enrichment.

In several instances, I am committed to making my students excel. I am their life-changing catalyst. I should set myself as inspiration no matter what.

I am not saying that as an educator I am perfect in every way. I have to face my life too. I have my troubles and a fair share of hard times.

Teachers may appear to be heroic figures, but they have their own down moments, too.  Well, as I welcome the cheery smiles of my students, I am sure that they are in a sense, equally one of my sources of inspiration.

Their enthusiasm helps me pull through. I see their worth and I value their presence. In other words, our learners can also be our little heroes every day.

6. Interact with your students.

Talking to my students will give me the best chance of understanding their essences. It’s my way of connecting.

Finding out the reasons why a student is absent makes the teacher understand what a student is going through. The teacher will understand the student’s problems and issues.

Undeniably, students have their own problems and difficulties. Some of them are from a broken family or some are from a deprived family. Knowing about these will help a teacher understand why a student is acting differently.

When the student feels the teacher’s concern, he is confident that someone is willing to listen. The student will feel that there’s somebody whom he can trust and that is, his teacher. In return, the student will look up to the teacher with great respect.

7. Build a strong relationship with your students.

The good relationship that the teacher and the students establish will make a difference. This will encourage the students to study harder and to participate more in the learning activities. This will help the students to know that their efforts are deeply appreciated.

A lowly student in the class should know that he has a family inside the classroom.  It is just a matter of pouring out words of admiration, encouragement, and appreciation.

Decidedly, I believe in the power of empathy. To feel exactly how a student feels, I tried to wear his shoes and this will make a lot of difference.

At some point in my student’s lives, I have helped them weigh important life decisions and it really is something.  If a student is struggling, I make sure that I have lots of the best alternatives to keep him on track.

8. Instill good behavior.

I never look for perfection. I constructively correct their mistakes and involve them in my class. I make it a habit to be their friend.

There might be learners who need special attention and they should not be disregarded. They have to feel that they are special and that they can trust their teachers.

Giving students proper guidance will let them feel that they are indeed welcome to share their sentiments and worries. These kids need to feel that they are loved and understood.

9. Be part of students’ success and motivation.

How can you be part of the success of the learners? Oh, well, be an inspiration to them.  As a teacher, I appreciate and love their work.

Teachers have a big role in creating a warm environment so students are more likely eager to participate in class discussions. Inspiring these learners at all costs is to motivate them to learn effectively.

Although motivating students can be very challenging knowing their individual differences, teachers still can inspire their students to learn at their best.

Setting norms and standards should be taken into consideration as well плитоноска мультикам . Teachers have to keep in mind that learners are always the center of the educational process and that creating a conducive environment has something to do with creative motivation.

As per my experience, students are excited to learn and participate if they are motivated properly. I let each one feel that their presence is highly indispensable.

They have to develop a natural love for learning боевая рубашка купить. It is mainly the driving force to have students on track. For me, inspiring students to reach their full potential is more than worth it.

10. Help students become responsible citizens.

The best change you bring to the lives of your students is treasured so that you can see them flourish in the realms of life.

The aforementioned tips can help students become responsible citizens перчатки без пальцев. Besides, as educators, we are always at the forefront of developing good values and behavior that help students better individuals.

Teach them the value of responsibility and they’ll always remember that as they grow.

Story of Inspiration

I can still recall the story shared with us by our professor back in college. Several people were seeking admission to heaven. They were an engineer, an architect, a doctor, a lawyer, and a teacher.  When St. Peter asked the doctor what made him deserve heaven, the doctor replied, ” I helped cure the sick and rendered service to the helpless.” St. Peter was amused and said, “Good, you may proceed and enter heaven”.

And so, each one was interviewed before the grand entrance to heaven. Eventually, St. Peter asked the teacher, “What have you done on earth to deserve heaven купить фонарь на аккумуляторе?” The teacher with a peaceful bearing smiled and answered, “I helped and inspired those who came ahead of me!” St. Peter then flung the gates of heaven wide open for the teacher.

Notably, while on earth, the teacher made a difference, I could surmise!

This is indeed inspiring. Have you been inspired by your teachers? Have you ever had a teacher who changed your life? Or were you inspired to become a teacher by one of your great teachers?

In our society, it is an entrenched belief that teachers are the modern heroes for they are life-changing. Let me exemplify this concept. I believe that as a teacher I serve as a model to my students. What I say and do, leaves an impact on their well-being.  Yes, I am being looked up to, whether inside or outside the classroom купити мультитул. Evidently, this is where I begin.

For now, I am cultivating my garden. It certainly does make sense to my existence. Primarily, I set the tone for my garden for I want each plant to blossom and survive. Do you now have a clear view of what teachers do?

Are you an educator like me, too? Then, how do you plan to spend your entire career? Is producing good people one of your priorities too? I’m excited to hear from you!


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