How to Build Good Relationships with Parents? 5 Best Tips

Parent-teacher relationships play a crucial role in the development of the child. It improves a child’s attitude towards school. Hence, as teachers, we should do our best to connect with the parents and collaborate with them in educating their children as we answer this most important question, “How to build good relationships with parents?”

building good relationships with parents

The engagement of parents in the education of the child matters a lot. This signifies the why and the how of building good relationships with the parents of our learners.

Simply put, the good relationships we create with the parents will make the learners feel the intensity of home support that increases their engagement in learning.


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Even though we can be very busy juggling our roles we should not forget about developing positive relationships with the parents as they could help us a lot with our mission of making a difference in the lives of the children.

How to Build Good Relationships with Parents?

A good relationship between parents and teachers can positively impact student performance. The rapport built with continued support can improve the learning of the children. Thus, a good relationship is very important.

Children do better in school when we work together and create a harmonious relationship with their parents.

Studies have demonstrated that strong bonds between parents and teachers help boost students’ academic performance, social skills, and emotional well-being.

Working to enhance the learning experience of the children, as teachers, we should recognize the role of the parents and magnify their roles as well. One way to do this is to build a strong relationship and make it easier to reach out and talk about the successes or any problems of their children.

Consider the following smart tips for building good relationships with parents and giving them rich opportunities to impact their child’s education. These are the best ways to get to know the parents while making sure that we are creating good relationships with them.

What Are the 5 Best Tips for Developing Parent-Teacher Relationships?

1. Get to know them

Here’s the very basic. To promote sincere and friendly encounters with parents, we should get to know them. By learning their names, we can foster a healthy interaction with them and make them feel so welcome in school.

Improving connections with parents matters a lot. Thus, we should spend a portion of our time knowing them, especially during the early weeks of the school year.

As we know them by their name. we are creating a good impression that parents have a definite spot in school and that their support is needed.

Know their names and how they should be addressed. It’s a sign of respect. When parents feel it, they sense that their children are in a safe and warm learning environment. This can give them confidence that their children will be learning at their best.

2. Display an accommodating attitude

How to build good relationships with parents?

Smile and promote conversations. The casual dialogue with the parents will make them feel comfortable being in school to make a follow-up on their child.

Our accommodating attitude and our welcoming remarks will make parents experience a supportive school environment. As a result, they will be looking forward to working with us in educating their children.

When parents recognize our accommodating attitude, they feel our sincerity and support and will be more likely to put the effort into working together with us.

Simple greetings along the hallway and the sincere welcoming words of saying ‘Please come in’ as they visit the classroom, can definitely show appreciation of their presence. This ensures that we are starting to build good relationships with them.

3. Invite parents for a regular conference

inviting parents for a regular conference

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An effective method to promote quality communication with the parents is by inviting them for a regular parent-teacher conference. This should be done on a regular basis.

Sending them letters of communication will make them feel that we really acknowledge their support and that we need their cooperation.

Whenever we have a PTA conference, we should prepare our classrooms and set an environment where free and enriching discussions will flourish.

Additionally, we should make things so organized by planning things out. Set up your calendar of activities as to when the PTA conferences should be held and the agenda should always be made clear.

Parents will favor an organized meeting for it’s purposeful and constructive. Then, we should always set an open forum every time.

We should emphasize their attendance during the PTA conference. Please have them sign the attendance sheet and have them copy the agenda. They should also be furnished with the minutes the following day. Thus, we should always consider creating PTA officers for the school year.

4. Intensify communication

Communication is key. By setting definite communication lines both online and offline, parents will feel our great interest in creating a strong relationship with them. It’s a way of keeping them up-to-date with school activities and with the performance of their child.

We should plan for better communication ways with the parents. This may involve creating Messenger Group Chats and sending emails.

However, we need to make it clear to the parents when we are available to chat so they won’t be wondering why it takes us so long to respond to their chats immediately.

Also, making it clear to them what time in the evening we should expect phone calls from them, especially if something urgent comes up, can help build a sense of respect.

When communication is intensified, it’s a lot easier for us to disseminate information to the parents and make them aware of the activities in school. If ever parents have specific concerns or issues regarding their child’s education, it’s simpler for them to reach out.

5. Get them involved in varied school activities

Involve parents in school activities

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When parents are involved in varied extra-curricular activities in the school, the learners will also feel their parents’ support for their education. Therefore, as teachers, we should make a way to involve the parents.

Have you imagined a scenario where parents, teachers, and students are playing together and enjoying school activities such as games and reading sessions?

It’s important that parents share their time and expertise in school activities and let it be known to the learners as well, that their parents are very supportive. This can increase student motivation and make them more engaged in learning.

Invite the parents. The active involvement of parents in varied school activities is a way of establishing healthy parent-teacher relationships for student learning success.

Make it known to them that their child belongs to a happy and safe learning environment. This increases their confidence in us as educators.


The relationships we build with the parents of our learners will help create new opportunities and new friendships.  Put differently, a child’s school success is made stronger when parents and teachers build strong relationships.

Our strong relationship with the parents is one determining factor of the child’s development in school and an indicator of strong support. This makes our learners feel that their most trusted adults at home get along well with their teachers and so they build up trust and confidence in us as well.

It’s quite logical. A good relationship between parents and teachers can impact the child’s learning experiences. Accordingly, we should interact and communicate with the parents in the best way we can.