21 Spring Bulletin Board Ideas for Teachers in 2022

Catch the delightful spring bulletin board ideas for teachers that will surely be a fantastic back-to-school theme to amplify engagement opportunities for your students.

The variety of classroom instructions should capture spring bulletin ideas to further motivate students to be at their best and to formally welcome them to a conducive learning environment.

Have these wonderful ideas as your background in classrooms and let your students feel the positivity amidst the most critical times in education.  Many of them are really simple yet interactive and attractive.

Yes! I see green again! The winter is finally over!

What is the adorable season for you?

spring bulletin board design: flowers, books, posters

The flowers bloom, the days are longer, and the weather gets warmer! What season of the year is it?

Yes, absolutely!  I heard you right! You are correct! The sweet buds of spring are here again!

Hello teachers! Welcome to my springtime post!  How to bring the invigorating and heavenly environment into the classroom?

These creative spring bulletin board ideas for teachers can increase student engagement, especially since they are returning to school after a long break.

In my previous posts, we talked about marvelous ideas on how to create and design bulletin boards for Christmas and for our students’ birthdays. For now, I feel elated to add grace to your best collection of spring bulletin ideas for teachers.

Will your classroom depict pristine beaches and the biggest pools? Yep, the best representations of springtime in our classrooms will cause the radiant smiles of our students.


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Springtime should bloom creative spring bulletin boards in our classrooms.

“Today the earthy wands of the trees, those limbs that stretch into the sky, are polka-dot green with so many new buds. They have shed their winter covers, the layers they sheltered within, and now bravely seek the sun, renewed in her brilliance.” 

I was inspired by these inspiring words by Angela Abraham. As for me, the ‘earthy wands of the trees and the new buds can be transported into our classrooms with grace and ease!

What does springtime symbolize?

As described by the great literary figures, spring symbolizes love, delight, sprout, rebirth, and anything that expresses great joy. It is usually characterized by flowers blooming, bountiful harvests, chirping birds in the sunshine, and flourishing outdoors.

best things in the spring

Photo by Vitolda Klein on Unsplash

In other words, spring signifies youthfulness and hope!  Significantly, this spectacular season of the year is blossoming with optimism.

Hence, it is a great delight in my heart to share with you some refreshing ideas on how to design our bulletin boards for the spring. It’s the amazing magic within our creativity as teachers.

As we become more and more effective and efficient in our work, we should make a positive environment to be always available to our students. One of these amazing ways is to design our bulletin boards interestingly and creatively.

Our bulletins are some of our effective teaching tools that deeply engage our learners to learn and internalize important concepts.

Thus, we should add refreshing ideas to the walls of our classrooms through our springtime bulletin board.

Why is our bulletin for the spring important?

As we live winter behind, we are welcoming the budding springtime. Our students need to get energized from time to time. Schoolwork stresses them out too!

They need to feel the changing season in the classroom! So, we have to decorate our bulletin for the spring and invite the sweet-smelling flowers, the buzzing bees, and the spring green trees!

In a sense, our students should watch the flowers blossom and grow just like how they blossom in their academics and personal lives through quality education. They are like beautiful flowers to me and my classroom is comparable to a breezy garden.

Through my gentle nurturing, they grow and prosper to become better humans. My young learners are indeed the budding flowers in the spring!

Knowing the great significance of springtime bulletin boards, let’s celebrate this season in our end-of-the-year displays! In this post, let’s traverse smart, light, and adorable bulletin board ideas for your classroom.

21 Adorable Spring Bulletin Board Ideas for Teachers

Let’s begin with ready-to-use spring bulletin boards for the classroom

1. ZONON 22 Pieces Spring Flowers Bulletin Board Cut-Outs Set Springtime Blooms

Click image for details

Marvel at the 22 pieces of springtime bloom!

Celebrate the spring with the blooming flowers and let the students experience the refreshing environment in the classroom just like when they are outdoors!

The blooming flowers on our bulletin boards remind the students of their amazing growth in all aspects of their lives.

Having their names on each flower makes them feel more special and loved.

As I have mentioned, our students can be likened to spring flowers which make the season really beautiful and vibrant.

Get your students to feel the picture-perfect environment under the sun by designing your, “We Are Blooming Flowers” spring bulletin board.

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2. Teacher Created Resources Home Sweet Classroom Spring Mini Bulletin Board

Click image for details

Here’s one of the best visuals for accommodating springtime! The Welcome banner officially receives your students to best learn during the spring season.

Additionally, the 13 posters bearing spring words and quotes make it look grand on your bulletin board. Hence, welcoming the springtime season is made more convenient and awesome.

This roomy and beautiful representation will make our students’ own great sparse.

Where is it? 

It’s right on your spring bulletin board.  Simple yet creative butterfly cut-outs make a difference!  This leisure space is not difficult to get.

Let’s post them on our wall and have our students experience great delight and let them blossom with nature!

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Click image for details

3. Schoolgirl Style Woodland Whimsy Bulletin Board Set

We teachers always have the best opportunity to bring the delightful spring closer to our students. Bringing the woodland into our classroom can bring a lot of thrills. The verdant spring displayed on the walls expresses fresh and flourishing thoughts.

In this bulletin board, the big leaves look very real and easily capture the attention of the students.

Moreover, writing a captivating title on the bulletin board motivates the students to do their best in improving their skills and to learn productively.

Also, magnify your encouraging lines using artistic letter cutouts. You can add more details if you like that will complement the lush environment brought in by the woodland whimsey tree bulletin board.

Make the most of the 40 leaves by organizing some of your important topics on each leaf. You can write students’ names, numbers, letters, or anything that can be best accommodated in the structure.

To highlight the amazing skills of our students,  use the space underneath the tree for your students’ best works in the spring. What other captivating titles can you suggest?

Will these lines make your spring bulletin boards?  

“You are worthy of a happy life!” “We love to learn each day!” Our skills are unique!” “We have good manners!” “Our reasons behind our smiles!” “We are nature’s great helpers!”

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4. Carson Dellosa You-Nique When We Learn, We Grow! Mini Bulletin Board Set

Click image for details

Bring your garden of lovely flowers into the classroom by using the Carson Dellosa You-Nique Board Set. With its banner title ” When We Learn We Grow!”, your students are highly encouraged to be at their best.

The 17 flowers accentuate encouraging words that make your students feel better about themselves and boost their self-esteem. Moreover, on the most practical side, the words on each flower hone your students’ reading skills as they read them over and over again.

Plus, the whole set offers 30 designs where you can put the best photos of your students. This customization effect adds deliberate ways of getting closer to your students and knowing each one deeply.

Take this simple yet elegant presentation of the spring on your display wall and see how it works with your students.

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5. Carson Dellosa Bulletin Board Set Teaching Material

Click image for details

Soaring to Success ready-to-use spring bulletin board is another exceptional display in your classroom.  The designs are easy to assemble and arrange on the wall. The color alone is very pleasing and expresses a light mood and feelings.

The large hot air balloon varies from the banner “Soaring to success” which is very visible and charming.

Included in the package are 34 clouds which you can use to organize your learning topics or the names of your students; 6 smaller hot air balloons of which you can write encouraging words; and 14 winsome balloons.

This is a fantastic deal that offers ease of use and the perfect design for the classroom. Also, the whole setup can be utilized for classroom management ideas and the like.

Hence, this bright and vivid bulletin chart becomes one of the classy presentations for the spring or even the whole year-round.

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6. Carson Dellosa Buzz-Worthy Bees Bulletin Board Set

Click image for details

Take the buzz for spring! This impressive bulletin highlights the murmur of springtime.

Included are a Queen bee, 7 cutie laborer bees, 1 honey store, 30 smiling bees, 1 boat, 23 lovely flowers, and a blank sign banner where you can creatively design your own eye-catching title.

A great addition is the 3 honeycombs which add to the whole design’s realistic structure. Moreover, this appealing bulletin board not only enlivens your classroom but also inculcates in your students the value of cooperation, hard work, and unity.

Likewise, this versatile worthy bees bulletin board truly elevates not only design and beauty but also the inspiration of good deeds through the figurative presentation of the hardworking bees.

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7. Eureka All-in-One Door DÃcor Kits

Click image for details

This happy spring design certainly elevates your thoughts for the spring. Brighten your classroom with multiple hot air balloons and many elements that joyfully welcome the spring.

Considering its wondrous features, you can also display this decor on your classroom door and invite a good vibe to come in and stay the whole year-round.

Adding this lively embellishment to your classroom walls truly inspires good energy and a happy mood in your students. Being that way, the spring decor kit can essentially spark figments of motivation and happy stimulus for everyone. The inhalation of great positivity can linger for a long time.

Post them on your wall following the recommended presentation on the image or you can freely exercise your great creativity.

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8. Carson Dellosa Education Very Hungry Caterpillar Believe in Yourself Bulletin

Click image for details

Brighten your classroom with these awesome and friendly creatures of the environment. The big butterfly surely unleashes great positivity which is the best way to celebrate the spring season.

Inspired by the helpful garden creatures, Believe in yourself can inspire your students to be hungry for good deeds and adventure to be at their best.

The inspiring words of explore, create, learn, and grow will surely appeal to your students.

Children adore the butterfly and get excited about its life cycle. As they are thrilled about the hungry caterpillar and desirably witness its great transformation, this bulletin is a great supplement to your Science lessons about the butterfly.

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9. Fun Express Bulletin Board Cutouts – Bugs – 48 Pieces – Educational and Learning Activities for Kids

Click image for details

Bring these lovely creatures to your classroom by designing your spring bulletin using these 48 pieces of fun express cutouts.

The brightly-colored garden creatures set the sprightly spirit of the springtime.  Certainly, your young learners will love these friendly bugs.

Using these bug designs will enliven your bulletin boards when springtime arrives. Spread them creatively all over your spring bulletin and make the best display.

These are really cute presentations for the spring that your students certainly adore. Brighten your room with the best bugs on the earth!

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10. Trend Busy Bees Job Chart Bulletin Board Set

Click image for details

I know most of our young learners are curious yet delighted with the presence of the busy bees in the classroom.  Have them drink in springtime with these amazing creatures of the Earth!

The colorful set-up will make the classroom cloudless and shine anew!

Make a graceful presentation of the amazing bees on your bulletin boards and make the students shout in glee “We are as busy and productive as a bee!”

This stunning beehive can serve as your best post for a delightful quote for the spring. And for customization effects, you can write your students’ names on each bee and let them feel that they are indeed special to you.

The 37 pieces are printed on a high-quality board for longer use. Certainly, it’s a perfect creation for your bee-themed spring bulletin display!

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Now, let me share the outstanding craft of teachers for spring bulletin displays. I hope you get creative ideas that you can work out for your classroom.

11. Bring in April Showers!

flowers in the spring

How can spring affect your classroom environment? What do April showers bring? Bring fun and excitement to the classroom by having your young learners on each flower. It really looks amazing with their faces on the bulletin!

April showers bring…? What can you add?

Or, you can have your flourishing learners complete the sentence to be your catchy title for your bulletin board.

Well, let the spring unlock our students’ thoughts and creativity.

This can be a wonderful creation in your classroom!

12. The Best Dialogues in the Spring!

bees in the spring

No matter how long the winter is, the spring is sure to come!

The cold winter brings a pleasant spring! And so, we teachers should bring the spring season to our classrooms through this wonderful bulletin board.

It’s time to say goodbye to wintertime and embrace the sparkling spring!

The bright decorations on the bulletin board will help set the spring green moods of our young learners. Aside from bringing an awesome spring to the classroom with this design, you can also enhance the reading skills of your students through interactive dialogues.

To add a highlight, display your students’ individual photos on each bee or flower and celebrate winter fun!

13. Spring Entitles Us to Grow!

growing in the spring

This spring bulletin display amplifies every child’s unique abilities and it can be a smashing success in your classroom.

This is a friendly reminder to our students that they should do their best to achieve their fullest potential in order to grow academically and as better humans.

As we offer our students plenty of learning opportunities each day, we should reflect that sense of encouragement on our bulletin boards. We make use of the power of inspiring words.

Significantly, our bulletin boards impact learning and are very informative.

Hence, we get to benchmark that idea. The flowers and bees in the creative layout manifest spring-inspired thoughts that will flourish, renewing energy among our learners!

14. Reconnoiter the Spring!

spring is in the air

As we support our students to become productive learners equipped with similar skills, let us encourage them more by adapting this design to our spring bulletin board.

The vibrant colors highly connote the spectacular spring. The bright sun brings fun and excitement to our learners.

Also, the photos of our students on the flowers and lovely butterflies make the bulletin look more attractive.

Are you in for this one? We can just ask our students to bring their favorite photos for this refreshing display. Try this on your display board and elaborate on the magnificent spring!

15. Quote the Spring!

quotes for the spring

What are your thoughts on this lovely season? Capture them through wonderful caricatures and you may add uplifting quotes and post them on your walls!

You can use meaningful quotable quotes on your spring bulletin board. The best quotes should also impact our young learners or the words should also positively describe them.

This well-crafted quote makes our bulletin board even more compelling and has a lasting impact.

Essentially, our bulletin boards will help our students think and ponder. You can have a nice pick from your favorite books. What other quotable quotes can you suggest?
Let’s take a look at my fine list first!

“Good friends are like beautiful flowers in the garden of life”. – Katrina Mayer

“The very spring and root of honesty and virtue lie in good education.” – Plutarch

“Like flowers, every child is special and unique … that is why gardens are beautiful every day of the week!” – Harry Pierre and PeTunia Puddlesworth.

“There are no seven wonders of the world in the eyes of a child. There are seven million.” – Walt Streightiff

As we make learning more fun for our students, let’s gather more interest as we welcome spring into our classroom. Quotes and meaningful lines about learning will add an impact to our spring display boards.

Here, the rising rainfall of the spring should equally increase students’ participation through our creative displays.

Conversely, by using our bulletin board as one of our effective teaching tools, our students will find learning easy and fun as opposed to the melting snow that overwhelms the rivers.

Here are some cool ideas that you can portray on your spring bulletin boards! Collect them now and figure out the best designs to capture the descriptions!

16. Blooming with Good Deeds!

blooming with good deeds

Since our display boards are very informative and engaging, let’s make the most of this strategy.

As we inculcate positive values and good behavioral patterns among our learners, let’s spot a space in our classroom to magnify this idea.

To illustrate the meaningful title, respectful acts are written all over the blossoming flowers in the wishful garden of thought.

I know that by the time it’s posted on the wall, our students will gather around and read each valuable act! This makes them reflect and internalize good deeds and desirable habits.

17. Loving the Spring Green Earth!

springtime is earth time

As we encourage our young learners to be good guests of the Earth, let’s adapt this concept in our classroom.

This is one of the best environmental advertisements we can have in our classroom.

All we have to do is put in the most engaging and convincing title and arrange items neatly and orderly.

What other engaging titles can you think of?

See if the following environmental titles work for you too!

Spring on Earth: It’s All We Have!

The Earth: spring is the thing we have in common!

In the EARTH, Spring has sprung!

Springtime is EARTHtime!

See how the gentle spring works!

Save the trees, save the flowers, save the bees, save YOU and ME!

What else do you have? Have this in your classroom and give the Earth a huge treat from your hearts! By doing this, we are deeply motivating our young learners to do their part in showing concern for Mother Earth.

To encourage our students’ participation, we can have them create slogans about the environment. You can have it as an individual task or group task. Then, the best slogan is to be presented on the spring bulletin board.

Being captivated by the lovely trees and beautiful flowers on your bulletin board, the students will be inspired to make small steps onwards in making the Earth a beautiful place to live in!

18. Embracing the Spring

embracing the spring

It is spring once again! Hence, let’s embrace it with our delightful hearts. Embracing the Spring bulletin board magnifies the essence of the season.

The colorful butterflies bring hope and happiness to the classroom. Indeed, spring brings pretty flowers to make the environment even lovelier than ever.

Let’s arrange these lovely flowers and a colorful rainbow on our display walls. The green grass at the bottom of the display brings great fun!

Revering the spring is happiness for a lifetime! This could be a fantastic banner for your board!

19. Interactive Spring

interactive spring

The lovely caterpillar on the wall delivers learning bits and pieces. With this bulletin board concept, you can make your spring presentations interactive.

By having useful and interactive student worksheets pinned to the walls, our students will most likely grab a pen and a paper and try to unravel their answers.

Similarly, we can also put mathematical concepts or problems on the caterpillar’s body, and beneath it, you put a sensible question to gather the students’ attention.

20. The Blooming Toddlers in the Spring

blooming toddlers

As the fresh buds bloom in the spring, we can let our toddlers shine too. The colorful flowers and the photos of our toddlers will make this spring presentation really a spark in the room.

For modifications, we can also display their wonderful outputs on the bulletin board closer to the corresponding flowers or neatly arrange them along with the array of flowers.

To highlight the butterfly borders, we can scatter CVC patterns and Big letters onto the butterflies to further hone our little learners reading skills!

21. Seeing God in the Sunlit Spring

seeing God in the spring

In my experience, when I introduce God on my bulletin board, my learners really appreciate the thought.

This is one of my finest ways of encapsulating good behavioral patterns in my students, too.

The Bible verses that I posted on the wall sing praises to God which also delight the hearts of my students.

The peaceful spring is highly emphasized through the words of inspiration from the Bible and through the beautiful lines about God.


To create more inspiring and exciting spring bulletin boards, watch this video!


Overall it may be said that spring has sprung!

My dear teachers, as the uplifting season of the year is approaching, let’s welcome it with our sunny ideas reflected in our Spring Bulletin Boards!

Together, let’s speak of new beginnings and encouragement that will make our learners think deeply and learn meaningfully.

The spring season itself is very heartwarming. It uplifts our spirits high and is capable of making us feel good, how much more if we truly embrace it in our classroom setting?

As the winter melts away, have you thought of your best ideas to welcome spring?

You are invited to spread your spring-inspired designs through the comment section below.  Feel free to spring your lovely thoughts with us! Hurray for the spring!


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