10 Best Anti-Radiation Glasses for Teachers 2022

When should you wear anti-radiation glasses?

With today’s internet mode, people already spend more time staring at computer screens. As teachers, you know that among the factors contributing to your use of a computer are recording grades, researching, and handling classes. Correct?

So you will love this list of the best computer radiation glasses for teachers regardless of whether you require prescription specs or not.

computer on the table, a mouse, and computer glasses

What Are Computer Radiation Glasses & How Do They Work?

Computer radiation glasses combine your regular prescription with an entire lens that blocks or filters blue light from your screen. They are about 60% of the magnification power of reading glasses with lens treatment for computers. It uses yellowish or amber-colored lenses that block blue light.

Radiation is a form of energy that may be able to penetrate the eyes. Red light is a warm color but with lower energy. The blue light may be a cooler color but it has more radiation.

Computer radiation glasses have a special film that is layered on the lens. The materials are designed with an index of refraction or a change of direction, between air and glass. The purpose is to neutralize the intensity of the lights reflected from both the inner and outer surfaces. The coatings are also to do away with the reflections coming from the “hot spot” glare.

While computers have in fairness provided lavish access that made it easier for you to work, there are times you stay up late preparing the lesson for the next day, leaving your eyes at risk of being strained. 


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The Top 5 Editor’s Choices for Computer Radiation Glasses 2022

Product Image Reasons to get it
Klim Optics
  • Blocks 92% of the Blue Light
  • The frame is made of TR90
  • Lightweight: only 20 g.
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  • Filters 30% of the Blue Light
  • Frame made of TR90 material
  • Super lightweight at only 14g
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Meet Sun
  • Blocks the harsh Blue Light
  • With UV400 Transparent lens
  • Shock resistant & waterproof
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Gamma Ray
  • Blocks the Blue Light
  • With amber-tinted lenses
  • Made of TR90 nylon frame
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  • Protects you from Blue Light
  • With Sure-Flex spring arms
  • Has 2.5x magnification strength
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Our No.1 Pick

PERFECTSIGHT Blue Light Blocking Glasses

  • Uses Medical-Grade Blue Ray Filter Resin lens that effectively filters 6 harmful lights.
  • Light brown lens color help block above 60%-70% of the blue light and 99% of UV ray.
  • Adopts optical vacuum evaporation anti-fingerprint technology.

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Why You Need Computer Radiation Glasses?

The main culprits of digital eye strain are prolonged exposure to Blue Light and glare:

Blue light is the most notable light emitted by the display screens of computers, tablets, smartphones, and other digital devices. Blue light even includes fluorescent, LED lighting, and flat-screen televisions. When this high-energy light meets the eye, it may stress the ciliary muscle that could lead to digital eye strain.

Glare, the second culprit of this strain is known as the feedback that enters the eye causing it to get tired, dry, and irritated. The eye strain caused by staring at computer screens and other digital devices can be annoying and degrading to the health of your eyes. Typically, glare is the main reason for headaches.

These culprits can be reduced with regular breaks from the screen and the use of digital protection glasses. Computer anti-radiation glasses are also available for prescription to optimize your vision specifically for the distance from which you view your computer screen.


What to Look For When Buying Computer Radiation Glasses

Radiation glasses embrace advanced vacuum ion plating technology that blocks electromagnetic radiation. Because the lens is designed to contain anti-radiation materials, it absorbs and penetrates low-frequency microwaves and helps alleviate instances of headache and fatigue.

Wearing computer glasses offers every wearer a fresh and natural vision. However, with the many choices of anti-radiation computer glasses these days, finding the best one can be misleading. These tips will help you!

1) Viewing comfort

One reason you need anti-radiation computer reading glasses is to protect the eyes. Your glasses should be designed with an anti-reflective coating so it helps reduce the amount and strength of glare that the eyes are getting from viewing the monitor. Reducing digital eye strain promotes viewing comfort and allows you to work more efficiently. You can visit a professional and ask for the right prescription suitable for your eyes.

2) Magnification

Magnification refers to the glasses’ ability to enlarge an object through an optical lens. However, this magnification ability depends on the distance between your eyes and the computer screen it is viewing.

This works for you if you are having trouble viewing the objects on your screen in detail at a close distance. Some people find objects closer than 12 inches blurry. Some totally find focusing or reading troublesome. Farsightedness is another thing that affects people regardless of age where the decreased elasticity in the lenses of the eyes finds it more difficult to focus on objects at a close range.

3) Anti-Reflective Coating

Why does this coating matter?  Having an anti-reflective coating reduces glare and reflectivity. Lens are typically made from high index plastic which is more reflective than regular plastic lenses. So to make reflections less noticeable, an anti-reflective coating is essential.

To check whether your glasses have an anti-reflective coating, tilt them at all angles and try to spot them for glare. Glasses with an anti-reflective coating show mostly a pinkish, greenish, or purplish color. Without the anti-reflective coating exhibits an often regular light-reflecting white color with strong reflections that are visible at any angle.

4) Lens Tint

The lens tint is important because it helps provide better visibility, increases eye comfort, and optimizes performance. Understanding light exposure can help you determine the best tint.

The most popular are yellow or amber-tinted lenses. This color increases visibility in low-light situations for its ability to soothe strained eyes. Yellow also combats the negative effects of Computer Vision Syndrome making it a top choice amongst safety glasses.

Even though this yellowish tint may cause color distortion, it still helps provide a more comfortable vision in front of the computer so your eye muscles relax. The tinted glasses are signatures of top-of-the-line radiation glasses that you see in the market today.

I found a short video that explains and demonstrates how blue light affects the eyes.


10 Best Anti-Radiation Glasses for Teachers

1) PERFECTSIGHT Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Computer

Click image for details

Using an AR optical thin-film interference, the PERFECTSIGHT Blue Light Blocking Glasses comes in a design that increases the visible light transmittance of the lens while the reflected light of the surface is reduced to less than 1%. This feature enhances the sharpness of the lens when in a strong light environment.

To block the high-energy wavelength of 400-500nm from penetrating the lens and reaching the retina of the eye, PERFECTSIGHT utilizes a stealth radar absorbing material. This is to intercept 60%-70% light and reduce damage to the eyes.

The glasses have a medical-grade blue-ray filter aspherical resin lens with a feather-like weight. It is more transparent in color and more natural in visual perception. These computer glasses are specially crafted with SiO₂ raw material to provide high mechanical strength, oil, wearability, and water resistance for an excellent performance.

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2) KLIM Optics Blue Light Blocking Glasses 

Click image for details

Let KLIM Optics make a difference in your productivity and enjoyment. The anti-fatigue and anti-headache lenses are designed with German technology.

You will see other computer glasses with a filtering rate of blue light that oscillates between 50% and 70%. KLIM Optics filters 92% of the blue light to make your eyes more relaxed, less strained, and less dry. The added protection includes a super comfortable and lightweight material. Plus, the glasses only weigh 0.7 oz, so you will forget that you are wearing them.

KLIM Optics lenses have one of the strongest filters for maximum effectiveness. But even though the lenses are more yellowish than most blue-filtering lenses and your vision might be yellow-tinted, you will get used to it very quickly. This is just the direct result of the very high level of protection for your eyes.

You will like the frame that is made of TR90 because it looks and feels robust yet so light to the skin. Not only are your eyes protected from the screen for many hours a day but saves them from macular degeneration as well as cataract.

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3) Umizato Super Lightweight Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Men Women

Click image for details

99% more relaxed eyes, that’s what you are looking for!

Umizato Blue Light Blocking Glasses are lab-tested anti-radiation glasses and are engineered to reduce fatigue, eye strain, headaches, dry eyes, light sensitivity, and even migraines.

It uses lenses that filter out 30% blue light at 400-470nmn and 90% at 400-500nm. It has low color distortion clear lenses and a 455nm peak point from which LED and digital devices emit blue light from. The innovative lens technology eliminates glare with anti-reflective coatings and UV400 protection.

If you’re a busy professional, Umizato Computer Glasses has scratch-resistant lenses with premium coatings for quick cleaning without leaving fingerprints. With a Swiss-invented TR90 lightweight frame, stainless steel temples, and spring-hinged design; you will love the adjustable nose pads.

What makes UMIZATO computer glasses so special is that they give just the right amount of snug. It doesn’t feel so tight allowing you to wear them with ease for the whole day. That’s absolutely zero irritation behind your ears. Aside from the retro square-shaped frames, you’ll be happy that they come with a complimentary elegant hardshell case and a microfiber cleaning cloth.

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4) Cyxus Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses

Click image for details

Combat eye fatigue with Cyxus Blue Light Filter Glasses. They provide relief for your eyes and let you continue to power through all of your computer work. Highly recommended for both online students and teachers.

It has a PC lens that stands for polycarbonate plastic known to be the best kind of plastic to make lenses from. It boasts a low-color difference that offers a good visual experience, high transmittance, and radiation protection – not only for working but for gaming, as well.

Cyxus Blue Light Filter Glasses also offers UV400 that protects the entrance of the UV spectrum up to the 400-nanometre wavelength. Tint-wise, there is only the slightest tint and slightest magnification so your eyes will not adjust with color the moment you take off the glasses. Your eyes will not dry, eyelids will not turn heavy and your vision will not get blurry. Perfect eyewear while driving at night, too.

Cyxus is a fashion pioneer that leads to the trend. You will like the ultra-lightweight and flexible TR90 material that ensures durability and comfort for long-term wearing. Another thing you’ll love is the casual frame design with lenses that seem resilient enough to scratch.

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5) ThinOptics Universal Pod Rectangular Reading Glasses

Click image for details

Nowadays, teachers or people wearing glasses want something that fits them perfectly but at the same time gives them a sense of fashion.

The Pod Rectangular Reading Glasses are light in weight but come with a strong grip. You’ll like it when you can move it up and down your nose for the ideal fit and comfort. It is also engineered from shatterproof, optical-grade polycarbonate plastic so it won’t break easily. Its bridge is made from a shape-memory metal Nitinol which is ten times more elastic than spring steel. Plus, it is enclosed in high-grade silicone tubing.

The ThinOptocs Universal Pod Glasses are made by high-end optical lens manufacturers to ensure that it can protect your eyes from serious damage. Another thing you’ll appreciate is the rectangular-shaped lens that can match with any outfit or occasion.

Although this ThinOptics Computer Radiation Glasses comes a bit pricey, the protection you are getting in exchange will save your eyes.  With all its features, I can see why it’s the most recommended radiation glasses today.

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6) MEETSUN Blue Light Blocking Glasses, Anti Eye Strain Computer Glasses 

Click image for details

MEETS Blue Light Blocking Glasses are anti-radiation eye protection with 53 mm in width lens. It has a plastic frame, composite, non-polarized lens, and has a Blue light filter that blocks the unforgiving blue light from damaging your eyes.

It is great for teachers who work long hours or days on any device that emits blue light. With these glasses, you will get sound sleep because you won’t experience eye fatigue, headache, and blurred vision.  Plus, it has a transparent lens that gives you a good visual experience. It is also shock-resistant, waterproof, and very easy to clean.

You will love its lightweight feature that feels like not wearing eyeglasses at all. Stylish, strong, and durable for the always-on-the-go teachers. Pricewise, the MEETSUN Blue Light Anti-Radiation Glasses are great for teachers who are a little tight on budget. 


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7) Eyekepper Men’s Vintage 5-Pack Reading Glasses

Click image for details

The Eyekepper Men’s Vintage Reading Glasses are tailored to the needs of men. Therefore they are perfect for male teachers.

These glasses have been engineered with high-end plastic frames and lenses along with spring-loaded pivotsThe lens is clear, hard, and wear-resistant. The color reproduction is real, and the field of view is not distorted; giving you a clear HD vision. You will love that the lenses are tinted so they are ideal for outdoor reading, too. The aspheric scratch-resistant coated lenses will give you a colorful visual experience.

Each set comes with 5 anti-radiation glasses that you can use alternately. You can bring one pair in your backpack, keep one in your car’s compartment, and one pair at home. This way, you supply your favorite reading spots with reading glasses. Thanks to its spring-hinged edges, it carries a classic-shaped frame style that matches every face shape. 

Another factor is comfortability. You will find that the light transmission through the lenses is not overpowering. 

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8) Gamma-Ray Blue Light Blocking Glasses 

Click image for details

Made with a plastic frame, anti-reflective, non-polarized lens with a width of 53 mm, the Gamma Ray Blue Ligh Blocking Glasses has an amber-tinted lens that does more than regular anti-blue light glasses. 

It lessens eye strain caused by the blue light from digital devices. It also eases visual exhaustion and distress from extended periods of surfing the internet, working under bright lights, and gaming. These glasses also come with UV400 protection and glare reduction, which ultimately protects the eyes from severe damage.

Very light in design but at the same time durable and comfortable to wear, it has a casual frame design that makes you look professional and fashionable while teaching. 

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9) Intercept/Onyx Blue Light Blocking Glasses – Anti-Reflective Protection

Click image for details

These anti-radiation glasses are doctor-recommended for gamers. Its blue light blocking lens will shield your vision, lessen eye strain and migraines while viewing digital devices that emit blue light.

Not like other anti-rad glasses, this specific type developed the Blue Light Protection Factor that offers the peak blue light spectrum. It tells you how much of the blue light range is blocking. Not all anti-rad glasses in the market offer this protection.

These are the most preferred gaming glasses for all people. The glasses can guard your eyes against symptoms resulting from extended screen-staring including migraines, dry eyes, blurry vision, negative effects of blue light exposure, including cataracts, and macular deterioration. 

It has a wider lens format with more rigid lens mounting. With 58mm in width, you get a design that provides a whole day of screen viewing without giving so much strain to the eyes.  You’ll love the silicone-coated lens that prevents scratching.

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10) Anti Blue Light Computer Reading Glasses 2.50 Black 2 Pack 

Click image for details

Protect your eyes against eye strain, fatigue, and dry eyes from digital effects. Anti-Blue Light Computer Glasses 2.50 is anti-UV, anti-glare, and anti-reflective.

When you buy them, they come with a pack that has two glasses inside so you can keep a pair at home and bring a pair to your office. The small yellow tint works by hindering UV Rays and blue lightThis tint also helps reduce eye strain, eye fatigue, and headaches. Each pair comes with its separate micro-fiber cleaning cloth bag to effortlessly remove blotches 

If you are looking for modern anti-radiation glasses, this is the best choice. 

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If millions of people around the world get their share of eye discomfort, fatigue, blurred vision, dry eyes, and headaches; teachers are not exempted.

While there is no specific pair of computer glasses that fit everybody, we recommend buying computer eyeglasses according to your personal preferences, the distance between your eyes and monitor, the lighting ambiance in the workplace, or that which suits your visual ability.

Computer glasses are today’s sunscreen for your eyes. Just like how you would like to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays, you also would want to protect your eyes from the damaging blue and UV light coming from your computer monitor.



1) Which Type of Computer Glasses Are Best?

The best computer glasses have the ability to block the amount of exposure the eyes receive from your computer, tablet, and smartphone screens. It also depends on the type of work, the distance of the eyes from the monitor, including the light setting. This makes it most recommended to consult with an eye specialist who can give tell the right type of computer glasses you may need.

2) When Do I Need to Protect My Eyes from the Blue Light?

 Since the Blue Light is constant in any computer, you need to wear anti-radiation glasses every time you work on a computer. If you’re working from 5-8 hours a day, you must use superior quality eyeglasses specially designed with higher Blue Light blocking capacity.

3) How Will I Recognize Anti-Reflective Computer Glasses?

Anti-reflective glasses have special protective coatings on their surface. Lens typically are made from high index plastic which is more reflective than regular plastic lenses. The purpose of the coating is to make reflections less noticeable.

To check whether your glasses have an anti-reflective coating, tilt them at all angles and try to spot them for glare. Glasses with an anti-reflective coating shows reduced reflection with mostly a combination of multiple colors.

4) What Is the Right Way to Clean Computer Glasses Without Damaging the Lens?

Tender care can extend the life and usefulness of any computer glasses. Dab a little amount of soap on each lens and work lightly in a circular motion. Don’t forget to clean the rest of the frame to get rid of any dirt or oils. Then with a microfiber cloth, wipe them down until dry. You can also use and soft cotton cloth.

To avoid smearing or scratching the lenses, hold your computer glasses by the bridge or temple. To prevent damage, don’t be tempted to clean with clothing, paper towels, alcohol, or household detergents. Even though soaps may be gentle, not all soaps are the same. Some may slowly disintegrate lens coatings.

5) How Do Computer Radiation Glasses Work?

Computer glasses are specially designed eyewear meant to protect your eyesight from the direct glare coming from digital screens. They work by reducing glare or Blue Light, all of which cause eye strain, fatigue, dryness, or headaches. The anti-glare lens also acts as a shield between your eye and the screen. It maximizes what you see making it easier to look at a screen for longer periods of time.

6) Is It Okay to Wear Anti-Radiation Glasses All the Time?

Yes, if you find it convenient and if wearing the glasses does not have any negative effect on your eyes. Although computer glasses are designed as eye protection when doing computer work, you are free to wear them if you have no vision issues and don’t require prescription glasses.

As a matter of fact, it can help protect your eyes from harmful blue light exposure. Plus, they will give you trendy-looking eyeglasses. However, if you are unsure and don’t want to compromise the well-being of your eyes, visit an eye professional for the best advice.

7) What Do You Mean By Lens Treatment?

A lens treatment means it is carefully crafted with special additives to lenses and provides maximum benefit to your eyes. It is a combination of helpful features to create the ultimate eyeglass lenses. While many reading glasses do not require a prescription, lens treatment is usually vision-correcting, comes with a graded magnification, or with no vision correction at all.

For example, tinting is a process that is applied to regular lenses either for light sensitivity, blue blockers, anything else applied to the lenses for prescription, magnification, or plain lens.

8) Where Can I find Authentic Computer Radiation Glasses to Fit My Eye Grade?

Generally, computer radiation glasses combine your regular prescription with an entire lens that blocks or filters blue light from your screen.

So they can be available from your local optical store, trusted online stores, or your own wherever they are sold. While you can get the ordinary ones which are typically made with plastic lenses, you can opt for prescription anti-radiation computer glasses if you want an exact measurement of eye grades.

Note that prices may vary as different types and kinds of radiation glasses also come from manufacturers to sellers and sellers. It is a smart idea to spend quality time shopping around or online for the best deal. For the best prescription, we recommend visiting your optometrist or ophthalmologist for advice. There surely is one just for you.

I hope all of the choices above suits your need as a teacher. Good luck!

Do you have any other suggestions to add to this list? Please share them in the comments.