What Is A Good Gift For An Autistic Child? 7 Gift Ideas!

Trying to figure out what is a good gift for an autistic child is not a difficult task to achieve, but it is good to know that the key to choosing the perfect gift is by knowing the characteristics of what makes them amazing and unique. 

Choosing the perfect gift for an autistic child might be intimidating at first, there are always instances where you’ll question yourself if they will love it or hate it.

But one thing to keep in mind is that the gift should be something that is age-appropriate, meaningful, and thoughtful as well. 

what is a good gift for an autistic child

With the holidays creeping in just around the corner, it’s best to plan ahead and determine what the right gift is for them. 

Your options aren’t just limited to toys – children with autism, much like other kids, can be won over with toys, but they can enjoy other types of gifts too. 

So your choices are more expansive than you think. Also, I’ll let you in on a secret. The best way to know what kind of gift is a good one is by asking their parent or guardian first—they’ll surely know what kind of gift their child will appreciate. 

So if you’re stressed out trying to find the perfect gift for your loved one, it’s your time to relax because you’re in for a real treat because I’ve come up with a buying guide and great gift ideas that they will surely love!


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What Is A Good Gift For An Autistic Child?

Something that is calming and can appeal to their interests – children with autism have unique interests and abilities. And with that in mind, it’s best for you to choose a gift that you know will pique their interest

You can ask their parents or guardian about what activities they usually like to do, then get them something that they can use while doing that certain activity they love to do. 

Like for example if they love music, then try to get them a music player, or a music box with a lever to play their favorite tune. 

Also, a never not wrong choice of gift for children with autism is calming and soothing gifts that can help create a safe and calming experience for them.

Something that they can operate according to their developmental stage – the next thing you would want to consider if it’s something that is age-appropriate and if they can operate it to their ability. 

Some kids might be in grade-school but have pre-school abilities when it comes to their development. So it’s best to choose a gift that they can understand and they will be able to enjoy using it too. 

It would also be great if you can get them a gift that can help develop their skills as well. 

Something that their parent or guardian approves of – a rule of thumb that you can go by is if the gift that you are trying to buy is parent or guardian approved. This will save you time and effort from guessing what’s the best gift to buy for them.


10 Gift Ideas For A Child With Autism 

1.) Your time

a teacher and her student playing with bubbles

The first and also one of the best gifts you can give to a child with autism is your time and presence. 

Any kid would love to spend some quality time with their friends and families, in fact, research shows that sitting down and spending time with them has a big and positive impact on their development. 

This is something that will not require you to spend any money, just your time and effort will do! 

You can have fun doing their favorite activities or maybe let them experience something new like going to amusement parks or museums, just as long as they can enjoy it and it is not something that will startle them, because that is the last thing we want for them to feel. 

Arts and crafts are also a great idea too!


2.) Fun and Engaging Books

a child reading an engaging book

One thing is for sure is that children love books, even children with autism, in fact, they actually love books even more. 

Especially books with rhymes and engaging illustrations. You can opt to give them books with colorful pop-ups or books that they can also interact with. There are also books with sensorial textures that I am sure they will love too! 


3.) A Weighted Blanket

a child reading a book under his weighted blanket

Another sure winner gift for a child with autism are weighted blankets. There are many benefits of weighted blankets for an autistic child, and one of them is its ability to make them feel calm and secure. 

ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) can cause stress and anxiety in children who have it as they can have a hard time processing information coming at them at a fast rate, especially with children who are still having a hard time expressing themselves and their emotions.

This is the reason why calming and soothing gifts are the best candidate for a gift for a child with autism. 


4.) Handheld Video Games

a child playing with a nintendo switch console

Video games can also provide benefits to a child with autism, it can greatly help in keeping them engaged which can improve their concentration skills and also boost their confidence as they complete tasks and finish levels within the game. 

Handheld video games are a great choice of the gift because they are portable and they can also bring it along with them when they travel or just when they need to pass time while waiting for their doctor’s appointments and other occasions where they have free time to play. 


5.) Choose Toys That Are Sensorial, Educational, and Interactive

kids having fun with an inflatable pool

Now of course toys are also included in this list, all kids love toys and when choosing toys as a gift, it’s best to choose something that can also serve a great purpose. 

Look for something that can engage their senses, think of soft plush toys but with noticeable weight because this can also help calm them. Toys with flashing lights or projectors are also a popular choice. 

They would also love to receive educational and interactive toys that can keep them entertained while they learn, it’s like hitting two birds with one stone! Think of LeapFrog products and other great educational toys that you can give to them as a gift. 

Puzzles and Legos are a great choice too, it can also help develop essential skills, slime and kinetic sands are a crowd favorite too!


6.) An iPad 

a little girl playing with an app on her iPad

An iPad is like a blank canvass that children with autism can use, parents and guardians can choose the apps that they can download to help develop important skills such as their cognitive,  social, and language skills as well. 

The iPad is also a great tool that can help them learn how to communicate effectively, they will also love the sensorial experience a touchscreen gadget can give them and one thing is for sure, this can keep them entertained for hours while they’re learning without even knowing it! 


7.)  A Gift Card

a gift card as a gift for an autistic child

In my opinion, a physical gift is still the best, especially if a child already knows how to expect gifts during holidays and birthdays.

But if you’re really in a rut, and having a hard time determining what kind of gift to get them, then you can opt to give a gift card. 

This way the child will have the freedom and the choice on what to get, they will be able to receive something they really like and that they would love to get. 



Choosing a gift for a child with autism is not that hard, it also doesn’t have to be crazy expensive and over the top. 

It’s best to base your gift choices on what you can remember from them—the activities they like, the toys they like, the things they love to do, and all other stuff that they’re sure to be interested in. 

Try to also give them something that is stress-free and will not frighten them as well, always think of something calming and something to make them feel secure.

As long as you’re choosing the gift with them in mind, you should be all good to go. But of course, don’t forget to ask their parents or guardians too!

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