11 Best Portable Hotspots for Teachers 2023 – Reviews

Hotspots aid in bridging the connectivity gap in the continuous difficulty of connecting students and educators outside of the classroom. If you bring your own Wi-Fi network, then you don’t have to rely on public hotspots.

The best portable hotspots for teachers should get you connected anytime and anywhere. Portable internet access points allow you to connect to a WiFi network using your computer or another device even when you’re away from home.

best portable hotspots for teachers

What is a Mobile Hotspot?

A portable router is a little gadget having Internet distribution capabilities. Simply put, it uses a SIM card to broadcast an internet connection to your devices via Wi-Fi, a wire attached to your computer, or as a mobile hotspot rather than being linked to a wall-fixed internet.

An excellent feature of a mobile router is the availability of both local and foreign data SIM cards, which can be purchased with ease. Your phone can transform the data stream into a Wi-Fi signal so that other devices can share it while it is linked to the mobile data network. You may now access a private internet connection from anywhere using your phone as a hotspot.

How Hotspots Are Formed

Many people are confused about hotspots and Wi-Fi. Are they the same? How do they work? What exactly is a hotspot?

A hotspot is formed out of your Wi-Fi.

A hotspot, which is your portable hotspot device, is fundamentally made up of software, hardware, and network data services that work together to transform the device into a router or internet modem. To put it another way, it offers Wi-Fi web access to a local area network.

When you use your phone as a mobile hotspot, it connects to the internet via a cellular network and then distributes that connection using Wi-Fi. You may increase the range of your Wi-Fi signal or convert a wired network to wireless by using a convenient portable router.

Your portable hotspot now serves as an access point that bridges the schoolwork gap and ensures that you and your students have a reliable connection. Some models have the capacity to connect up to 5 or 10 devices or more.

If you need to collaborate as a team, a phone hotspot is a fantastic tool. As a result, you may share the signal with people nearby so that you can connect your laptop or tablet to the internet as well.

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<<<In a hurry? Take a peek at our top 3 portable hotspots of the editor’s choice.

Editor’s choice #1

NETGEAR Nighthawk M1

  • An MR1100-100NAS device that can share WiFi internet access with up to 20 devices
  • Has long battery life with a 5040mAh rechargeable battery that powers all day continuously
  • Enough to replace a poor DSL coverage


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6 Reasons Why a Teacher Needs One

A portable hotspot is an extremely practical tool that may offer a reliable, quick, and secure online connection pretty much anywhere you go. Although it lacks the ability to make and receive calls, it functions similarly to a mobile phone device.

A hotspot, instead, supplies data. It takes an LTE connection and converts it into a Wi-Fi signal that your tablet or smartphone can use. LTE means Long Term Evolution or a type of 4G that delivers fast mobile Internet. One example is the 4G LTE phone and its special ability to connect automatically using a 4G LTE network where it is available.

If Wi-Fi is everywhere, it follows that the Internet is everywhere. Teaching online will not anymore restrict you to the four corners of your home. Having a personal hotspot also gives you a backup connection at home during times when your internet gets unreliable or worst is, unavailable.

A Pocket WiFi, for example, is a small portable Wi-Fi or router that gives you full access to the internet including access to every data-consuming application wherever you go. In this sense, it acts as a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot but requires a SIM card to be able to get a supply of internet.

Editor’s choice #1

NETGEAR Nighthawk M1

  • An MR1100-100NAS device that can share WiFi internet access with up to 20 devices
  • Has long battery life with a 5040mAh rechargeable battery that powers all day continuously
  • Enough to replace a poor DSL coverage


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Portable hotspots give you:

1) High-Speed and Reliable Internet

The Wi-Fi hotspot offers high-speed wireless internet access. In comparison, standard home internet broadband speeds come in the range of  50-100Mbps while mobile hotspot speeds are between 30-60Mbps. For online teachers, using your phone as a mobile hotspot can deliver unlimited data, although you have to understand that it can slow your connection after reaching your limit of 4G speeds.

2) Better Connection Than Public Wi-Fi

Because you are the only user, your phone may serve as a hotspot everywhere and provide a dependable connection. In comparison to free public Wi-Fi, it provides a more secure internet. The drawback is that it might not be offering an incredibly high speed, which can impact how your device loads signals.

3) Wider and Broader Coverage

In the same manner, as bandwidth speeds on the box are higher than what you get, Wi-Fi router transmission is typically shorter than the standard range. Although the distance coverage may vary according to the device used, you can connect your devices: laptop, computer, and mobile to the internet and connect from other locations within a Wi-Fi zone.

4) Connectivity in multiple devices

With a hotspot, you can connect multiple devices to the internet simultaneously. Meaning, you can have a computer, laptop, and mobile phone working at once. You can even turn your PC into a Wi-Fi hotspot and share the Internet with all your devices. Users will only have to use the necessary credentials to be able to log in and connect their devices to the internet.

Editor’s Choice #3

ROAMWIFI R10 4G LTE, high-speed hotspots

click image for details


  • Comes with 10GB/50GB/100GB local data that can be used in USADual-band
  • High-speed network with No SIM card roaming charges travel pocket Wi-Fi
  • With a built-in 5000mAh battery and can be used  for over 18 hours


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5) Connection without the bulk

The hotspot will connect you with family, neighbors, and friends nearby. All Wi-Fi hotspots are easy to use and set up. You don’t need to carry around a bulky router just to remain connected while on-the-road, traveling, at job sites, or anywhere you are. Get a virtual router that allows you to share the Internet from your laptop to your other devices.

6) Affordable Internet Connection

Even the cheapest plan will provide you with a great functional Wi-Fi hotspot as long as you don’t go over your monthly usage for the hotspot. In addition, installing hotspot devices won’t require complicated wires or wiring. However, it is entirely up to you if you want to spend $80 per month for 20GB of hotspot data if you prefer a costly hotspot for your home internet.

Watch this video that explains more about hotspots and their details.


Best Portable Hotspots for Teachers 

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A portable router is a little gadget having Internet distribution capabilities. Simply put, it uses a SIM card to broadcast an internet connection to your devices via Wi-Fi, a wire attached to your computer, or as a mobile hotspot rather than being linked to a wall-fixed internet.

What makes a mobile router great is the option to use an international data SIM card, or a local data SIM, which are easily available to buy. Having your phone connected to the mobile data network gives it the ability to convert the data stream into a Wi-Fi signal that other devices can share. Your phone now is a host of a hotspot giving you a private internet connection wherever you are.

Check out these portable mobile routers:

1) NETGEAR Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot, 4G LTE Router

The NetGear Mobile Wifi Hotspot is a 4G LTE router. This hotspot will let you discover your own secure WLAN that is enough to replace your home DSL coverage.

This should give you a hotspot device to take with you outside of your home or school. You’ll like the seamless backup anywhere supporting a simultaneous connection of up to 15 devices.

The NetGear 4G LTE Router is compatible with any mobile carrier. You can take your own secure wireless anywhere everywhere. You can conduct and talk to your class outdoors, and business will be usual as it keeps you connected and entertained even when on a holiday.

You definitely want something up to 400 Mbps download speed. That means uninterrupted HD streaming, video calls, meetings, chats, and gaming, too. This time there will be no more waiting for content on your computers, tablets, or smartphones.

With a speedy 4G LTE Cat.13 Broadband, you’ll be using AC797-100NAS mobile hotspot router you can rely on a travel router. You can trust NETGEAR to replace poor DSL coverage with reliable internet.

What about a 2930 mAh battery that powers up to 11 hrs of use? That offers you to stay wirelessly connected whether you go for personal travel, school, or business day.


2) GL.iNet GL-AR750 Slate

GL.iNet GL-AR750 Slate

click image for details

Are you looking for a commercial VPN provider to bring with you often? It’s here now, the GL.inet Slate is a Gigabit travel AC VPN router.

This mobile router has more than 25+ VPNs compatible with a pre-installed OpenVPN client. An OpenVPN is an open-source connection that facilitates a secure tunnel in private networks. With Slate, you can bring all your workplaces together with a single, secure private cloud with WireGuard, an impressive new technology with a much faster security protocol.

If you’re concerned about changing the network once you change your workplace, don’t worry; your devices will connect automatically each time you turn on the Slate – so no need to reconfigure anything. It has a multi-media center that integrates major media protocol and four methods to access the internet: cable, repeater, USB modem, and tethering.

The GL.iNet GL-AR750 Slate is a high-speed mobile router boasting AC750 Wi-Fi: 433Mbps(5G) +300Mbps(2.4G) with 750 Megabytes per second transfer rate using a 2.4 GHz radiofrequency. It has three-gigabit ports, 1WAN and 2LANs.

This option has a pre-configured Cloudflare DNS over TLS, a new feature that uses the TLS security protocol for encrypting DNS queries. You get more privacy while preventing eavesdropping.  The Slate comes with a customizable mode switch with foldable dual-band external antennas.

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3) NETGEAR Nighthawk MR1100-100NAS

NETGEAR Nighthawk MR1100-100NAS

click image for details

Famous as a super-fast mobile router, the Netgear Nighthawk runs on a 4G LTE speed with 1Gbps download speeds and 150 Mbps upload speeds. You will like uninterrupted HD streaming, video calls, and even gaming. Because it lets you connect to 20 devices, there will be no more waiting for content on smartphones, computers, and tablets.

The device’s twin 2.4GHz or 5GHz bands are intended to keep you connected and on the move. So in addition to offering you complete and reliable access to the internet, you will also have the ability to download and upload files swiftly, which is ideal for smooth communication on Skype, Zoom, and Facetime.

The NETGEAR Nighthawk boosts WiFi 802.11ac and uses dual TS-9 external 3G/4G antennas connectors. It also has a regular Type A USB port and a USB-C port and an Ethernet port so you connect other devices and stream content from USB drives and external hard drives.

If you are away from home, you to easily set up the M1 with their own network name and password as well as manage the devices you want to connect to the router. This is also for you if you live in a very rural area where high-speed internet is still not an option.

You will find the large 2 4 inches LCD screen very helpful in monitoring data usage, mobile signal strength, and network management information. The color itself is so cool — just a great device for busy teachers like you!

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4) MightyWi-Fi Cloud Cellular M1

 MightyWi-Fi Cloud Cellular M1

click image for details

Use this 29-Band 4G network frequency like an internet home router but portable using mobile networks. Operating from a Cloud SIM, you can avail yourself of worldwide coverage free of any roaming charges.

Mighty Wi-Fi Cloud Cellular M1 utilizes a fast and secure Qualcomm processor. It chooses only high-quality signals for stable connectivity without limiting to a single carrier. The device offers exclusive and flexible data options you can download from your app store.

Imagine it lets you share up to 10 devices thanks to its private dual-band Wi-Fi that supports 2.4GHz and 5GHz. With its strong IEEE 802.11a/b/n/ac connectivity, the Mighty mobile hotspot secures your privacy on the net. It’s great for all your teaching requirements then.

The Mighty Wi-Fi Cloud Cellular M1 is the US and global Wi-Fi spot and not a mere range extender. Like any mobile hotspot, the Mighty can connect you fast but the speed and strength may slow down at peak hours especially when you’re in a hotel or public area – but in general, it works great.

With over 150 countries supported and limitless bandwidth, it is the next generation of international Wi-Fi, so you won’t have to worry about running out of data while working. This mobile hotspot offers a strong signal to your phone, laptop, tablet, or any other electronic device via Wi-Fi even though Bluetooth tethering from your phone to broadcast does not work.

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5) Verizon Jetpack 8800L 4G LTE 

Another way to go unplugged yet productive, the Verizon Jetpack 8800L 4G TLE works with a private built-in Auto VPN for secure connectivity. You can select who can and cannot see your network. Because you can track data usage, it helps you monitor suspicious input.

With the WiFi 8800L, you can go unplugged for up to 24 hours. Don’t worry, the device has a built-in QuickCharge system for you to recharge faster. Use its multifunctional USB port to charge compatible devices or share files across your Mifi 8800L’s network.

With its always functioning MiFi 8800L, you may connect with up to 15 reliable devices at once, allowing you to share more. Through a storage device with a USB-C connector, you can transfer files across your home WiFi network. You have complete control and can change passwords directly from the MiFi 8800L if you’d like.

Jetpack 8800L 4G LTE has advanced DL and UL speeds. It can access Wi-Fi in more than 200 countries. The dual-band Wi-Fi router allows users to instantly connect to 5GHz or 2.4GHz bands for an enhanced link speed and reduced network congestion.

This hotspot is an easy and far better alternative than cell phone tethering in rural areas with weak cell signals. You’ll love the 2.4-inch color touchscreen that gives you more features at your fingertips. Coming along are easy-to-use menus and on-screen help prompts. 


6) ZTE ZMAX Connect Mobile Hotspot 4G LTE

ZTE ZMAX Connect Mobile Hotspot 4G LTE, best hotspots

click image for details

Enjoy freedom and stability with Wi-Fi anywhere you roam. The ZTE ZMax Connect 4G LTE mobile hotspot works with a wide range of low-cost and prepaid carriers. This hotspot connects 10 devices simultaneously.

Like most low-cost hotspots, the ZTE ZMAX is a humble little black box the size of a typical cellphone or a box of playing cards. But you get a dual-band Wi-Fi connection that supports 2.4 GHz and 5GHz for a sustainable and reliable connection.

The ZTE MAX Connect provides Wi-Fi-protected access (WPA and WPA2) that provides unique encryption keys for each wireless connection helping to secure your network. As it supports LTE bands, it also works with AT&T and T-Mobile, and other GSM networks compatibly. Although you need to get a higher plan for faster speeds.

The best thing about this model is the easy-to-manage online interface. It’s a simple mobile hotspot you can use from the bedroom to your working table to the road and public places. Performance-wise, you’ll be surprised at how it can allow you to enjoy games on your outdoor trips. It may not give you a smooth effect 

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7) ZTE Velocity 4G LTE Router MF923 

ZTE Velocity 4G LTE Router MF923, best hotspots

click image for details

The ZTE Velocity MF923 features the LTE bands 2/4/5/17/29 and UMTS HSPA 850/1900/2100. It has the ability to serve dual-band Wi-Fi (2.4GHz or 5GHz) allowing it to roam on LTE in many foreign countries, including all of Europe and parts of Asia.

A ZTE mobile hotspot is a portable hub that allows you to connect as many as 10 cellphones, tablets, and laptops to 4G LTE internet speeds. You can expect a single-core Qualcomm MDM9225 processor that allows it to connect with multiple devices simultaneously.

With the support of a separate Guest WiFi system, you are sure of secured data. You are guaranteed a Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) which is an easy way to connect, plus a guest Wi-Fi that you can choose to set up temporarily. You’ll love the LCD touchscreen that indicates the status of your mobile hotspot.

The ZTE Velocity MF923 is supported by RF bands LTE and UMTS/HSPA+. The battery is 2,800mAh allowing 10 solid hours of streaming as well it has a Standby time of up to 240 hours before the next charge.

It’s a simple hotspot you can rely on if you are living in the country. To manage your device and settings,  just go to its AT&T Wi-Fi Manager home page and user interface.

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8) RoamWiFi R10 4G LTE High-Speed Hotspot

RoamWiFi R10 4G LTE High-Speed Hotspot, best hotspots

click image for details

What about a high-quality and super-long endurance mobile hotspot? It’s here!

Roam WiFi Rio offers a 4G unlimited system supporting a 4G LTE high-speed network. It has a maximum upload speed of 50Mbps and a maximum download speed of 433Mbps. This surely suits a network for enjoying movies, music, surfing, and even teaching online anywhere.

The device is built with LTE/FDD bands 1/2/3/4/5//7/8/12/17/18/19/20/26/28 and LTE/TDD bands 38/39/40/41. It supports 802.11 b/g/n/ac and connects up to 5 simultaneous connections. Its network standards make it another mobile hotspot that works great and is easy to set up in rural areas.

RoamWiFi R10 Mobile Hotspot router comes with 10GB/50GB/100GB local data that makes multi-scene coverage from home networking, live streaming, playing games, binge-watching, business meetings, and online classes. It has an additional GB global data that can be used all over 160 supported countries and regions.

You’ll like the 5000 mAh battery’s 18 hours of active use and 30 hours of standby time. It takes three hours to fully recharge. Simply hold down the power button for a long time to switch on the device, which is bright orange to improve your mood. It takes 2 to 3 minutes to connect using RoamWifi.

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9) KuWFi 4G LTE Mobile WiFi Hotspot

KuWFi 4G LTE Mobile WiFi Hotspot, best hotspots

click image for details

KuWFi 4G LTE is your unlocked travel partner router. No more worrying about connecting to the broadband, as long as you have a 3G/4G SIM card.

It’s among the smallest hotspot device you can carry for travels, outdoor live broadcast, business trips, or when playing games in a public place. Small but terrible it has the ability to connect with 8-10 devices at the same time. Since the efficient distance of Wi-Fi can reach 10 meters – this makes it a great car Wi-Fi for the whole family.

The KuWFi 4G LTE is compatible with the frequency bands of SIM cards used in most European countries. It supports 4G FDD B1/B3/B5/B7/B8/B20 and TDD-LTE B38/B39/B40/B41 for networks mainly applicable to Europe, Asia, Southeast Asia Australia Africa Middle East, and some South American countries.

This hotspot also supports the LTE CAT4 standard. It has a download speed of up to 150 Mbps and uploads at 50 Mbps speed. Small as it is, still it gives a screen display for your convenience. You’ll be able to read the battery level, your Wi-Fi performance, and network signal.

You will be using a 2100 mAh lithium battery with a super long standby time. The device works for Win7, Windows XP, Vista, Mac OS, Android, and Linux. Very versatile it supports smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other devices.

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10) D-Link WiFi 6 Router AX4800 MU-MIMO

D-Link WiFi 6 Router AX4800 MU-MIMO, best hotspots

click image for details

What will you get with a Wi-Fi 6 hotspot? D-Link 6 AX4800 boasts the next-generation Wi-Fi 6 dual-band Wi-Fi speeds up to 90% faster and connects more devices with 4 times greater capacity.

The AX4800 router utilizes cutting-edge features such as BSS Coloring, 160 MHz high-powered amplifier, six simultaneous streams, OFDMA, and MU-MIMO technology that all work together to improve real-time high-bandwidth 4K streaming, FPS gaming, and virtual meetings.

Have you heard of Wi-Fi 6? It’s the so-called AX technology that provides an efficient connection of up to 600 Mbps (2.4 GHz) plus 4200 Mbps (5 GHz) speeds. Plus, it has four Gigabit Ethernet ports while allowing you 6 simultaneous streams, games, and video chats at the same time without interruption.

You’ll thank the MU-MIMO technology for multitasking purposes along with OFDMA, which works to move device data traffic simultaneously for more efficient transmission.

The D-Link 6 AX4800 works with a Target Wake Time (TWT) designed to help reduce battery consumption. With 128-bit encryption, you will enjoy greater privacy, stronger protection, and compatibility with previous protocols.

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11) GlocalMe U2S 4G LTE

GlocalMe U2S 4G LTE, best hotspots

click image for details

When it comes to today’s internet system – it should not be boring. GlocalMe U2S brings this to you with 1.1GB of global data and 8GB of North America data. This is great if you are in the USA, Canada, and Mexico. Please offer us device IMEI number 2 to redeem the data.

This hotspot is built with a user-friendly interface for you to manage your data efficiently whether for home use, family outdoors, business, or teaching purposes. You can track detailed interaction including the monitor of your balance.

It features 2 kinds of charging modes and 3 kinds of packages from individual packages for a single country, multi-country, and global packages. You might want to enjoy a 12G and 24G data package promotion for the US. Enquire now before it ends.

It has 1 SIM card slot that works like your traditional unlocked Wi-Fi hotspot or Mi-Fi. Use this as a safe personal pocket Wi-Fi staying up using a 3500mAH battery. Having private security Wi-Fi means getting the most security protocol to keep your WIFI connection safe.

Here’s the best thing: GlocalMe U2S is covering over 144 countries including Asia regions and is still working to cover a wider area with free-roaming in the future.

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Let’s wrap it up! 

Our Top 5 Recommendations for 2023

Product Image Reasons to get it
NetGear Nighthawk M1
  • Shares WiFi with up to 20 devices
  • With 5040mAh rechargeable battery
  • Can replace a poor DSL coverage
Check Price --->
Roam R10 4G LTE
  • High-speed with No SIM card
  • Shares with up to 5 smart devices
  • 5000mAh battery works over 18 hours
Check Price --->
MightyWifi Cloud Cellular M1
  • New & upgraded high speed router
  • Connects up to 5 devices plus Alexa
  • Over 150+ countries 4D Coverage
Check Price --->
D-Link Wifi 6 Router
  • Next-gen speed up to 90% faster
  • Can deliver 6 simultaneous streams
  • Connects 4 devices up to 4X capacity
Check Price --->




1) Is it worth to get a mobile hotspot?

Yes, most especially if you do work outside your home. Other than handiness, a portable hotspot is more secure than a public WiFi connection. With either a local or international data SIM, you can access data without worrying if the place you are heading to has access to the internet.

Even if you’re not traveling, there are instances where you may need to go someplace else. As an online teacher, you don’t want to miss a day of teaching. In fact, it gives you a lot of mobility you can enjoy life even when teaching online.

2) Are Hotspots Good for Online Classes?

A hotspot may not be the best option for teaching online.

While it’s your best way to stay online wherever you are, it may not suffice the speed essential to handle an online class. Your portable hotspot, though, will allow you to read and send emails, announcements, and instructions, move data back and forth with other devices.

However, depending on your online teaching activity, your hotspot plan, and your location; it might get you a chance to chat with your students in the comfort of a full-sized device. But it’s a different thing when it comes to FULL time teaching online.

3) Will a mobile hotspot work anywhere?

A hotspot is intended for use anywhere you needed internet as long as your mobile phone is connected to your service provider. If you are on a spot with a strong signal, you can generally use it as a hotspot with smooth performance.
Did you know that some smartphones are capable of working as a Wifi hotspot without a hotspot service network? Learn more about Wi-Fi tethering and master how to transform your smartphone into a wireless internet router anytime and anywhere.

4) A hotspot requires Wi-Fi Tethering. Can you explain this more?

The hotspot provides internet to your wireless devices by using Wi-Fi. If your phone works as a hotspot, (also known as Wi-Fi tethering) this means that even outside of your home, you can get your laptop or tablet online whenever it has a signal.

Tethering is the method of sharing a smartphone’s internet connection among devices. It can be done by connecting them using a Wi-Fi connection, a Bluetooth wireless link, or a USB cable – all depending on the equipment you have. In the case of a portable hotspot, your phone will act as a router or modem so that you can wirelessly access the internet for your laptop or tablet.

5) Is a hotspot as good as internet or Wifi?

A portable Wi-Fi and portable hotspot are the same. In fact, they are also known as “Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot.” This doesn’t require you to buy a SIM card, so you don’t need to worry about looking for the right SIM card as a backup connection, or if you travel.

Also, there is no installation required in using a portable Wi-Fi hotspot, so no cables, or software. Simply turn the power on, enter the password and then connect your devices. It will get you to work immediately.

6) How Much Data Does a Hotspot Use?

Data usage in a hotspot is directly related to the activities you do.  Are you simply surfing the net, sending emails, streaming music, watching movies, or social networking? Even when using Zoom, data usage may vary as this is a high-quality group call.

There are plans you can choose from. Some carriers offer a limited amount of high-speed hotspot data that slows your speed once you hit your limit. Expect that your carrier may count your hotspot data use against your cell phone plan’s overall data limit. You can buy a plan with a low monthly installment.

7) How Can I Turn My Phone Into a Wi-Fi Hotspot?

Here are the steps you can do:

  • Go into your smartphone’s general settings.
  • Search for the “Mobile Hotspot” setting. Different devices may have different standalone options.
  • Toggle your mobile hotspot to “ON.” Your phone will give you a special network name and passcode.
  • On your other device, open your WiFi settings.
  • Search for that special or personal network name.
  • Enter the password and then connect to your hotspot.

8) How do I control devices connected to my hotspot?

The best thing you can do is to control by tracking hotspot usage:
  1. Go to your Android phone and open the Datally app.
  2. Tap the Track Hotspot on the home screen.
  3. Enter the limit of data you want.
  4. Next, go to Settings.
  5. Search for Hotspot & tethering
  6. Enable the Wi-Fi hotspot.
  7. Then navigate to the “Track hotspot” screen in the Datally app.
  8. Tap Track Hotspot and begin monitoring your data.

9) Can I Replace My Internet with a Mobile Hotspot?

I would say it depends.

It ideally works for light data users. If you ever use your phone’s mobile hotspot to stream Netflix, browse social media, or watch TikTok, you’ll undoubtedly run out of data. If you’re into video streaming, watching movies, or distance learning; the data caps require the highest possible connectivity that will not max out data plans. Even when using the highest hotspot data plan, you still can end up with data overage fees, which sums it up more expensive than a home internet plan.

10) Are Mobile Hotspots Safe to Use?

Mobile hotspots, in general, have unsecured connections. This is where potential hackers can tap into your activity if they happen to be in the same network as you. Some do have passwords yet the risk remains high.
There are mobile hotspots that offer security and protection. Like this Rozetta Mobile Router, it uses Cloud Virtual SIM technology where you’ll be working on a secure and encrypted connection so it does not expose you to dangerous public WiFi.
Some rural areas have an extremely slow connection. In such a situation, you may find it difficult to find a WiFi network. While you can use your phone as a hotspot, the slow connection issue may give you massive data overcharges.



Now you can meet the challenges of distance learning with an effective communication approach. Don’t be late in leveraging your teaching strategy. Use the latest in technology and use it to help you succeed in the new reality of online teaching.