7 Best Projectors For Teachers 2022

We all know that education’s not what it used to be. Students as young as 4 or 5 years old already know how to use a smartphone or tablet and high school students are now learning how to code, fly drones, and even know how to 3D print their projects and artwork. 

And it’s really fascinating seeing how fast and well schools have developed into what they are today, thanks to all the technological advancements available for students enriching their learning environment one tech gadget at a time. 

a projector on top of a table

Today, we will be focusing on one particular classroom tech gadget that has helped students learn better visually on another level. And if you have already seen the title then you know that good stuff is right ahead of you, because we will be diving into 5 of the best projectors for teachers to use in the classroom and why you should use them.

Since the projector has been incorporated in the classroom it has revolutionized the way teachers provide visual materials in the classroom in a more fun and engaging way because of its capability to provide color-rich graphics, videos, and animation in a cinematic sense that can captivate the students or any audience once it starts rolling. 

So without any further ado, let’s jump right into and get this started! 

Benefits of Projectors in Your Classroom

Tired of having to write your materials on the board over and over again? I mean, can you just imagine the hand cramps? 

Projectors will free you of having to write on the board saving you precious time and effort that should be dedicated to discussions and other important matters that your class should attend to instead of waiting to finish writing on the board just so your students have a visual aid. 

Powerpoints, educational videos, and images are a teacher’s best friend, and it is a great way to enhance all the learning materials that you provide to your class and being able to project that into a large screen that everyone in the room will be able to see is a great way to have everyone’s attention using engaging visuals and enriching information. 

a teacher using a projector in the classroom

Demonstrations are also much clearer when projected on a larger screen. For example, just think about how much time it will take for you to draw the life cycle of a butterfly on the board. With a projector, all you need is a few clicks and you’re good to go! 

For quizzes and other activities, projectors are also a great way to go paperless as you’ll be able to provide soft copies to your students that they can access at home or any other device that is available to them while at school. 

Lastly, it is just more fun when you watch on a big screen right? It will be just like a movie experience for your students, but they’re actually entertained while they are learning. You get them engaged and also educated, making it convenient for teachers and making their job easier as well. 

Projectors 101: Quick Buying Guide

Blackboards, whiteboards, and green boards are slowly becoming things of the past because when it comes to exhibiting presentations, giving overviews, and agendas for meetings we now often need the help of a projector.

If it’s your first time purchasing a projector for your classroom it can be overwhelming and confusing to know which one is the right one for you to buy, but choosing the best projector for your needs will be easy as pie as long as you armed with the correct information on how to choose one. 

This quick buying guide simplifying jargons to help you easily score the best projector that will fit your needs when it comes to projecting or for any particular role you intend to use it for. 


<<<Are you in a hurry? Take a look at the top 3 editor’s choice.

Top 3 Projectors for Teachers 2022!

Product Image Reasons to get it
Epson VS250 Projector
  • SVGA (800×600) resolution ideal for everyday presentations and graphics
  • PC and Mac compatible with iProjection app for Apple and Android devices
  • Fan Noise Eco-mode at only 28 dB
  • Fast and Easy set-up
Check Price --->
WOWOTO Mini Projector
  • DLP tehcnology with 1280×880 native resolution; 20,000 hours lamp life
  • 3000 Lumens up to 300-inch display picture
  • Built-in Android system with flexible connectivity
  • Highly portable design with built-in rechargeable battery
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ViewSonic PA503S Projector
  • Projects up to 120-inch picture with a brightness of 3800 lumens
  • Plug and play, ideal for educational environments
  • Long lamp life up to 15,000 hours
  • Flexible connectivity with a 3-year limited parts and labor coverage
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Types of Projectors

There are three main types of projectors that you can choose from that are ideal for classroom use. And to get the best picture display that you want for your classroom you need to know what type of projector is best for how you want it to serve its purpose. 

Home Theater Projectors – This would be the ideal projector if you have control over the amount of light that enters into your classroom. It can display pictures that are 36 times larger than a 50-inch HDTV without compromising the image quality and contrast of the media you input into it. 

Best for large-screen viewing if you have a larger classroom and is most of the time equipped with a quiet fan to reduce background noise and for connectivity, HDMI ports can be used. 

Office/Business Projectors – the top choice projector for office or school environments for its brighter and crip image projections, it’s perfect for displaying presentations and classroom instructions. They are also designed specifically to display static images which are graphs and PowerPoint slides. 

But they are not limited to only that as they have a multitude of uses as you can feed it any type of multimedia you want. Aside from an HDMI port, it also has a Blu-Ray Player making it convenient for you to not need to connect it to a separate device anymore. 

They’re also portable in size easy for you to carry from one location to another, ease of use is also its selling point and wireless projection is also available. 

Pico/Portable Projectors – also known as pocket-sized projectors that you can easily fit in your tote bag or briefcase, pico or potable projectors are small yet powerful to project crisp and detailed images suitable for a small classroom. 

So if you’re teaching only a small classroom, this would be a good projector for you. They’re incredibly lightweight and you can also bring them along with you anywhere you go. Additionally, they also have a reliable long lamp life which I will explain in detail later on. 


For TVs, monitors, smartphones, tablets, laptops, and all other gadgets that are equipped with a screen which are made up of dots called pixels and the more pixels you have on the screen will depict image quality at a much better rate. 

And to explain resolution much better, you’ll normally see them in quick descriptions or product specs showing as 1920 x 1080 or also known as HD 1080p which is the spec you want your projector to have or higher because it can provide the best image quality.

The ideal resolutions for classroom use:

SVGA (800×600) – the most affordable one among the choices but can provide great quality images that can be best for use for basic presentations such as powerpoints and is ideal for a smaller classroom with dimmable lights. 

It has a 4:3 aspect ratio that can work well with 60-inch screens or smaller. Going beyond that might already affect the picture quality and cause pixelation of images. 

XGA (1024×768) – Ideal to use for DVD videos and 1080p Blu-ray content, also has a 4:3 aspect ratio. 

HD/WXGA (1280×800) – offering a high overall pixel count and is also considered a Full HD that can be excellent for high-definition content sources delivering sharp and highly detailed pictures to the screen. 

Full HD/WUXGA (1920×1080) – the latest and most popular type of resolution delivering a widescreen version of the 1080p with a 16:10 aspect ratio. This would be the standard if you’re choosing to purchase a projector for your classroom. 

It provides increased brightness compared to previous resolutions allowing it to display websites, presentations, spreadsheets, with more intricate details. 

Ultra HD or 4k (3840x 2160) – mostly found on the latest TVs and is also now found in projectors would be the supreme choice for its delivers bright and highly-detailed and precise pictures that would be ideal for larger classrooms or lecture halls. 

Anything lower than these will only produce a poor quality image and is only applicable for small rooms, personal use, or small group meetings. Make sure to keep an eye on the resolution spec and you should start from there to help narrow down your choices. 

Contrast Ratio 

For home theater projectors after the resolution, you might want to look into the contrast ratio, which is the measurements of the blacks to white. This shows the difference between all the darkest and brightest areas in a certain picture. 

You should choose a projector with a high contrast ratio if you are able to control the light levels in your classroom and if you can darken it. But if your classroom is well lit, a business projector that has muted contrast will work well for you. 

The higher it is, the more detailed and defined black levels will be in the images you project. This factor adds depth and dimension to the media you are displaying on the screen. 

Brightness or Lumens

For Office or Business Projectors, this is what’s more important for you. Measured in ANSI Lumens a projector’s brightness will start to matter if you have a wee-lit classroom and you do not have the option to control it and dim the room. 

Lumens for projectors can start at 500 Lumens which are usually found in pico projectors and up to 10,000 lumens for ultra-portable office or business projectors. 

To determine the projector brightness you need, you’ll have to consider the ambient lighting you have in your classroom. The brighter your classroom is the higher the number in brightness you need for the projector to be able to display crisp and detailed images. 

It’s best to opt for a projector that has 3,000-4,000 Lumens a standard for classroom use which is adequate for a moderate level of lighting allowing interaction and safe movement for everyone in the class. 

Anything over 4,000 Lumens is considered best for larger classrooms, conference rooms, and multipurpose rooms.

DLP vs LCD (Projection Technology) 

The DLP or Digital light processing technology uses a spinning color wheel and micromirrors to render color whereas an LCD technology does not have. 

This makes LCD projection technology have a slight advantage compared to the DLP because once the spinning color wheel stops working it means the projector will stop working as well. an LCD panel still has a chance to fail due to dead pixels but given the fact that it has no moving parts in its main imaging system, it is still more manageable compared to the DLP technology. 

DLP provides higher color contrast making them perfect for darker rooms they are usually compact portable and lightweight, but when it comes to texts and data they have the tendency to render a rainbow effect which can be distracting for students.

While LCD projection is excellent for well-lit rooms forming no “rainbow effects and its brighter output with impressive color brightness can display sharper image details for graphs and data presentations. 

LCD projectors are also a tad bit quieter than DLP projectors and more energy-efficient as well. 

Aspect Ratio or Throw Ratio

Although this will not impact the image quality of the projected display, this factor is still important to consider when choosing a projector. The throw ratio is determined by contributing factors which are the distance of where you want to place the projector lens from the screen and how wide is the screen that you are intending to use. 

Most projectors you’ll see on the market today offer a 16:9 throw ratio that imitates the standard HDTV or a Full HD 1080p desktop display, but there are a lot of different formats and it will depend on the type of media you feed it. 

If you don’t require too much on a detailed display then you can set aside the throw ratio, but if you do then matching your projectors and source content would be a wise thing to do so that you can maximize your projectors display without affecting your media content. 

Light Source

There are three types of light sources that projectors use and this is the source of a projector’s light that helps display what you want to cast into the screen. 

LED – mostly seen in portable projectors that are relatively small and can fit into a bag or even into your pocket like a power bank. They are energy-efficient and eco-friendly and generate less heat compared to the following lamp technologies. 

They’re great for a small classroom where light can be controlled. It has about a 30,000-hour lifespan which is quite impressive and a lot. 

Laser – the latest light source that is also the most cost-effective option even if they are on the pricier side. They can be maintained easily and have about a 20,0000-hour life span, it also requires no warm-up so you can turn it on and off in an instant. 

Lamp-based – The longest light source that has been used and is still being used and is the most affordable one as well. The only drawback to them is that they need to be replaced from time to time which requires additional costs and is a bit high-maintenance as well due to the need to clean their filters. 

It also needs to be warmed up before use that might cause you to use your class’ valuable time and its color and brightness tend to fade after some time as well. It has a 10,000-hour life span, contains mercury which will cause additional precautionary measures. 


A projector will remain inherently incomplete without having adequate input and output ports. It is a must for a projector to have an HDMI port along with RS-232 ports and for the compressed and high-bandit signal transmission, you’ll need to look for the MHL and HDCP ports. 

Some projectors also have a type-A USB port allowing you to connect to the projector without the use of a desktop computer or a laptop entirely. Wireless dongles are also an option if you want to cast wirelessly from your smartphone, laptop, or tablet making it convenient for you to move around the room while you present. 

Additional Features 

Aside from looking up the specs and features of a projector, you can also opt for additional features to make your use of a projector easier and more efficient. one of the best projectors for teachers

Keystone Correction – Ever noticed odd picture angles that projectors displays where the top is wider than the bottom or vice versa? 

This is called a keystone effect as a result of a projector being placed too high or too low from the screen, and this makes the image appear in a trapezoidal shape and a keystone correction feature can be useful to make adjustments and compensate with how the picture should appear on the screen. 

Usually, you’ll be able to correct it by making a few adjustments in the projector’s settings making sure the picture is aligned and center. 

Audio Capabilities – not all projectors are made equal, and most of them do not have built-in audio speakers and some that do might not have the best audio capability but it’s still decent enough to provide audio for your presentation and other media, it’s a useful feature if you don’t want to use a separate speaker for when you use the projector. 

Len shift – this would be a very useful feature if you will not be able to place the projector directly in front of the screen. This will let you move the pictures vertically and horizontally without any distortion affecting the picture. 

Warranties – projectors are investments therefore you should protect your investment as well. It’s best to find a projector with a solid warranty so that you’ll be worry-free if something happens out of the blue, and you’ll be assured that you’re covered and backed up with a warranty. 

Some products offer 2-3 years of warranty, and that’s a great deal since you’ll be using a projector almost every day inside the classroom and you won’t be worried about additional costs for repairs anytime soon.


7 Best Projectors For Teachers 2022

1.) BenQ MH760 1080P Business Projector 

BenQ MH760 1080P Business Projector 

Click image for details

An ideal projector for multipurpose projection for the classroom or any other room in the school is the BenQ MH760 1080P Business Projector. 

The BenQ MH760 1080P Business Projector is bringing the powerful and delicate DMD panel that provides an amazing and reliable performance even after 100,000 hours of operation. 

It provides a high brightness of about 5000 ANSI Lumens making it perfect for larger classrooms, meeting rooms, conference rooms, or any multipurpose room needing a high-quality and reliable projector.

It also has its contrast ratio of about 30,000:1. It’s high in brightness and contrast images well even in well-lit classrooms or meeting rooms. 

It is also equipped with a full HD lens with a high native contrast ratio making it highly visible for anyone at any point across the room so if you are teaching in a larger classroom with a large volume of students this projector will work well with your classroom environment

And the best thing about this projector is that it features convenient to set it up, making it convenient for you and saving up valuable time instead of waiting for it to warm up

It also includes a retractable adjustment foot to enhance flexibility and a vertical keystone for you, allowing you to align the image perfectly without taking too much time from adjusting the image positioning.

Also with this projector, you no longer need to download any software for you to project media wirelessly because of its software-free wireless projection feature, this saves you uptime and the trouble of having to set up and figure out how to operate it wirelessly.

When it comes to video playback other projectors have the tendency to be fuzzy or distorted, but the BenQ MH760 1080P Business Projector guarantees fast transmission and stable high-resolution video playback via an optional Qcast mirror, assuring that all your videos will be played smoothly to your class or meeting without any distractions. 

It’s also equipped with dual HDMI ports for a flexible connectivity option making it easy for you to transfer feed from one device to another without having to plug and unplug every time you want to change the source content. 

And you can say goodbye to awkward and embarrassing waits because of its time-saving feature that automatically turns on the projector immediately after it detects any signal of connectivity from a device that you’re using. 

It’s all-glass lenses that provide crystal clear images and minimize chromatic aberration resulting in crisp and brilliant clarity even up to the most intricate details in your media. The infographic mode of the BenQ MH760 1080P Business Projector is also particularly useful for showcasing texts and graphics in great detail. 

Teachers will also love the intuitive design of the controls and how convenient it is to use this projector, making it the best projector to use if you don’t want the hassle of setting up and warming up projectors prior to use. 

All in all, a top-notch projector opening up our list, best for well-lit rooms. Easy to set-up and easy to operate as well, just about all the things teachers are looking for in a projector thrown into this best of a product. 

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2.) Optoma EH412 Professional Projector

Optoma EH412 Professional Projector

Click image for details

Projectors allow teachers to cater to various learning styles by incorporating videos, pictures, audios, and other essential media to help enrich the learning student for students in the classroom.

And one of the best projectors you can use to help you with that is the Optoma EH412 Professional Projector with an incredibly high brightness of about 4,500 Lumens that will perform even if your classroom experiences a lot of sun or light exposure. 

You’ll also be satisfied with its lamp life that is up to 15,000 hours giving you extended viewing time and lower cost of ownership as well. And to sum it up, that will be about an average of 5 hours of viewing time for every day of the year for an astonishing 8 years! 

It offers a 4K HDR viewing experience displaying vibrant colors and intricate details without a hitch. You’ll have brighter whites and deeper blacks along with sharp and crisp images as long as you pair the projector with a 4K HDR media source as well. 

Delivering a 50,000:1 contrast together with the sRGB color profile you and your audience will be able to enjoy a rich and accurate color display when used with a Mac, PC, or any sRGB compatible source. 

Setting it up will also be a breeze because of the 1.3x optical zoom in option allowing you to a flexible placement of the projector in any environment. 

It is also equipped with a keystone correction feature +/- 40 degrees allowing the projector itself to be off-center and not need to elevate it to project to where you want it to make it convenient and easy for you to project your media at a flexible condition as well. 

When it comes to connectivity, you will also love the variety of ports the Optoma EH412 Professional Projector has allowing you to use it using different sources at a time. You’ll have 2 HDMI ports, an RS232 port, VGA in and out, and a USB-A port as well. 

This projector comes in a size of 15.6 x 13.3 x 6.5 inches and weighs about 7.7 pounds making it very portable for you to move it from one room to another. It also has an additional feature of displaying 3D content from any 3D source which includes a 3D Blu-ray disc player, 3D broadcasting, and supports the latest game consoles as well. But do take note that a separate purchase of 3D glasses is required. 

And putting the cherry on top is the powerful integrated speaker into the Optoma EH412 Professional Projector making you able to use it even without having the need to use another external speaker source. It simplifies your presentation process and enhances it at the same time as well. It’s capable to feed sound for a small to medium classroom or meeting rooms. 

This projector has an amazing 3-year Optoma Express Warranty and a 1-year warranty for the lamp as well. It truly is a brilliant projector and is worth the investment in the long run.

So if you’re on the look for a very promising projector that provides outstanding and reliable performance along with a built-in speaker then the Optoma EH412 Professional Projector is the one that you’ve been waiting for. 

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3.) ViewSonic PA503S Projector

ViewSonic PA503S Projector

Click image for details

Delivering brilliant color accuracy and extraordinary brightness the ViewSonic PA503S Projector from ViewSonics PA Series of value projectors this versatile projector just had to be included in this list for the best projectors that teachers can find. 

Equipped with advanced visual features perfect for use in the classroom this powerful projector projects up to 120 inches from 15 feet and 8 inches in 3800 Lumens which is a pretty acceptable brightness for classrooms even if they are well lit. 

This projector also has a quick power off feature and a 2-watt internal speaker which is fairly convenient if you do not have any external speaker at hand, it will be able to provide decent audio for small to medium classrooms. 

This projector is capable of striking the perfect balance of color and light thanks to its super color technology giving you and your audience the ultimate viewing experience from presentations up to rich colored videos and images everything will be clear and accurate in color. 

It is fairly simple to set up and use making them one of the perfect bets for teachers because of course, we don’t want something that’s complicated to use and takes valuable time from the class. With a few simple steps you can just plug in your source content and you’ll be able to play your videos, pictures, and presentations as well. 

This projector also has a super long lamp life that can also be pro-longed using its super eco mode allowing the lamp to shine brightly at its best for up to 15,000 hours. This feature also reduces power consumption while extending the lamp life. 

Connectivity is also simplified and expanded for it supports most media players, PCs, Macs, and even mobile devices along with other input options such as HDMI, VGA, and more. This will be convenient for you if you want to use multiple devices as different source contents when you present using this awesome projector. 

It’s also equipped with a vertical keystone corrector which helps eliminate fuzzy or distorted images adjusting it to a perfectly proportioned picture every time that you use it. 

This projector also has reduced input latency making it able to deliver smooth images without any delay from the source content. It has an ultra-low 16ms input latency letting the ViewSonic PA503S Projector present faster frame-by-frame action. 

It is also 3D Blu-Ray HDMI Input which is the latest HDMI technology capable of displaying 3D images directly from 3D Blu-ray players. Other compatible devices are DVD players, Blu-ray players, AppleTV, Amazon FireTV, and Google Chromecast.

And you get all this at an unbelievably affordable price and a 3-year limited parts and labor coverage with 1-year lamp coverage and access to their US-based customer service team. You’ll get your money’s worth and aftersales support making it a greater deal for teachers.  

So if you’re looking for the best value projector that will bring your presentations and other media to life with vivid colors and crisp picture quality for screen sizes that are up to 300-inches. Then the ViewSonic PA503S Projector would be just the thing for you. 

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4.) Epson VS250 Projector

Epson VS250 Projector

Click image for details

Epson has been one of the most trusted brands of teachers when it comes to projectors and you’ll surely make a lasting impression with the stunning Epson VS250 portable projector offering seriously impressive specs and performance at a reasonable price point.

This projector uses a 3LCD technology topped up with 3200 Lumes that will perfectly work well even in brightly lit rooms. It displays accurate and vivid colors while equally displaying brilliant levels of blacks and white that you want to see in a projector. 

Its 3LCD lenses deliver incredible color accuracy that is three times higher in color brightness and is also a three-times wider color gamut which is the range of color a particular device can produce during use. 

It is a very lightweight and compact projector that’s easy to carry around with you even for the whole day while you move from class to class. It comes in the size of 11.9 x 3.2 x 9.2 inches and only weighs 5.3 pounds (2404 grams)

It’s equipped with an SVGA resolution (800×600) which is perfectly adequate for everyday use in the classroom for presentations, quizzes, activities, and for any type of media purpose you want to use the projector for. 

This projector is highly compatible with most devices that teachers are already using in the classroom such as PCs, Macs, and is also compatible with iOS and Android devices using an iProjection App which is convenient if you want to use your phone or tablet while you roam around the classroom during a presentation. 

You’ll also have no issues with setting up this projector as it will be able to start running in no time with easy image adjustments and smartly designed convenient controls. It supports HDMI which is the standard for projectors making it compatible with most devices that are being used in classrooms right now. 

During your free time, this projector also serves as a mean home theater projector and you’ll surely appreciate watching movies with the picture quality it produces with contrast ratio balance enough to see the truest blacks and the whitest white for movies. 

The only thing to take note of for the Epson VS250 portable projector does have a built-in speaker with a pretty decent sound quality if you’re not sensitive about that. And the thing is that it does not have an audio output for headphones or an input to a stereo. You’ll have to hook up external audio from your source if you want more volume for your media content. 

But still, this would be an awesome quality projector you’ll be able to get for its price range and I can say that you’ll really get your money’s worth for the specs and features that this projector is throwing at you. 

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5.) WOWOTO Mini Projector

WOWOTO Mini Projector

Click image for details

If you only need the occasional use of a projector that can handle displaying a decent picture quality for certain presentations and showing off videos, images, and audio to your class from time to time, this would be the perfect option for you. 

The WOWOTO mini projector highlights 4000 Lumen packed into this small but terrible projector along with other unique aspects that you never thought would be in an affordable and mini projector in that. 

This incredible projector supports HD 4K and 1080p with a native resolution of 854x480p. And you’ll be able to project crisp, bright, and vivid picture quality day in and day out. It also has a contract of 3000:1 with a DMD 0.2” chip running on DLP technology which makes the video or image output highly detailed, colorful, with clarity as well. 

It can project up to a 200-inch screen size within half to three meters for a widescreen view experience. It is also equipped with 3-watt quality built-in stereo speakers letting you watch or project media with audio without the need for an additional external speaker. 

The WOWOTO mini projector also lets you watch 3D movies or play games directly from a Blu-ray disc source, 3D SBS, 3D TNB for your classroom, or at home for a fun movie night with your family on a weekend. 

Along with these great features, there is another plus point for its +/- Auto Keystone-4 direction correction feature that lets you adjust the position of the picture vertically and horizontally. This will let you adjust the image position without having to move the actual projector which can be a hard calculation and may take some time. 

This projector comes in a size of 5.5 x 4.2 x 3.8 inches, which is one of the smallest yet powerful and packed with great features for a projector I’ve encountered. It also looks like a bag as it has a handle allowing you to take it anywhere you like just like a bag. 

And also, you’ll be able to use this projector even without it being plugged into a socket, and this is because of its 10400mAH built-in battery that can last longer even after playing one movie. This projector also uses a diffuse reflection principle which means that the LED light will not harm the eyes even after a long period of watching using this projector. 

Its LED life span lasts for up to 30,000 hours making it suitable for everyday use for over 5 years making it a great value for your money as well. It also has a smartly designed lens cover protecting it from dust and first when not in use. 

This projector run in a android system and is capable device on its own compatible with most devices. It has an HDMI port and can also be controlled wirelessly thanks to the 2.4G/5G double band WiFi-equipped on this projector and also a remote control for added convenience when operating this impressive projector.

As a bonus, this projector can also run streaming media apps like YouTube, Netflix, Roku Dongle, and more. You also have the ability to stream music, photos, and videos from your smartphone, PC, or tablet through the use of Ushare or Airplay mirroring. 

The WOWOTO mini projector would be perfect if you’re looking for a projector with a multitude of uses that you can also use outside the classroom as it’s also great for home entertainment, business presentations, and for any other occasion where you’ll need a projector less the hassle of actually setting up one. 

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6.) LG HU70LA


Click image for details

Be ready to be impressed with the LG HU70LA—a stunning projector that will reinvent the way you access your content taking your schooling game to the next level. 

Featuring a 4K HD (3940X2160) resolution of LG’s CineBeam technology that can project up to a 140-inch picture, you’ll be able to enjoy vivid pops of colors without a single pixel being compromised with brightness levels of up to 1500 ANSI Lumens.

So whether you’re trying to use the projector to present interactive slides for your classes or to discuss your meeting agendas with colleagues, this projector will see to it that everyone in the room can see your contents crystal clear with amazing colors at that.

This projector will also provide you with the portability of an ultra-immersive cinematic experience in and out of the classroom all while being at an affordable price point. So that after school, if you plan on having a movie night with family or friends, you’ll no longer need to go to movie houses anymore because the LG HU70LA is all you need for a fun movie night. 

The HDR10 TruMotion Feature also ensures that every frame and color you see is its true tone and is fluid as well, the blacks are black, and the blues are blue, so on and so forth.

There will be no warping or strange color effects once you have this bad boy on not just in dark settings but even in bright settings as well, the colors are sure to be bright, vibrant, and clear for all audiences across the room.

And not just that, with the LG HU70LA, you are also getting all the awesome stuff you would expect from LG which is the LG WebOS platform that includes all your favorite apps such as Netflix, Youtube, Amazon, and Hulu all bundled together giving you the ease of access anytime and anywhere. 

The LG HU70LA can be ceiling mounted and also has remote focus with an improved zoom of up to 1.25 times. 

Along with the projector, you’re also getting the ThinQ AI that will let you experience all the benefits of the built-in Google Assistant and Alexa whichever you prefer via voice command using the Magic Wand remote.

With this projector, you also love using the Miracast feature where you’ll be able to wirelessly mirror and project your content to a large screen straight up from your mobile device, which is quite impressive because you’ll be able to easily control your presentations and content with just your smartphone.

I can truly say that LG is never behind innovation because they’ll always surprise you with revamping old technology and infusing it with something new to make your life as a teacher easier and better.

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7.) GooDee 2021 Projector

GooDee 2021 Projector

Click image for details

If you are looking for a stellar projector with terrific sounds and picture clarity then look no further because the GooDee 2021 Projector is here to knock your socks off you with its outstanding features that will captivate you even further with its selling price.

There will never be a dull moment with GooDee’s excellent sharpness and a native resolution of about 1280×768 while also adopting an advanced color technology that will make screentime immersive and deeply engaging with its picture display.

It also has a 3000:1 contrast ratio that will provide brighter images and wider viewing day in and day out.

This projector is also integrated with a powerful cooling system that provides awesome heat dispersion while producing little to no noise perfect for use in a classroom setting because noisy projectors are just a big no-no.

The picture display of the GooDee 2021 Projector can go as big as 230 inches which is quite impressive for its size. It also comes with a built-in 3W speaker to enhance your viewing experience to truly give you an audio-visual feast! It also has mini legs that you can utilize to help adjust the angles to your likeness.

Connectivity-wise, this projector is compatible with most devices such as Apple devices, Android phones, MacBooks, and Windows laptops via an HDMI adapter.

and to make this projector more convincing for you to get, it is also backed up with 5-year factory support both for service and technical concerns.

Plus, to top it all off, you can also request a refund within the first 2 months if you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase, which I highly doubt will happen because this one is just a solid projector for teachers to use, both for work and play.

If you want to give yourself a good surprise then the GooDee 2021 will do just that for you with it being an amazing product at its price tag!

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Final Note

The potential for new and emerging technologies for classrooms is rising at a spectacular rate and it’s up to us to use them wisely and make the most out of it as much as we could. 

Not all projectors are made equal but they all essentially do the same thing, leading you to weigh their unique specs and features that will ultimately help you choose the right projector for your needs and your classroom. 

All things considered, the right projector will truly be a neat addition to any teacher’s set of teaching tools to enhance the learning experience for students to provide them with a well-rounded education. 

And using one of these projectors will surely capture your audience’s attention, elevating and emphasizing the essence of what you have to say. 

So, there you have it, my friends! I hope this article enlightened and helped you with the tech jargon when choosing a projector for your classroom and this has convinced you to get one to take your teaching strategy on another level. 

Have you tried using a projector for your classroom? How did you use it for your class? And lastly, do you have any projector recommendations that you would like me to review?

I’d love to hear from you and hear your thoughts! Just leave a comment down below. 

Until our next one! Happy teaching! 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.) Can you use a projector without a projector screen? 

Technically, the answer is yes. You can still use a projector even without a projector screen but keep in mind that the display quality can be affected depending on the surface where you will project your picture.

A white wall will suffice or you can also opt to use a white sheet to use as a makeshift projector screen. For professional settings, it might not be advisable to do so, but if the situation calls for it then you can go ahead and use what can be utilized at the moment.

2.) How do you clean the lens of a projector?

The projector lens is one of the most important parts of a projector. With that in mind, it’s essential to know how to clean it safely and properly without damaging the lens itself.

To do so, you can follow these steps to successfully clean the lens of your projector in any case that dust, grime, and dirt come in contact with it which will happen so it’s best to be prepared:

Things you’ll need:
A microfiber cloth or a lens cloth
A non-abrasive lens cleaner

Step 1: Make sure that the projector is unplugged and is completely turned off before you proceed.
Step 2: Remember that less is more when it comes to lens cleaner solutions. To start cleaning the lens of your projector, spray an ample amount of the solution to your lens cloth or microfiber cloth.
Step 3: Once you have the solution on your lens cloth, gently wipe the lens of the projector using circular motions and make sure to cover all spots of the lens until it’s all clean.
Step4: After that, just put the lens cap back on and you’re done!

Note: if the lens is more dusty than dirty, you won’t be needing to follow the procedure above. All you need is a can of compressed air and spray from a distance of about 7-8 inches and blow the air to remove any dust particle from the lens.

Using a lens cloth and solution to clean a dusty lens might do more harm than good, and the reason for that is because using the cloth to wipe off the dust might cause abrasions to the sensitive lens of the projector. So it’s better to go with the can of compressed air.

3.) Any maintenance tips to prolong the lifespan of my projector?

As with any other device we use, its lifespan will highly depend on how well we take care of it. Even though they are just electronic devices, they need some TLC too!

And here are the top 5 tips to help preserve the lifespan of your projector:

Clean it periodically

Like all other devices that we use, keeping them in their best shape is a sure-fire way to prolong their lifespan. Always clean your projector periodically and make sure that you keep dust and grime from building up, not only in the lens part but also with the other parts.

Always use a lens cloth or a microfiber cloth when cleaning your projector to ensure that there will be no abrasions especially on the lens part and you’ll be able to successfully pick up all the elements that you don’t want lurking on your projector.

Allow it to cool down and store it in a cool place

Like other electronic equipment when in use, projectors have the tendency to get hot especially when used for long hours. Make sure to place your projector in a well-ventilated area and let it cool down after use before storing it in a bag or where you usually keep it.

Don’t just push the on and off button at your will

Properly turning on and turning off your projector is essential to help keep your projector in its best shape.

Not properly shutting it down can lead to a malfunction or even permanent damage due to an erratic power surge that will wear the equipment out and mess up its internal circuits.

Know the lamp life of your projector

Another important thing to note about projectors is that you must always properly set up the lamp timer. The lamp timer will be your indicator telling you that it’s time to change the bulb or lamp.

This is not really a day top day thing, but it’s quite helpful to know if it’s due for a bulb or lamp change to ensure that your projector is projecting at its optimum condition.

Only purchase Genuine OEM Bulbs or Lamps

When purchasing bulbs or lamp replacements, always go for quality and not the cheap price tag because generic replacements might save you some bucks for the meantime but know that it can be damaging for your projector, making you pay more for repairs or worse completely damage your projector and making it unusable.

Always purchase authentic and original replacements because they are most compatible and they will not damage your projector.

Some companies offer education discounts especially for teachers who are looking to buy part replacements for their projector, so go ahead with that and don’t try your luck with generic ones because trust me, it will be worth it.