17 Most Important Classroom Supplies for Elementary Teachers 2023

Are you an elementary teacher?

Then you most probably buy items for your classroom, now and then. Kudos to you for such a thoughtful effort. You know how a child may struggle for not having a pencil or watercolor, which is why you go the extra mile to provide.

Since you buy most of your classroom supplies, it pays to know what you required most. I created a list of important classroom supplies for elementary teachers. Each item is described for you to see why I call them important. That way, the cost on your part will not keep adding up.

classroom supplies

Because you are preparing for the complete year’s worth of school supplies, it helps to note how many of each item you require. Should you get a box or a dozen pencils? Are you thinking about buying a set or a ream of art paper? Being tricky makes you sure of what to buy and how much budget to allocate.

The different school supplies on the list below are recommended by many elementary teachers. Your assignment is to make sure all these supplies can be trusted. Get your pen and paper ready and let’s create the ultimate classroom supplies list for your elementary classroom.


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*Disclosure: There are Amazon affiliate links below, meaning that as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

8 Most Important Classroom Supplies for Elementary Teacher

Product Image Reasons to get it
CRAYOLA Colored Pencil
  • Superior quality bright crayons
  • Erasable, easy to redo & correct
  • Pencils are pre-sharpened
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CRAYOLA Watercolors
  • Colors are washable & stain-free
  • Uses quality color pigments
  • Portable & safe for children’s use
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ART STREET Construction Paper
  • 1 pack has 500 sheets
  • 9 inch x 12 inch paper size
  • Easy to cut, tear, and glue
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ARTEZA #2 Graphite Pencils
  • Pack of 180 #2 yellow pencils
  • Easy to grip & pre-sharpened
  • Sturdy core & densed graphite
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ARTEZA Dry Erase markers
  • 52 assorted colored markers
  • Quick drying & washable
  • Low odor & 100% non-toxic
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GECKOPADZ Sticky Notes
  • Makes 2-in-1 stationery supply
  • Paper easily pops up and slide
  • Double sided & full adhesive
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MAKELLO Flipchart
  • 36×24 inches whiteboard easel>/li>
  • Magnetic & expandable
  • adjustable height & rubber feet
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SEVILLE Stacking Organizer
  • Organize folders, envelops, & art stuff
  • 6 tier storage with 10 horizontal slots
  • Customizable & quick to assemble
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BOSTITCH Long Stapler
  • One finger long reach stapler
  • Staples up to 25 sheets jam-free>/li>
  • Comes with English Metric System
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Our No. 1 Pick

ARTEZA Dry Erase Markers

  • The markers are bold enough to be seen from across the room
  • Quick-drying, washable, and erases quickly and completely
  • 100% safe & conforms with ASTM and EN71 regulations

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What to Consider When Looking for Elementary Classroom Supplies 

Go For Quality

Compare prices, but keep an eye out for the top features and long-term value. Don’t be attracted by the least expensive solution. Purchase high-quality products that are excellent, practical, and simple to use.

Even though you are using your own money, consider these supplies as your investment. That way, it motivates you to get the best ones in the hopes of saving money in the succeeding school years.

Ensure Durability

Don’t settle for materials that are simple to break because kids can play with them and break them. You also want them to endure. Pencils with a strong core or notebooks with a durable cover will last. Snips, rulers, pencil cases, and slate boards do not require yearly replacement. It is therefore wise to spend more money on the expensive items because they are durable.

Check an item before buying it. Read the manufacturer’s guidelines. Will it remain functional even with excessive use? Can it stand wear in a classroom setting? Do you think it can perform well? If you find products that offer life warranties, it can be from a reputable brand you can trust.

Put Safety on Top

Finding non-toxic school supplies might take more time, but they are readily available; you simply need to know where to look. You are aware of the value that children place on safety, so take the time to look around for the safest school supplies you can discover. Keep in mind that every effort you make to protect children from toxic chemical exposure improves their health and well-being.

When buying hand sanitizers, for example, most products contain synthetic microbial chemicals or worst is they come with added pesticides. The trick is to look for certified free-of-chemical hand sanitizers, or might as well go for organic ones that use alcohol and essential oils.

Do Not Forget Style

Nothing makes the classroom cool and exciting than colors and fresh new ideas.  Sure, getting the kids interested can be overwhelming but with attractive school supplies, everything will be set right from the beginning. Give them erasers in the shapes of doughnut, ice-cream, and Popsicle and they will not mind correcting their homework.

Why not get something nice, too? Doing what makes your young learners happy inspires them to do their best work. So get the good ideas rolling.

Should Fit Your Budget

Every store surely displays different great brands and features. Look for 50% off price tags and other deals the store offers. Buy-One-Get-One-Free (BOGOF) deals are a great way to buy in bulk. But remember, buy only the items that are on your list.

Shop on stores that offer price matching. It saves you time and gas from the need to go around town to collect the deals from each store. Get everything in one place, and get the best price, too.

Now going back to classroom supplies, I found this video with 5 classroom ideas from the coolest teachers ever. With a little creativity using a few of your school supplies, you too will get the coolest room ever.

These Tips Will Help You Get the Right Classroom Supplies List

Imagine yourself going to the bookstore without a plan. The eye-catching display of school supplies is surely overwhelming. Other than overlooking an important item, you are also more likely to leave the store with items you would not otherwise purchase.

So how do you decide which school supplies to buy?

Take time to know the differences between actual materials you know are most useful. They are different from the ones enumerated on the school supplies list. Good judgment will lead you to certain items that you can count on. It helps you save money and time for shopping.

Writing Supplies

Obviously, pencils, ball pens, colored pens, whiteboard markers, and chalks are basic. It helps children give life to ideas through writing, drawing, and sketching. Because no classroom can exist without writing supplies, choose writing tools that are nice to hold, with durable leads, reliable ink, easy to sharpen (for pencils and colored pens), and convenient to use.

Just because a pencil looks nice does not mean it works great. You need pencils that can write every day for a long time. Round and triangular pencils are the best for learning because they are easy to grip, especially jumbo pencils. Be on the lookout for non-toxic writing supplies. They are more costly than ordinary brands, but good teachers understand why they are a bit pricey.

Paper Materials

If pencils are used to write anything, papers are instruments to put those writings on. You know how paper tools are important for children’s schoolwork. Therefore you need cardstock, art paper, construction paper, patterned paper, and chart paper. Don’t forget the wrapping paper, contact whiteboard paper, and post-it materials – they too will help you achieve all your to-do teacher tasks.

Despite the digital surge in this generation, paper materials remain effective when it comes to lessons that require focus and attention. So buy yourself great learning tools that use paper.

Coloring Tools

Colored pencils take every project to the next level. Use ones with a thick core to create and bring bold statements, and the softcore for shading and highlighting. Those designed with high-quality pigments are sure to deliver the brilliance you require. Be strict in picking watercolor features.

Washable paints and crayons, twistable coloring pencils, gel crayons, washable markers, acrylic paint, and erasable chalk paint pens can make your elementary classroom alive and active. Did you know that Washi tapes are becoming popular nowadays as a new “coloring tool?” They make a cleaner alternative and there are so many colors and designs that can attract children’s interest.

Basic Craft Tools

Have you ever run into a situation where you needed a double-sided tape but do not have one on hand? Believe it or not, investing in a wide variety of crafting materials allows you and your class to create beautiful crafts together. Scissors, glitter, poster paints and brushes, colored tissue papers, and perhaps craft pipe cleaners are school supplies you need.

If you are open to trying new things and allow your class to employ their sense of creativity – there is rarely any craft material that would not be useful to you. So grab a set of craft tools now, some adhesive, and keep several pairs of scissors for your craft projects.

Math Teaching Implements

You know how math class can be intimidating to some children. Math teaching tools can implement a friendly facility that can keep children engaged and excited. A graphing calculator, clickers, and printable stuff are interactive ideas that make practices and drills fun.

To maximize the budget, you can design pre-made whiteboards just by laminating cardstock or use a panel board cut into small pieces. This will gain you several whiteboards for less than $50. A dry-erase marker and a piece of tissue is a responsive approach to involve children in the classroom.

Stapler, Staples & Staple Remover

A stapler binds, collects, and secures papers together and a staple wire remover removes the staple from the materials without causing damage. Extremely useful in sorting copies of lessons, arts and crafts, large stacks of paper, and other general stapling tasks. Teachers handle a variety of paper clipping, so get a quality-made stapler and staple wire remover stapler to handle a vast array of tasks for you.

You may also need a long reach stapler if you are creating booklets. This type of stapler works great in compiling and securing bond paper into folders.

Paper Clips & Pins

Tiny clips and pins may look cheap and of less use, but they can surprisingly help you with a lot of things. Use the paper clips to secure test papers, notes, drawing papers, and in securing all types of paper including money. Paper clips also secure wrapping paper rolls, charts, and book pages. If you have a lot of files in front of you and don’t have anyone to help you hold them, a paper clip is at your service.

Get equipped with all types of paper clips and pins from molded plastic paper clips to spring-fastened binder clips and clamps. Don’t forget safety pins, push pins, and tacks. You will love how binder clips can help you stay on top of the paper trail.

Storage Containers

Proper storing keeps everything in your elementary classroom under control. Plastic caddies with compartments will hold all your school supplies. Game pieces can be organized in plastic bins, and even screw containers from hardware stores can gather small toys and crayons all packed up. Don’t forget eco-bags and zip bags.

When project time comes, everyone knows where to take the necessary items and where to put them back. Besides preserving the quality of the school supplies, it teaches the children to save school materials and saves you from the need to keep going shopping. How helpful is that?

classroom supplies for elementary teachers

Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash

Adhesive Pads & Tapes

Do you remember using a paste to stick just about anything to everything back in high school? It is amazing how that simple paste has born modern adhesives that can transform just about everything in your classroom you can imagine.

Doing arts and crafts in class may involve DIY ideas. Therefore you need paste, glue, glue dots, fabric glue, clear tape, duct tape, and self-adhesive felt tapes, including Washi tapes. I am not saying you buy them all. But since they have many uses from scrapbooking, school crafts, and in small jobs inside the classroom, you probably just need them all.

Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning the classroom is not always fun, but it is necessary. Dust, glitter spills, glue marks, spilled milk, and food crumbs all contribute to what can make the classroom dirty. Use eco-friendly and budget-friendly cleaning supplies.  This is a perfect time to introduce to the children that cleaners can be biodegradable.


17 Classroom Supplies Elementary Teachers Need Most

**Disclosure: There are Amazon affiliate links below, meaning that as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

1) ARTEZA #2 HB Wood Cased Graphite Pencils

ARTEZA #2 HB Wood Cased Graphite Pencils

Click image for details

ARTEZA #2 are premium non-toxic and smudge-free pencils. You are dealing with elementary children so you need pencils that are durable, made of superior materials, and are easy to sharpen.

You know how kids can go through pencils like just munching chips. If they don’t crush their pencils, they keep losing them. Give them pencils that are sure to last longer and are always available.

What makes ARTEZA pencil so recommendable?

Durable Materials

Some kids grip pencils lightly, some very tightly, and others in a fidgety manner. ARTEZA pencils feature a break-resistant core with high-density graphite that does not smear or smudge. The wood casing is also designed with a satin matte coating to provide a comfortable easy grip. So in this sense, you are also helping children to write properly. Pencils that are pre-sharpened saves you time and hassle from sharpening one by one each time you need them.


A lot of teachers agree that ARTEZA #2 Graphite Pencils have smudge-free erasers. That means they thoroughly erase marks, make corrections fast, and wipe pages clean while leaving the paper intact. While the erasers are not as firm that you needed to press harder on the paper, overall, it erases fairly clean with minimal writing left behind. This also makes it easy to teach kids how to be neat when making erasures. Tricky but sure!

Hard Leaded

Another thing great for kids is the pencil’s strong tip. Many children put pressure when writing. ARTEZA #2 HB means it uses a “hard lead” that does not easily break. The fun part, though, is that the tip may not easily break but holes can form in the paper. Now it is your turn as a teacher to guide the children.

Sharpening Quality Pencils is Easy

Superior-quality pencils will come out evenly sharpened whether you are using a manual or electric sharpener. That alone already provides your class with good pencils that not only glide smoothly on the paper but are sure to last.

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2) X-ACTO Pro Classroom Electric Pencil Sharpener

From what its name states, the X-ACTO classroom electric sharpener is specifically designed for classroom use.


Click image for details

The pencil sharpener has a durable construction so it can handle minor damages. Most sharpeners move while sharpening a pencil. This brand has a non-skid foot that helps it stay in place. The cord is also long enough to reach a socket. Therefore it will not take up much space on a classroom desk or table.

Teachers require a quiet environment while classes are going on. Then your wishes are granted. This sharpener is engineered with a quiet electric motor to provide a less in noise performance and limit disturbance.


Recommended for Bulk Sharpening

The X-ACTO Pro razor blade is 33 times longer than an average sharpener. This small flat piece of metal has a very sharp edge that helps the machine to function well in shaving the pencils. With a flyaway helical cutter system, it automatically stops once it detects that the pencil is sharp. You don’t have to keep removing the pencil to see if it is done. No waste of pencils and no waste of time.

This mechanism also sharpens pencils without eating them so you are producing safe, rounded pencil points every time. You probably are not sharpening pencils all day, so using it when only needed will ensure that your classroom pencil sharpener will last for a long time.

Six Pencil Design

Another feature you will like is its user-friendly six-pencil design. The sharpener can handle regular pencils to colored pencils with ease. Shavings also go directly to an accompanying repository for easy clean-up.

Safe Start Mechanism

X-ACTO has this one tricky setting. The sharpener will not start working if the shaving receptacle is removed. With its “SafeStart” feature you are assured that no part of your classroom electric sharpener will be displaced. So this prevents inquisitive pupils from experimenting with the parts of the pencil sharpener.

Now since this electric sharpener works in bulk, you may worry about the possibility of overheating. Well, worry no more. X-ACTO also comes with a heat sensor. When the sharpener senses overheating, the auto-reset functionality stops the machine and put it out of danger. See? Your machine is safe.

X-ACTO is a perfect buy for its durability and versatility, classroom-friendly, and safe for use. What else can you ask for? Buy this for your classroom, now.

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3) CRAYOLA Bulk Colored Pencil

Crayola colored pencils belong to a trusted brand when it comes to coloring tools. Crayola company vowed to plant a new tree for every single tree that has been used to produce colored pencils. They are doing this as a voice of producing school supplies that are not harmful to the environment.


Click image for detail

Superior Quality

Most children long to have bright-colored crayons to bring and use in school. Since they basically color anything that catches their interest, it is only basic to provide them with crayons made with quality materials that are safe for them and non-toxic.

A crayon is the first object that most young children “grip” with pressure while in a coloring motion. In order to make crayons last, you need ones that are at least not easy to break or collapse. Crayola colored pencils, again, provide a feature that is perfect for creative projects, class coloring activities, and homework.

Totally Erasable

Great for use both at home or school, erasable crayons sound like magic but they really are noted for excellence. The colored pencils come with erasers that allow kids to quickly change colors, redo drawings, or correct mistakes. They can try coloring techniques without using fresh new papers every time. This privilege allows children to express themselves through art.


Crayola colored pencils are pre-sharpened and are ready to use even before the box is opened. They are designed for children’s easy grip with thick and soft lead for better control. Crayola crayons have soft cores that do not easily break. Perfect for kids learning how to hold a pencil properly.

Conveniently Packed

You will love the idea of the crayons coming in individual cases so they are easy to take and return into the case. One pack contains red, red-orange, orange, yellow, green, yellow-green, sky blue, blue, purple, black, brown & white. Getting 24 cases with 12 assorted colors each, that is a lot of supply to last for a year or more!

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4) CRAYOLA 8-Pan Set Washable Watercolours

You need this watercolor set that includes 12 pieces of 8 watercolor paint sets for kids. Each palette includes red, yellow, blue, orange, violet, brown, green, and black paints.


Click image for details

Painting in watercolor usually involves feelings. Since emotions are part of being creative, children will be able to explore their passions through painting.

Here’s why I suggest you choose Crayola:

Washable & Stain-Free

CRAYOLA watercolors use a special formula. The eight classic watercolor paints in each of the trays are washable and can be easily removed from the skin and most fabrics. At the end of their class, the children will not be going home with color stains on their clothes or uniform.

Artist Quality

Nothing lends a wonderful work of art than bright, intense, transparent colors. These are the hues Crayola used to provide subtle gradations necessary for watercolor washes and overlays. You can try coloring heavily with crayons then experiment with thinning the paint with water. These are just a few of the many watercolor techniques you can do.

CRAYOLA watercolors are of professional and of artistic quality so they blend smoothly with more color-mixing possibilities. With a paintbrush included, your young painters will enjoy creating a happy work of art. All they need are a few brushstrokes.

Here are a few tips for best results:

  1. Crayola watercolor pigments arrive at you at their full-color strength. So may need to dilute by mixing it with just enough amount of water.
  2. Instruct the children to dip the watercolor brush to your patch and start designing.
  3. Let the kids watch how one color can change depending on the ratio of water they use.
  4. Do not rinse out the brush. Instead, stir it so all the paint comes off into the water.
  5. If a color looks dull, add more paint. If it is too dense, soften with a drop of water.

Safe & Portable

The Crayola palette comes in one piece of molded plastic. The pans of color are only activated when touched with a wet brush so they are very portable. Since you are dealing with children, you will not be worrying about them breaking the pans into sharp pieces. Plus, the watercolors are non-toxic so you are sure that they are safe on sensitive skin.

There are many painting projects the class can try. With 12 packs of 8 pans and a brush, you already have just enough to paint to go. That way all the children will have the chance to hold and explore colors.

A good medium of color will give you intense tones. Your class is more able to create well-defined edges and lines with brilliant and saturated colors. Pair this with construction paper for endless crafting in the classroom. You cannot be wrong with safe and non-toxic classroom supplies.

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5) PACON Rainbow Construction Paper Ream

Rainbow Construction Paper is designed lightweight and recyclable. Therefore it teaches children to create a beautiful work of art with less waste.


Click image for details

You too will love its great features:

Thin & Lightweight 

I recommend PACON construction paper for its lightweight feature that elementary children will find easy to use. Teachers and classroom helpers will like this because it lessens the need to help the children when they are using thick paper. When you hold the paper yourself, it appears and feels stiff, but it’s certainly thin and lighter than most regular papers.

Easy to Use

One advantage of PACON thin paper is it is easier and safer for children to cut, tear, and glue. Since elementary children require simple projects, light and thin construction papers are what you need to provide in the classroom. After all, why give the children thick and hard-to-manage paper when a light material construction paper offers the same uses?

Because you will be using art papers occasionally, these brightly-colored art paper will bring you a wide range of crafts and projects. You can let children build paper robots, create paper dolls, collect cut-outs, embellish shapes, make flowers or animals, doodle pictures, and many more. The best thing is you will not hear much from kids complaining. Why? Because children enjoy cutting materials that do not hurt their fingers from the use of scissors.

Plenty of Sheets

You will like that one pack of PACON construction paper has 500 total sheets of 9-inch by 12-inch paper. That is an ample-enough supply that can last for a year or years. Whatever project you give them, it gives a sense of confidence that you can provide extra sheets of construction paper when a need arises. The result? You and your pupils can get all the time exploring imagination.

As a teacher, you would love to get more construction paper at a great budget. PACON assures you that its assorted colors – scarlet, orange, pink, blue, sky blue, brown, green, yellow, white, and black rainbow construction paper can go a long way. One pack can supply your classroom with art papers at an easy budget.

You may feel the need to buy more, but don’t worry, you just need to be a little more creative with PACON construction paper to make it last.

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6) NEENAH Exact Index Cardstock

This index cardstock is thicker, smoother, and sturdier than construction paper. For its many applications, cardstock will function as the backbone of your classroom.


Click image for details

What you will like?

Durably Hardworking

NEENAH Exact Index is a durable cardstock. It is proven for its remarkable quality which many teachers can attest. Purposely designed hardworking so it can perform in all print devices for medium to heavyweight applications. That to say, this is durable enough to hold up to everyday handling.

Both Sides Printable

NEENAH Exact Index is a commodity brand ideal for index cards and classroom cardstock. It is inkjet, laser and copier guaranteed. Not just that, the cardstock is thick enough to be printed on both sides and it does not show through. That alone offers a smooth finish for enhanced ink holdout.

For simple classroom use, printing on this index card paper is fine. It lets you make a lot of cards and print coloring books. Withstands water-wash, great for dry embossing, and die cuts beautifully. You can even try using both acrylic/rubber, and digital. With the help of colored pencils, the class will get beautiful masterpieces in no time.

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certified

FSC is an international, non-governmental organization that supports responsible management of the world’s forests. The body developed the system of forest certification and product labeling to help people identify the source of wood, paper, and other forest products.

Therefore you and I can conclude that NEENAH Index Cardstock is 30% post-consumer recycled content. That is a great contribution to helping sustain mother earth!

The NEENAH Exact Index Card will come to you was well packaged. So you are sure the sheets are intact and not damaged. It contains 250 white sheets and a 94 Brightness.

Now you have the ideal cardstock that works great with markers or pencil crayons. That broadens your chances of creating interactive math teaching tools, too! For all other classroom paper requirements, the NEENAH Exact Index is a MUST-HAVE solution.

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7) ARTEZA Dry Erase Markers

Dry erase markers are great not only for classroom whiteboards but as communication and learning tools.


Click image for details

Check out why you should choose Arteza:

Uses a Japanese Chisel Tip

You want to be able to erase easily with one swipe of your finger. Then ARTEZA erases completely clean with any dry cloth or erasable surface, too. With vivid eye-catching colors, you can see the marking from across the room. They are also 100% non-toxic and safe to use with elementary children.

The secret behind teaching in an elementary setting is to add tricks and interesting ideas. The following are only five of what dry markers are really good for. You will see why they are today’s most sought-after items in the classroom.

Writes BOLD To-Do Lists Whiteboards

Highlighting the tasks to do rather than just writing a list helps you state something more clearly. The bright words will give everybody a higher-level view of what exactly you want them to do.

Writes on Glass Surfaces

This is a tricky way if you do not have a whiteboard or if you lack a space to post on. You can post assignments and tasks on your window glass using markers. Plus, you can use different colors to signify different types of tasks.

Helps Create Dry Erase Spelling Boards

It is fun and easy to practice spelling when the words are quick to erase. Using dry erase boards makes a cheaper alternative to paper. This way, learning spelling is not just a mere class session but exciting learning that kids can look forward to. If you do it in teams, the children will be very alert.

Helps Math Teachers Write Arithmetic Solutions

If you are a Math teacher, you know how this subject requires a little detailed explanation. ARTEZA dry markers can help you write arithmetic solutions. Hand each child a dry eraser marker and let him/her write the answers right on board. The color trick will make learning Math more interesting.

Make Reusable Scratchpads

Buying pads for scratch now can be costly. Why not improvise scratchpads and cover them with heavy-duty sheet protectors and then let your pupils use dry erase markers on them? You are saving paper a lot and you can use the same scratchpads the whole year-round.

I suggest that you buy a lot of black ones for the children and keep the colored ones until you need them. This provides excitement.

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8) ARTEZA Magnetic Dry Erase Markers with Eraser


Click image for details

Arteza is a world-renowned manufacturing company that produces a wide range of art and school supplies. One product they make is the Magnetic Dry Erase Marker with a built-in eraser.

Nice Ergonomics

What is unique about this dry erase marker is how the cap is designed to contain both the magnetic part and the eraser part of the marker. With a magnetic cap, you can simply attach or store your markers wherever there is a magnet. So it is convenient to use on a whiteboard, locker, and even on a refrigerator surface.

The felt eraser on the cap makes it even more conducive for school use. Because it erases marks right away, it stops you from worrying about leaving ink residues behind.

This dry erase marker has a fine-tipped point, meaning it provides a precision line that works on any surface. This is what every teacher is looking for – a marker with a great tip quality for whiteboard writing, highlighting, and any other tasks that require a marker.

Ways you can dry-erase markers:

  • Make notes on your classroom mirror for everyone to see. For example, the vocabulary word of the day.
  • Label your packed foods. Yes, ARTEZA markers can do that.
  • Make a dry erase card. Simply cover any card with clear packing tape and you’re good to go.
  • Label file shelves drawers. As long as they have smooth finishes, for example, Formica.
  • Erase marks from a permanent marker. The solvent in dry-erase markers can help dissolve permanent marker marks on whiteboards and glass surfaces.

Low Odor Ink & Quick Drying

So that it can be used in classrooms, ARTEZA dry erase marker uses a specially-formulated ink to be low in odor. The oily silicone polymer marker prevents the colored pigment from getting direct contact with surfaces. Great ink flow, nice felt tips, and quick drying.


There are times when you need to give each of your pupils a marker so they can cooperate in class better. ARTEZA passed the standards of ASTM and EN 71 that are safe for both children and adults.

You Can Buy in Bulk

You do not want to keep borrowing from other teachers whenever you run out of whiteboard markers. Getting 36 pieces of ARTEZA Dry-Erase Markers can cover an entire year supply, right? So then this makes one of the most important tools you need in your classroom without spending too much money.

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9) 12-PACK Pen & Pencil Basket Trays, Assorted Colors

These basket trays do not only organize your items in an order. They are beautiful with colors that uplift moods.


Click image for details

Reasons to love these trays.

Colors Impact Productivity

Most kids at a young age are attracted to bright and colorful things. You too will find these trays charming. This is a 12-pack Classroom Pen and Pencil Basket Tray in 6 different colors. Do you like the idea of colorful desk organizers in brightening moods? These are perfect for you.

Sturdy Material

The trays are made from a high-quality, thick, and durable matte plastic material. So on top of the ambiance they provide, you are assured that they will not break even with daily use. Just perfect for preschool and elementary classes. Use them to hold crayons or colored pencils during group projects. Why not use them as a personal organizer in your drawer?


Searching through the cabinet for pins, paper clips, fasteners, and staple wires can be daunting. Turn a blank cabinet into a supply center by arranging these trays to store small items for easy locating.

Elementary classrooms are among the hardest places to keep neat and orderly. If you are short on counter space, use these trays to store small coupons, receipts, and index cards together. Swap your usual stack of mini boxes for this friendly drawer organizers and keep paint bottles upright and easy to locate.

Use the trays to assemble a system that allows you to stack them in high-up cabinets to down-low drawers. It’s all up to you. The best thing is you can use them in desk drawers or tabletops, cabinets, and closets for convenient organization.

Now, who says these nifty organizers don’t make into the list of the most useful school supplies? Now that you know, make sure they are on your teacher’s list.

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10) GECKOPADZ Static Cling Sticky Notes

Static cling, two-sided, and dry erase, this is what GeckoPadz will provide your classroom.


Click image for details

Why sticky notes are perfect for teachers:

GECKOPADZ sticky note is a 2-in-1 stationery supply that has everything you love for a sticky piece of paper. The notes have an electrostatic cling that works on any surface. They easily pop up, move, and slide across its surface with a simple drag and drop feel without a mess. This is not happening with other sticky notes!

Because they are double-sided and each sheet is full adhesive, they stick to any surface, brick wall, cement wall, glass pane, or wooden partition. This ability is far more lasting than the sticky notes people normally use. They also work clean by not leaving a sticky residue.

Where can you use GECKOPADZ sticky notes?

  • Writing to-do tasks for the day
  • Color code lessons, notebooks, and folders
  • As a task reminder note stick on a child’s desk
  • To take notes about individual children performance
  • For the children to use to for noting important words
  • As your personal reminder notes
  • To send messages to other teachers
  • As place markers in journals and books
  • To organize your thoughts

With all these clever uses of sticky notes, they should not miss your list. Now you can easily organize your to-do list, activities, ideas, projects, and more!

Lovely & Convenient

Full sided and double-sided, GECKOPADZ sticky notes stick like glue. At 4×4 inch, they are large sticky notes compared to other 3×3 in size. The notes can be easily cut without affecting their clinginess. Simply pop the unused pieces back into the holder for later use.

With 300 notes each pad, what do you think is the color for your personal files? Pink, blue or green?

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11) MAKELLO Magnetic Flipchart Whiteboard Easel

This is a handy “assistant” to help you deliver lectures easier and clearer to understand. One perfect reason why you should have this in your classroom.


Click image for details

The best thing about MAKELLO:

The 36×24 inches (90x60cm) magnetic flipchart whiteboard easel has a writing surface made from magnetic lacquered steel and medium-density fiberboard (MDF) cardboard. These materials promote a smooth and durable exterior, making it easy for the user to write on or wipe off. The portable and foldable whiteboard easel only weighs 16.15 pounds so it is easy to carry around.

It has a friendly and durable design that uses an aluminum frame with Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) corners. With sharp edges covered by thermoplastic polymer, it is safe to use in elementary classrooms.

Expandable & Non-Slip

MAKELLO Flipchat comes with a 23.5 inches display that can be expanded thrice. The extended arms allow 3 pads of paper altogether which allows for visual aids and learning materials to be displayed at the same time. With this strategy, you can catch the attention of your playful class.

The easel can be extended up to 63 inches in maximum. Just use the telescoping height adjustment knob at the backside of the board. It also features non-slip rubber feet that hold the entire square shape easel in place. If you want to adjust it to a level convenient to your viewers, it is adjustable. This easel has a 36-inch adjustable stand.


Try this teacher-friendly MAKELLO magnetic flipchart. It has an elastic aluminum paper clip on the display board where you can hang presentation materials. Here’s what you will like more – it comes with 4 whiteboard pens, 6 magnets, 1 dry eraser, and a pen tray to keep all of these accessories. Now that is extremely a great buy!

If you are an elementary school teacher looking for ways for your pupils to understand you better, get an assistant. Provide yourself this portable and adjustable magnetic MAKELLO magnetic flipchart whiteboard easel.

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12) POST-IT Super Sticky Tabletop Easel Pad (563R)

Capture your ideas and deliver them well through this POST-IT Portable Self-Standing Easel Pad. Why not?


Click image for details

The lightweight, easy to carry and set-up tabletop easel pad is a teacher package. Allow it to help you publicize your ideas, organize your thoughts, reminders, and quick notes. Don’t you like them visible and posted in your classroom?

Large Enough for Lecturing

The 20×23 inches large premium paper provides a perfectly sized board to write on. POST-IT white self-stick flip chart paper has 20 sheets per pad. The paper sheets offer a neat canvass ideal for lecturing, as well. Unlike the standard flip chart paper, the easel papers in this package can be repositioned without surface damage.

You can peel off one sheet and post it on a whiteboard, glass wall, or any flat surface. One strong point is you do not need adhesives. The slick sheets here comes with a super sticky top that is ready to stick anywhere. They are like the mini version of those tiny post-its that you use every day. Plus, these sheets stick securely and hold up to 2x longer! What a bargain, right?

Carry It Everywhere

This is the best feature – there is no easel stand needed. It already includes a carry handle and built-in easel stand so all you have to do is carry and go. Additionally, because the sheets adhere nicely, you will also have no issues posting them to a wall or any surface that you like.  Now that broadens possibilities.

If you like to change notes or remove them, simply pull and re-adhere. Don’t worry, the slick sheets stick on really well.

Adheres Well

One more feature to add on the list is POST-IT uses ink bleed-through resistant paper. Using a permanent marker to write on a piece of paper have the tendency for the ink to fade or seep through another surface. This is where these self-standing easel pads get an edge over – the flip chart paper has the ability to resist marker bleed-through so it does not ruin your notes.

You never know when you will need a convenient, portable, sturdy, and high-quality easel pad in the future. Perhaps this should be a standard on your teacher list every year.

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13) SEVILLE Classics Stacking 10-Slot Desktop

If you need more paper storage, upgrade your classroom with SEVILLE heavy-duty and customizable shelves.


Click image for details

You might think that sorting and organizing class papers, folders, and workbooks don’t require a big deal. Well think again and prepare for a perspective shift by courtesy of Seville Classics Stacking 10 Slot Desktop.

Why choose Seville Classic?

It is Stackable and Customizable

Do you find the papers, art materials, folders, envelops, and other supplies in your classroom topsy-turvy? Then you need desktop-style stacking. This is 6-tier storage with ten horizontal slots. It has compartments with specifications of 9.25 inches in width, 12 inches in depth, and 2.75 inches in height. Each slot is designed to accommodate paper sizes up to 9×12 inches.

The material has an industrial-strength steel wire construction finish with bright chrome plating. This is to ensure protection against corrosion in dry environments. So you are guaranteed quality and durability.

Lightweight and Quick to Assemble

What you will like most is SEVILLE Classic desktop storage is lightweight. It weighs 11 pounds including the 6 silicone feet. Its open design lets you see what is inside the organizer. You can easily identify the contents of each compartment quickly. Plus, the whole thing is easy to clean. Other than that, it includes 10 clear plastic labels for your organization system.

Now guess what? Everything in this desktop storage fits together in minutes with minimal screwing needed. Meaning, assembly is a breeze!

If you need more space, stack multiple units vertically and adjacently. In terms of price, the SEVILLE CLASSICS organizer is less expensive than the “wood” boxes alternative. Have you changed your mind just yet?

I know that elementary teachers, like any executive, needs a functional space saver trick to assemble her stuff. If you like the Seville Classics Stacking 10 Slot Desktop, you definitely will meet those needs. I highly recommend that you try this one.

Not to mention that the product manufacturer is SEVILLE CLASSICS, a leader in home organization and storage solutions with 40 years of experience! You could end up having this organizer for years!

Get Yours On Amazon Now--->


14) STANLEY Removable 4-cup Scissor Caddy


Click image for details

The STANLEY Removable Scissor Caddy will organize all the scissors in your classroom. Made for easy sharing, the removable 4-cup scissor holder is perfect for the elementary teacher – you.

This idea is perfect for you.

Puts Scissors Safe in One Place

The durable scissor caddy is designed for a busy setting like your classroom. It comes with 4 removable cups for convenient and stress-free sharing and cleaning. This allows you to get creative with the caddy and in organizing other classroom essentials, arts, and crafts. The caddy can also be used to organize markers, dry erase supplies, colored pencils, lead pencils, and pens.

Light yet Durable

Strong yet lightweight, the smoothly-curved carrying handle is comfortable to carry. Other than being portable, it also provides convenient storage.

STANLEY scissor caddy’s 3.75-inch tall removable bins are designed to stand alone. Put the scissors in the square-shaped caddies. With removable cups and a glossy finish, you can clean the caddies anytime. Furthermore, the plastic material used is thick enough so you don’t have to worry about the kids cracking them.

The STANLEY Caddy includes 24 pieces of kids’ scissors in assorted colors. The scissors are that of Guppy 5-Inch blunt tip scissors coming in red, blue, pink, and green. But don’t worry, the scissors are great for both adults and children four years and up.

The Guppy features a kid-safe blade angle and blunt/rounded tip to protect against accidental cuts without sacrificing cutting performance. This feature provides a nice sharp cutting edge that is easy to use for little hands.

Scissors are Child-Friendly

Speaking of the blades, they are made of long-lasting and wear-resistant stainless steel material so they are safe for classroom use. The finger loops have a textured non-slip surface with an ergonomic handle that provides a smooth exterior for easy cleaning.

Each scissor also comes with an integrated customizable nameplate window. You can encourage children to put their names on for scissor identification. It also has an etched ruler on the blade for fast and convenient measuring while cutting.

The scissors, in general, are of good quality, sturdy, cut well, and above all, safe for kids to use. One disadvantage though, is that they only cater to right-handed users.

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15) BOSTITCH Long Reach Stapler

This paper pro booklet stapler can help you make planners and staple sheets of paper materials.


Click image for details

You will love BOSTITCH with its one-finger easy spring-powered stapling technology. With a push of a finger, you can staple up to 25 sheets, jam-free. You can bind booklets and special projects up to 12.5” long and 25” wide. It does the job with standard staples. So it can bind your little books printed from MS Word.

Comes with English Metric System

One of the best features you will appreciate is the integrated metric system ruler on the platform of the stapler itself. The accurate measurements allow you to do more tasks, making you more productive. You will also like the sliding length measurement marker so it saves you from guessing for the correct position.

With an adjustable paper guide for precise staple placement, you yourself can set the guide according to your preference. Although if you want to be precise, I suggest not to rely on the stapler’s length measurement. Make your own measurements and do a trial before you staple your work.

BOSTITCH long reach stapler is spring-powered. It is designed with a die-cast metal housing for durability. The pressure is just like a regular stapler although it is louder. But if your purpose is to staple a few sheets of paper or center-stapling pages, then you can limit it only for things that needed the reach.


Other than being a typical stapler itself,  this long handle stapler will work on tasks that a standard stapler cannot handle. If you are looking to staple more than 10 pages thick and want maximum versatility and preciseness,  then this is the tool you are going to buy.

Easy to Use

One of the BOSTITCH long stapler highlights is the easy-to-use curved handle. Once the stapler is aligned to where you want the sheets stapled, you simply have to push down the lever on top. The moment it clicks that means all done. Little effort is needed to staple.

Price-wise, well, it can be pricey more than a standard desk stapler. But that is because there is more substance present in this tool.

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16) SWEDISH Cellullose Cleaning Sponge Cloths

Are you ready to replace 15 rolls of paper towels with 1 SWEDISH dishcloth? Mother earth will thank you!


Click image for details

You sure will vote for this than rags.

If you combine the specs and benefits of cellulose sponge and a cotton tea towel, both are used for dish cleaning. Swedish dishcloths offer the same benefits. They are super effective in cleaning with the softness of tea-towels and the traditional grit of the cellulose sponge. So from the kitchen, they too can work efficiently in classrooms.

The SWEDISH cellulose sponge cloths are super absorbent. They can be used for wiping down any surface and cleaning up spills and splashes in no time. They also dry fast and are odor resistant, unlike sponges and dishrags that go funky after several uses.

100% Environment-Friendly

Compostable, eco-friendly, and budget-friendly, SWEDISH dishcloths are also machine washable and reusable. That lets you help cut down on carbon footprint by simply reusing the dishcloth. These are also made from 30% natural cotton materials and 70% biodegradable cellulose. This is a perfect time to introduce to the children that the dishcloth is good for the environment.

Budget Saver

Plus, they are sold in bulk packs of 10 so you can buy them at a lower cost. One purchase of the set will give you an entire year of cleaning tools. They also make a perfect alternative to paper towels. In fact, the sponge cleaners are more durable than paper towels so you can save a lot of money.

In addition to that, the cute and minimalistic design of the dishcloths can complement any classroom. Their colors are lovely, they have a perfect size, and they clean effectively. You can even use the cloths to give style to your classroom. Ultimately, SWEDISH dishcloths are the most ideal dish cleaning you could ever ask for.

So for cleaners that offer both aesthetic, efficiency, child, and nature-friendliness, complete your classroom supplies list now!

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17.) Zyppio Sanitizing Station Dispenser Stand

Zyppio Sanitizing Station Dispenser Stand

Click image for details

Organize all your respiratory hygiene supplies with this awesome Sanitizing Station Dispenser Stand where you can neatly place and put together all your masks, gloves,  hand sanitizer in one place so you know and others will immediately know where to sanitize before and after entering your classroom.

Respiratory Hygiene Sanitizer Station

This thoughtfully designed sanitizing stand aims to help reduce the spread of any impurities especially the now rampant virus which is Covid-19.

This Organizer can be wall-mounted as it already includes wall mounting screws or placed on top of a table that you can strategically place next to the door of your classroom so people will be aware that they can go over your sanitizing station before they can go further inside your classroom.

Refillable and Reusable Organizer 

It holds one large pump bottle where you can put in your trusted hand sanitizer brand, 1 box of the mask just in case anyone is in need of a spare mask, you can also place a box of surgical gloves, and a box of facial tissues as well. so it really has everything you need to keep you and everyone safe.

And what’s best about these sanitizing stations is that you can also have them placed in different public areas and not only in the classroom, they can be used in other areas too such as the school lobby, at home, and other shared places where sanitizing is a must to avoid the spread of the virus.

This multipurpose box is also durable as it’s crafted with heavy-duty steel that you can wipe down to sanitize it as well every now and then. It’s also resistant to rust and corrosion so you won’t have to worry even if you wipe it down regularly to disinfect it.

Support Personal and Public Safety

Additionally, you will also get a catchy PPE Station Notice Sign so that everyone who passes by it will immediately notice and be tempted to take a minute to protect themselves and everyone else as well. Truly a functional sanitation center that is a must-have for any classroom of any level.

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Choosing the best classroom supplies challenges every teacher’s ability to think out of the box. That includes figuring out which to buy, which not to buy, and what strategies can be helpful.

As a teacher, you know that many children go to school without some school supplies. Because of the desire to provide, you tend to overlook the costs. By selecting wisely, you learn to differentiate between what you absolutely need and what can be set aside for the time being.

Many elementary teachers made the mistake of buying everything. The best recommendation, especially to new teachers, is to stand with the basics until there is a specific need. Even though you find something you believe is ideal, don’t go overboard on buying — that thing can be a waste of money.

Also, if you plan to do one-stop-shopping, you may be paying more than what is necessary. So I strongly recommend creating a list of what is essential and stick to the list.

My desire in this review is to motivate you about what to focus on than spending too much too quickly on your classroom supplies. Did you know that you don’t have to keep shelling out for everything your classroom needs? What about swapping or trading some of your highlighters for the coloring pencils you need?

An equipped classroom helps improve children’s learning experience. I hope the list of classroom supplies for elementary teachers has given you all the necessary details you need to know before shopping.

If you have questions please don’t hesitate to ask or comment below.



1) Is it okay to simply use any regular brand for elementary school supplies for as long as they are usable?

While you can choose to use cheap brands, they obviously have a short lifespan. So instead of saving more an entire year, you have to keep replacing supplies. Good quality school supplies last longer because of better materials and well-planned construction.

Why buy pencils that break after a few sharpening when you can get ones that can be used every day for a long time? Besides, if you wish to save money, it is only wise to invest in quality.

2) How will I know if the items on my list are what exactly I would need in the classroom?

 As an elementary teacher, you should have an idea about the type of lessons you are going to teach. From here you will be able to figure out what exactly the children need and how you are able to make lecturing easy for them to understand.

Consider tools that can make learning interesting. The Math subject for instance, what do you think could make drills and practice fun? Cubes and number cards are very interactive materials. You can also give each child a dry-erase marker so they can participate in problem-solving.

3) Pens and pencils are the most used supplies. Are there special tips you can share for the types of writing tools that can last?

For elementary-schoolers just developing their penmanship, look for a wood casing that is designed with a satin matte coating – these are the most comfortable to grip types that help children to write properly.

A fine-point (in the 0.8-mm-to-1.0-mm range) felt-tip also makes the best when it comes to pens. Be on the lookout for water-based ink. They dry more quickly so you don’t have to worry about smearing and messing.

Once you find a brand that does not bleed or skip, go for it. In general, consider ones that left-handed children can use.

4) I mistakenly ordered an item from an online store. Can I return it?

Yes. Go back to the website’s contact page and look for their RETURN terms and policies. If it has an email (which online stores usually have) send an email right away.

Make sure to state the reason why you are returning the item. Don’t forget to include important details like the name of the product you ordered, the specifications, date ordered, and your confirmation number. A representative will contact you for that concern.

5) There is a specific school material that I could not find in online stores. What can I do?

You can almost find everything from the internet today. I suggest that you target specific stores selling specific items. Amazon sells almost everything the world can offer. Go to their different categories and type that specific item you are looking for. Be patient and you will find what you like, or at least an alternative item close to that.

6) Should I buy in bulk for an entire year?

It is the best thing to do. Other than you are getting an ample supply, you also get big discounts when buying in bulk. If you see that your item is on SALE, don’t just buy a set. Pencils, for example, buy by boxes if you must. Your class definitely needs a lot of them.

7) You have mentioned about knowing the differences between actual materials from the ones enumerated on the school supplies list. Does this mean I have to create my own list without following the school?

Differentiating the “actual” materials from those “listed by the school” means picking which supplies are the ones you need to buy because you know that your class will use them. Those listed by the school contains the general list of what might be needed by the class during the entire year.

Buying only the actual materials does not suggest going against the school. It simply implies going basic until there is a specific need. Remember that you are providing for the classroom supplies and the school understands that.

8) How can I find the best classroom supplies or the quality ones?

Check an item before buying it. Read the manufacturer’s guidelines. Will it remain functional even with excessive use? Can it stand wear in a classroom setting? Do you think it can perform well? If you find products that offer life warranties, it can be from a reputable brand that you can trust.

9) Why is it so important to use non-toxic school supplies for elementary classrooms?

Non-toxic classroom supplies are eco-friendly. They are healthy for the environment, healthy for children, and does not pose risk on their health.

Children are growing and their developing bodies are more sensitive to the effects of chemicals. When they inhale toxic contents, it can harm their developing system and cause permanent damage.

Reusable materials like fiber cleaning cloths limit the amount of plastic that the world sends to the landfill each school year. Products labeled as BPA-free can be recycled. Craft paints labeled with “ASTM D-4236” code means it has been approved by the American Society for Testing and Materials.

All these are just a few of the world’s efforts to support not only the environment but our growing children. If we all fix our kids’ homemade meals for school as a healthier option than instant-meals, why not do it with their school supplies in mind, too?

10) Should we provide each child in the class with individual materials or by groups will do?

This depends on the subject. If it requires interaction like Math or Arts – providing each child with markers, for example, can increase the children’s engagement.

Basic needs like pencils, coloring materials, paper, and textbooks allow children to participate in lessons. It also helps avoid the feeling of insecurities and fears from a child’s point of view that he/she has nothing to use. When children overcome instability, it boosts their identity as part of the class.