9 Best Time Timer For Teachers in 2022

A time timer is an underrated teaching tool and strategy to keep students motivated while helping them stay on track to finish the task at hand. There has been a big debate on whether time timers are indeed a must for a classroom and there are times that it has been frowned upon by others. 

But today, I am here to clear all that up because time is of the essence and it is now time for us to discover 9 of the best time timer for teachers and the advantages of using one for your classroom.

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It’s not only the students who are benefiting from using a time timer, teachers alike are also reaping the said benefits of using a time timer for a classroom. 


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Top 3 Time Timers For Teachers 2022!

Product Image Reasons to get it
KADAMS Visual Time Tracker
  • A 24-hr digital countdown clock to assist with concentration and organization
  • Has a visible traffic-like light color display that goes from green, yellow to red
  • Operates quietly without the ticking noise ideal for studying, exams, and chore alerts
  • With an easy-to-use time tracker for auto mode or you can customize it for your needs
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JTX Mechanical Wind Up Timer
  • A mechanical rotating timer with no battery needed – just wind it up and set the time
  • The charming bird design adds a touch of tradition that makes you feel young again
  • Designed with an anti-slip bottom making it a unique accessory and home decor clock
  • Made of ABS material, clear scale, and a timer that rings for 3 to 5 seconds before stopping
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Vagreez 4 Colors Hourglass Sand Timer
  • You’re getting an antique-inspired hourglass or sand timer symbolizing the 21st century
  • Pack of 4 colorful sand timers for 1 minute, 2 minutes. 5 minutes, and 10 minutes timer
  • Made of durable PVC and high borosilicate glass for a waterproof and durable cover
  • Very shock-resistant making them safe for personal, classroom, and children’s use
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From helping teachers form a time frame for certain activities to keeping everyone in the classroom, particularly the students focused and aware of how much time is left for a specific task, making it a win-win situation for everybody.

You’ll be surprised as to how much the class’ productivity levels increase with students finishing task after task and how much more you’ll be able to accomplish with your workload from using a time timer because you’ll get to achieve your classroom objectives by pre-arranging chunks of time while students are laser-focused within the given timeframe. 

That’s why more and more teachers are trying to incorporate time timer strategies making learning more productive and fun as well thanks to a number of cool visual time timers that kids would love to use every day. 

I’m pretty sure, you’ve already tried using a timer at some point for other purposes, but if you haven’t tried using it for teaching implementations for your class, you won’t really know what you’re missing until you try it! 

So to make it all a time well spent, let’s get this list started and check out 9 of the best time timer for teachers.

9 Best Time Timer For Teachers 2022



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Proper time management is important to practice in classrooms, so that lesson plans will go as scheduled and students will be able to practice managing their time for various tasks. 

Time Timer’s Analog Timer will surely help students keep track of the time, making sure that every minute counts as they work on their tasks. It measures 5. 5 inches x 7 inches. Ideal for individual use or small to medium groups, a one AA battery is required. 

It is a 60-minute analog countdown clock offers a carrying handle, protective lens, and a center knob for ease of use around the school, office, or at home. It can be used for personal time management or for small groups that do a range of activities—keeping their allotted time for each activity in check. 

The simplistic design caters to both students and those who have special needs. This is the timer you need in the classroom if you want to ease the transition of your students and if you want to encourage their independence and productivity while enhancing all skills critical for them to develop during this period of their schooling years, all including children with Autism, ADHD, and other special needs. 

You can also operate and use this timer with ease without having too many complications with setting it up. You just simply turn the knob counterclockwise and you’ll be able to set the colored disk to the amount of time you prefer. 

As time elapses, the colored disk will gradually disappear, it will operate in a clockwise direction to indicate exactly how much time is left. And when the time is finished, teachers will be able to set the alarm signal for a loud alert or to a silent buzz in order to not alert students. 

Its sleek design can bring color to the classroom, and at the same time, it brings order to students who are having a lot of trouble allocating their time to certain tasks.

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2. KADAMS Visual Timer

KADAMS Visual Timer

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One of the best ways to teach your young students how to properly manage their time is to incorporate a timer whenever they are doing their school activities in a unique yet simplistic way that they can easily understand. 

What better way to do that is to add KADAMS Visual Timer inside the classroom. This product is unlike any timer that we are used to seeing, most of the timers that are available are notable because of the numerical values that are usually seen however, KADAMS Visual Timer is designed to be read by younger students by indication of three colors: green, yellow and red. 

The bottom of the timer shows the real numerical value of the timer but the body of the timer itself is just for students to read, so teachers will be able to set the timer accurately before starting it. 

When the green light is lit, then it means that the timer has just started when it reaches yellow it means caution—there are a few minutes remaining while the red light indicates that there is no more time left. 

When it reaches the red light, teachers will be able to set the alarm sound as a loud alert, a soft buzz or they can choose some more mellow and acoustic sound that students with special needs will be able to enjoy. It also has 5 levels of volume that you can choose from so you can fully customize how loud will the sound go off.

The time tracker is relatively easy to use, you can manually set up a time on which the green and the yellow light will be lit. Teachers will be able to pause it manually as well if there are some clarifications that students need so that their time will not be wasted. It is battery-operated and requires 3 AAA alkaline batteries for the initialization setup process.

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3. TimeCube Preset Timer

TimeCube Preset Timer

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The TimeCube has provided yet again another timer that can be used for various scenarios, they have been creating and providing us high-quality timers since 2010 so rest assured that all of their products have been gradually improving as years go by. 

One of their latest and most popular creations is the TimeCube Preset Timer, its design is very minimalist and despite this fact, it is easier to use than some people claim. Since it is only shaped like a small cube with indicated numbers on the sides that cannot be pressed, some customers are finding it hard to use especially if one does not read the manual that often.

In order to activate the timer, just simply rotate the cube and the minutes you desire upward, and the LED display at the bottom of the cube will activate and start counting down. 

The only buttons that can be interacted on the TimeCube are the 3 volume levels, and the button to activate the LED light. It is a simple timer that can easily be used over and over again, just simply rotate it to your desired minutes and it will start counting down.

Although there are 3 levels of volumes indicated on the bottom panel, it still has a silent mode on which when the time runs out, the 4 lights surrounding the LED display will lit up to alert your students that time is up. 

There are many types of TimeCube that are available for purchase, there are 7 TimeCube variants that have different indicated minutes and seconds. Choose from the 7 variants of what you think is best to suit your students. 

The maximum minutes that TimeCube has in hand is 60 minutes—just like most learning management timers. It requires 2 AAA batteries and its newest feature includes the pause and resume of the countdown.

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4.) JTX Mechanical Wind Up Timer

JTX Mechanical Wind Up Timer

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Nothing beats a traditional wind-up timer, which is why the JTX Mechanical Wind Up Timer is perfect as a timer and a little decoration inside the classroom. It is pretty self-explanatory, it is a mechanical wind-up timer that can be set up to 55 minutes—just simply twist the timer and it will start the timer. Most timers nowadays are battery-operated, so for teachers who want to save a little bit of money while being environmentally friendly then this timer is the perfect addition to be used for your students.

Its design is simple, it is a twistable device with a small bird as a little trinket addition. It comes in 4 color variants, all of which have the same set of minutes. The outer material is made out of plastic, while the inside is made out of precision steel that composes the mechanism of the timer. 

It is not designed to be as complicated as other timers so rest assured that teachers of all ages will be able to operate this timer, just take note of its usage: the timer itself is already installed with “anti-twisting” so do not twist the timer counterclockwise from 0″ or it will be damaged. 

Young students will surely be able to enjoy this little timer. It has a cute design that will entice almost all students. Unlike any other mechanical wind-up timers, this product does not emit a disturbing sound as time goes by. 

It will only indicate a sound when the time is up to ensure that your students will be able to focus on the task at hand. It is not as big as other timers which is why it is portable and accessible, you can use it every day without having to worry about where to store it; it will fit snugly into any ordinary bag. 

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5.) Learning Resources Digital Timer

Learning Resources Digital Timer

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Unlike any other timers in this list, the Learning Resources Digital Timer is very straightforward to use. No need to rotate, or wind up in order to activate this timer, just simply tinker with the minute and second buttons to adjust the time and simply press start to begin the countdown. 

It has a medium-sized LED display so students will be able to see how many minutes and seconds they have left in order to finish their activities. Although it is battery-operated, it is more budget-friendly than any other battery-operated timers on this list and it does not consume a large amount of energy in order to operate.

The Learning Resources Digital Timer can be placed anywhere in the classroom as it has a magnetic clip on its backside that can be placed on the whiteboard or any magnetic-receptive surface. 

It can also be placed as a stand-alone so it will be closed for students to see. This product is one of the most flexible timers in this list as both minutes and seconds can be adjusted to the teachers’ liking, unlike the other timers in this list which only has limited minutes available that can be set. 

Its maximum minutes can reach up to 100 minutes, which passes the common maximum of 60 minutes.

This is perfect for older students who are taking classes that are more than an hour. It not only limits the usage of keeping track of student’s working minutes but it can also be used for their class presentations, debates, and even recitations. 

The Learning Resources Digital Timer only requires 1 AAA battery so it is more lightweight to use than other battery-operated timers. Its design is simple but it serves its purpose of keeping track of time very well than most timers, so if you are looking for a simple timer that is very budget-friendly then consider using the Learning Resources Digital Timer.

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6.) Vagreez 4 Colors Hourglass Sand Timer 

Vagreez 4 Colors Hourglass Sand Timer 

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We’re going freestyle with the next entry on our list with the Vagreez 4 color hourglass sand timer that will surely make timing time more colorful and more fun every time you use it in the classroom. 

In this set, you’ll be getting 4 hourglass san timers that are color-coded to help you distinguish which one is which, you’ll be getting a 1-minute timer that comes in a bright blue color, a 2-minute timer that comes in a fun purple color, and 5-minute timer in a neon green colors and a 10-minute timer that comes in a dark gray color. 

This colorful hourglass sand timer set will surely make time management in the classroom less boring and more fun! They come in a pretty portable size that allows you to bring them along with you anywhere you go.

You can use these timers when giving quizzes that you can set a time for each line of a question or for group activities that you need help with from a timer to keep things on track to avoid affecting other activities that you have for the day. 

This time timer set will help your students do their tasks more efficiently while helping them develop a strong sense of time without them even knowing it. 

I know that there’s one worry about using hourglass sand timers but with the Vagreez 4 color hourglass sand timer, you can say goodbye to constant worrying because they are made from shock-resistant and durable PVC material, high borosilicate glass, along with protective covers ensuring the whole classroom’s safety when using it. 

You can even let kids hold them as they are very safe for kids to use. They are also waterproof, so you can use them even if you are doing activities including liquid elements or if you’re having a class in a wet environment like for science classes making them perfect for science teachers as well. 

You and your students will surely love watching the sand fall and enjoy using these and you’ll know that you can’t have your next class without this! Teaching your students about the concept of time while keeping them on track. 

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7.) BeeZee Kids Stoplight Golight Timer

BeeZee Kids Stoplight Golight Timer

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The stoplight is a universal language that even kids can understand that’s why this brilliant product BeeZee kids stoplight golight timer fits the job of a simple timer while giving it a fun twist with how it will tell the time in your classroom. 

Red means stop, green means go and for sure all kids even younger ones will understand that. It’s a child-proof timer which makes it easy to use in the classroom because kids will not be able to tamper with the settings even if you let them touch the timer itself.

Additionally, you can also set this timer from 0-15 hours and between 0-59 minutes giving you a whole lot of range of time to choose from. 

When you start and set the timer the red light will automatically turn on giving them a sign to start doing their task and wait for the green light to turn on as a signal for them to take a break or move on to the next activity that they have. 

You can really experiment with how you want to use this timer and they can also be used for individual and group activities as well while you can manage your time in a simple manner by using this absolutely fun timer. 

In the box, you’ll be getting the stoplight golight timer itself, and an ac adapter for the timer, and an optional alarm that you will find quite useful for other activities that you want your class to partake in. 

It’s easy to use and this timer will surely work well even if you are teaching a younger set of students, and they will surely love waiting for the light to turn green and red for some fun learning activities! 

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8.) Arcwares Visual Timer

Arcwares Visual Timer

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Using visual timers is a great way to help students see the movement of time through a clear visual signal. Since students of a younger age are still grasping and learning how to tell the time, visual timers give them an understanding of time concepts without having to be able to actually tell the time.

And with the Acrewares Visual timer comes in a cute design and bold colors as well that kids will love. You’ll no longer have trouble with transitioning from one task to another with this timer as it will help overcome inefficiencies and procrastination in your class.

Your students will be able to tell “how much longer” time they still have without having to ask. This time timer is a well-made visual timer that comes in a lovely lemon design with a  blue indicator area that will disappear as time elapses, helping students to easily recognize how much time they have left as the pointer moves away even from a distance.

It’s in a saucer-shaped design with a dash of vibrant colors making it look aesthetically pleasing and easy to see from any corner of the classroom as well. It is also very suitable for a variety of scenarios such as timing for their test, projects, assignments, while they wash their hands and a lot more activities.

Another amazing thing about the Acrewares Visual timer is that it doe not need any battery to operate since it’s a mechanical timer.

It also comes with a strong magnet at the back for added convenience letting you stick it to areas such as magnetic whiteboards, steel cabinets, and other areas you see fit, and mind you, the magnetic absorption of this timer is quite impressive and it will not easily fall as it has very strong adhesion to metallic surfaces.

And in terms of quality, this time timer is made from a high-quality stainless steel material that is corrosion resistant and has oxidation resistance as well—letting you rest assured that this time timer will serve you for a long time and will not rust or disintegrate even if exposed to any liquid element. 

So if you’re looking for a time timer that’s cute and super easy to use without the need for any batteries, the Acrewares Visual timer is the perfect neat gadget that will keep things on track in your classroom.

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9.) LVGADR Timer


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If you’re looking for a cute and adorable way to integrate a time timer in your classroom, then you’ll surely love the LVGADR Timer. Giving you the option to choose from 4 different cute cartoon animal timer designs; a cutesy yellow chick, an adorable pink pig, a fun green frog, and last but not least a charming cow. 

Kids will also surely love the attention-grabbing bright and vibrant color and design of this timer, and as time goes by this timer can greatly help with improving their time management ability even before they know it.

But that’s not the only thing to love about these dainty timers—each of them are energy-saving timers that only require one (1) AAA battery that will last you for at least half a year already depending on how frequently you use it.

These cartoon timers also have a large and clear LCD time display that will let you see it in a snap from any point in your classroom, and with that, it also features a loud ringtone that will notify everyone in the room that the time is already up.

This time timer has a maximum timing range of about 99 minutes and 55 seconds which is a lot and is quite impressive as well. This is also an easy-to-carry timer that you can bring along with you anywhere you want to use it.

It also comes with a hanging hole that can be hung anywhere, and not just that it also has a magnetic force at the back that will let you cling it to any metal surface you would want to place it. and if you don’t want to hang it or cling it magnetically, it also has a kickstand at the back that will let it stand on any level surface.

And to convince you even further to get this multipurpose cutesy time timer, know that it is made from high-quality and environmentally friendly material that is safe and non-toxic as well.

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Something as simple as a time timer can provide surprising uses and benefits from helping teachers with time management for activities, quizzes, and games to helping students grasp the concept of time by initiating timers giving them a signal that it’s time to move from one activity to another. 

Time timers help students to focus better on the task at hand, letting them know the exact time from start to end. 

It also helps the teacher increase productivity by pre-arranging the schedule and maximizing the given time for each subject or activity making the class schedule flow smoothly and effectively by not taking too much time for a certain activity and affecting the following subjects after. 

Have you tried using a time timer for your class or are you planning to use one? If so, please share your favorite time timer in the comment section down below? We’d love to hear from you! 

If you want to know more about the advantages of using a time timer in the classroom continue reading down below for some tips and tricks that you can use for your classroom.

Time is precious so waste it wisely! Until our next one! 


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4 Benefits Of Using A Time Timer In The Classroom

1.) Eases up transition

We all know how students can be so into what they’re doing that it can sometimes be a challenge to let them know that it’s time to move on to the next activity on hand. Time timers help students know what to expect and also give them an understanding that every activity is always limited to a certain amount of time. 

By using time timers, teachers can also eliminate the element of surprise by using a timer because students now are aware of how much time is left for the activity that they are currently doing. 

A good example of this is for art activities where kids will need a signal that time is almost up and they need to tidy everything up and keep their art supplies before the timer stops giving them enough time to gather themselves and be ready for the next subject or activity that they need to do for the day. 

This is also particularly helpful for students with special needs because timers can help them be familiar with routines while also letting them be aware of what’s to come after the task they have at hand. Using a timer also helps the classroom achieve goals as a whole and not leave anyone out. 

time management in the classroom

2.) Encourages independence

Another great thing about using timers is that teachers can empower students to manage their own time by acting as a guide showing them the pace they need to keep up to finish the work they are doing. 

This then gives them an idea of when to start and stop the activity and when to move on to the next one on their own without having to be told to do so because this will then start creating the routine that they will get used to every day at school. 

And by initiating timed tasks students will feel more in control which will then lead to lessened anxiety because they are aware of how much time they have in order to finish the activity. You’ll be surprised with how students will be able to self-manage and become independent students eventually. 

Even adults need a sense of time especially when they are doing something so just imagine what a time timer as a productivity tool can do for students who need to practice their time management skills, it will surely do wonders. 

3.) Students know when to focus and when to take a break

Students have the tendency to lose track of time as their mind wanders off and lose focus on the task at hand and that’s is something undeniable and is also a challenge to a teacher of how they will keep students full focus on the activity that they need to do. 

A time timer, especially the visual ones, can greatly help increase a student’s focus and help them stay on track with what they need to finish because they see the time left for a specific activity which lets them know that they need to get it done before the time runs out. 

A time timer can also work not only to encourage the students to focus but also to let them know when to take a break, a break is something always needed to ensure a healthy workflow for students and also for them not to get too tired from all the activities that need to be done. 

With a time timer having a multitude of uses you can set it for focus time for about twenty minutes for a certain activity then maybe have a five-minute break just to balance things out and not let kids have a hard time from thinking or working too much. 

This will also help students build-up self-discipline over time which is very beneficial for growing adults to establish helping them be successful individuals later on in life. Even adults need to take a break, especially teachers. That’s why students deserve them too. 

a timed activity using a time timer

4.) Helps teachers with classroom management

It’s always been a mystery to me why teachers seem to be always so short in time, with so many things to do and so many things to teach it’s so important to spend time wisely to maximize all efforts and for teaching strategies to be effective all the time. 

Just imagine some classes to be only 30 mins or less, making it really vital for a teacher to keep track of time as every second counts and a teacher needs to make the most out of it. That’s where time timers come in as a great way to reinforce classroom management. 

Creating time activity schedules lets students know what’s up ahead which then also lets them know the pace they need to keep up in order to finish all the tasks at hand. They can simply rely on the timer instead of waiting for the teacher’s cue of when to move on for the next activity.

This then creates an opportunity for teachers to save both time and energy by letting the time timer dictate how an activity is going to flow which is mutually beneficial for both students and teachers as well as for classroom management.