10 Best Screen Cleaners For All Your Devices!

Do you hate dirty screens? If your answer is yes, then you should probably keep reading this. 

Let this be a reminder that cleaning your devices is now a necessity, not just to make them look neat and clean, but because some of the major concerns that might be silently lurking on the surfaces of your screen such as dust, oily fingerprint smudges, and germs to name a few. 

And not to mention, nowadays sanitation and disinfection of things that we frequently touch which are obviously our gadgets is a must, especially now that we are going through a pandemic caused by the SARS-CoV-2 (the known virus that leads to a COVID-19 infection).

But how can you clean your devices without damaging them and what cleaning items are safe to use on them? 

We’ll be answering that and more as we go through the 10 best screen cleaners for all your devices that you can get now—so sit tight and let’s get cleaning! 

How to clean and disinfect your devices safely

I’m pretty sure you’ve heard about phones showing 10x more bacteria and germs compared to a toilet seat. Studies show that one of the dirtiest things that you can hold is your phone. Yes, you read that right, your phone.

Now after reading that, you certainly don’t want that near your face when you answer calls or eat food while touching your phone again, right? 

So please do yourself a favor and learn how to properly clean and disinfect your devices for your health and your devices’ health as well, because accumulated dirt and grime can highly affect how they perform as well. 

Smartphones and Tablets

Smartphones and tablets require a more gentle way of cleaning compared to other electronic devices, as they are sensitive to moisture and other elements that can potentially damage them permanently. 

That’s why you’ll need to know the right way to clean them safely. Because once damages occur they can be irreversible and you’ll only end up with a completely ruined device that’s beyond repair. 

First and foremost, not all cleaning agents are safe to use and are recommended for smartphones and tablets. Resist the temptation to reach out for an old rag cloth or your shirt as this will do more harm than good as they can cause scratches on your device’s screen and damage its protective coating. And you certainly don’t want that happening to your hundred-dollar devices.

Microfiber cloths and cleaning agents that are specially formulated for tech gadgets only are the safest things for you to use. And later on, we’ll be going over some of the best screen cleaners that you can use on your devices. 

These special cleaning agents will remove smudges and other elements from your phone gently without damaging your screen and other parts of your phone. 

When cleaning it, it’s best to not clean it while it’s charging and it’s also best if you can turn off your phone for a while so that you won’t accidentally click on anything while you’re cleaning it. Remove your phone’s case if you are using one then you can proceed to clean it.

Don’t directly spray the cleaning agent to your phone or tablet’s screen, spray an ample amount of it to the microfiber cloth to dampen it, and gently clean the surfaces of your device until it’s free from smudge and other elements that are on it. 

But how about waterproof phones? You might ask. Technically you can submerge them underwater or run them under a faucet but you might not be able to charge them or use its other ports until they have completely dried off. 

So, it’s still ideal for you to use a microfiber cloth and a cleaning agent to completely clean and sanitize your smartphone or tablet. 

It’s a different story for your phone case, but still, it requires cleaning too. If you are using a plastic material phone case then it’s safe for you to submerge them into warm soapy water to clean them but make sure to dry them thoroughly before you put them on your phone again.

Desktop Computers and Laptops

The cleaning procedure for desktop computers and laptops is similar to how you would clean your smartphone or tablet. Remember that they are highly sensitive to moisture and you should exclusively follow the right way to safely clean them to avoid damaging them. 

When you start cleaning them it’s best to unplug all ports first just to be safe. 

Trust me, you don’t want to get surprise electrocution in the middle of cleaning them, that happened to me once and I’m certainly not going to do it again in my lifetime—I learned my lesson the hard way, and to put it in words it was an electrifying experience (no pun intended). 

When cleaning your screen, again it’s important to avoid regular house cleaning agents such as Windex, bleach, dish soap, or hand soap as this can damage the protective layer of your computer or laptop’s screen. 

The best thing to use is a microfiber and a special cleaning agent intended for electronic gadgets. As they evaporate very quickly before they can get into your computer or laptops’ screen. 

Another important thing to take note of is to never spray on the screen directly as they can seep into the internal parts of your screen and cause permanent damage.

For other external parts of your computer or laptop, rubbing alcohol in moderation is safe to use, but then again, it’s best to put it into a microfiber cloth first and not directly into the components to avoid damage. 

Investing in a mini-vacuum to get rid of the dust and other debris is also a good choice too, in this way you can always get rid of the dirt and dust in hard-to-reach areas, this will keep your computer or laptop running smoothly and in good condition. 

And for a better insight on how to properly clean your devices, always refer to your user’s manual guide if possible, or reach out to your device’s manufacturer to learn more. 


Dirt, grime, sweat, you name it—it’s probably on your smartwatch, especially if you use it daily and while working out. 

It’s a bit tricky to clean your smartwatch with all the nooks and crannies it has, but a Q-tip is always a good idea. Match it with a fiber cloth and a special cleaning agent for tech gadgets and you are good to go. 

To clean it, gently remove the straps first until you’re left with the smartwatch face only. And gently clean it using the q tip and get to those areas where dirt and grime have accumulated and finish it off by gently wiping it down with a clean and dry microfiber cloth. 

But don’t forget to clean the strap too, as they may have a build-up of icky things too, if you are using a silicone strap you can run through water and wash them with soap until they’re squeaky clean. 

But if you use a strap made from other materials such as leather or nylon, it might be ideal to find ways on how to efficiently clean them without damaging them. And again, always refer to your user’s manual guide for better awareness of how to clean them properly. 


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10 Best Screen Cleaners For All Your Devices

1) Whoosh! Screen Cleaner Kit

Whoosh! Screen Cleaner Kit

Click image for details

Tech hygiene is a must nowadays as we bring along our devices everywhere we go, whether it’s the gym, the kitchen, or the restroom we make sure that we always have them with us. And with that in mind, chances are everything we touch also ends up on our devices. 

If you touch a lot of things during the day when you have your devices with you, the possibility of them accumulating dust, dirt, and all kinds of bacteria and germs is pretty high. 

So if you brush your teeth and you wash your hands, you should probably clean your devices too as per the creators of the Whoosh! Screen cleaner kit, which absolutely makes perfect sense in my opinion. 

The Whoosh! Screen cleaner kit is an award-winning brand that you can trust to get your dirty work done cleanly. It’s also Apple’s cleaner of choice as they are the only brand that has passed the brand’s rigorous test. 

It’s a powerful screen cleaner that guarantees a solution for all your dirty screens. Its special formulation is designed to clean all types of screens and electronic devices. From smartphones, iPads, tablets, computers, laptops, even down to your eyeglasses it’s got you covered. 

It is an all-in-one solution that’s non-toxic, odorless, and also alcohol and ammonia-free making it the perfect cleaning buddy that you and your devices deserve. 

When you purchase the kit, it already gives you everything you need to get cleaning which includes; a 3.4 oz spray bottle, 3 6”x6” cloths completely washable up to 50 times, and also a travel-sized 0.3 oz bottle that you can easily put into your bag so you’ll be able to use it wherever you go. 

To use it, just spray an ample amount onto the microfiber cloth included in the kit with the Whoosh! spray formula and gently wipe it onto the screen until all smudges and dirt are no longer visible. 

After that, simply wipe it down using the dry part of the cloth and enjoy your squeaky clean device! Just spray, wipe and repeat whenever you need to. 

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2) Eveo Screen Cleaner Spray

Eveo Screen Cleaner Spray

Click image for details

Say hello to your screen’s new best friend! The Eveo screen cleaner spray, promising to easily remove dust fingerprints and all other kinds of 13 smudges from your screen’s surfaces.

Its formula is gentle and safe on any kind of screen and even for the most sensitive types of LCD, LED, CRT including OLED screens.

And easing your worries further know that the Eveo screen cleaner spray has been tested as safe on all major tech brands like iPads, iPhones, android screens, kindle ebook readers, and computer monitors as well.

The Eveo screen cleaner spray is also a one-stop-shop deal because you’ll also be getting their signature premium soft plush microfiber cloth that is specifically designed to efficiently provide the best screen cleaning experience possible for its users.

In every use, you’ll notice how it can quickly dissolve even the most stubborn stains and how it can flawlessly clean screens leaving no streaks and discoloration behind—all while living no fiber shed which can be quite annoying knowing that you’re trying to clean it but you’re ending up with another thing to clean.

Using the Eveo screen cleaner spray is easy as 1-2-3, just pray it on the microfiber cloth that it comes with and wipe away until you’re left with a spotless screen ready for you to use again.

This truly is an impressive product that works well as advertised that will not fail to deliver the results that you are looking for.

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3) OXO Good Grips Sweep&Swipe Cleaner

OXO Good Grips Sweep&Swipe Cleaner

Click image for details

Cleaning time should be a fun time and no better way to do that than with the OXO good grips sweep&swipe cleaner.

The OXO good grips sweep&swipe cleaner is a 2-in-1 genius double-sided tool that you can use for your smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other devices that requires a good and deep cleaning.

It’s a small but incredible tool that’s about the size of a hand making it compact and portable enough for it to sit on your desk at home or work or for keeping in your bag. It will not take up too much space or cause any distractions as it will only make cleaning your devices easy as pie.

It’s equipped with a microfiber pad on the bottom that cleanly removes any smears, smudges, fingerprints, or stains on your screen. 

And sometimes you’ll need a little bit more than just a cloth to clean your devices that’s why the soft brush rigged on its other end can come in handy to sweep away dust and dirt from your screen and other parts of your device and computers.

The brush is fully retractable and tucks away neatly. It also comes with a storage cover that you can use to keep it clean and ready anytime you’ll need it.

The best part about this cleaning tool is that it’s not only limited to cleaning screens, but you’ll also be able to use it for other parts and components of your gadgets such as keyboards, wireless mice, Bluetooth speakers, and other electronic devices as well

It can be used on anything you see fit—making it perfect for teachers who are looking for a versatile tool that ken take care of all the cleaning job that’s lined-up.

So say so long to smudges and enjoy clean screens with the OXO good grips sweep&swipe cleaner!

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4) Pipa Mint Screen Cleaner Spray

Pipa Mint Screen Cleaner Spray

Click image for details

Make your screen shine with the complete care kit from Pipa Mint. 

A fantastic screen cleaner that with just one spray goes a long way. It’s specifically formulated to take good care of all your devices removing all traces of dirt, oil, dust, static, and watermarks in just a few minutes.

With just a couple of wipes here in there, you’ll enjoy sparkly and spotless screens that look just like new when you first bought them.

It’s gentle on your device but tough on stains and smudges. Its formula is made from a proprietary blend of natural ingredients ensuring that no matter how much you will use it it will never pose any harm to your devices and most importantly to your health.

Not only does it clean, but it also protects—its unique formulation will also leave a thin layer of protection making your device less prone to smudges, smears, and static.

The Pipa Mint complete care kit includes a premium microfiber cloth with a superb softness that guarantees to never leave any fiber sheds behind when you use it.

It’s also equipped with a sprayer that is also one of a kind as it only sprays a fine mist leaving no residue. It also helps to avoid the formula from running and getting in between the nooks and crannies of your devices.

The company Pipa Mint also prioritizes cleanliness and hygiene that’s why they make sure that each product that they release is manufactured under the highest industry standard and is carefully inspected before it departs for delivery to your doorstep.

So rest assured that you can only expect top quality and an effective screen cleaner that you will love to use whenever you need to.

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5) iRoller Screen Cleaner

iRoller Screen Cleaner

Click image for details

If you’re concerned about liquid cleaners damaging your devices then this might be just the thing for you.

The iRoller screen cleaner is an innovative cleaning tool that’s completely liquid-free meaning you’ll never have to worry about it ruining your device and running out of supply.

It’s the perfect technology for all touchscreen devices as it’s extremely effective in removing dust fingerprints and smudges with no chemicals or liquids involved.

It’s also incredibly easy to use yet it offers deep cleaning removing all types of elements that you don’t want lurking on your screens.

The iRoller screen cleaner is a pocket-sized contraption that’s about 3½  inches only making it extremely portable and lightweight, making it possible for the iRoller to go wherever you go. 

It’s also the perfect solution if you’re getting tired of disposable cleaning wipes because it is completely reusable letting you use it countless times without the need of refilling supplies saving you both time and money.

To use it, just apply a bit of pressure as your roll it over your smartphone, tablet, smartwatch, laptop, computer, or other surfaces that you want to clean.

And what makes this screen cleaner stand out is that you can simply refresh it by washing it with warm soapy water every now and then and let it fully dry for about 10 to 15 minutes to restore its effectiveness

It works like a charm and saves you plans of money while being eco-friendly too. So do yourself a favor and grab one for yourself asap!

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6) Mistify Natural Screen Cleaner Kit

Mistify Natural Screen Cleaner Kit

Click image for details

Next up on our list is an all-natural screen cleaner that’s free from harsh chemicals and will always make sure that your favorite tech gadgets are always clean and shiny.

The Mistify natural screen cleaner kit is free from alcohol ammonia and other harsh chemicals that can potentially damage your devices and harm your health as well. This superb screen cleaner is odorless and non-hazardous that’s safe to use even around kids and pets in your household

It’s designed to effortlessly remove grease, dirt, smudges, and fingerprints without ever harming your device’s screen and its protective coating. All you need is one spray and wipe and you’re done.

The Mistify screen cleaner kit is perfect for people who are environmentally conscious as it is derived from a pure blend of natural plant extracts making it fully biodegradable.

It’s also tested safe for all screen types and high-end displays including LED, LCD, OLED, UHD, TFT, HDTV, Oleophobic Macbook, iPad, iPhone, smartphones, tablet, E-reader, keyboards, mouse, and more. 

This screen cleaner is also of great value for your buck as its 500ml bottle lasts long because with just once pray you can already clean multiple devices.

It’s great for use in schools at home offices and in commercial use as well—no streaks or rubbing, plus it’s super useful and easy to use!

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7) GOBE Glass cleaning kit

GOBE Glass cleaning kit

Click image for details

Just because it’s a screen cleaner doesn’t mean it can’t be aesthetic.

The Gobe glass cleaning kit is a professional-grade screen cleaner designed to clean premium coated optical glasses making it perfect for various tech devices such as camera lenses, smartphones, computers, tablets, and eyeglasses.

This kit has it all for you; an ergonomic blower that you can use to dislodge dust and other particles settling on your device, an ultra-fine bamboo brush that will gently come in contact with your screen to gently sweep dust and other particles, an all-natural chemical-free cleaning solution, and lastly two microfiber cloths that is completely reusable and washable

All of this is encased in a travel-ready pouch letting you take it wherever you go with ease.

Its all-natural cleaning formula is free from alcohol and ammonia and has been carefully formulated to produce a streak-free solution that will never damage the nano-coating of your tech devices.

And each and every item that you’ll be getting from the Gobe glass cleaning kit is sourced from sustainable materials such as reinforced paper, bamboo, and glass making it the perfect cleaning buddy for your devices and an ally for the sustainability of our planet.

Also with each purchase of this amazing screen cleaning kit equates to five planted trees in areas affected by deforestation. So not only are you helping yourself with good quality cleaning, you’re also contributing to a cause that will help replenish trees and life on earth.

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8) Moshi TeraGlove Screen Cleaner Kit

Moshi TeraGlove Screen Cleaner Kit

Click image for details

Smudges and smears are no match to the Moshi TeraGlove screen cleaner kit—a highly praised product due to its performance when it comes to cleaning screens

This brilliant screen cleaner will let you effortlessly wipe away any impurities that settle on your screen. It uses Mochi’s proprietary Tetrahedron microfiber technology that lets you easily clean your devices, plus it only requires the easiest to access cleaning agent which is water.

Its double-sided feature lets you use the black side where you can spray a few spritzes of water while turning the glove from the inside out will let you use the gray side which helps trap dust, lint, and other small particles that should not be in your device’s screen.

A bottle sprayer is also included which you can use to fill with water to spray onto the TeraGlove.

Cleansing the Moshi TeraGlove is super easy—after a number of uses simply throw it in the washer with your other laundry and it will be good as new again.

And to enrich your customer experience further, all Moshi products are backed with a 10-year global warranty program.

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9) ProofTech Screen Cleaner

ProofTech Screen Cleaner

Click image for details

Designed for pure convenience and efficiency, the ProofTech screen cleaner is a spray cleaner and a microfiber cloth rolled into one.

This clever all-in-one screen cleaner can be refilled with your cleaning agent of choice. The spray bottles mechanism produces a fine mist that will ensure a large coverage in just a couple of sprays.

Its body is wrapped with a premium microfiber cloth that is washable. It also comes with a transparent cover to keep it clean when not in use.

It’s great for all kinds of tech gadgets such as Macbooks, smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers, e-readers, car displays, and more.

So if you’re looking for a handy product that gets the work done, better check out the ProofTech screen cleaner.

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10) Calyptus Screen Cleaner Digital Kit

Calyptus Screen Cleaner Digital Kit

Click image for details

Let every pixel on your screen shine with the Calyptus screen cleaner digital kit.

This pixel-perfect two-step screen cleaner kit is designed to help restore the glorious display of your devices.

And unlike other screen cleaners, the Calyptus screen cleaner digital kit is a powerful and natural solution that contains zero alcohol ammonia, and other toxic chemicals making it odor-free and safe to use.

In this kit, you’ll get two types of cloth. The first one is the dirt lifting microfiber cloth that gently picks up and removes abrasive particles while absorbing all kinds of grime, oils, and residue.

Whereas the second cloth is an anti-static and low friction cloth that will remove any residual elements to give your screen the perfect shine it had prior to using this awesome screen cleaner.

Its plant-based formula is designed for cleaning all types of premium screens including 4k, 5k, 8k, LED, and OLED TV screens and other electronic devices that you have.

So get yours now and enjoy the best green screen cleaning experience that the Calyptus screen cleaner digital kit has to offer.

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In Conclusion

Since our hands are perpetually glued to our devices nowadays, we should dump the idea that using a shirt or an old cloth is enough to clean our devices because if we habitually wash our hands, then our devices should not be overlooked.

Cleaning your devices with these best screen cleaners is not mandatory, but is a necessity indeed because the more you use them the dirtier they get overtime. So it’s a must to make sure that they get cleaned every now and then as much as you can. 

Just remember that after you are done cleaning your devices, as soon as you touch them again with your hand you’re gonna get germs and bacteria back to them, so make sure that you practice proper handwashing techniques consistently.

I hope you’ve gained a better insight into how to take care of yourself and your devices as well after reading this! And if you have some cleaning tips that you would like to share please let me know down in the comments below. 

Until our next one! 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1) Is a screen cleaner necessary? Can’t I just use a glass cleaner?

Although screen devices and glass are highly similar, that doesn’t mean that you can use the same cleaner that you use on windows to your device’s screen. Glass cleaners compared to screen cleaners highly differ in terms of formulation and ingredient composition.

Glass cleaners often contain high amounts of alcohol and ammonia that if used for cleaning your device’s screen can potentially harm its protective layer and cause permanent damage on your tv screens and the high-end touch display of your smartphone, tablets, computers, and laptops.

Smartphones and computer manufacturers consistently recommend refraining from using alcohol or ammonia-based cleaners as it can increase the chances of making your screen brittle or even make it yellow if alcohol-based or ammonia-based products are used on them regularly.

So instead of making the expensive mistake of damaging your high-end devices with cheap glass cleaners, just please go ahead and invest in a quality screen cleaner that will properly get the job done.

2) Why are microfiber cloths preferred for cleaning screens? Can’t I just use a regular cotton cloth

The reason why microfiber cloths are the superior material to use when cleaning your device’s screen is that microfiber cloths are considered an optical grade cleaning tool which means they won’t cause even a single scratch on your screens.

Microfiber cloths also absorb and dry down surfaces 5 times faster compared to other types of cloth material and conventional paper towels.

Since the absorption rate of microfiber cloths is instant it greatly reduces the chance of liquid elements to run on your screen and eventually get into the nooks and crannies. 

This is because it can hold seven times its own weight in the form of liquid and the fibers found on microfiber cloths are so tiny and dense it makes it super easy to quickly absorb liquids and pick up dirt and dust in just a few swipes.

3) How can I wash my microfiber cloth after using it a few times?

Microfiber cloths can be washed just like how you would regularly wash any other towels or cloths. 

It is ideal that you wash them with warm soapy water and give them a good rinse until the water runs clear. After that let it fully air dry before you use them again for cleaning your device’s screen.

They can also be washed using a washing machine but be careful not to mix them with other clothes as they might color and stain your microfiber cloth permanently.

4) I used the screen cleaner as instructed but why are there streaks on my screen?

Streaks on your screen happen when too much screen cleaner liquid is put onto the microfiber cloth and was used to wipe on your screen. 

To remedy this, all you need to do is flip your microfiber cloth to the dry and clean side and give it a final polish to remove any streaks on your screen.

5) How can I remove stubborn lint from my screen?

Depending on the quality of the microfiber cloth that you’re going to use, there might be a slight chance that it will leave a lint on your device’s screen.

Lints can be quite annoying especially if you’re aiming for a spotless screen. A quick and effective way to deal with this is to use a lint roller or tape to remove stubborn lint on your screen. 

And voila! Enjoy your spotless and lint-free screen.