How Can Classroom Rugs Support Learning? 5 Reasons Why Teachers Love Them

“If you don’t innovate, you will evaporate”


For years, this quote has been stuck on my mind and has been one of the mantras I have been sticking to whenever I feel not so motivated to get up and get things done. 

This saying has been true enough that I have been observing innovation everywhere even in the midst of everything going on in our world right now. 

And through the years, education has been innovating especially in the center of education, our classrooms. Teachers are now adapting new teaching strategies and are welcoming unconventional ways of enriching the learning experience in the classroom. 

how can classroom rugs support learning


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Allowing creativity to blossom is the first step to innovate, and that’s why most teachers are adapting the use of classroom rugs for their classes and it sure has taken their teaching experience to a whole other level. 

There are a lot of reasons why you should inhibit the use of classroom rugs in your classroom. 

And lucky for you because today we’re going to go over some of the benefits of how classroom rugs support learning in the classroom.

And I think by the end of this article, you’ll be buying one for your classroom soon! 


How Can Classroom Rugs Support Learning? 5 Reasons Why Teachers Love Them

#1. A Fun and Flexible Huddle Center 

The first thing that teachers will love about classroom rugs is that it creates a fun and flexible seating arrangement for students and teachers as well. 

It can act as a gathering place and kids will automatically know where to go after they’ve stepped inside the classroom and kept their things in their cubby hole and that’s on the classroom rug. 

With flexible seating made possible by classroom rugs, children also have the freedom to stretch whenever they want to, this can reduce fidgeting movements that are observed when they are seated on conventional chairs and tables that are used for classrooms. 

You also don’t have to gather them every time you want to initiate circle time, they will automatically know that it’s time for them to huddle on the carpet whenever you are going to give them activities of sorts. 

#2. Offers Warmth and Comfort

The next thing I love about Classroom rugs is that they can instantly give a feeling of warmth and coziness because that’s the thing about carpets—warm and cozy is their trademark.  

I mean, anyone would prefer sitting on a warm and fuzzy classroom rug rather than sitting on hard and cold floors, makes sense right? 

a teacher and kids sitting on a classroom rug

What’s great about a classroom rug is its ability to retain heat in the classroom which can help during the colder months of the year. They can provide an R-Value or a thermal resistance function which can make a room warmer compared to flooring materials alone. 

With classroom rugs around, teachers can also take a break from the usual being on their feet all day, this can greatly reduce muscle fatigue and overall foot issues along the way. 

They can have time to relax while they teach when they are on the rug which can also lead to our next item on this list. 


#3. Everyone Can See and Hear Better

The challenge with using the usual table and chair set for the classroom is that it takes up too much space causing to stretch the distance between teachers and students. 

With classroom rugs, everyone can see and hear everyone better. Students can also make eye contact with each other whenever they are discussing something within the lesson, which can promote and develop their language skills. 

Classroom rugs are also found to reduce noise that can interrupt the class or distract students from listening to the teacher.

kids learning how to read and write

We know that younger kids are sensitive to what they hear and feel not only inside the classroom but with the outside sounds from the room as well. A classroom rug will help absorb and lessen the noise that can affect the learning of the students. 

Compared to hard floors that can reverberate sound, classroom rugs can lessen the echo and loud sounds within and outside of the classroom as well. This can improve the focus and concentration of students, and that’s what teachers ultimately want especially during discussions. 


#4. Safety First

If only I had a penny every time I see my kids running around and have a mini heart attack because I’m afraid that they might slip or fall, I think I’ll have a few hundred or so. 

One thing that teachers also love about using a classroom rug is that they can greatly help in avoiding slips and falls because we really can’t contain all their energy, that’s why it’s a good idea to use a classroom rug as a precaution and as a safety measure. 

And if by any chance someone accidentally fell or slippers, classroom rugs can greatly reduce the impact because of the soft-pile they have, but don’t worry, most classroom rugs are equipped with an anti-slip feature. 

You no longer have to worry during rainy or stormy times of the year thanks to classroom rugs. 

Moreover, classroom rugs can also help reduce the allergen circulating around inside the classroom because it can get trapped in the rug if it has anti-microbial or anti-bacterial properties. 


#5. Helps Develop Essential Learning Skills

And of course, the most important reason why you should get and use a classroom rug is that it greatly helps in improving and promoting learning skills that are a must for them to develop during the early stages of schooling.

As it can provide a flexible seating arrangement for your students, it promotes independence and increases engagement as well. 

a child's early development milestone

Classroom rugs can give a better overall experience during class because kids have the freedom to sit wherever they want to, and teachers don’t need to remind them over and over again to sit properly and to give their attention to what is being discussed by them.

They also get to sit with different peers every now and then which helps develop their social skills and their interactions are varied every day and they get to mingle with everybody in the class. 



These are just some of the good reasons why you should use a classroom rug for your classroom. 

From a flexible seating option to the safety measure a classroom rug can offer more and more teachers are trying to adapt and reap the benefits a classroom rug can provide for both them and their students. 

If you haven’t tried it out yet, maybe this is the sign for you to try out something new, you’ll be surprised with how much you and your students will love and enjoy the experience! 

But it’s actually the no-more-standing-up-for-hours for me. (wink*)

I hope you were convinced to get one for your classroom. Sound off below, I appreciate it! 

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