Is A Document Camera Better Than An Overhead Projector?

For so many reasons, a document camera has become a basic tool that seems to have overtaken traditional projectors. But here’s the question: is a document camera better than an overhead projector? In what way?

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Document Camera vs Overhead Projector

Known as doc cams, visualizers, or digital overheads; a document camera shows a clearer and magnified display of texts and objects compared to an overhead projector. Its steady lights allow a clear presentation of life-size notes, drawings, symbols, and figures for students to read and visualize better.

A document camera is typically mounted on a stand or attached to the ceiling and connected to a classroom video projector. Just like how an overhead projector works, different objects and documents can also be placed under the camera so the image can likewise be projected on the screen.

Many schools are still wondering about what this technology has to offer. If you want to treat your learners with ways in which they take in and process information interestingly, let this article convince you.


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The 5 Benefits of a Document Camera

For some schools, departments, or boards, it might be hard to persuade them to provide the necessary budget for document cameras. Here’s a list of compelling reasons why you should invest in document cameras in education for your institution.

1. Better flexibility, visibility, and accessibility

There is a range of benefits you can get from your document camera. Your entire class gets better access to any items or documents you want to show them, most particularly the tiniest and most complex details written on a piece of paper or object. This is helpful when you are holding class in a large classroom or when doing presentations in halls and gyms.

If your model comes with a built-in microphone, then not only you are sure to project the right docs but a clear and understandable voice, as well. A doc cam also has the ability to show artifacts, 2D documents, like a printed sheet of paper, as well as 3D objects. You can also connect a doc cam to other electronics like laptops, tablets, DVD players, and more using an HDMI. Therefore you will not need extra equipment for your presentations.

2. Portability

Portability means the facility of serving multiple classrooms. Popular models are lightweight and eco-efficient. Their cameras give teachers more control over where to position the doc cam and where to store it after use. Technical departments find this a convenient feature allowing them to manage it across different classrooms. This works if your school does not provide individual doc cams for every room.

3. Great tool for tactile learning

Let your doc cam help in the tactile aspect of learning. The consistent flow of thoughts, easy-to-understand and colorful illustrations will fill your class with visual stimuli that help them to be quiet, stop moving, and pay attention. This is perfect for young learners who learn with hands-on work and presentations.

4. Records video lectures easily

If you want to record lessons for austerity or to save lectures for those who are absent, this gadget offers the ability to do that. You can snap photos or create videos with convenience.

5. Easy scanning and file collection

Many document cameras are built with special software for easy filing and organizing, scanning, and copying. This is only one of the features that save some time and money.


Is a Document Camera Better Than an Overhead Projector?

image of a document camera

In some ways, the answer is yes.

While the document camera has some similarities to an overhead projector:

Overhead projectors require overhead sheets and a doc cam can quickly show an image right from a book or other objects. Drawing on a projector sheet can also be messy due to the use of ink that can smudge. With a document camera, you draw using a software program where you can add and erase without smearing inks.

The size and portability are the obvious differences. Overhead projectors are heavy, bulky, and require a table. A document camera can easily be taken everywhere you go, position it in the angle you want, and keep it after use quick and simple.

Overhead projectors function great. Imagine how many teachers benefit from them during their school days. However, they are pricier in terms of budget. This is why document cameras have found a comfortable place in a variety of settings, from educational environments to faculty meetings and businesses.

Invest In A Document Camera Now

Document cameras have become popular because of their ease of use. Because teachers do a lot of presentations and lectures, this tool can help them demonstrate their lessons perfectly.

Sharing documents with a document camera also sustainably reduces the cost and environmental impact of printing document copies. One big convenience it offers is the just-enough size of the device that makes it easy for you to carry inside any teacher’s bag. That alone makes a document camera a friendly tool suitable for all educators.

Did this article convince you to invest in a document camera? Which model are you looking into? Let us know in the comments section below! Also, if you want to know which models we recommend, contact us.