Why Should I Get a Chromebook as a Teacher? 7 Best Reasons Why

Checking out the advances of technology in education, Google Chromebooks are among the best gadgets that give the best support in facilitating student learning.

But, will it be right for you?  Or, have you been asking yourself why should you consider a Chromebook?  Hence, I must be certain of the reasons why should I get a Chromebook, so I can help you decide if it’s suitable for you too.

Thinking if I should or shouldn’t buy one gives me an array of reasons which are a bit absorbing. Today, Chromebooks are seen to be the best laptops that have done so much in the education realm. Along with Windows 10 and MacOS, Chromebooks are a hit in terms of advancement, accessibility, and convenience in education or in other departments.

using Chromebook

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Below are the top benefits of using Chromebooks that might give you the best advice on whether or not to consider buying a Chromebook.

Will it be worth it to adopt the perfect gadget run by Google Chrome’s OS and replace Windows 10 or your MacOS? Well, then, you have to find out. Let’s clear that up. So, keep reading.


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What is a Chromebook?

Considered as techy gadgets, Chromebooks have been the best choice of laptops in the market today especially for people who have excelled in the online world.

Run by Chrome OS, an operating system by Google, Chromebooks offer advanced features with the most accommodating price.  Their lightweight features and impressive performance attracted not only teachers but also other professionals who have taken benefit of the internet and other online activities.

Desired to replace traditional laptops, Chromebooks put forward fast service on the online spectrum and guarantee safe usage that highly supports their users and makes them like a pro.

Today, you are given excellent choices of affordable Chromebooks from popular manufacturers like Lenovo, Samsung, Acer, Dell, and many more.

Why Should I Get a Chromebook?

Know its capabilities to check if it’s a good fit. Will it be worthy of your best choice?

#1 Laudable Price features

With Chromebooks in the mainstream of techy advancements, many people are opting for this popular choice to save a lot of money for reasonable performance. As you will be responsible for responsible tasks as a teacher, you need what’s inexpensive but reliable in terms of performance.

Having Chromebooks in the classroom is one of the most affordable things teachers decide for.  Vying for options for $200 price is a friendly trend for your budget.

Being so budget-conscious, the Chromebook is indeed a delightful choice over other highly performing laptops in the market. Although Windows laptops offer the same affordability to their clients, there’s always something in Chromebooks that you need to look at for an edge.

#2 Stellar Performance

Chromebooks are as mighty or even go beyond your expectations as your laptops in terms of speed. With its powerful hardware highly supported by SSD hard drives, your Chromebook is ready to use in seconds that ultimately giving you convenience.

It’s going to be an incredible choice for not letting you experience sluggish moments of waiting before it powers up. And this is really worth knowing to let you decide if you should buy a Chromebook instead of a laptop or a tablet.

#3 Extreme Portability

Chromebooks are not only your powerful partner in terms of efficacy but also a brilliant option for convenience.

Generally, with their lightweight features, Chromebooks are exceptionally user-friendly as you can afford to bring them anywhere.

If you are to execute your lessons outside the classroom then, your Chromebook can be your best companion to improve student learning anywhere.

#4 Superb Battery Life

Chromebooks are small yet are a reliable choice for a techy gadget because of their exceptional long battery life. Just a piece of advice, you should never settle for anything that disappoints you along the way.

Hence, we are talking about what’s reliable and what offers mixed performance.

Although the battery life of a Chromebook varies according to models, overall, long battery life ranges from 6 hours, 8 hours, and even 13 hours.

Interestingly, with its powerful battery life, you can be so confident that your class hours are supported and no need to worry about distractions and interruptions.

#5 Security and Support

There’s more to being run by Chrome OS. There’s no need for you to install antivirus software when you are using a Chromebook.

With this great advantage over other laptops in the market, Chromebooks offer both security and support as they boast their inbuilt anti-virus protection and other exceptional software updates.

More so, Google guarantees the latest software updates for eight years for every Chromebook manufactured in 2020.  Plus, all web apps are monitored by Google up to date to assure you that your data and privacy are secure.

Such an incredible offer for new features and security protection. So, there’s no need for you to stew over malicious files anymore when you can stay protected for long years.

#6 Great Sync Features

Being run by a Chrome web browser, a Chromebook allows you to sync your passwords and Android apps on another computer. So, if you are using a Chrome browser on any device, your bookmarks, apps, passwords, and other preferences will spontaneously harmonize with your Chromebook.

Such a great way to save time for you will not be going over again to make your search or remember your password as long as you have the Chrome browser as your chief interface.

#7 Amazing Cloud Storage

Chromebooks have exceptional onboard storage from 32 GB to 64 GB plus the 100 GB extended by Google through its Operating System. And this additional GB in the cloud can be enjoyed by Chromebook users for two years.

It’s a great help both for automation, efficiency, and convenience.  This can help you decide for opting for the best Chromebook because I know teachers have a lot to keep in the cloud for future references.


Should I buy a Chromebook? With the advantages presented above, will it be worth my accord?

Other than the sleek designs of Chromebooks, I always count on their performance and amazing features. The bright and colorful screens are highly proportional to their capabilities and advanced features compared to other laptops in the market.

Although other laptops are catching up, it is still worth it to say yes to a Chromebook. Being one of my top picks in time, my  Chromebook has become my best companion at work and in my home office.

Just keep updated on the best Chromebooks for teachers and help yourself decide if you should buy a Chromebook or not. It’s all up to you after all.

However, if you are looking for the best choice to back up your multitasking paradigms, then you should opt for strong performance, accurate screens, superb battery life, and sleek design, then the Chromebook is the superior pick you can buy.

Well, you must be joining the Chrome OS explosion and be like a pro in no time! Just never settle for anything less! Catch for what’s solid and stellar!