How Do You Fit A Computer Desk In A Small Space? 7 Amazing Tips For Teachers!

How Do You Fit A Computer Desk In A Small Space?

If you’re one of the many people who are now forced to find a way to create a functioning workspace right at the comforts of your home but doesn’t have an idea where and how to make it work—I second the notion. 

We’re in quarantine season and most of us are fortunate enough to still be employed and still able to earn money for a living. 

And you might be looking right at your place right now thinking of how do you fit a computer desk in a small space comfortably because not all of us like me, have the luxury of having an extra separate room to set up as a work station or office room.

how do you fit a computer desk in a small space

It might be tricky to find a solution on how to make the most out of a small space, but if there’s a will there is always a way. I can assure you that there are ways to create a cozy yet functional workspace to perfectly fit a computer desk. 

Sometimes you just have to think out of the box and make the most out of what you have right in front of you. 


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9 tips to create the perfect workspace in a small space

1.) Maximize and identify your available space

The first step that you can take is to analyze and check where you will be able to set up a quaint work station that you know you will be comfortable working in. 

Try to picture and layout where the perfect zone would be for you to fit in your computer desk. By identifying the area you will be working with, you’ll be able to plan your layout for it to work efficiently for you. 

It’s best to maximize the empty spaces, and this is the time where you can look at walls. By using free wall space in a small area is like finding a hidden gem. 

Walls are not only limited to hanging up paintings and pictures, they can be utilized for shelves, floating desks, and much more. 

2.) Choose your furniture wisely 

A bit of good advice I can give to people trying to get the most out of their small area is to invest in double-duty furniture. 

It’s best to get multi-functioning furniture in small spaces because you don’t have to buy separate furniture that will make your space look cluttered. And clutters are the last thing we want especially in small spaces. 

For this, a great example would be ottomans that can also be used as storage to keep some of your items, or a bench doubling as storage that can be used for extra seating when you have friends or families over at your place. 

Now for workspace wise, you can opt for a counter height desk matched with a barstool so that you will still have enough space under where you can fit in shelves or file cabinets under the desk and also add in shelves on top of it for added storage. 

Try to go for a desk with a light-weight appearance and avoid chunky and heavy designs. Always go for furniture that lets you see the floor underneath as this will give the illusion of extra space which will make the room look a lot bigger. 

It is also best to aim for a flexible workstation that can also serve another purpose, some people are using murphy beds which is a pull-down bed to help create more space in the room that can serve two purposes at the same time. 

You can use it as an office room during the day time and turn it into a bedroom during night time. 

3.) Less is more 

The number one thing that leads to a space looking cluttered is small objects piling up. So for your space to look tidy and clutter-free is for you to add fewer decorations and objects on top of your desk.

Opt for a desk with drawers where you can put your office supplies hidden when they are not in need, like your pens, paper clips, sticky notes, and other stationeries that can make your space look fuzzy. 

4.) Lighting is crucial

Lighting is one of the best tricks to make your space look bigger and spacious, and of course, you would like your workspace to be well-lit and roomy enough for your thoughts to freely run in your mind. 

It’s best to place your desk in a spot where there’s natural light if possible, but thanks to lighting options you can place pin lights or spotlights to help open up your workspace. 

If you can place your desk near a window in your bedroom or living room that’s also a good idea as nothing beats daylight. 

5.) Choose colors wisely

Ideally, in a workspace, it’s best to go with neutral colors. Think lighter colors when choosing your computer desk, or when finding a spot where to put it. The lighter the desk or wall is the brighter and bigger your workspace will look like.

You can also opt for a desk that matches the color of the furniture you already have. This will harmonize and blend your living space and will not make you feel heavy while you work. 

Another great way to make your workspace and desk look brighter and bigger is by adding a mirror. This gives an illusion of space and depth. I also recommend placing it where it can reflect the best space in the room. 

6.) Organize and Compromise

Spring might not be around yet, but maybe it’s time for you to pick up the broom and declutter your items to free up space. 

You can start a garage sale or offer up your old items for barter because that seems to be trending nowadays. Maybe that old table sitting in the corner of your room filled with trinkets and other stuff can still be sold for a good amount of money to help you revamp your workspace. 

Organize and work on your furniture placements, maybe it’s time for you to move things around your house for a different flow. You just need to utilize every available space that you can to make it look much better and clutter-free. 

7.) Add a touch of Moi! 

Last but not least, is adding your own personality to your workspace. Take your time and immerse yourself into your creative side. Have fun while you’re creating your very own workspace. 

You can maybe place a certain area in your desk where you can have “me-time” or a stress-relieving station where place fidget gadgets, stress balls, or other items that you would like to hold on to while you work. 

Someone I know has her own portable mini-fridge right on top of her desk so that she can get treats whenever she likes because sometimes stress-eating is a great way to relieve pressure from work. 

Working at home doesn’t mean your all warm and cozy, it’s actually still very challenging with all the temptation to procrastinate. This is why you should strategically place your computer desk in space where you can stay productive and get things done task after task. 

3 Clever Hacks To Fit Your Computer Desk In A Small Space

#1. A desk in a closet

This one has been trending since the quarantine season started. This is a very practical yet functioning resolution especially if there is no available space in your area to be converted into an office or work station. 

If you have extra space to store in all your clothes and other garments, you can repurpose it into something more useful like a work area.

Turning your closet into an office station is like a peekaboo moment that will surely impress your friends and family when they see it—I mean virtually for the meantime! 

#2. Double your desk as a nightstand

Just imagine waking up and getting up from your bed, your workstation is already there waiting for you to finish all your task for the day. You no longer have to rush to shower and chase the bus just to get to work because you work in the comforts of your own home. 

Making your desk work as a nightstand as well as a very practical step especially if you’re looking to fit your desk to what you already have in a room. 

You just have to pick the right furniture that can perfectly blend with the atmosphere of your bedroom and you’re good to go. 

This can work well for people who are living with other family members or roommates, setting up your workspace in your bedroom is a great way to preserve your privacy and enjoy quite times while working as well. 

#3. Opt for a laptop table or desk

Now, this can be a last resort for those who literally can’t fit a whole desk in their living space. This is also a great way to still create a space for you to be able to focus on your work peacefully without any distractions. 

You can prompt your lap desk on the floor or while on your bed, but I do suggest being in a different room other than your bedroom because comfy sheets are sure to tempt you during siesta time. 

You can purchase a laptop table or desk online at a very affordable price, you can also opt for a laptop stand or riser so that you won’t be crouching your back when you’re working for hours. Crouching your back can cause strain to your neck and back and eyes as well. 


There are many ways to fit a computer desk into a small space without taking up too much area in the room. 

You just have to be creative and try to do some research for possible designs and ideas you can try to incorporate into how you will fuse your computer desk into your current living space. 

It doesn’t have to be a full space, you can try blending it with what you already have. 

Just make sure that your comfortable with your chosen space and it flexible enough for you to stretch around because stretching is an important thing to do while working, it gets the juices flowing to your brain for better ideas, helping you stay focused and ready to get things done. 

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