10 Best Laptops For Online Teaching [Reviewed: 2022]

Online teaching is a versatile occupation. Other than being a great way to earn some extra cash on the side, it can also be a full-time job. But do take note that this type of job can also be very demanding when it comes to the equipment you need to perform well. 

If you are on the lookout for the best laptops for online teaching, then let’s talk about the highly recommended laptops for teachers.

typing on a laptop for online teaching

Looking for the perfect laptop to fit your teaching needs can lead you to intense and long hours of research. You have to admit that laptops are not cheap. 

That’s why we gathered up some of the most recommended laptops for remote and online teaching.

And since we are also experiencing the new normal where meetings and classes have to be held remotely. This makes it important to have a handy laptop that teachers can use at any given moment.


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Product Image Reasons to get it
Acer Aspire 5 Slim Laptop
  • AMD Ryzen 3 3200U dual core processor
  • 15.6 inches Full HD and IPS display
  • Windows 10 in S mode
  • 7.5 hours of battery life
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Apple MacBook Air
  • 13.3 inch Retina Display with True tone technology
  • Backlit Magic keyboard and Touch ID
  • 10th gen Intel core i3 processor
  • Fast SSD storage
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ASUS VivoBook L203MA
  • Featherwight design (2.2lb)
  • Optimized 10 hour battery life
  • Durable 180° hinge
  • Extensive connectivity options
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Lenovo IdeaPad 3
  • AMD Ryzen 5 with Radeon graphics
  • Quick and quiet Q-controls
  • Physical webcam shutter
  • 14-inch Full HD screen
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HP 15-dy1036nr Laptop
  • Intel Core i5 processor
  • Dual array microphones
  • Features HP fast charge
  • ENERGY STAR® certified
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10 Features An Online Teaching Laptop Should Have

Before making the big decision on what laptop to buy for your online teaching journey, of course, you should first make sure that it can keep up with all the tasks that you need to carry out or accomplish on a typical workday. Since you will be using the laptop on a daily basis, don’t settle for the mediocre ones. 

A rule of thumb is to always go for the quality.

1. The Operating System

The first thing you should decide is what operating system to use. This plays a vital role in terms of how your workflow will be from day after day. If you’re not really familiar with the types of OS laptops usually come with, the usual ones that you will see are Windows, MacOS, and ChromeOS

Each and every OS has its own Pros and Cons, if you’re going to look at Windows think of it as the more generic OS that can be found on most laptops that are sold nowadays. The most current Windows 10, which is the latest OS from Microsoft and is running in most model laptops nowadays. One thing to love about this OS is your accessibility from a laptop to tablet mode in a breeze. 

You also have Cortana that you can treat as your trusty assistant for when you’re in full work mode. Cortana can also assist you when you are multitasking as she is voice-activated. 

Next on our list, we have the MacOS which is known for running exclusively on Apple products, the most current one running is MacOS Catalina. 

macOS Catalina greatly differs from Windows 10 when it comes to interface features and display. You also get an Apps dock that you can organize depending on your preference and you also get Siri. 

The great thing about MacOS is if you are already using Apple products like an iPhone or an iPad you can simply sync across all your devices and have access to all your data in one sync as long as you have the same Apple ID logged in across all devices. 

Next, we have the emerging Chrome OS that runs mostly on Chromebooks. This OS is perfect for online activities such as fast browsing of the internet, checking and organizing your emails, monitoring your online platforms, and the likes. 

It is noted that ChromeOS doesn’t really work great for offline tasks, but with the recent upgrades, you can now also run Android Apps. 

2. The Processor

The more powerful the processor is the more work you will be able to do without any hindrances of slowing down. This is the main brain of your computer so you should really take some time in choosing the right one for you. 

And since you are going to use the laptop for online teaching you should look into a processor that can smoothly run even when you are multitasking and opening tabs here and there.

You should be able to browse, download, play a video, and record your screen all at the same time without the laptop slowing down. It would be best to get at least Intel core 5 or higher to have a smooth experience even when you are multitasking. 

Some of the best-known processors for laptops best for online teaching use are:

Intel Core i5 – This is a must for laptops that are going to be used for online teaching. Think of this processor as the standard, if you are looking for something that is not that pricey but still can offer the performance you will be needing for your task, better get a laptop with this kind of processor. 

Intel Core i7 – This will be the best one for you if you’re looking for something that will really help you with productivity. This processor is an upgrade from Intel Core i5 and is also great for gaming activities if you are into games and stuff during your free time. This bad boy has four cores allowing you to experience multitasking without any lag. 

Intel Core i3 – Think of the number of these processors as levels, the higher the number is the better the processor will be. Intel iCore 3 is great for light laptop usage and can also work for online teaching but it might limit you from multitasking and conducting various tasks you might need to execute on your laptop. 

AMD Ryzen 4000 – An emerging new set of chips that are being compared to i5 and i7. It can actually perform much better than the latter processors but the selling point is that it can be found on lower-priced laptops, this one is perfect if you’re on a budget. 

3. RAM

Another important aspect to consider is the RAM (Random Access Memory). The RAM functions as the storage for all the short-term memory your laptop might need to access now or in the next few seconds.

Your laptop will be able to access all the data that can be read quickly in any form and in any order. This allows your computer to work faster and fetch data in a snap. 

The RAM capacity of your laptop also aids in multitasking especially if you’re running multiple programs all at the same time. The same rule also applies to RAM as with processors. The higher your RAM is the better it will be when you’re multitasking. 

If you have tried using a laptop that has 4GB RAM, you will really notice the big difference compared to using a laptop with 8GB RAM. 

4. Storage

If you will be choosing a laptop with premium processors and high RAM Capacity, you should also choose a laptop that will let you have expanded and large storage to back it all up. 

And with your computer needing storage for short-term memory, of course, it will also need a much larger space for long-term ones. 

It is also best to opt for an SSD (Solid State Drive) because the speed is much reliable for this type of drive compared to an HDD (Hard Disk Drive).

5. Webcam and Audio Input/Output

The webcam and audio of your laptop should be reliable enough and produce crisp sound and clear images. The built-in camera or mic of your laptop might not suffice, especially if you are going to teach a child. 

You should be able to hear your student properly and also your student should be able to hear you clearly too. And of course, let’s not forget about the image quality of your camera. You can also opt for external devices if you want to upgrade.

6. Additional Ports

Some laptops might tend to have few ports built-in. Having extra ports to link in your external devices is very convenient especially if you need to put in a number of external devices like a webcam, a headset, or other devices that you will need to link to your best computer. 

7. Battery Life

If you are mostly working ear an outlet where you can just plug in your laptop and work away, you don’t have to worry about this one. But, if you prefer having the laptop prompted on an area that does not have access to an outlet you should look for a laptop that should at least give you 6-7 hours of running time. 

Take your time in reading lots of reviews because first-hand experiences are much more trusted than what the websites say.  

8. Choose the keyboard and touchpad style you like to work with

This is the part of the formula to get the perfect laptop that seems to be overlooked quite frequently, you should look into the ergonomic capability of the keyboard and touchpad of the laptop especially if you’re going to use your laptop for a long period of time. 

The touchpad should be able to respond systematically how it should, and should not cause you any issues to hinder you from working. 

The same goes for the keyboard, it’s best to look into the touch sensitivity of the keyboard because nobody wants a keyboard wherein you have to hard press every key just to make it respond. 

9. Display Screen Size

The screen size also plays an important role in how you will decide on what laptop to purchase for your online teaching journey. Are you comfortable working on mid-sized laptops or do you prefer going with the big ones to give you full-on accessibility? 

You can actually choose from 11-inch laptops up to 18-inch ones, you can also opt to go for bigger ones if you would like to use the laptop for multimedia purposes because a lot of laptops nowadays offer high-end retina displays, which is also great for image manipulation and video editings. 

10. Your Budget

Laptops in the market range from $150 to about a whopping $900 and above. To give you a rough estimate, you’ll get a good quality ranging laptop for around $600, and if you do happen to find one with great specs for a lower price, go for it! Try to wait for a “sale” as they really give out good discounts from time to time. 

Speaking of budget, if you have extra money to splurge better to pair up your laptop with some of the best wireless headphones for online teaching, think of these devices as your investment in the long run! You’ll be working efficiently and effortlessly with these pieces of equipment in no time.


10 Best Laptops For Online Teaching 

**Disclosure: There are Amazon affiliate links below, meaning that as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

1.) Lenovo IdeaPad 3

Lenovo IdeaPad 3

Click image for details

A laptop is a necessity that every teacher needs to have since nowadays, many people have been storing information digitally rather than having to do it manually with a hard copy.

Moreover, with the people being confined in their homes there is a possibility that there will be minimum personal interaction with students. Teachers must invest in a high-quality laptop if they do not already have one.

One of which is the brand Lenovo, which offers not only laptops but other gadgets as well. Lenovo is known for its innovative and smart technology that they incorporate into every product they have.

Their products are made from the highest quality of materials together with their personal engineered technology that makes their products user-friendly and accessible. Not to mention it is also budget-friendly. 

One of their most esteemed products is the Lenovo IdeaPad 3—a great laptop model that can run any application that teachers need to use such as Zoom, Google, Skype, Microsoft Office, and other work applications that can help teachers.

Its processor is good enough to run applications as it is an AMD Ryzen 5 3500U Processor; it is a simple yet fast processor that can run applications simultaneously while maintaining a stable run of the laptop.

For the price, it definitely offers a high-running processor that I personally think is essential to every laptop out there in order to maximize how the user will be able to use the hardware in their everyday lives.

A great thing about the Lenovo IdeaPad 3 is that it has a 14-inch FHD screen with narrow sides that optimizes maximum viewing, not many laptops have this kind of feature wherein the sides are narrow enough that it does not take up a chunk of space on the screen.

This is a great feature, especially when users are planning to use this laptop as a means to show images and videos, even presentations. Moreover, people who are older in age will have no trouble using it. The speaker embedded in the laptop is a Dolby Audio that is known for delivering crystal clear sounds and is loud enough to be heard inside a room.

There are other features in the laptop such as Bluetooth 4.1, up to 2×2 WiFi 5, three USB ports, an HDMI port as well, its system ram type is a DDR4 SDRAM. It also utilizes an already installed web camera so there is no need to purchase a hardware webcam.

Overall, the features and specs of the Lenovo IdeaPad 3 are more than enough for teachers to conduct an online class. The most important thing about this laptop is its high-running processor for running teaching applications and documents, and a web camera that can be used for online discussion with students.

For its price, it is an affordable yet budget-friendly product. 

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2.) ASUS VivoBook L203MA

ASUS VivoBook L203MA

Click image for details

Before investing in a laptop, first people must think about what they look for in a laptop. Many people have been let down the moment they bought a laptop and it is not a laptop fit for what they intended the laptop to do.

For example, if people expect a laptop that can run many games then they should not be looking for budget-friendly laptops.

Almost all of the laptops that are available are intended for casual use only, meaning it can run applications that are intended for simple internet browsing and simple everyday tasks such as writing documents, creating Powerpoint presentations, calculating grades, and designing graphic flyers and portfolios.

Teachers must take into consideration that they should pick laptops that are good enough to be used as an online teaching medium in order to save the budget. 

A good brand to invest in is ASUS. Not only that this company offers many gadgets other than laptops, but it is also one of the well-known and most trusted brands of technology around the globe. Many people have a lot of positive things to say about ASUS’s products and one of them is the ASUS VivoBook L203MA.

The ASUS VivoBook Series is one of the popular ones that ASUS has to offer, its most prominent feature and its selling point is its featherweight design—making the laptop weigh only 2.2 pounds despite its wide screen of 11.6 inches HD (1366 x 768) display.

Its core processor is an Intel Celeron N4000 Processor (4M Cache, up to 2. 6 GHz) with a RAM type of 4GB LPDDR4 RAM; both of these is a good choice of processor and RAM type as Microsoft Office applications will surely run smoothly on the laptop together with browsing the internet.

It also has an HD Camera installed, so again there is no need to buy a hardware web camera. Together with its lightweight feature, it is also slim as it is only 0. 7 inches thin.

A good thing about this is that this laptop is light and slim enough to be portable, so whenever there is a chance that the user will bring it outside of their home it will be easier than bringing any other laptop. Considering its price range, I can easily say that this is one of the more budget-friendly laptops that is why if people are expecting this laptop to be bigger than it is, do not get your hopes up.

This laptop is intended for doing simple everyday tasks and simple internet browsing. Despite all of that, it is a good laptop and it comes with one year of Microsoft Office 365 together with OneDrive storage and 60 min/month of Skype to Phone calls.

The VivoBook also has Windows 10 in S Mode which is the app-based version of windows that is 100% verified in the Microsoft Store. Buying this laptop will surely be worth it. 

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3.) HP 15-dy1036nr Laptop

HP 15-dy1036nr Laptop

Click image for details

Another great brand of laptop to buy is HP—it offers many devices primarily for work usage so this is the perfect brand to buy from if you are a teacher and you are looking for a laptop that can be used for work and online classes.

Although many people find HP Laptops unpopular compared to other laptop brands, the latest HP Laptops have been designed according to customers’ feedback and have really raised the bars with the current laptops that they offer. People are satisfied with HP Laptops as it simply is reliable and they offer very competent customer service.

The laptops that they have designed and manufactured uses high-quality materials to ensure the longevity of the product, and the reason why their laptops are a tad bit expensive compared to other laptop brands is because of the service charge that they included for the cost and research development of the company in the future; ensuring users that they HP products will be more advanced than ever before. 

One of HP’s esteemed laptops is the HP 15-dy1036nr Laptop, a lightweight product that measures  14.11 inches in width x 9.53 inches in diameter x 0.71 inches in height; and weighs 3.75 pounds making it portable.

Its display is a 15.6-inch diagonal Full HD, anti-glare, micro-edge, WLED-backlit display (1920 x 1080); 82% screen to body ratio—perfect for viewing videos or partaking in video conferences such as online classes.

It has a fast processor of 10th Generation Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-1035G1, Quad-Core, 1.0 GHz base frequency, and up to 3.6 GHz with Intel Turbo Boost Technology; so rest assured that many different work applications can run in this laptop.

It is a good processor that comes with an internal 256 GB PCIe(R) NVMe(TM) M.2 SSD, and higher bandwidth, a fast and efficient 8 GB DDR4-2666 SDRAM making the laptop boot faster, transfer many files without waiting for a long time and make the user’s experience much more enjoyable and comfortable.

This is a perfect laptop if you do not want to experience any hassle, just fast and efficient. It has a battery capacity that can be used up to 10 hours and 15 minutes (estimated time usage), up to 6 hours and 30 minutes (video playback), up to 8 hours and 30 minutes (wireless streaming); with 0 to 50% charge in 45 minutes with the HP Fast Charge.

Needless to say, this laptop is capable of handling hours of work and video calling for online classes. It will provide a smooth experience for teachers and it will make it much easier to handle work and online classes with its high processor and 8GB Ram. Not to mention it has Wi-Fi 6 (2x) and Bluetooth(R) 5 connections, an HP TrueVision HD webcam, and an integrated numeric keypad that will surely be helpful when it comes to doing work-related stuff either at home or in your workplace.

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4.) Dell Inspiron i3583 Laptop

Dell Inspiron i3583 Laptop

Click image for details

When it comes to beautiful and sleek array designs of laptops, the brand of Dell definitely has those types of laptops that will surely catch people’s eyes.

I personally think that Dell has so many beautiful and efficient products that almost every laptop they offer is a must-have. Every laptop they have has its own unique design and the laptop itself is made from premium materials such as good battery life and internal hardware.

The brand Dell is the best Windows laptop out there, with every laptop they offer imbued with good and high technology, and making it professionally designed that makes it suitable for business work. I know many people with professional work use Dell-branded products, and they have shared their experiences using them.

All of them have positive feedback about it and clearly stated that they will not be replacing their laptops with any other brand other than Dell. There are many great things about Dell’s line of products; not only does their product offer optimum performance, its durability and stunning designs are also a plus—not to mention that it is fairly balanced with its price.

One of their most iconic laptops is the Dell Inspiron i3583 Laptop, it is a good build of laptop that optimizes a touch screen display, making it easier to use especially for older people who are not very fond of using the trackpad or a mouse.

It is a good addition to add more versatility to the laptop, and it is certainly a more convenient way to interact with the laptop than others. The display of the laptop is measured 15. 6 inches touch screen with a 1366 x 768 HD resolution that utilizes Intel UHD Graphics 620.

Its speaker type is a MaxxAudio—a great sound system that can deliver clear sounds, and the laptop also has an LED backlight. The main processor of this laptop is an Intel i5-8265U; a good processor that can run almost any applications other than games that require a high graphic card.

It has a quad-core, eight-way, Intel Turbo Boost and not to mention it has a whopping 8GB ddr4 system memory, guaranteed to boot your laptop faster and make it operate more smoothly. Lastly. It has a 256GB Solid State Drive, allowing users to store files.

There are so many uses for this laptop especially for teachers who need one for an online class. It is a good, and smooth-running laptop that will allow teachers to have a stable online class without any interruptions from technicalities.

Dell has always provided high-quality laptops so expect that the price will be a little bit over budget, but it is a good laptop that will last a long time with proper care. 

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5.) Apple MacBook Air

Apple MacBook Air

Click image for details

The Apple brand has certainly made its name known with its high-quality gadgets; from iPhones, iPads, and now a laptop, it is certainly one of the go-to brands that people will certainly like.

The technology they used is different from other brands as the company has made its own software rather than the standard Windows that every laptop has been using.

What makes it more unique is that the software they have created is intended to use for business-related purposes; they designed it in a way that it is simpler to use and has the tight security to keep important business files locked away, and it can not be easily accessed by just anyone.

Apple’s own engineered software together with its gadgets is perfect for people who are often doing work-related stuff either at home or at their workplace. The Apple MacBook Air is one of the cheaper products that Apple has to offer, it is less priced than any other gadgets that Apple has manufactured but nonetheless cheaper.

The Apple MacBook Air has a sleek and slim design that is pleasing to look at, it also has elements of minimalist art as it is mostly plain-colored with only the apple logo visible, and it also has a stunning 13.3-inch retina display with True Tone technology and with IPS technology; 2560-by-1600 native resolution at 227 pixels per inch with support for millions of colors, 16:10 aspect ratio—making colors on the screen much more vivid.

The graphics card that is installed in the laptop is an Intel Iris Plus Graphics, Support for Thunderbolt 3–enabled external graphics processors (eGPUs).

Its processor is a 10th Generation Intel Core i3 processor with Turbo Boost up to 3.2GHz which is not much when it is placed on the Windows software, but it is a powerful processor when it is paired up with Apple’s software. It has a storage of 256GB to ensure that every file that you have can be stored, and together with its tight security system, only the user will be able to have access to those files. 

There is also a camera installed on this laptop and considering that Apple has a good reputation for installing high-quality cameras.  You are assured that there will be no quality problem when it comes to engaging in video conferences for online classes.

In my experience, Apple offers users a smooth browsing experience and there are seldom situations that Apple products hang while in use. It is a good, high-end product that will surely make teachers’ work much easier and it will help them be prepared to take online classes.

Apple’s software is a bit complicated especially if you were originally a Windows user but you will eventually get used to it. Take note that Apple offers high-end products, so expect the price to go over budget, but it is honestly one of the few brands that last long and still operate smoothly after years of usage. 

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6.) Acer Aspire 5 Slim Laptop

Acer Aspire 5 Slim Laptop

Click image for details

Laptops nowadays are growing more and more expensive as every year, different brands compete with each other by releasing newer and better laptops that will just continue to grow in price as well. When it comes to people who have professional jobs, it is best to buy a laptop because they will clearly need it; teachers as well.

Our current generation revolves around technology as it becomes part of our daily lives, not only does it help ease the burden of our daily tasks, it also provides entertainment.

Needless to say, nothing can go wrong if we were to buy laptops. But as I previously stated, the expense will surely be a burden. That is why many brands have emerged to compete with the high-end brands, and one of those brands is Acer; a laptop brand that offers decent laptops with a reduced price tag. 

There are many Acer laptop models that have been reviewed by many, most of them have mixed reviews but the Acer Aspire 5 Slim Laptop is one of the hidden gems that many curators have given positive feedback about. It is designed to be slim, making it portable while weighing only 3.97 pounds.

The mobile processor installed is an AMD Ryzen 3 3200U Dual-Core Processor (Up to 3.5GHz), a 4GB DDR4 Memory, and 128GB SSD. Despite the product itself being a bit cheaper than others, Acer still provided the Aspire 5 a decent processor and RAM that can run any applications that do not require a high graphic card.

The RAM is not that high compared to others but if it is for simple browsing and managing documents, the laptop will run smoothly. The 128GB Memory is not the standard memory capacity that most budget laptops but it is expandable so if ever that the 128GB is not enough, then it is a good idea to expand.

Its display size measures into a 15.6 inches Full HD (1920 x 1080) Widescreen LED Backlit IPS Display and has a graphic card of AMD Radeon Vega 3 Mobile Graphics that will provide vivid and high-resolution visual representations.

The size of the screen makes it more enjoyable and for its price, you would not expect it to have a grand display. 

Overall, the specs of the Acer Aspire 5 Laptop are very decent considering its low price point. Some people might have doubts in regards to buying this product but it is safe to say that the Aspire 5 is definitely a go-to especially if you are in need of a laptop for work or for personal use.

This is a good laptop for teachers that have a strict budget because it certainly works for storing important files and records, and it is also useful for conducting online classes. 

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7.) Dell XPS 9370

Dell XPS 9370

Click image for details

As previously mentioned, I personally think that Dell is one of the leading laptop brands out there just because of its sleek and minimalist designs, good quality laptops, and great customer service.

Another thing worth adding to this list is the Dell XPS 9370, and just like the last time it also optimizes a touch screen display for easier usage and convenient perks. If you want a touch screen display laptop with a higher processor, RAM, memory storage and has more advanced features then this is the perfect gadget to buy.

Or if ever you just want to splurge on laptops then definitely consider buying this, its price may be a bit too high for most products in this list but it is one of the few laptops that will surely last longer without slowing down.

Compared to the previous Dell laptop, this definitely looks much better as it is perfectly designed to be slim and has a simple design of a solid color with only the logo of Dell on it. You can easily carry it with your bag when you’re going to school. This is also a great substitute for people who want to have the same feel of an Apple product but with Windows software instead. 

The Dell XPS 9370 has its prominent feature of UltraSharp 4K Ultra HD InfinityEdge Touchscreen Display (3840 x 2160) with Intel HD Graphics that measures 13.3 inches.

This is one of the great improvements of the laptop since it is a touch screen display it is a good thing that Dell has taken into consideration that providing a good graphics display and a decently measured LCD, it will help the user to fully experience the wonder of the high-resolution display that the laptop provides.

This is a good point as teachers will be able to clearly see documents, videos, and images with more quality and it will also be a helpful thing now that most of the schools are now conducting online classes.

This will make online class discussions more tolerable as there is only a small possibility that the quality of the images and videos of students will be of low quality. Teachers will also be able to do work more efficiently than ever before seeing as the laptop has a processor of an Intel i7-8550U Quad-Core Processor that can be up to 4.0GHz with Turbo Boost and an 8MB Cache.

Applications, transferring of files, participating in video conferences and a little bit of gaming will be much smoother compared to the other Dell laptop as the Dell XPS 9370 has a 16GB LPDDR3-2133MHz SDRAM and 512GB PCIe M.2 Solid State Drive— this laptop has one of the largest memory capacity than any other of the laptops in this list. 

Since the speculations of this product are higher than your average laptop, it will certainly have a hefty price but it will definitely be worth every penny.

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8.) Samsung Chromebook

Samsung Chromebook

Click image for details

If you are on a tight budget and you do not have enough for buying a laptop that is worth every penny, then this Samsung Chromebook will be the perfect substitute for it. Moreover, your tote bag will surely devote a special place for your Samsung Chromebook so you can easily bring it anywhere!

A Chromebook is different from a laptop as it is much smaller in size, making it a portable gadget that you can take anywhere you go, and it does not house the Windows software. It is safe to say that Chromebook is the simpler version of laptops that have their own operating system called the Chrome OS.

By reducing the size of the Chromebook and letting it run on a different operating system, it is often priced several hundred dollars less than a normal Windows-operated laptop.

The Samsung Chromebook is a good yet small substitute for a laptop, its display size is measured to be 11.6 inches with a resolution of 1366×768 pixels and houses an Intel HD Graphics.

Although it is smaller compared to laptops, it still definitely provides a high resolution that laptops often have and the graphic card is also a good type; it is not what you expected from a cheap version of a laptop.

Teachers will definitely love this as it will provide a clearer image of their students during online classes. Another great thing about this is that since it is small it is slimmer, weighing approximately under 3 pounds, and with its military-grade durability, it will take bumps and drops like a champ. 

To such a small device, no one would be able to expect that it has a battery life that can deliver up to 12 hours of battery on a full charge, not to mention that it can also quickly recharge on a USB-C charger.

The battery that is built within the Samsung Chromebook is a long-lasting battery, which is a good thing since the Chromebook is portable so when users are always on the go they would not have to worry about battery life. 

Despite it being a small gadget, it has a processor of an Intel Celeron N4000 that has 4GB RAM and a 32GB Memory Storage. Surprisingly, the processor and RAM type of the Chromebook is a good pair that can run work applications and provides a smooth browsing experience.

The only downfall to this product is the minimum Memory Storage, but it can always be expanded. But despite the misses of these products, this is surely a good investment for those teachers who are low on budget—not only can it be used for making paperwork, it can also be used for online classes. 

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9.) LG Gram 2-in-1 Convertible Laptop

LG Gram 2-in-1 Convertible Laptop

Click image for details

LG is another brand that has made its name known around the world by providing various technology that makes people’s lives easier and entertaining.

One of their most innovative creations is the LG Gram 2-in-1 Convertible Laptop—it can transform into a laptop or a tablet whichever you prefer most. Not every laptop brand can think of doing that, most tablets can only get attached by a wireless keyboard but no one would have thought about making a laptop convert into a tablet.

It can be switched from a 14 inches laptop to a 14 inches tablet with a flip of the 360-degree hinge. The 360° touch display of the LG Gram 2-in-1 convertible laptop can be easily rotated, allowing it to alter through convertible modes from laptop to tablet. 

It has a 2-in-1 functionality to cater to your daily tasks or preference. A laptop and a tablet have their ups and downs.

To start off, the LG Gram has a display size that measures 14 inches Full HD with 1920 x 1080 pixels, IPS LCD Touchscreen. It is reasonable to display size, not that big but not that small either, but the resolution of the LG Gram is good and will definitely show high-quality images and can stream high-quality videos—it will also be perfect for online classes.

The screen is securely protected with its Corning Gorilla Glass 6 screen, it will not easily be destroyed unless it is intended. The operating system that is installed in the LG Gram is a Windows 10 Home (64 bit); it is the latest Windows operating system and it is 64 bit as well, and that works well with every application.

The processor of this 2 in 1 laptop is an Intel 10th Generation Intel Core i7-10510U CPU with a 16GB RAM & 1 TB (512GB x 2) M.2 NMVe SSD—this is by far the highest speculations out of all the gadgets mentioned, this will definitely make browsing and working in this laptop much smoother.

Applications can also be opened up simultaneously and will hinder no problem with the laptop’s performance. LG has done a great job of providing such a high-running processor together with hefty RAM and good memory storage.

The processor, RAM, and memory storage of this laptop is what is usually seen in personal computers but it is now packed inside a 14-inch laptop. As if it could not get any better, the battery life of the LG Gram can be up to approximately 20.5 hours thanks to its enlarged capacity of 72WH in a 2WH Lithium Battery.  

Overall, the LG brand has done a great job in researching and designing this 2-in-1 laptop. Not only have they created a good array of specs that is usually for personal computers, but they have also taken an innovative approach to increase its versatility and make it much more enjoyable for people to use.

Teachers can conduct online classes by using either of the two modes, the tablet can be used for a more casual teaching approach and the laptop can be used as a professional one. Either way, it will definitely help teachers in their line of work. 

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10.) Microsoft Surface Laptop 2

Microsoft Surface Laptop 2

Click image for details

Microsoft has been one of the leading technology companies and it is widely known throughout the world. 

Although they are not much known in the field of laptops and computers, they are slowly building their way up. One of their popular laptop models has become a name on its own because of its unique and simplistic design, together with an outstanding, soft keyboard and a touchpad. And that is the Microsoft Surface Laptop 2.

The Microsoft Surface at first glance is very eye-catching, many people who have been searching for good laptops have certainly encountered this laptop and considered buying it. It comes in various colors namely: Platinum, Black, Burgundy, Cobalt, and Cobalt Blue.

The screen display of the Microsoft surface measures 13.5 inches that has a resolution of 2256 x 1504 pixels—it is medium-sized and it certainly can show images and videos that fit in high-quality resolution.

The processor brand of the laptop is Intel Core i5, together with an 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD, just by the RAM itself the laptop will obviously run application smoother than others, transferring files from one device to another would not take up to long and it will surely be efficient in running for a long period of time when it comes to conducting online classes.

Teachers will be able to handle work efficiently with the 256GB memory storage, as it will surely store many important documents. 

Although Microsoft is not known for its many product lines of laptops and personal computers, this product has certainly proved that Microsoft has the potential to manufacture more products so long as they take notes of what to improve.

Microsoft Surface 2 is intended to be used for daily tasks, business-related work, and casual browsing. This is also good for teaching online classes as it has very high specs that teachers can easily be able to conduct. 

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With the new normal that we are compelled to embrace, remote learning has opened doors for teachers to continuously nurture the minds of their students even outside the settings of a classroom.

Technology has made interaction and communication possible online. It has paved the way for continuous knowledge sharing wherein the relevance of online teaching has emerged and has shown importance more than ever. 

Your laptop must be capable of storing a lot of data for your important documents, files, and other things that you might need to access using your computer. Multi-tasking will probably let you use and open a number of tabs during an online class session.

Thankfully there are a lot of capable and affordable laptops in the market that teachers can rely on when it comes to their online teaching needs. You just need to make sure that it has the features that you are looking for and if they can perform effectively when you are using it for your online classes. 

Well, that’s that! I hope I was able to at least give you a head start on how you can find the best laptop for your online teaching needs. 

Happy Online Teaching! 


 How To Be Effective with Online Teaching 

1.) Keep it simple

The key to online teaching being effective is to just keep things as simple as they could get.

Since you are already facing the challenge of not being in the same room as your students it is practical to keep all your lessons laid out as simple as possible. Complicating things will not only lead to misunderstandings you will also lose time and not effectively educate your students at the same time. 

Try to create an easy and straightforward module or coursework so that giving out instructions will not eat most of the time for your class. It’s also a great idea to give your students access to something that they can use a guide like PDF instructions they can always open whenever they stumble across a block. 

But still, even a simple workflow can be a bit tricky to construct. Breaking down your lesson into important parts and highlighting them should be the focus of your lectures. On minor areas of your lesson, you can try to send your students the details of the said area in PDF forms so they can access it anytime they would like. 

2.) Create a student-driven learning base

Online teaching can be an overwhelming task especially with all the tedious planning and checklist you need to execute even for just one class. And the best thing to focus on is creating a student-driven learning course so that your students are engaged throughout the whole class session. 

It’s also a good idea to assign students a certain part of your lesson plan for them to discuss and share ideas and emphasize students’ choices to really reinforce engagement which is the goal for an online learning environment. 

3.) Create slides and short clips of your lectures

Nowadays, it’s a good idea to create video lectures ahead of time so that you’ll be able to buy yourself some time to create future lessons ahead. This can also create a chance for students who are having difficulties connecting to a stable internet not to miss any lessons. 

Your students will be able to watch the video lessons at their own convenient time, it’s also best to at least give them a deadline of until when they will be able to watch it just to make sure that everyone’s keeping up with the pace. 

It’s also very important to show your face during the recording this can be done by simply using available apps like Loom where you can create, record your screen, voice, and face at the same time and instantly create videos that you can share with your students. 

Also try to keep your videos as short as possible this is to avoid any issues with downloading and you can also try to divide your lesson into three-part videos if you need to add additional information or if you would like to explain more on the topic you are currently discussing. 

4.) Take advantage of free resources and by resources, I mean the internet! 

The internet is a wide and vast tool or medium for learning, and the best part is that you can use tons of free resources to get high-quality videos that can be a lot to put up all by yourself, right? 

So it’s best to include these free resources and incorporate them into your modules so your students can have these clickable links they can go to for further research and explanation regarding the topic. 

Just make sure that the pre-developed resources that you are using are aligned with the lesson you are going for and have open access to prevent an avalanche of student inquiry because they can’t get into the link that you have provided. 

5.) Develop a routine

At an early age, children learn by repeating what is taught to them multiple times. Developing a routine for your online classes will encourage your students to learn more as changing your teaching style might lead to confusion. 

Having a steady flow for your classes will help them remember and enjoy the activities as they already know what is coming next. You can try to explore what’s the best style of approach you can do for your online classes then keep it steady for a week or so, and maybe try to change things up after every other week.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.) Is it okay to use my laptop while it’s charging? 

It’s okay to use your laptop while it’s charging. When your laptop is plugged in and is charging your laptop is being directly powered by the A/C adapter and not the battery—and only the excess power is being delivered to the actual battery which then powers it up until it reaches 100%.

And also, keep in mind that it’s better to unplug your power adapter once the battery hits 100%, or even before that in order to maximize the life cycle of your laptop’s battery.

It’s best if you can charge it up until the range of 80-90% and let it drain down to 30-40%, this will immensely help to prolong the lifespan of your laptop’s battery better.

Because keeping your laptop plugged in even though it’s already fully charged might actually do more harm than good.

2.) Should I shut down my laptop after every use? 

Before I ended up with a dead laptop back then, I always leave it in sleep mode almost every day without fully shutting it down. I just thought that it would load everything much faster compared to having it turned on and turned off every time I use it.

And boy, it sure backfired at me. One day as I woke up ready to take exercise my fingers with a whole day of writing all it gave me was a blue screen and endless reboots.

When I took it up for repair that’s when the tech guy told me that leaving your laptop in sleep mode is really bad as it can really affect the performance and components of your laptop to the point where it can get damaged permanently.

I learned my lesson the hard way. That’s why I’m letting you know that it’s best if you can fully shut down your laptop every night and just turn it back on for your next day’s work to give a good reset and to prevent the build-up of running applications in the background that can affect the performance of your computer.

Just think of it as giving your computer a good night’s sleep—while you let yourself rest, let your laptop do the same thing too.

3.) How can I keep my laptop’s battery healthy? 

Laptops don’t come cheap, that’s why you would want to keep them in their pristine condition and prolong it’s lifespan as much as possible.

And to keep your laptop’s battery healthy as long as possible, here are a few tips that you can follow:

  • – Always keep your battery percentage between 40%-80%; don’t let it get to zero
  • – If you have to use it plugged in, don’t let it get too hot
  • – Proper ventilation is a must, use a laptop riser if you can
  • – Check your battery’s health from time to time; if it gets below 80 then it’s time to replace it