9 Best Spring-Themed Bulletin Board Ideas on Amazon Right Now

Kaleidoscopic spring flowers. Picturesque gardens and parks. Blooming fruit trees. They all adumbrate the best spring-themed bulletin board ideas for the classroom!

As the vibrant hues of winter begin to fade, the arrival of spring brings with it a burst of colors, renewed energy, and a breath of fresh inspiration. It’s the season of growth, transformation, and, of course, a perfect time to revamp your surroundings. If you’re a teacher, a parent, or someone with a penchant for creative expression, there’s no better canvas for capturing the spirit of spring than a bulletin board.

Such beauty of nature captivates our hearts and souls and deserves a hopeful outcry: Hello Spring!

How do you welcome the awesome spring in your classroom? Decorating your classroom to embrace the spring should be made easy and fun.

In this blog, we embark on a journey through the lush landscapes of Amazon to discover the nine most enchanting, innovative, and downright delightful spring-themed bulletin board ideas. These are not just decorative pieces; they are gateways to a world where imagination blooms like a field of wildflowers. So, buckle up as we explore the must-have bulletin board treasures that promise to infuse your spaces with the essence of springtime magic!

best quote for the spring

Photo by Maxime Bhm on Unsplash

Preparing your classrooms for the spring is notably necessary. Aside from making the learning environment lovely, updating your bulletin boards can make a big difference in student learning too.

Our spring-themed bulletin ideas are both to enhance room structuring and to highlight curriculum content.

There is much to enjoy in the springtime. The beautiful spring connotes happiness and joy. Thus, when winter comes to an end, you should be planning how to best accommodate the wonderful spring into your classroom.


<<<Are you excited to usher in the fantastic spring? Here are our top 21  best spring bulletin ideas for teachers in 2021. Add them to your collection in the lovely springtime! Get fantastic ideas below.

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Rustic Bloom Grow Your Mindset Mini Bulletin Board
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OSNIE 45 Pieces Summer Sun Flower Cutouts
  • Multicolored flower cutouts
  • 9 different styles
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Carson Dellosa Dive Into Learning Bulletin Set
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  • Multicolored paper
  • Unique underwater set
  • With resource guide
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Peachy Keen Motivational Classroom Bulletin
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  • Fully-laminated
  • Printed on both sides
  • Inspirational messages
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Carson Dellosa Hungry Caterpillar Bulletin Board
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What to include on your spring-themed bulletin boards?

Unfortunately, no matter how serious you are about putting up your spring-themed bulletin boards, you can’t just pluck flowers and hang them around the classroom.

Through your powerful creativity, you can make use of cut-out colored papers, printed images, and inspiring designs of the following subjects for the delightful spring. Snatch all these elements and prepare to design your bulletin for the spring.

Let your students meet and greet the spring season with happy hearts!

Brilliant flowers

Cutout flowers look fantastic on your spring bulletin board. By using neon-colored construction papers, you can best demonstrate a lively spring display. Furthermore, there are available printable sunflowers, lilies, roses, and flower buds to help celebrate springtime.

A flower-themed spring bulletin board makes an attractive display. Brighten your classroom with flamboyant cutout flowers of different sizes and make the spring color inhabit your bulletin board.

Flourishing fruit trees

Eye-catching spring bulletin boards can also be achieved using blooming fruit tree designs as the backdrop. Extol the exciting spring by using cutouts or printable fruit trees in your bulletin. The multi-colored fruits create the best bulletin for the wonderful season.

Colorful butterflies

A garden-themed bulletin is another excellent display inside your classroom. Ready-made butterfly stickers or templates can be used to display vocabulary words, sight words, and number words that help facilitate learning. Pre-schoolers love bulletins overcrowded with pastels and vivid colors.

Besides, the butterflies are among the favorites of children. So, having them on the wall is an excellent concept.

Awesome caterpillars and ladybugs

Other exciting creatures in the garden are the symbolic caterpillars and ladybugs. Spread fanciful images of lovely insects in your classroom and make a unique display for the exciting season of the year.

Significantly, kids are not only excited about the big caterpillar but are also curious about how it transforms into a beautiful butterfly.

With that, you can interpret to them why the caterpillar is on the bulletin. Metaphorically, you can inspire students to study hard and make a remarkable transformation in the future just like the caterpillar.

On the other hand, ladybugs, are meant to spread good luck and happiness into your classroom. The jolly little creatures also amplify goodness and love which are notably felt during the spring season.

Thriving birds

Images of boho birds on the walls are fine spring decor. Undoubtedly, the colorful boho birds with their nests are peerless spring bulletin ideas that your students will love.

Having a flock of busy Boho birds in your classroom inspires your students to do great in their studies and be at their best.

Certainly, brilliant Boho bird cutouts, tickers, and trimmings can go together perfectly with your leaf edges and borders.

Spring quotable quotes and Bible verses

There’s more to spring colors and lovely decor as you make your bulletins a perfect spot for good behavior formation, motivation, and encouragement.  Communicate good behavior and create a big spring bulletin that features inspiring quotes and Bible verses.

Using letter cutouts or printouts to project motivating lines and with the appropriate color combinations will surely help your students consume content and reflect on them.

When I tried this in my classroom, I asked volunteers or assigned a student in advance to pick one line from the bulletin and expound it in front of the class.

Another exciting way is assigning your students to print their favorite verses or quotes, share them before the class and post them on the spring bulletin. For me, this is a great idea of letting students feel that spring is indeed in the air.

Insightful headers and captions

Eye-catching headers and captions can help your students learn and understand difficult concepts. The more they appreciate headers, the closer they come to your bulletins and read. Bulletins do nothing if they aren’t read or consumed. Well, they should be.

The purposeful designs in your bulletins should serve multiple ends. They shouldn’t only exist for beauty but also for instruction and learning opportunities. In other words, spring bulletins are teaching tools just like any other classroom wall displays.

Catch the Interactive Spring!

Spring Delights Our Hearts!

There’s More to Rain Drops!

Welcome to the Colorful Season!

We Bloom in the Spring!

Fun Learning Behind the Spring!

Integration with content

Bulletin boards primarily are aids to student learning and act as reflection boards. Thus, when changing your seasonal bulletin boards, you should consider the lesson chapters covered for the whole spring season, choose the most significant ones and display them on the bulletins.

Designing your spring bulletins should outline the initial lesson content for the spring. However, it should not be filled with mere information but also interactive concepts that help students realize the curriculum content.

Student artwork

What can you say about your students’ handprints on the bulletin? Do you consider spring bulletins as display boards for student outputs? Exactly. One of the best spots in the classroom to showcase student performance is the bulletin board.

When classes begin in the spring, you should get ready to launch your student’s first activities on your spring bulletin board. That’s what it’s made for in any classroom setting. It serves more than just colorful display boards. They are there in your classroom to ignite learning and to display student work.


9 Best Spring-Themed Bulletin Board Ideas

1. Rustic Bloom Grow Your Mindset Mini Bulletin Board

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 Here’s a perfect spring bulletin to boost your students’ self-esteem. The Grow Your Mindset bulletin consists of pots filled with positive quotes that help students realize their unique potential. Take the opportunity to create a gallery for growth and positivity in your classroom during the springtime.

The whole design creates a fantastic room for motivation for your students. Moreover, this ready-made spring bulletin tenders pastel-colored flowers, charming succulent accents, rustic wood, and vibrant paper fans.

You can customize the arrangement of each item so they fit perfectly well into your overall classroom setting to welcome the spring.

The rustic fanciful design adds beauty to the spring moments in the classroom. What’s the icing on the cake? This bulletin board theme is a perfect way to help your students flourish and appreciate their knacks.

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2. Carson Dellosa – Buzz-Worthy Bees Colorful Cut-Outs

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 Catch the busy bees! Spread colorful busy bees on your spring bulletin board and ignite hard work in your students.

The busy bees are the best representation of hard work, perseverance, and determination, so they deserve a certain spot inside your classroom. Besides, the coming of the spring season means revival.

Also, the product features 45 pieces of bee stickers with 12 assorted designs, enough to decorate the whole bulletin.  These ready-for-use die-cuts are useful for teaching classroom supplies. The assorted designs are recyclable when laminated.

You can even personalize your display by putting the individual names of your kids on each bee. They can serve as name tags, word cards, game cards, and many more.

Or you can best conceptualize your spring bulletin as a vocabulary board, informational board, or interactive display. Just let the bees speak!

The bees are printed on one-sided quality card stock which allows you to use them for a long time. Brighten your spring bulletins in an instant using these flighty busy bees. Own a unique style and add a buoyant feeling to your classroom.

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3. OSNIE Spring Summer Sunflower Cutouts

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 Spring season means the surroundings are abloom. The good temperatures are accented with the beauty of sunflowers, tulips, roses, cherry blossoms, and a lot more. Bring a new and fresh environment into your classroom by using stylish spring flower cutouts.

Each beautiful flower cutout measures 5.1 x 5.1 inches, which makes it visible enough in the classroom.  Plus, the cutouts are made of high-quality cardstock and they are reusable.

The package includes 5 sheets of glue points that make it easy to assemble and spread on the walls. Hence, you really enjoy your money’s worth when you buy the OSNIE spring-summer sunflower cutouts.

Best of all, the flower cutouts have a smooth surface that makes them water-resistant. When you like to extend their presence on the bulletin for the summer season, you just wipe off the dust and enjoy their beauty throughout the next season.

Let your students enjoy both the spring and summer seasons through the blooming flower cutouts. All 45 pieces are brightly colored, and they come in 9 various designs that look fantastic on your bulletin board.

Certainly, these colorful flowers make the finest backdrop of your spring bulletin.

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4. Carson Dellosa Weather Frog Spring Bulletin Board Set 

Click image for details

 As you welcome the spring, get ready with frogs singing and croaking in the pond. Catch the cheery mood of the frogs and bring them inside your classroom.

Here’s another interesting product by Carson Dellosa that truly appeals to the wonderful spring. Frogs are spring cheerers and peepers.

Besides, their character is quite interesting to children, so having the 43-piece weather frog spring bulletin is an awesome idea.

Show your ingenuity by designing your spring bulletin board like a pro. Set up your weather station for the lovely season and teach your kids the perfect dress for the weather.

This colorful set brings fantastic energy and more learning opportunities for young learners in your classroom. The stylish designs are absolutely perfect for educational displays.

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5. Carson Dellosa Dive Into Learning Bulletin Board Set

Click image for details

 Aside from thaws and snowdrops, spring can best be welcomed through this “Dive Into Learning” bulletin board. Swimmers love spring and so do your students.

Get this marine-themed stylish bulletin board to celebrate springtime in your classroom. The set includes  31 sea animals that you can highly customize as name tags, reward cards, and more gamified card activities.

Furthermore, there’s a colorful treasure chest that measures 20 inches by 14.25 inches. These visible essentials can be used as interactive teaching tools on the wall.

Additionally, you can also customize the gemmed fish blank header to accommodate your desired title, but you are also given the option to use the included “Dive into learning” sheet.

To add a realistic look to the overall design, 4 divers and a resource guide are included in the package. Owning these ready-to-use bulletin board elements is indeed a perfect response to the spring phenomena.

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6. Carson Dellosa Education – Boho Birds Rolled Scalloped Border

Click image for details

 Of course, who would not want the Boho bird? Having the cheerful boho birds on the borders or trimmings of your spring bulletin is a great idea.

Creating an enriching learning environment is made more delightful by using the colorful boho bird scalloped border.

Made of durable material, this bulletin border can be used for the whole school year. Its versatile design and style accommodate this end. This makes a unique frame and a popping display.

As you know, sightings of birds are glorious signs of spring. Hence, more and more teachers are gathering Boho birds into their classrooms and posting them on the bulletins.

Boho birds carry a cheerful atmosphere so they are a perfect element in your spring bulletin.  Having this rolled scalloped border adds a creative style to your bulletin.

Besides being a perfect tandem for bulletin trimmings, it’s ideal for door frames, windows, shelves, and many parts of the classroom.

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7. TREND enterprises, Inc. Big Oak Tree Bulletin Board Set

Click image for details

 Raise quality learning in your spring bulletin with this adjustable big oak tree board set. Included in the package are 6 cartoon animals; namely, 4 squirrels, 1 blue jay,  and an owl.

Additionally, the set is complete with  36 leaves,30 acorns, and one door that is the center of attention. All in all, there are 76 pieces that you can arrange in your spring bulletin and make your students feel the lovely spring.

The big oak tree is the perfect backgrounder for a students’ work display or an information corner for the spring season. Essentially, seeing everything in bloom in the spring, your students will get excited to learn knowing that you are transforming the classroom into a safe and interactive learning environment.

Indeed, a great design for your spring display board, the big oak bulletin board set receives commendable reviews from clients in the United States that makes it a most-wanted item for a teacher’s bulletin board.  It’s certainly a fantastic design on your wall.

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8. Carson Dellosa Education Very Hungry Caterpillar Bulletin Board Set

Click image for details

 Brighten up your classroom and engage your students in reading books by using the Hungry Caterpillar Bulletin Board Set. This makes a perfect display for the spring season while honing the reading skills of your young learners.

Having this bulletin set is a way of inspiring students to love books. Besides, the caterpillar is an attraction to kids before it transforms into a dazzling butterfly. Adding this to your decor collection for the school year is a great idea. The whole set is made from durable material and it’s reusable.

Inspire your young learners to read more in the spring using this stylish bulletin board. You can customize the arrangement of the items on the wall and make them fit into your overall classroom setting.

Literally, make your students, “Hungry for a book”. Such is a cute design that most kids love.

In fact, it received amazing reviews from clients in the United States. With that, you’ll certainly be satisfied with this bulletin board set.

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9. Peachy Keen Crafts Store Laminated Motivational Positive Sayings for Classroom Bulletin Board

Click image for details

 Presenting another durable ready-to-use classroom bulletin board for the spring. Boost your students’ confidence with Peachy Keen Craft’s Laminated Motivational Positive Sayings Display. Help your students  “Dream Big” and “Exhale Doubts”.

These are among the motivational thoughts included in the package. Blooming motivation in your classroom with these stars is a perfect idea for the spring. Quite a good idea to adopt despite the challenges in education today due to the pandemic.

The whole set is composed of 24 stars with 12 designs. All stars are fully laminated so you can recycle them and use them for the next school year.  Hence, it’s worth the money.

You can hang the vibrant stars from the ceiling or you can make a gallery of them on your spring bulletin board. Each star measures 6 inches and they are eye-catching.

Best of all, the uplifting messages are printed on both sides of the star so they are perfect for hanging or to be spread on the bulletin board.

This option deserves to be in your cart!

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Bulletin boards are among the focal spots in the classroom and they aren’t just there for mere display but for a deeper educational purpose. They are amazing teaching tools that help teachers facilitate learning through visual presentations.

Now that schools have extended the online learning modality to continue education, teachers still need to update bulletin boards to make the background of the online conferencing engaging to the learner. Although online platforms offer a customized effect of backgrounds, it’s still always better to have a real background.

Update your Spring Bulletin instantly with the above-mentioned options. Give your students what they deserve. Hence, keeping your bulletins in the classroom updated should be intentional. Make your bulletins interactive and allow quality student learning to flourish more in the spring.

Can you think of other elements and ideas to be included in your spring bulletins? Specify your suggestions below.



1. Why are bulletin boards important in the classroom?

Bulletin boards are a common sight both inside and outside the classroom. They facilitate student learning and impact student engagement. 

By saying so, we can’t deny the importance of interactive and attractive bulletin boards in the classroom. Also, teachers use classroom bulletins to introduce a new chapter, to enhance student learning, to display student work, to make announcements, and many more.

2. What makes a good bulletin board?

Bulletin boards should be made interactive and should feature activities that are SMART-oriented (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound). Also, bulletins should be accessible to little hands. Hence, a good bulletin board is placed at eye level. 

Moreover, items in the bulletin board should be colorful but not distracting. It’s a common notion that vibrant colors attract attention but you should be careful in color combinations.

3. What are the types of classroom bulletin boards?

Since bulletin boards have become an essential tool in the classroom, it’s imperative to know their types. For a more effective classroom structure, we should know how to design our bulletins accordingly. The following are the types of classroom bulletin boards:

a. Interactive Bulletin Boards

These are bulletin boards that encourage student involvement and participation. Hence, the items on the board should be manipulative so that they can promote skills development like language proficiency, numeracy, literacy, hand and eye coordination, and motor skills of children.

Since interactive bulletin boards ignite student engagement  or they are usually navigated by little hands in the classroom, they should be made accessible. 

b. Student Display Boards

These are among the most crafted structures in the classroom where students can see their outputs and work. Furthermore, using display boards in  the classroom can increase students’ esteem and confidence.

Also, through the creative display of students’ artwork and other stuff, parents would know how their children are doing in the classroom. It’s a boost to their involvement in the education of their children. 

c. Seasonal Decorative Bulletin Board

These are among the most popular excitement in the classroom every season. When the Christmas seasons come, students get excited to structure their Christmas bulletin boards. Spring-themed bulletins are a perfect example of this type of classroom  bulletin board.

Additionally, these bulletin boards are also called themed bulletin boards that display vibrant colors and aim to magnify a certain holiday, season, or a celebration.

d. Academic Bulletin Boards

These classroom wall displays that theoretically present the different subject areas. Significantly, this type of classroom bulletin includes graphic exhibitions of concepts and information.

Otherwise stated, academic bulletin boards are the so-called conceptual classroom displays that are made stimulating and informative. Made to compliment the subject area being taught, conceptual bulletin boards help to facilitate a theory or idea and to reinforce a certain topic. 

4. How do bulletin boards attract attention?

Since bulletin boards play a vital role in enhancing student learning, they should be made stimulating and attractive. The right combination of colors and the creative design and structure can create “Aha” moments of students.

Bulletin boards are not only structured and created to exemplify certain concepts but also to set the positive tone for an accommodating classroom environment.

That is why most bulletin boards are colorful and nicely structured. To achieve this end, we should consider the design, what to display, the visual representations, dimensional elements,  the graphics and content.