22 Best Christmas Gifts for Teachers in 2021

How much pressure does this gift-giving put on you every Christmas?

Of all the occasions to give teachers a gift, Christmas is the most magical of all. Imagine how the used to be a one-day glorious celebration has transformed into month-long days and nights of cheerful songs, holiday lights, and gift-giving. All these bring a Christmas gift extra special.

Even though the holidays are still far, there’s nothing wrong with planning for the best Christmas gifts for teachers this early. What do you have in mind this year?  Did you discover something new to surprise them for the year 2021?

Christmas gift wrapped in gold for teachers

There actually is no shortage of ideas on what to get teachers at Christmas. However, if half of the class will give a mug every holiday, the teacher would not have enough shelf to display the collection.

Wouldn’t it be exciting to give something unique like a blissful card perhaps?

I feel lucky to have spoken with some helpful teachers. Some suggestions are items that make their life easy and fun. Others wished for something extra special so they don’t have to buy for it. It was even surprising to know they love food!

I guess this is enough information to find something new for them this year. Teachers deserve anything extra special and there are a lot of worth-discovering gift ideas. Surely, the trick is to know some traits of the teacher you have in mind for hints as to what suits her or his personality.

Teachers spend a huge amount of time nurturing children. In fact, many spend more hours in the day with your child than you do. They always love to make a big difference in the lives of others.

Now that this challenge is on, check out my list of “new” Christmas gift ideas for your child’s teacher. I bet many of these gifts are what teachers would love to get but are taken for granted. Well, not this Christmas season.

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BLUE YETI Nano USB Microphone – Plug and Play USB feature
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CROSLEY Vintage Bluetooth Turn Table -Plays 33, 45, and 78 RPM records
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ANKER USB C Hub -Provides 6 ports for all charging needs
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MUELLER French Press -304 Stainless steel coffee maker
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RAK Magnetic Pickup Tool -A telescoping pickup gadget
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Tips to Finding Useful Gifts for Teachers 

Christmastime is the most joyous time of the year. So while canvassing all the teachers I know, including my friends and her colleagues, I came up with great ideas as to what things many teachers are dreaming to get on the yuletide season. The things I discovered? Teachers also are very much festive individuals. They like that which is fun and practical, and most of all, magical.

Whether your kids are in preschool or high school, not only a beautifully wrapped gift will complete their Christmas, but a token you intentionally prepare with a touch of love.

1) Something Practical & Consumable

Many of us opt for the quick to buy generic gifts like bath soaps, candles, and the winner of all – mugs. While we know that teachers appreciate any gift they receive, these items may end up not being used. It is fun to take the challenge of giving something new to cherish.

Wrapping paper, notebooks, and markers are consumable gifts that they can use up instead of having to find a bunch of space for storage. For the male teacher, do you think a Sleep Headphones Mask is gorgeous? What about a Car-Wash Certificate?

2) Teachers Like Stress Relief Gifts

Teachers like a moment to recharge and relax as a moment of self-care. Other than essential oils or body massagers, did you know that chunky knit slippers will keep them cozy all winter long? You might even want to buy them foot cream? They needed that!

Have you ever thought of a seat cushion to comfort their back every day? Male educators also need to look and feel good so Grooming Gifts tailored for guys are holiday perfect. They don’t ask for it but they are dreaming about this, too!

One great way to relax is by lighting a scented candle or burning some incense. One of my new gift suggestions is actually a scented candle for men. Just because they’re male doesn’t mean they can’t transform their home into a sanctuary. Men may be the hardest-to-shop-for, but they should not be left out on Christmas without something to treat themselves.

3) They Are Hoping for School Supplies

This is true. Basic supplies that help boost both the classroom are always appreciated. Aside from regular pencils and colorful pens, they love to collect colored duct and washi tapes, stationeries, and sanity savers. Gift them slates – these are hand-held chalkboards that provide a reusable writing surface.

Stash boxes are very much loved, too. Other than its extremely classic appeal, they make great organizational tools. A set of cleaning tools perhaps will make every day cleaning in the classroom easier. Great for their cars too. Don’t underestimate giant clamps or jumbo clothespins – these are small but they can keep important reminder notices, projects, and pictures from getting misplaced.

4) Everyone Loves Books

Will teachers enjoy teaching if they don’t love to read? Even the simplest book on vocabulary will be treasured. Books are wealth that has brought together knowledge to help teachers create a great impact on teaching. They love to see their collection of books on a shelf where they can quickly access when they need some fresh lesson plan inspiration.

Most teachers read professional advancement books. Full of creative ideas or books for new teachers will get them excited. I bet even fairy tales will become a part of their wonderful book collection. They sure will be excited to read the book you give during the Christmas vacation.

5) Don’t Give Up on Tradition

Teachers have their own Christmas childhood. They know the magical feeling brought by the Nativity or letters to Santa Claus. Therefore making Christmas cards or homemade bakes can make great presents. Let the Christmas tradition shine in your own little way and recapture the seemingly fading magic of gifts that are not store-bought.

I always love receiving handwritten Christmas notes. There is something in it you simply cannot trade-off with any expensive material thing. Do you feel the same? Baking Christmas treats as simple as sweet puddings, Santa cupcakes, and gingerbread are heart-warming. Caramel popcorn, marshmallow fudge, and no-baked cookies are very much appreciated. Regardless of your recipe, if it is home-baked, any teacher will find it priceless.

If you feel the same magic, share it with your child’s teachers. You never know how happy you can make them with that simple gesture. Try these no-bake Christmas treats from Delish.

6) Share Your Novelty Items

Don’t have enough budget? Then don’t buy. Step into more sustainable options like sharing some of your collected items such as decors, kitchen sets, stationery, and perhaps books. If you have collected 4 fancy frying pans, gift the other one or two.

This way of gifting is a way to look forward to in the eyes of a child. This does not mean giving away your expensive collection, but rather novelty items that can be useful to a teacher. Perhaps you have a cabinet full of toiletries? Sharing half of that alternatively saves you money and space.

To make Christmas gift-giving a lot more fun here is a video with some designer techniques for wrapping Christmas presents with magic.

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New Christmas Gift Ideas for Teachers This 2021

**Disclosure: There are Amazon affiliate links below, meaning that as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

1) Marathon Silent Non-Ticking Alarm Clock with Warm Amber Auto Back Light

Marathon Silent Non-Ticking Alarm Clock

Click image for details

Alarm clocks may be among the most received gifts. But a silent clock is different. This is a highly functional alarm clock with an urbane look. It has an Analogue with a very attractive soft and warm dial with just the perfect amount of lightness.

The Marathon Silent Non-Ticking Alarm Clock has a quiet system design. It is engineered in a way that the second-hand moves in a continuous quartz manner so as not to produce a ticking sound every single second. With an automated night light, it emits a soft and ambient glow when put in a relatively dark place making time visibly readable. The less glaring light is better than the kind of light most digital clocks give off.

For dimensions, the clock comes in 3.5 inches wide by 3.75 inches tall and 1.5 inches thick. Square in shape it is very easy to handle as the on/off button is separated from the snooze/light button. Both of the buttons are cleverly put on top of the clock so setting up an alarm is quick and easy.

On top of that, the clock offers just the perfect size for a device designed to alert an individual or group of individuals at a specified time. Ideal to wake up or remind your teacher of something important. Look at the alarm clock and it looks super simple yet really classic it will never go out of style. Place them on your headboard, bedside table, shelf, school desk, or drawer — you have no problem.

All in all, if you know a teacher, an elderly woman, or just someone who is a light sleeper in general, wrap the Marathon Silent Non-Ticking Alarm this Christmas. Knowing that some teachers sleep late and light, I find the silent non-ticking feature perfect — not disturbing but cool.

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2) Crosley CR8009A-SEA Discovery Vintage Bluetooth 3-Speed Belt-Driven Suitcase Turntable

Crosley CR8009A-SEA Discovery Vintage Bluetooth

click image for details

Speechless? Of course, turntables are not a thing of the past. Teachers do listen to music. Since this suitcase turntable is coming back to make playing music accessibly quick and easy, this trend is for them, too.

 The Crosley CR8009A-SEA Suitcase Turntable has a Bluetooth receiving feature that lets you transmit and stream digital music directly into the powerful Bluetooth speakers. It has two built-in speakers that can work and play three beautiful speeds such as 33, 45, and 78 rpm records. That alone is amazing.

What is perfectly admirable with the Crosley CR8009A-SEA is this: Even if the teacher will not be using it right away, there will come a time that she or he will use music either at home or in school. So it is as quick as putting out a turntable that is ready to play right out of the box with adjustable pitch control to fine-tune their records.

In terms of sound quality, it has a pitch control for you to tweak the records to your content. You will not worry because there is an auxiliary input that lets you plug in other portable audio devices. That also includes RCA outputs for you to connect to an external stereo system. A headphone jack is present, as well.

Other than portability, the suitcase turntable’s overall aesthetic value and high performing capabilities have a lot of remarkably good features that might actually surprise the teacher. Let this turntable amplify a teacher’s style, exceed peer expectations, and a whole lot more.

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3) Anker USB C Hub for iPad Pro, PowerExpand Direct 6-in-1 USB C Adapter, with 60W Power Delivery

Anker USB C Hub for iPad Pro

click image for details

If your teacher is an iPad Pro owner, the PowerExpand USB-C hub is most likely the most useful and reliable gadget. Slim and expanded, it works with the famous HDCP to stream Netflix.

The Anker PowerExpand USB-C Adapter expands your capabilities. Since it has 6 port features in one hub, you can pretty much get by because you have everything needed for your iPad Pro to function properly. Other than a USB-C port, there is also a USB-A port, headphone jack, HDMI port, a universal SD card slot, and a micro SD card reader.

Offering a vivid display, the mirror extends your screen in a stunning 4K@60Hz via the HDMI port. With D and microSD card slots, it supports virtually all SD card formats for seamless access to photos and other media files. Via the USB-A port, you can sync full movies, educational videos, TV seasons, or an entire photo library at speeds up to 5 Gbps. That means files are transferred in seconds.

What you will get in this Anker USB-Hub for iPad Pro are multiple connections, ports, and slots for various functions. The nice thing here is it allows you to use a microphone with your iPad. Plus,  it supports a max input of 60W, allowing you to provide full-speed charging to an iPad Pro, all while retaining full functionality of the hub’s other ports.

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4) XL Scratch Off Map of The World with Flags of All 196 Countries – Designed for Travelers

XL Scratch Off Map of The World

click image for details

This magnificent one-of-a-kind world map features clear lettering, lively colors, and the national flags of 196 countries. While this huge map is designed for travelers, other professionals, families, children, and of course teachers can benefit a lot from it.

In this lovely Scratch-Off Map, you will see the nice cartographic details of the countries after scratching off. Its 36″ X 24″ poster in size is large enough so that you can see each country. The outlines are easy to read and you have adequate room for scratching if you really want to get specific. For example, Bali Indonesia is not visible until you scratch off the area where it is located.

It is amazing to know there are a lot of small countries in the world. More city names are revealed as you scratch off a country. Islands are properly labeled too. Therefore it is fun and easy to study where the world’s smallest countries like Brunei, Qatar, Bahrain, and Singapore, can be found.

The other fun thing about the map is the fun of learning the flags around the world. With all the significant details about places all over the globe, any teacher will be happy to get an invaluable Christmas gift like this.

Even though this Scratch-Off Map is a little pricey, you are confident of the high-quality durability that makes it a worth-giving item which as an additional trend to the teacher’s collection of history books.

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5) ThinkFit Insulated Meal Prep Lunch Box with 6 Food Portion Control Containers 

ThinkFit Insulated Meal Prep Lunch Box

click image for details

They say teachers are workaholics and always on the go. So a phenomenal insulated meal box could not be more perfect as a gift for them. Why?

These BPA-Free Insulated Meal Prep Lunch Box Containers have 6 portions control where each portion container has a lid that tightly seals and keeps food as fresh and tasty as possible. It is designed with double consistent temperature control to keep meals hot or cold. The containers are microwave, freezer, dishwasher safe, and each bag comes with the standard two 1.5 cup capacity containers and four 2.5 cup capacity containers.

For sure you will find the snap lock lids and silicone seals very helpful in preventing and reducing spoilage. Another thing you will like is their excellent shoulder strap and heavy-duty zippers that make carrying around a ThinkFit meal prep really simple, smooth, and most importantly, comfortable.

In addition, we’ve used materials to create an inner lining that’s easy to clean when needed, and a durable outer material that’s made to withstand daily use and travel. This bag is made for everyday use and everyday ease keeping foods hot and cold. This is a remarkable way of keeping your lunch fresh and delicious. Did you know that this bag has the capacity to keep food half hot or cold even when you get home from a day’s work?

Very spacious, ThinkFit’s Insulated Lunch Box contains 2 heavy-duty XL icepacks, so you can keep your prepped meals at a safe temperature for up to 12 hours in a temperate environment, this is one of the major takeaways for those who are at work all day. Do you think an innovative shaker cup and a 7 Day Pill Dispenser for daily medicine are great add-ons? You are right, this lunchbox has it all.

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6) Reusable Coffee Cup – CAFE CONCETTO – Stainless Steel Thermal Travel Mug 

Reusable Coffee Cup

click image for details

Introducing Café Connecto’s Reusable Coffee Cup – a sustainable choice made to withstand daily use, putting an end to single-use cups and reducing waste. High-grade stainless steel finished in no peel, chip, or crack titanium for extended life. Ideal for commuting, travel, or work. Homebrew or take away.

If you look at the cup, it is electro polished, it has rust-resistant interior and with round edges. Therefore it helps keep odors, stains, and residues aways.

Café Connecto’s Reusable Coffee Cup has a contemporary design and it is barista friendly. It has a standard cup size which is 8oz, with an open hole style lid. Along with this is a non-slip silicone sleeve for easy carrying. The rest of the cup is finished in exclusive titanium coating. You can also choose the color of your coffee cup. There is gold, graphite, and rose gold.

You will like the lightweight and well-balanced smooth drinking edges. With double-wall vacuum insulation, it keeps your drinks hot for up to an hour and cold for up to 2-5 hours. It is also built with a BPA-Free transparent lid which prevents unnecessary spills.

Because it is designed to withstand daily use, the cup is perfect for people who love coffee every day to keep them on the go. Aesthetics-wise, the high-grade stainless steel cup is finished in a no-peel, chip, or crack titanium, ideal for commuting, travel, or work whether your coffee is homebrew or a take away from Starbucks.

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7) Wood Stash Box with Rolling Tray – Dovetail Design Wooden Boxes (Dark Brown)

Wood Stash Box with Rolling Tray

click image for details

We know that all teachers need storage boxes. Why not choose this Wood Stash Box with Rolling Tray? This is not just a plain box but a large wood storage box by Blake & Lake.

Most boxes are too small to hold basic personal or classroom essentials. This box is basic, other than the lid serving as a work surface when flipped over, it also functions as a rolling tray. The box has the size of a large shoebox, sturdy. It is sturdy, looks, and feels expensive.

This Wood Stash Box is unique it provides a carved out wood rolling tray. Made of premium bamboo, it is expertly crafted with dovetail corners accompanied with a light satin finish. All wood used came from eco-friendly and sustainable sources giving the item a nice and smooth dark brown and classic wood color.

It smashes the competition with respect to size and quality. Built well to last well, you will like the dovetail corners versus using screws. Meaning, it has no hardware to fail and the lid fits well onto the box. So putting the box on a shelf exudes an elegant vintage appeal.

With all its features, you are getting 75% more storage compared to similar storage boxes. This all-around box will help your teacher store accessories in one place. From class cards to personal items and perhaps keepsakes?

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8) Mueller French Press 20% Heavier Duty Double Insulated 310 Stainless Steel Coffee Maker 

Mueller French Press

click image for details

For Joe who really cares about his coffee and how the coffee is made, consider buying this for him on Christmas and let him sip great coffee every single day, the Mueller Austria way.

This Mueller French Stainless Steel Coffee Maker is a European-engineered coffee press that has been tested with the appropriate mechanisms and filters that produce the perfect coffee. It features a triple-layered filter press that traps the smallest coffee grounds to produce an exceptional full-bodied flavor.

The Mueller French Coffee Maker also has a huge capacity with a professional-grade 310 18/10 covered with double-layered stainless-steel that helps keep the coffee warm for longer times, when compared to glass ones. With double-wall insulation, it keeps your hot or cold brew at a perfect temperature inside while the exterior remains cool to touch.

You will love that this coffeemaker is not made of glass, so there is no risk of it shattering.  Additionally, the French Press is drop-proof and rust-proof. What is so worth buying and gifting is aside from being a coffee maker, it can also be used to make tea, hot chocolate, cold brew, almond milk, cashew milk, and even herbal drinks.

Some people may complain that this model is harder than most to actually press down the screen, but if you know how to use a French Press and you handle with care, this is just perfect.

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9) Hasbro Gaming Trivial Pursuit Game: Classic Edition

Hasbro Gaming Trivial Pursuit Game

click image for details

If your teacher likes trivia games, you should give this as a present. It is a game that builds a bond between the teacher and her students, family, or friends.

The Hasbro Gaming Trivial Pursuit Game is a fun gameplay that has 2,400 trivia questions from traditional game groups. It uses an old-fashioned looking gameboard that caters to ages 16 years old and up. Be careful as it may contain choking hazards that may be dangerous for little children. The gameplay can be for 2 to 6 players. But the more, the merrier.

Prepare to catch fun as this game is the exact definition of it. Rally up your friends or students if you are a teacher who loves to give games to the class. The Hasbro Gaming Trivial Pursuit Game has variety and diversity so it asks challenging questions that actually stirs up everyone’s mind thinking of the correct answer.

You have a lot of categories to choose from — entertainment, art, and literature, history, sports and leisure, science, nature, and geography. This is a healthy brain exercise because players will be navigating around the board answering questions. The first one to collect six different pieces and answer a final question correctly is declared winner.

I grew up playing similar games like this and thought it would be great to bring back this seemingly lost art. Make it a challenge to test the knowledge of the players using all of the categories above and see who is updated with celebrity news. If you find this a fun game, don’t hesitate to wrap this up and surprise your teacher during the Christmas Kringle party.

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 10) Blue Yeti Nano Premium USB Microphone – Vivid Blue

Blue Yeti Nano Premium USB Microphone

click image for details

Yes, a microphone. Why not? With today’s virtual online teaching opportunities, giving a microphone equips the teacher for podcasting, streaming, YouTube, making music, and conferencing need.

I choose the BLUE Yeti Nano USB Microphone because it has the famous plug-and-play feature that is compatible with any computer. The mic also comes with a driver-free operation on Mac and PC. Because this microphone model works with the Blue Sherpa Companion App,  the user will be able to fine-tune the sound while still in deep control of the mic.

It captures the legendary Blue broadcast sound with exceptional presence and detail for podcasting, YouTube productions, game streaming. Skype calls, and voiceover work. In fact, Yeti has been used by many ASMRtists to ensure it captures the same quality sound.

It has two modes, the Cardioid and Omni mode. The Cardioid pattern is perfect for recording and streaming, and the Omni puts you “in the room” when doing conference calls. The result is a blend of clearness in the sound from both parties. With Yeti Nano, the user will be heard loud and clear, every time.

BLUE Yeti Nano Microphone also comes with equipment such as Compass Premium Broadcast Boom Arm that provides a sort of stand to the microphone. So it is perfect when doing a podcast or live streaming). Also is has a Radius III Custom Shockmount that cancels out noise, shock, and vibration.

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11) A NETFLIX Gift Card (There are plenty of gift cards to choose from)

Gift cards these days seem to have conquered the trend of gift-giving and have fully taken off in serving almost everything that everybody needs. One is this Netflix Gift Card that allows the user to watch a movie from the comfort of their home.

Your child’s teacher deserves a relaxing movie time. However, she or he may not have the time to do that. So they miss the TV series they are following and the star-studded movie shows of the time. Good thing Netflix offers almost all of the all-time favorite movies, cartoons, TV series and documentaries on computer, TV or mobile device.

The Netflix Gift Card would be a perfect present for Christmas. This gift card can be used to pay for an existing Netflix membership or start a new subscription. You can purchase Netflix gift cards on Amazon and other retail websites. Many countries around the world offer Netflix. Therefore watching movies is quick and easy you can watch movies more often.

There are two great ways to have this as your gift. One is by sending directly to the email address of the recipient and adding some special message on it. Second, buy a physical gift card and send it personally to your special someone.

Moreover, Netflix gift cards range from $30, $50, $75, $100 to $200. Also, it is worth noting that this card never expires, so long as the gift card amount maintains an outstanding balance. If you are looking for more, here are the top gift cards to choose from.

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Something Personal

12) Whiskey Decanter Set World Etched Globe Decanter Antique Ship Glasses Tongs Bar Funnel (For Him)

click image for details

Sophistication doesn’t have to be rare. Male teachers, of course, enjoy scotch or whiskey with his friends. Let him be proud of this globe decanter with a vintage sail ship.

The Whiskey Decanter Set has a world-like design etched with 28oz 850 ml globe decanter supplemented by a vintage sail ship, a wood base, and two world-like figure etched drinking glasses, along with metal pour funnel and a glass stopper. This decanter is considered to be an artisan’s decorative hand masterpiece.

If you get this Whiskey Decanter Set by Flybold, you will get 1 large size (28 oz, 850 ml) decanter that can hold an entire bottle of whiskey, wine, alcohol, and even spirits. It comes with 2 tight-fitting glass stopper to keep your drink fresh and flavorful. It has 3 pour funnels that fill up your decanter with no spillage. The decanter, globe-etched glasses, airtight glass stopper, steel cubes, pour funnel, and being lead-free, are all certified to meet the standards of the US FDA.

The best thing about a whiskey decanter is it has seals compared to a wine decanter. It will make you happy your teacher recipient will have the opportunity to display his whiskey or scotch in a decanter without all the commercial labels. Perfect for Christmas toasts.

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13) Polare Vintage Calfskin Leather Handmade Travel Toiletry Bag for Men – Dopp Kit (For Him)

Polare Vintage Calfskin Leather Travel Toiletry Bag

click image for details

Who said that men don’t need a toiletry bag? Of course, they do too. Equip a male teacher with a vintage leather travel toiletry bag as a present for Christmas.

The Polare Travel Toiletry Bag is a very nice, well-constructed men’s leather bag with plenty of room for all travel toiletries. It is made of high-quality, premium Calfskin Leather, which is more durable than most other forms of leather because of its collagen content. The calfskin leather has a soft layer yet is very tough and durable.

This toiletry bag is 9.5 inches in length, 4.7 inches in width, and 6 inches in height, with a weight of 0.88 pounds or 0.4 kilograms. It has a size ideal for casual trips and outings. The bag uses YKK metal zippers known for their durability. They are thick metal, bronze-colored zippers, each with nicely detailed leather pull tabs attached.

With a water-resistant interior lining, you are confident that the bag can stand and protect the leather from spills of liquids or when carrying damp items such as a toothbrush, shampoo, shaving equipment, and cologne.

Men will love the Polare Travel Toiletry Bag for its 1 large main zipped compartments, 1 front zippered compartment, 1 inner zipped pocket, and 2 mesh pockets. The rich in spaces helps them to organize their toiletry essentials anytime they are on the go. Overall, this is a combination of high-quality construction, elegant detailing, and an attractive masculine appearance.

Although the size is just enough and maybe cost a little higher than most toiletry bags — with the Polare Vintage Calfskin Leather Handmade Bag trademark, you are getting what you pay for.

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14) Craft & Kin Leather Candle, Premium Scented Candles for Men 

click image for details

As promised, here is the scented candle for the male teacher. Relaxing candles are generally tagged as women’s stuff. Thanks to Craft & Kin for developing aromas specifically targeted for male passion.

Craft & Kin Leather Candle is all-natural soy and a long burning candle. It is made with organic essential oils and has a 100% cotton wick. You will notice it has a touch of golden amber that is to suit the male’s general simplistic passion which is rugged, rustic, farmhouse, and country. This is also great for women who don’t like floral or fruity scented candles.

You too will appreciate the fact that this candle is vegan and made of natural soy. It has a nice even burn. Surely when you blow it off, it will leave very little smoke in the air which is nice and clean!

Highly scented with the finest essential oils, Craft & Kin Leather Candle will fill any room with the scent of luxurious leather and subtle hints of creamy flora. Any guy will like the subtle woody fragrance that lingers. A kind of scent that is not too overpowering but is relaxing even while working from home. The pretty amber jar adds to an even more relaxing ambiance in a small space.

Most men like aromatherapy candles as much as any woman might. So for the male teacher who likes some time to relax, give him a warm Christmas atmosphere. Let him light a candle, allow the flame to do its magic, and the fragrance to calm his mind. Isn’t that giving a teacher a Christmas to remember?

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click image for details

Imagine your teacher accidentally dropped tiny-detailed tools like nuts, bolts, and screws on the floor. Your mind probably tells you to help him pick the items one by one. Instances like this also have a solution. Gift him this Magnetic Pick-Up Tool.

It truly is hard to pick up something you almost cannot see. The quickest thing you do is focusing the flashlight on the area where your screws are scattered. However, with 3 super bright LED bulbs built into the head and shining light in the dark areas, it is not only smart but practical.

It works double-duty. RAK Magnetic Pickup Tool with LED Lights have super strong magnets on the head which can pick up screws, nuts, and bolts. The magnets are added to the base to allow hands-free flexible lighting when placed on any magnetic surface.

Bend it like Beckham. Unlike regular pickup tools that can only extend straight, the RAK comes with a 360° flexible telescoping neck that efficiently picks up metal objects in almost hard-to-reach, dark spaces 100% of the time.

Shockproofed with military-grade aluminum alloy construction, the RAK Magnetic Pickup Tool is built to last. It can be carried in the toolbox and glove compartment. The great thing is it is super handy and portable to bring inside a backpack and even the pocket.

Your teacher will thank you for its many uses from electrical, automotive, construction, and school utility. Ideal for his outdoor trips. Whether he goes camping or backpacking, hiking, or scouting. Perfect when boating or fishing as the tool has water-resistant capabilities.

With the upgraded energy-efficient LED chip and bulbs – this holiday present will not let you and your teacher down.

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16) London Fog Kensington II 17″ Cabin Bag (For Her)

London Fog Kensington II 17" Cabin Bag

click image for details

A lady’s best friend every minute, every hour, every day. From a brand known for iconic stapThe Kensington II Cabin Bag by London Fog is a one-piece worthy of investment for the Christmas season.

You will love an easy-to-carry satchel with an ideally generous interior. It offers that needed space for all basically important papers and other necessities. What is even great is it comes in a 17″ size so it fits a tablet, too. Just the look of it makes it perfect for lady professionals whose heart is set on something a little vintage and modern.

If you notice, the London Fog Kensington Cabin Bag is simple yet so eye-catching. It is sleek, multi-purpose, convenient, strong, and very classy resulting in a sweet yet surprisingly minimalist look. Of course, the high-quality materials and bronze hardware complete the satchel appeal exterior. Additionally, this bag is produced from woven houndstooth and tri-weave ballistic materials which are highly durable.

One of its most fundamental is the dual carry handle. Plus, this bag is a part of the Kensington II collection with Fog Guard, a feature that repels water and stain. Convenient with plenty of pockets on the inside and outside keeping you organized. You will love how the back of the satchel slides over your upright handle for easy carrying. Very ideal if you want to bring back little novelty items for some souvenirs.

Gifting a bag that carries a custom London Fog hardware, designed with the sophisticated lady professional in mind, with a vast luggage assortment for travel use, this London Fog Kensington II 17″ Cabin Bag makes another gift idea that will never be forgotten. You will have confidence that your teacher recipient will have a style to express. As they say it – simple, comfortable, and hassle-free. Any teacher deserves to have this awesome bag.

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17) Tissue Box Cover – Wipe Holder – Multi-Function Organizer (For Her)

Tissue Box Cover Multifunction Organizer

click image for details

If you like organizing your stuff, the lady teacher also likes hers to get nicely arranged too. Here, she can put anything from a hygiene kit to school supplies in the classroom.

This Tissue Box Holder and Multi-Function Organizer is silver-grey in a color that just blends in with any pattern around it. It has a 2-in-1 design which can be a tissue holder and vanity organizer at the same time – very ideal for holding cosmetic products, pens, clips, and other school supplies. Its size is perfect for any countertop or table allowing more space for use.

You will love that aside from holding tissue, it has an open partition on the side that can serve as a bathroom sink organizer. You can put as many cosmetic products as you like including wipes, or let it cradle the tv remote controls.

Here is more, unlike other tissue holders that crack easily and oxidize, this Multi-function Organizer is different it is made with the highest-grade resin with non-chip paint finishing. So even in the moist conditions of your bathroom, its cover will still look as new for many years. The shimmer on the front and back is another factor that completes a pretty illusion.

Organizing things is a challenge for busy individuals. Therefore this is perfect for a lady teacher who likes her stuff neatly arranged. A holiday-perfect gift this tissue container comes in a gift box to make a lovely presentation.

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18) Expower Flameless Candles – 12 Rechargeable LED Flickering Tea Lights + 12 Frosted Cups (For Her)

Expower Flameless Candles

click image for details

Let me tell you why this is a million-dollar Christmas gift idea.

If you look at the soft flickering lights of candles on a cool night, you automatically feel relaxed. This is one character of candle flames that seems so irresistible, especially during Christmastime. Not only the nightlights are inspirational, but they illuminate a home for an enjoyable ambiance.

From its name alone, the Expower Flameless Candles are “flameless” which means you are not dealing with any fire. Even with the appearance of real flames, there is nothing to worry about if the candles are left flicking all night. The cylinders are plastic, not glass, but they look like glass so they are 100% safe around children, too.

What you will love most is they require no batteries. The flameless candles are FULLY RECHARGEABLE so it saves you both time and money. Once the candles dim, insert them into the accompanying charging base and they will be ready to go again. You will enjoy 12 rechargeable LED flickering tea Lights and 12 frosted cups. This gift provides candles without the worry of burning down the house if left unattended. 

Very beautiful, one pack consists of 12 LED lights and 12 plastic frosted cups to create a lantern effect with soft glows to create the perfect atmosphere. Just make sure to charge them right ready for use. With 12-hour battery life, they are perfect for indoors and outdoors, dinners, weddings, debuts, birthdays, outdoor parties, and of course, for cozier December nights.

Allow the idea of Expower Flameless Candles to brighten up your home on Christmas nights. The next morning, pop them into the charging station and they will be charging for another night of cost-efficient, greener, and safer glow of lights.

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Great for the Classroom

19) One Bulk Pack of ARTEZA Dry Erase Markers

One Bulk Pack of ARTEZA Dry Erase Markers

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Chalks are probably still used in classrooms but for convenience and health, markers have been widely used by most educators these days. ARTEZA Dry Erase Markers are AP-certified and conform to the ASTM and EN71 regulations, meaning, they are intense in color but low in odor making them 100% safe for children to use and write with.

The markers are very quick to dry with ink that is completely washable and erasable with any cloth or dry eraser. They come with devised chisel tips for easy writing on the board. Known to produce thin and thick lines yet very visible from within the classroom, many teachers and corporate professionals have shifted to ARTEZA Dry Erase Markers for its perfect ability to write on surfaces.

These markers use ink that is not penetrable on glass, plastics, and any white-board surface. The ink is specifically designed to give the user a multipurpose writing experience. Plus, with a very quick drying property, they are rub-resistant and do not easily smear. Just ideal for lower-grade pupils.

What makes the ARTEZA Dry Erase Markers another useful thing to give is in the area of everyday usefulness. Imagine how this bulk pack of 52 markers can make the life of teachers light and easy. It saves them money and time, as well. One set comes with 52 assorted dry erase marker pens in 4 vibrant red, black, blue, and green colors. There are 13 pens in each color.

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20) A Large Pack of Post-it Super Sticky Notes in Bright Tropical Colors

A Large Pack of Post-it Super Sticky Notes

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Post-it, restick it notes – that is a common scene in classrooms. This does not mean a teacher forgets the things she needs to do for the day, but sticky notes remind everybody of important tasks, announcements, deadlines, and other messages. 

Formulated with a one-of-a-kind adhesive, the Post-It Sticky Notes can stick and re-stick so they keep you and your thoughts organized. You are more likely to finish tasks if you write them, flag them, or tab them. Your objectives and the things you want to do for that particular day or month are well-sorted out. Plus, with bright tropical colors, they will not escape your eyes.

Post-It Sticky Notes got the color inspiration from all over the globe to devise a WORLD OF COLOR. They also come in all sizes, from small to large, to help the user go more particular on his or her notes. Plus, the notes have twice the sticking capacity compared to other sticky notes on the market.

You will love to download the free Post-it App. Whether you are working or learning remotely, the Post-it App is the perfect way to capture and share ideas, keep track of assignments, or create colorful calendars with your friends. Share across multiple platforms including Dropbox, Trello, PowerPoint, or synced across your devices.

The 24 pads cabinet pack with 70 Sheets per pad is the spirit of the gift. You are giving any teacher loads of lovely colored sticky notes to use for 365 days or even more. These are 100% recyclable papers and are obtained from renewable and responsibly managed forests.

Great notes, colorful and fun, super portable – isn’t that supports educators in their daily goals, dreams, and the things they want to do and remember?  If that purpose matters, then make it with Post-it Brand. It is Christmas, after all.

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21) Personalized Cross Pen | Engraved Cross Calais Ballpoint Pen 

Personalized Cross Pen | Engraved Calais Ballpoint

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We all have that one teacher whose love for pens is immense. What better gift to give her than this personalized ballpoint pen? She will be proud to keep it on her desk.

In 1994, the founder began hand-turning wood pens as gifts for his friends and family. The labor of love quickly gained the trust of both individuals and professionals who loved personalized, engraved pens from premium brands like the Cross, Waterman, Parker, and many more. By partnering with these great pen houses, Dayspring Pens make sure they offer Pen with a reliable quality they would want their loved ones to receive.

This Personalized Cross Pen comes with a customization package that lets you choose up to 25 characters per line. It comes with an option between the brass and gold color of the pen. Crafted with only the highest quality standards, its ballpoint has a refined chrome with a 1.0mm black ink.

The Lustrous Chrome Cross Calais Ballpoint Pen features Art-Deco-inspired lines and sophisticated finishes with chrome accents. It is finely crafted with a swivel-action ballpoint pen and precision engraving that appears light brass on the cap.

The pen also comes with a medium-point refill. But you would have to purchase a broad tip refill separately. Search for the extra refill by using: cross broad ballpoint refill. Be sure it is a ballpoint and not a rollerball, as a rollerball refill will not fit this pen.

It has earned the reputation of giving quality products at a fast time. Engraving only takes one to two days and then they ship it to the customer within one business day. It already comes with a box for the pen so it is very elegant-looking. It also offers a lifetime warranty that comes with the box with an authenticity certificate.

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22) X-ACTO High Volume Commerical Electric Pencil Sharpener, Beige

X-ACTO High Volume Commerical Electric Pencil Sharpener

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Teachers often do the sharpening of the children’s pencils and a great-working electric sharpener will do that job for them. 

The X-ACTO Model 41 Commercial Electric Pencil Sharpener features the most powerful sharpening capabilities of any sharpener in the X-ACTO catalog. Engineered to be dependable day after day, it combines smart sharpening technology with rugged construction for high-volume environments and utilizes dual hardened helical cutters to efficiently sharpen pencils to fine point tips.

The dual X-ACTO steel helical cutters in this sharpener are engineered for precision and durability. These hardened steel X-ACTO cutters offer 33 times longer blade life without regular maintenance. Its powerful electric motor delivers reliable sharpening power, while an Auto-Reset features an internal fan to prevent overheating. The pencil saver technology also eliminates oversharpening to extend pencil life and minimize waste.

All teachers will love the sharpener’s versatility. It is adjustable for six pencil sizes and shavings are caught in an integrated extra-large receptacle for easy cleanup. The electric motor in the Model 41 is the largest in any X-ACTO sharpener, and an internal fan cools the motor during periods of heavy use. Plus, its non-skid feet and a heavy metal base help keep this sharpener steady.

An electric pencil sharpener is constructed specifically to stand up to regular and continuous use and comes in a package with both reliable and economical aspects. This, to me, makes every teacher’s sharpening tasks light and easy.

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You will love buying gifts for teachers because they love everything that you give them. From a simple book to a pack of cookies, you are sure that they will appreciate it. The confidence they give you knowing that your children are in good hands is an effort that made them occupied and timeworn. So an extra special gift for Christmas is a great way to say, “Thank you for all you do.”

Aside from food bundles, a classroom supply or anything that saves a teacher from spending is always welcome. Although some may discourage giving gifts like soaps, lotions, mugs, and candles, these personal items could be another teacher’s wish to augment his or her personal needs at home and the family. This shares an important life lesson that every teacher is a different individual and each has unique likes, dislikes, and needs.

It might surprise you, that teachers love getting anything homemade, whether it is from kids or parents. That little gesture on your part is something they will cherish for a long time.

As for how much to give and what price range is average? That is up to what the parents can afford. I would say gift cards are generally preferred. This can range between $25 and $50 or $100. Although recipients can only spend a gift card depending on where or how the card allows it, still it allows teachers to treat themselves more than they normally would be able to.

If it makes you hesitant to give a mug, try buying something to go inside the mug. They will love you for it. If homemade cookies go stale, go for teabags. Christmas gift-giving should be that fun, right?

There you go. I hope this review on the best Christmas gifts for teachers will lead you to your own self-made rules when it comes to practical Christmas gift-giving. You might have great ideas to give as presents for teachers? I appreciate it if you can leave a message below.



1) Do you think giving expensive gifts means trying to impress the teacher?

I think giving expensive gifts is a matter of prerogative. It is a choice. Some people do not mind how much they give as long as it makes them happy. To them, that is how they appreciate and it is very personal that there is no reason for people to be confused, jealous, or feel bad about.

Personally, I don’t see this as trying to impress. The reason why people give gifts is to express feelings, affection, and appreciation for that person. They want to make the recipient happy and pleased.

It is not how luxurious a gift looks like but how meaningful it is for Christmas. There is this holiday message that goes “A little something for you to make your Christmas a little merrier.” I really love the thought. In this connection, teachers play a very important role in our children’s life. In fact, we entrust our children to them. So If I buy something expensive for my child’s teacher, definitely it is because I want the best for that person.

2) What could be the best Christmas message I can write on a holiday card?

Some good examples are: These are all heartwarming words that can give delightful happiness to teachers.

“It’s easy to get caught up in all the business of the holiday season, but I’m wishing you a peaceful Christmas full of the most important things.”

 “May you be blessed with the love of family and friends this Christmas. I consider friendship to be a gift, and your friendship is one of my most treasured gifts. Merry Christmas!

 “I’m writing a unique and personal message in each of my Christmas cards this year. So for you, I’d like to say: All I want for Christmas is for you to have a crazy cool Christmas, too!”

Here are some of the best Christmas wording to write in a Christmas card this year. Click here.

3) What Christmas gifts are trending this year?

For women: Bath Bombs are very popular, along with scented and decorative candles, an anti-aging kit, meditation coffee mug, a portable phone charger, a Bluetooth speaker, and yoga pants.

For men: designer cologne subscription, Apple air pods, hot sauce kit, toiletry bag, temperature-controlled coffee mug, vacuum insulated water tumbler, and a self-cleaning water bottle.

For kids: tablet for kids, singing Elsa, coats and hoodies, toys and game boards, coloring books, kids magic bath bombs, pet clothes, and kids’ subscription boxes.

4) This Christmas gift list is great. But I am still unsure about what to give my child’s teacher. Do you have any other suggestions?

Get a Christmas gift you know will make teachers happy. Giving something that they can use every day, personally, or at home will definitely be appreciated.

Try personalized gifts like pens with their names engraved on it. You will make them proud to own such a pen. Coloring books are also great as some teachers these days find them relaxing. If you are planning to give hand-made items, craft a caddy or utility box made of cardboard, homemade salts or assemble a bubble bath gift set.

Do you like to give homecooked goods? Even the simplest butter cookies, when wrapped in a holiday spirit, make a gorgeous Christmas gift. Some like to prepare a jar of freshly-cooked jam or roasted bean coffee. Again, the best Christmas gifts for teachers are anything that helps make their life light and fun.

5) What are the best gift cards to give for Christmas?

Christmas is the time of giving and the choice is limitless. From clothing to pens to music and movie collection – the sky is the limit. I believe the best gift cards are those that a lot of people will actually use and enjoy. I have 10 recommendations and these are:

  1. Walmart is Walmart. The whole family will enjoy it.
  2. Amazon will give you everything with just one click.
  3. iTunes for you and the kids. It’s Christmas, remember?
  4. Disney is part of Christmas, too.
  5. Visa Gift Cards are flexible.
  6. eBay is like another one click has it all.
  7. Target is an everything store,  as well.
  8. Starbucks has drinks for the cold season.
  9. Netflix is for everybody young and old.
  10. Uber offers us rides. It is safe for all.

6) How do I purchase a gift card?

Gift cards are available for purchase in specific merchant stores or various retailers. They come in different denominations that you can choose from any amount between $5, $10, $15, $20, $25, $30, $40, $50, $75, $100, $200, $500, $1000.

There are websites that provide virtual prepaid Visa and Mastercard bank cards that allow you to pay for goods and services anonymously online. Some of them work worldwide so you can purchase cards from anywhere in the world and use them to pay online on any websites that accept Mastercard or Visa prepaid cards.

Gift cards can also be customized online and are found in many popular retailers: department stores, grocery stores, gas stations, bookstores, and more. Amazon also has plenty of gift cards to choose from and order from.

7) I want to purchase gift cards on Amazon. Can you show me the steps to do?

  1. Go to Gift Cards.
  2. Choose the type of gift card you want to purchase.
  3. Click Add to Cart, and then click Proceed to Checkout.
  4. Provide payment information for your purchase and click Continue.
  5. Click Place your order.

Physical Amazon.com Gift Cards (except Anytime Gift Cards) are delivered with FREE One-Day shipping when you select One-Day shipping at checkout. For more information, go to FREE One-Day Shipping on Amazon.com Gift Cards.

8) When is the perfect time to send Christmas gifts?

While tradition says the best time is anytime within the month of December, it is never too early to begin planning and sending gifts in November. Schools generally give gifts during the Christmas party and family exchange kringles on Christmas eve.

I would say anytime during the Christmas season is a perfect time. Every minute and every second of December is filled with the holiday spirit. Giving gifts add to this excitement.

9) If my child has more teachers, should I wrap gifts for all of them?

There is no need to gift everyone. Give your child’s primary teacher a gift. If there are six teachers, ask your child to choose the one or few she is closest to or learns the most from. But very carefully explain not to deliver the gift when other (less gifted) teachers are around. In case you decide to include everyone in your gift list, a little something for each of the non-primary teachers will do the trick.

10) Do teachers really appreciate handmade presents?

Yes. Teachers are appreciative people. They are happy to learn of your creativity and even happier if the handmade Christmas gifts are crafted by their students. Handmade gifts represent care and often let the receiver feel that they are special. Often this experience makes up memories. So encourage your children not to be shy about creating a gift for their favorite teacher.

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