What Color of Shoes Goes with Everything? A Quick Guide for Guy Teachers

Black! What a quick answer.

Should you go black all the time? The whole studentry might think you don’t have any other pair of shoes! If you feel your footwear collection is bland, it’s time to think about what color of shoes goes with everything, other than black. Let’s talk about it.

Finding the best footwear for teaching is all about being okay with it the entire day. But take a moment to consider that you actually deserve to try other colors. On an intellectual level, what you wear influences your ways as a teacher and what you’re capable of.

A colored shoe is not only for special occasions or to make an impression. Both men and women deserve all types of shoes. Don’t worry. You will not look like a stage performer. There are certain colors known as “universal tones” that can go with any attire.


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What Color of Shoes Goes With Everything?

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Black, Grey, and Beige

These are the top 3 universal colors for shoes that go with anything. They are categorized as neutrals that can offset vibrant ensembles. Just like how black goes with all colors, beige and grey can be mixed and matched with anything, as well.

BLACK is the classic color of a man’s shoe wardrobe. However, black shoes may not be ideal with any outfit which is a thing most men tend to overlook. Black goes great with black, grey, navy, light grey, jeans, tan, white, and blue pants. But note that, it may not be appealing when married with olive, beige, red, and brown.

GREY is such an intriguing color but guys seem to take it for granted. Since this color does not reflect back the light that shines on it, the eye tends to closely match the tone with any outfit. Cooler tones to secondary colors look great with grey shoes. The tone can give a little pop of lightness to your ensemble.

BEIGE (or cream) shoes are somewhat easygoing and more casual. It could be because they are often associated with suedes, moccasins, and crepes that fit summer months, nature, and airiness. The challenge is how to carry it in a tasteful way especially that you are standing in front of people every day.

See how complying beige is with blue, red, olive, denim, light grey, and white. But think twice about pairing it with dark tones such as black, dark grey, navy blue, and brown – might as well not try. They say that matching beige shoes with beige pants is a no-no. But trust me, creating a head-to-toe monochrome is one of the best ensembles. It elongates your look.

person wearing black and yellow nike athletic shoes


Navy shoes are not common, but it is one of the shoe colors that pair harmoniously whether with a suit, casual, or neutrally-colored jeans. One example of this shoe style is the tassel loafer.

Navy blue shoes can even go well with white and beige pants. If you like wearing it with a pair of denim, go a little lighter on your pants to create a nice contrast. If you’re creative, navy shoes are extremely cool, versatile, and they’re incredibly stylish. You’ll only need to be cautious in a navy and black combination as it can appear almost black. You don’t want to look like a ninja.

There remains an ongoing debate about whether to agree with the “navy shoes with the black pants combination.” But it seems difficult to adhere to the rule as a lot of men look great in them. However, teachers belong to a profession that requires them to be sartorially conservative where black shoes may be safe.

If you’re teaching in a more open fashion environment, then there’s nothing more classic than a pair of navy shoes for dress pants. As long as it creates you a refined, polished look, how can anyone frown at that?

The secret is: If you must wear navy shoes with dark blue pants, or worst is, with black pants; ensure to create a clear contrast so your shoes will shine.

brown shoes for men

Dark Brown

Brown is the next favorite male color for shoes after black although it’s never as formal. This shade is more on the casual side of dressing which means it goes with any situation from the smartest offices to the casual birthday bash.

Brown ranges from dark chocolate to light tan and is known among the most versatile group. Dark brown looks conventional, but with anything other than a tuxedo, they add personality when worn with every color especially navy, grey and blue.

While there’s a rule that says no to a black suit and brown shoes, wearing this pair today already makes a handsome way to diversify the male appearance. It also suits the modern pairing possibilities beyond the tiring “not that but this” directives.

But again, it’s safe to remember some pointers:

When pairing brown shoes with black pants, the darker the brown the better. Light or medium browns may produce too high contrast and would be difficult to bring balance to your whole look.

white shoes for men


White footwear, like your everyday sneakers, is an easy choice if you’re open to a monochrome look. This creates an interesting variation from the typically formal, dark, or all-back attires.

If you don’t know it yet, white shoes look great on guys. The sporty accent of white sneakers has the power to give you an edgy appeal. Many teachers are members of a country club so whites make a lot of sense when met with bone or khaki trousers. Do you wear shorts on errand days? Then appear white worthy in a pair of white shoes, canvas, or sneakers.

To Sum It Up…

There may be a code for shoes that you follow, but as a well-dressed male teacher, you have to be capable of presenting yourself from the black code to dress casual brackets, public or private. You must be highly selective when it comes to what looks good and not.

The key is that you’re aware of what color of shoes goes with everything, where and when to wear them. Sometimes a clean pair of shoes, regardless of what color, can be most impactful to cut the same boring style.

Clothing represents you visually to your students, co-teachers, and the whole school. Dress up so you can dress down where it’s just as possible to be too formal as it is to be too casual.