What Desk Toys Can Help You Destress in the Classroom

Are you on the edge and in need of a quick break from your work right now? Even just for a few minutes? Maybe you’ve been asking yourself what desk toys can help you destress in the classroom? No worries! I got you. 

Everybody deserves a break especially teachers. If you take your mind off stressful things for a while, that surely will help in keeping you balanced out throughout the day at work.

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It is said that taking a break from what’s keeping you occupied even for just a few minutes will help prevent burnouts and overworking yourself. Giving yourself a breather helps manage your stress levels and it also can actually help you to be more productive as well. 

Taking a step back and distracting yourself for a few minutes greatly helps with organizing your thoughts and helps bring out creative solutions that you need whenever you face a block.

So, if you love optical illusions or you just want to drown the stress and negative thoughts away, then keep on reading to reveal 10 life-changing desk toys at your disposal at any time of the day!


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Editor’s choice #1


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  • A kinetic desk toy that creates a full-body optical illusion when spun
  • Built for thinkers, creators, and people who want to release their inner imagination
  • Made of aerospace-grade aluminum with a helix-shaped groove milled alongside the whole surface

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Desk Toys: Why You Should Have One

Teachers can try many ways to relieve and reduce stress. But one of the quickest and most effective ways teachers can do that is by having a bit of a mini-break through an artistic way of fidgeting using desk toys. 

Fidgeting is the normal response of the body to release stress and tension that builds up when we partake in strenuous tasks, especially with teachers having a very demanding role, it is inevitable for stress to be avoided. 

Editor’s choice #2


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  • This toy has 221 super magnetic balls to test your skills and patience
  • Creates a variety of shapes that you want and can imagine 
  • Built with a strong magnetic base that creates a unique sculpture

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But even though stress is indeed inevitable, there are ways to manage and reduce it in a fun and relaxing way using stress-relieving desk toys. 

Aside from stress relief, desk toys also help you regain your retention whenever your mind wanders off incessantly from time to time. It helps you be mindful and increases your focus by channeling all your energy to one place, letting your mind be free from the excess movements that your body wants to make. 

 a punching desk toy

By stimulating your sensory capabilities it helps awaken your mind and see the target more clearly and it helps put your thoughts in a row, and adding that physical stimulus can also make a certain task like typing or grading papers more entertaining and bearable as well. 

Desk toys can also help to boost your productivity as it gives your brain a chance to take a break from the stressful thoughts or situation which then recharges it and rewires it to help find a better solution to the task that you have at hand. 

Relaxing your mind helps you see the bigger picture and straightens your process of thinking as well. 

Editor’s choice #3


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  • A satisfying desk toy that brings a motion of continuing flipping, rolling, and falling 
  • This tool is fun, addictive, and calming it helps relax and recharge your focus
  • It’s a perfectly balanced small metal toy that can be set into motion easily

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There will also be times when we feel frustrated, especially when things don’t swing our way, desk toys, especially stress balls or punching balls, can be a great stress buster to chase all your pent-up frustrations away

There’s just something therapeutic about punching and squeezing with all your might that it feels like you’re fighting all the stress away. 

What Desk Toys Can Help You Destress in the Classroom

1.) AXINMIAO Newtons Cradle Balance Balls

AXINMIAO Newtons Cradle Balance Balls

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What better way to fight off the stress from work than playing with a desk toy that just lifts up your mood instantly?

Nowadays, more and more people are adopting the use of desk toys to their work desk in order to cope up with the stress that they are experiencing. It is especially helpful and important especially if you are experiencing a heavy load on your shoulders, which is always expected in teachers.  

Instead of shrugging it off and continuing to work, you can always take a break in order to calm your mind with some simple de-stressor leading us to the first entry to our awesome list. One of the most effective and famous desk toys that almost everyone has displayed is the AXINMIAO Balance Balls. 

When ordered, it comes in a small package to ensure that there will be no breakage during transit which is why it is necessary to set it up first before using it. 

Assembling this product is fairly easy, just slowly open the plastic packaging covering the bar and the balance balls and from there you would be able to combine the rack and the black, plastic base. The strings used to suspend the balance balls are made out of nylon, unlike other balance balls that use a cheap fishing line. 

The balance ball acts as a way for you to destress whenever it is used, the movement of the balls back and forth is very relaxing because even if there are more than two balls presented in the desk toy only the two balls at each end will be the one to move. 

It is a great addition to any work desk, especially with its classy style that can even be used as a decorum. Everyone at work will surely appreciate it and will even come to admire it. Not to mention that it will surely make your life at work easier.

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2.) DBlosp Optical Illusion Spinner Ball

DBlosp Optical Illusion Spinner Ball

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There are many stress-relieving toys out in the market and all of them have something to do with fidgeting the item itself. It is a good way to release some of the stress and tension at work, but it can be ineffective for some. 

At work, you need to be able to keep your focus while doing your task at hand, and if you were to buy some of the stress-relieving toys that need to be fidgeted with then it might consume your time and not gain any progress at work. 

The brand of DBlosp thought about this hindrance and came up with a product that will effectively release stress while not having the need to waste your time with the actual stress-relieving toy. 

That is why their Optical Illusion Spinner Ball is the perfect desk toy to have at work. It is a small ball that is measured to be 1.4″H and 1.5″W, although it is small in size it is still a good desk toy to have. 

It does not take up a lot of space on the desk so rest assured that it will not be a hindrance when you are working at your desk. The ball is made out of aerospace-grade aluminum that has a helix-shaped groove milled on the whole surface of the ball, the bottom of the ball is flat so you would be able to place it on the desk without it slipping.

This is a good stress-relieving toy because the only thing you need to do is to spin the ball and you would be mesmerized by the continuously flowing spherical helix. 

Even though the mechanics of the desk toy is simple, it is still a good one to invest in because there is something oddly satisfying to see a spinning ball that radiates a spherical helix. It will surely make your mind calmer and you can work efficiently while admiring the spinning ball.

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3.) JZENT Kinetic Spinning Top

JZENT Kinetic Spinning Top

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If you like the previous item on this list but it’s a bit bigger than your taste then you will surely like its miniature version. 

The JZENT Kinetic Spinning Top is a small coined-shape spinner that has a helix groove milled on the coin surface. 

Behind the outer surface is a small bead that is used to keep the spinning coin to a stand. It is a good stress-relieving toy especially since it can literally fit in the size of your pocket making it a portable desk toy; you can bring it anywhere at any time and because of its small size it will not take too much space on top of your desk. 

What makes this different from the other top spinner is that it can be spun not only on its bead but it can also be spun on its sides acting like a coin but its spin will definitely last longer. 

The helix can be seen rotating in the opposite direction of the way you have it spun because staring at the stress toy creates a visual effect that can change the direction of the spin depending on its time and speed. 

Unlike any other spinner tops, this is quieter and does not produce any unnecessary noises that can be a distraction at work. No need to use any fidgeting toys, just simply spin the coin and leave it on the desk for you to look at while working. 

It might not sound as relaxing as other stress-relieving toys but rest assured that it will give you a sense of calmness than most. The JZENT Kinetic Spinning Top has two color variants: stainless steel and brass—both of which do not emanate a “metal” smell. It is durable and heavy enough to stand on its own so it will withstand a high fall off the desk.

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4.) DMaos Fidget Cube Spinner

DMaos Fidget Cube Spinner

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DMaos Fidget Cube Spinner is unlike any other spinner toys in this list because not only does it complete its primary purpose of spinning but it can also be used to destress people by fidgeting with this small stress toy. 

It is not as visual-oriented as the others wherein you are able to refresh your mind just by looking at the spinning helix groove, it relies more on somatosensory. It is a great stress toy that you can easily fidget while you are on your break because it is small in size and can easily be carried around in your pocket.

It is made out of pure metal brass with a stable bearing so expect it to be a little bit heavier than other spinner toys, however, it is a good thing that it has a little bit of weight so that it would not feel too light when spinning it. 

And personally, I also like my desk toy to have a bit of weight and it seems to just add to the stress relief when I am holding it. 

The product is delivered with all the parts that need to be assembled, it is mainly composed of 4 gear linkages and when attached together with the main body, you will be able to spin it on both axes. 

Although it may require a little bit more attention to the stress toy, this is a great way to destress and help clear your mind especially if you are doing a lot at your work. Most people need to change their routine a bit in order to get back on track and the DMaos Fidget Cube Spinner provides that means of destressing. 

It is simple to use and it is also capable of spinning for around 2-4 minutes. Teachers will surely be able to make use of this, it can even be displayed on top of your desk as a little trinket to add a little bit of uniqueness to your work desk. 

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5.) Newtons Cradle Magnetic Toy

Newtons Cradle Magnetic Toy

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We all know that stress toys’ primary purpose is to work as a medium for people to destress themselves but who says that it does not have any purpose other than that? 

The Newtons Cradle Magnetic Toy is a unique desk toy that can be placed on your work desk and be mistaken as a contemporary decoration because of its sophisticated and unique appearance. 

Additionally, it can be customized to anything that you would like to project as your decoration—giving it a uniqueness that no other decoration can do.

Although it is considered a good decoration for your work desk, it is still a stress toy. It is a simple stress toy that you can easily fidget with while working, it is composed of one black, magnetic base and 211 metal balls all varying in size. 

Although it may seem complicated at first because it is made out of small parts, it is pretty simple to assemble. If you feel like you are carrying a heavy load at work and cannot work properly then try fidgeting with this desk toy and let go of those negative thoughts. 

Let your imagination carry you and express yourself by assembling your one-of-a-kind decoration. Compared to other desk toys on this list, the Newtons Cradle Magnetic Toy is by far one of the most unique ways to destress yourself at work. 

Your co-workers will surely appreciate and be in awe of your unique desk toy, and it definitely serves its purpose of clearing your mind and keeping you focused on your work. 

For its price, you will definitely be rewarded with a strong magnet that can hold up multiple metal balls that can be stacked on top of one another to form one tall desk toy. It will not scatter and fall apart that easily so you won’t have to worry about it being a hindrance at work.

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6.) Infinity Cube Fidget Toy

Infinity Cube Fidget Toy

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Nothing beats a good old-fashioned desk toy that, even to this day, is a very popular choice amongst all ages.

The Infinity Cube Fidget Toy, also known as a sensory fidgeting tool, is a cool mini gadget that you can easily fidget with even when handling it with just one hand. 

What makes this a good desk toy for your work is because it is pocket-sized meaning it is portable so you would be able to bring it with you anywhere. Moreover, it is a perfect piece for any professional setting with the reason being that it is designed to be discreet while donning an ergonomic style. 

The Infinity Cube Fidget Toy is made out of 8 tough ABS plastic blocks that are linked together and bounded with stainless steel metal rivets to ensure its durability. Although it is made out of metal rivets, you can easily fold, rotate and flip the infinity cube in whichever direction you so desire. 

It has a smooth surface with curved edges made so for the comfort feeling of it when you hold the infinity cube. What makes this great is that it has been recognized by the ASTM International Toy Safety Standard and CSPIA, so rest assured that this stress toy is designed solely as a stress-reliever. 

Overall, this product is a great alternative for little mannerisms that we all do during work like cracking our fingers, biting our nails and even leg shaking. 

The Infinity Cube Fidget Toy can bring out the best of one’s mental capabilities and can help in focusing on any task at hand. You will also be able to practice the flexibility of your fingers and you can even make it a daily workout so that your fingers will not sore when you are working. 

Make it a habit of occupying yourself with this fidgeting toy instead of finding relaxation that involves technology, teachers need to take a break every once in a while in order to regain their sense of self and avoid any stress-inducing scenarios.

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7.) MWY Flipo Flip

MWY Flipo Flip

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There are many pocket-sized stress toys in this list and all of them are pretty much similar to each other, although all of them serve their purpose of being a stress-reliever some people might be bored of how these stress toys have the same mechanics as others. 

Good thing that there is a company that thought of this and came up with an idea of innovating some of the most popular pocket-sized stress toys, eventually creating, what is known today, the MWY Flipo Flip: a kinetic skill toy that flips, rolls, and falls at the same time. 

The typical pocket-sized stress toys have spinning as their main feature of the product if you look closely there are many spinning stress toys included in this list. 

All of them are very useful and also stress-relieving but if you want a little variety when it comes to your portable, stress toys then the MWY Flipo Flip will be a great addition to put on your work desk to use for stress-relieving purposes. 

At first glance, the product is designed to be as simplistic as possible and that is because it has been researched and experimented with before coming up with this simplistic design. 

The reason behind this is the fact that the product can continuously flip with just one motion and it can even be spun on its 4 sides if you wish to do so. 

Not many products have the capability to continuously be flipping in one motion, MWY has been through multiple prototype phases before even coming up with the right dimensions, weight, and scale in order to achieve the motion of continuous flipping—making it one-of-a-kind stress toys. 

The material of this product is solid metal, it weighs approximately 1oz so you would not even feel its weight that much. MWY Flipo Flip creates a mesmerizing motion that can captivate any person with its oddly satisfying flipping motion, this will surely be a big help for teachers who are having a bit of trouble focusing on their work. 

As we know, teachers have a very hectic schedule, and adding this to a teacher’s work desk will help ease their minds.

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8.) FKYTION Liquid Motion Bubbler Timer and Moving Sand Art Picture

MWY Flipo Flip

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One thing that definitely relaxes us is leaning more towards visual sensory, and that is exactly what this product does for those people who want to destress themselves.

The FKYTION Liquid Motion Bubbler Timer and Moving Sand Art Picture is a 2-in-1 package that will surely captivate anyone with its mesmerizing and dynamic art, perfect for everyone of all ages to keep on their desk that serves both as a decoration and a stress-relieving toy. 

Firstly, the Liquid Motion Bubbler Timer is an extraordinary visual stimulant that can keep you entertained for hours. The bubblers inside the Liquid Motion Bubbler Timer with both Pink and Blue colors, the gravity guides the colored bubblers to circulate from top to bottom for approximately 2 minutes. 

It has a slow and steady speed to ensure that the Liquid Bubble does not combine with each other and to preserve the color’s integrity. One thing to note is that the colors within the Liquid Motion Bubbler Timer is very vibrant, it is eye-catching and it will definitely relieve eye fatigue. 

On the other hand, the Moving Sand Art Picture is very relaxing. The sands that swirl inside the Moving Sand Art Picture can shift to any form of pictures such as waves, mountains, oceans, and even clouds. 

The intricate lines and patterns that it shifts into are one of the reasons why it is a very popular item as a decoration and a stress-reliever. In addition to this, although there are different colored sands that can be found inside it will not easily be combined as lighter colors are very fine while darker colors are coarser so the sand falls at different rates. 

Since one of the visual stimulation can alleviate stress, then the Moving Sand Art Picture is a good stress toy that you can use whenever you are having a hard time at work. J

just shake the Liquid Motion Bubbler Timer and Moving Sand Art Picture, sit back, and work while observing these two.

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9.) Super Z Outlet Classic 3-Dimensional Pin Art

FKYTION Liquid Motion Bubbler Timer and Moving Sand Art Picture

Click image for details

One of the classic desk toys that the majority of people have seen, heard, or even previously owned is the Pin Art Sculpture. I say that it is one of the classics due to being an addictive type of stress toy that everyone cannot resist fidgeting with, myself included. 

The Super Z Outlet Classic 3-Dimensional Pin Art, in particular, is encased in a durable plastic cover and a black plastic frame, it also includes metal pins that can be easily customized in what image do you want the Pin Art Sculpture to encapsulate. 

Although many people consider it as a novelty, not many realize that it can help alleviate stress. Imprinting an image on the Pin Art Sculpture is very satisfying, it can easily leave an imprint of one’s hand, face, feet, or any kind of impression as long as the Pin Art Sculpture is not facing upwards so that the metal pins will not slide back. 

Even though it is made out of metal, it is designed to be an anti-rust metal so you would not have to worry about the pins getting dirty. It can easily be cleaned just by using a damp cloth, so maintenance of this product is average. 

It is a good desk toy for any teacher to have because not only does it look unique and impressive, but it can be served as a good therapy to practice in order to calm their minds and be more productive without having to worry about the unnecessary bad moods that they might encounter at work. 

Plus, teachers will be able to show and express their creativity by doing different impressions on the Pin Art Sculpture every day, this is a good practice to be doing because it will surely enhance the creativity capabilities.

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10.) KELZ KIDZ Sensory Water Bead Balls

The Kelz Kidz Sensory Water Bead Balls is a durable large stress ball toy for kids and for kids at heart. 

This toy would be a big help for teachers because as we all know teachers handle a lot of kids and sometimes our teachers can’t avoid being stressed dealing with their students, and of course their paperwork. It is made of high-quality materials, enabling people to squish it as hard as they like. 

Keep in mind that when playing with the Kelz Kidz Sensory Water Bead Balls, it will make the toy dirty but in only one rinse it will be as good as new making it low maintenance. 

It is designed and made for people who want to cope up with stress, instead of forcing themselves to work while under pressure you can just simply take a break and play with the product in order to release some of the tension on your shoulders. 

Take note that it is not just an ordinary squish ball, it also has beads inside of it so when you are squishing the toy the beads will easily slide under your fingers giving it a little bit of texture. 

The toy is available in 4 vibrant colors and 4 patent-pending textures—enough for people to find what suits their preference. 

It is measured to be 10.16 x 2.91 x 2.87 inches and weighs 1.46 pounds. It was first available on the market last September 14, 2020, so it is one of the company’s recent products. Although it is primarily a stress toy, it can also be displayed on your work desk to add a splash of color in your professional setting. 

It is a good idea to have it displayed on your desk—within your arms reach so whenever you are feeling stressed or heated up you can release it all by squishing this bundle of joy.

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Final Thoughts

Bringing in toys, particularly desk toys, might seem counterproductive for some due to the preconception for it to be a potentially distracting item especially in a fast-paced environment such as a teacher’s desk.

Yet, these dek toys have actually proven to do just the exact opposite of it. 

Desk toys allow all the extra energy that you have to be channeled into one place, allowing your mind to focus on what’s more important and prevent it from wandering off. It also helps rekindle creativity when you hit a brick wall and just can’t seem to get past it. 

Not only do they serve as a desk toy, but they also add a bit of pizzazz to any workspace that’s in dire need of it. 

All in all, these toys are more than just toys they’re just what the doctor ordered for all the stressed-out teachers to help relax your mind, have a bit of fun, and pull you away from the brink of insanity from all the workload that you bravely faced day by day. 

How about you? What’s your favorite desk toy? Have you tried any of the toys I listed here today? If not, I hope you try out some of them soon! Let me know and sound off below. 

Until next time! Keep calm and remember you’re a great teacher! 


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