What Makes You Stand Out as a Teacher?

To stand out among the rest does not happen out of surprise but is reflected upon traits and attributes. There’s no denying that such people even survive in a toxic environment. In this post, let’s talk about what makes you stand out as a teacher and how to be exceptional in what you do.

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Credentials, brains, and all other faculties of intelligence are important. However, what makes you stand out is more about having an engaging classroom presence, the value you give in the real world, and a lifelong give and take for all sides of life.

Question Mark, Info, Help, Orange, Round How do you feel about being a teacher today?

Question Mark, Info, Help, Orange, Round Do you live in it with excitement?

Question Mark, Info, Help, Orange, Round Do you look forward to what makes your class feel good and inspired?

Question Mark, Info, Help, Orange, Round Are your students and colleagues happy with you?

You don’t need a reason to shine as your actions are what will make you awesome. If you have any of the attributes below, you are on your way to stardom.


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What makes you stand out as a teacher

You are a happy teacher

Happiness is what everybody longs for and a happy teacher embraces every instance of possibility. What students and other teachers mean when they say “happy” is they want to like life in school.

A happy teacher accepts realities, encourages change, and perceives patience in disappointments. Your ability to come to terms with life shows initiative. You stand out because this attribute is so contagious that students and colleagues look up to you for such positiveness.


Kindness matters to you 

Being kind is not only friendly but considerate and respectful of the needs of students, colleagues, parents, and everyone around. There is no sense of bragging but in being careful not to offend or hurt their feelings.

Doing favors readily and listening to the concerns of students is kindness. You don’t expect too much but know how and when to teach patiently. Since you encourage others to repeat the good deeds they’ve experienced themselves — you boost feelings of optimism in them.


You celebrate little things 

Appreciating the little things in life means putting special attention to what is sustainable. Those everyday things – sunshine, smiles, little efforts, healthy bites, saying how are you today to a colleague — are things that are often taken for granted.

Students and teachers alike love to see a teacher who expresses gratitude for things that sustain life. What connects you to people is the way you celebrate life as much as you can. This helps everyone see the importance of slowing down and being present in the now.


You dress with a sense

What you wear affects how colleagues and students treat you. When you care for your appearance, it helps play up your strengths that consider how to look good in your own shape. Others would want to learn the style of looking good in their own shapes, too.

Dressing with sense creates a personal style that develops clothing etiquette. The fit of your jeans is just right, and the colors are never too loud to distract attention. You know that clogs are inappropriate on a ball or getting overdressed in a faculty meeting. When you come – the class naturally gets awed by your modest signature.

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You have manners and etiquette

Politeness projects refined manners that make people feel comfortable. Telling students to listen while someone is talking teaches good manners, thanking a student after an errand shows respect, and even when sending emails with manners wins goodwill.

A teacher who sets the standards for how to be polite to one another is being thoughtful to those around him or her. If you practice good manners, you nurture feelings and good values. Others would love to imitate you for such a dignified attitude.


You are a confident leader

Isn’t it that teachers are leaders? Yes, but not all of them can excel. A good leader is a strong influencer. Once he says let’s do this – everybody says yes. Every idea he has seems agreeable at once making the class or faculty up for the action.

A great leader thinks creatively and leads positively, he can tailor to everyone’s approach and remain calm in high-pressure situations. Most of all, he has the ability to unite everyone and aim toward collective hard work.


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You are punctual and organized

A teacher who keeps schedules and tries to observe time is always admired. You understand not only how to manage your time but also the value of it to other people. When you agree to meet at 1:00 p.m., colleagues can expect you to be there a few minutes earlier.

Good time management is an in-demand skill in every workplace today. This is why seeing you as a teacher who is always on time and rarely running late means you are an organized and dependable person. Of course, everybody wants to be like you!


You live an experience-rich life

You are a teacher who lives in the present moment. You are seldom seen with two days in a row that looks exactly the same. One day you might suggest a costume activity that the class really loves, then the next day you are all off to an earth’s crust for the perfect stones.

If you love to try new things, you are that multitalented teacher who loves the class to learn to play the piano, dance, and even speak a third language. You are never tired of bringing up things that wow everyone. In short, you are such a warm individual everyone likes to be with.


Of course, a great sense of humor

Not that a teacher has to be a funny cartoon but simply one who is pleasant in his amusement. A good joke can make you stand out because laughter stimulates the heart, lungs, and muscles and help change how people think and even act. Helping others laugh activates their stress response.

A good sense of humor comes out naturally. You create a brand of humor if you allow yourself to be yourself. Here’s a tip: Think of jokes that make you laugh and use them to make others laugh too.


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In Essence

Being who you are and the way you make others feel is what will make you stand out as a teacher. It’s simply different when the gesture comes from the heart. It cannot be faked and people feel that integrity.

Acknowledging the feelings of a downhearted colleague, the seemingly never tiring manner you listen to a student’s concerns, and feeling the same amount of excitement when someone is getting married — are all examples of what makes others feel good.

Thanks to your calmness, resourcefulness, empathy, and innate ability to influence others, you make life in teaching easier, merrier, and worth fighting for.

What about you? In which ways do you try to do your best every day? Share your tips and tricks with us in the comments.