12 Classroom Supplies For High School Teachers in 2022

If you had the chance to go back to high school, would you do it? Back to being carefree, young, wild, and free? 

Oh, those were the yesteryears. Now that you’re a teacher, you may be focused on how to create a great high school classroom where one of your goals is shopping for classroom supplies for high school teachers.

If you are meticulous about what exactly you need to provide at the same time suits your budget, that eliminates a lot of guesswork. Remember, you can’t go wrong with tools that you know you will be needing all along.

Best classroom supplies for high school teachers

It has been proven that both elementary and high school students benefit from the most common art paper, colored pencils, and even sharpeners. Equipping the classroom with these types of school supplies not only helps us teachers, but can improve the creativity, grades, and attitude of our students towards learning, as well.

Education is the first step to overcoming destitution and a single pen and paper could be a motivating factor that improves self-image, behavior, and peer pressure.

Providing supplies like answer sheets, activity timers, and textbooks helps engage students. They gain the knowledge with confidence and assurance that we are in full support of their needs. In return, it helps them overcome instability as they are able to identify themselves as students.

Being a high school teacher is a great opportunity to help students realize their purpose and know what things they are good at and also help ignite their passion as well as to inspire students to go after their dreams and goals. 

Useful classroom supplies help engage students more with learning. Teachers will surely have a more effective way to instill the lessons and memorable moments that students will carry on as they progress. 


Check out these Top 5 Editor Picks!

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Product Image Reasons to get it
EXPO Low Odor Dry Erase Markers
  • Consistent skip-free markers
  • 16 brilliant color options
  • Low odor ink formula
  • Versatile chisel tip for broad and fine strokes
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Crayola Colored Pencils
  • 50 rich and vibrant colors
  • long-lasting colors
  • Ready-to-use pre-sharpened pencils
  • Safe and non-toxic
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Astrobrights Colored Cardstock
  • 25 color assortment of vibrant and eye-catching cardstocks
  • Great for everyday projects
  • Fully dyed papers
  • Compatible with most cutting machines
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Smead Cascading Wall Organizer
  • 6 colorful andremovable folder pockets
  • Each pocket hold 50 sheets
  • Convinient loop on top
  • Durable poly material; wear and tear resistant
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Post-it Super Sticky Notes, Rio de Janeiro Colors, 2x the Sticking Power, 3 in x 3 in
  • 2x sticking power; stick and restick
  • 24 pads/pack, 70 sheets/pad
  • 100% recyclable
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How to Buy Classroom Supplies

A teacher who has been teaching for about three or more years might already be familiar with the classroom supplies they will be needing to be equipped for the whole year. 

If you are someone who gets a bit overwhelmed and just ends up buying a whole load of classroom supplies but not really needing everything that was just bought in a quick span of a shopping spree. 

This list might help you narrow down all the important things a high school teacher should get for their classroom. Being sure what type of supplies you’ll be needing for your class will help you decide on what to purchase and not end up buying unnecessary things. 

But first of all, let’s get down to the things you should put into consideration before buying classroom staples you will be using for the whole year.

Quality over quantity. When planning to buy something, one should always ensure the quality of the item you are planning to purchase. Of course, reading a few reviews and a little research can help you to determine if it’s the right classroom for you. 

You surely don’t want to end up buying something that you thought was a good deal because of the price and quantity it comes with, and to only find yourself using the item for a short period of time because of the poor quality as well as ending up losing the money you spent on it. 

I’m talking about boxes of pencils that some might think are super cheap but only end up breaking every time you use it to write or when you are sharpening it, or maybe a but one take one stapler that only stapled less than a hundred documents but ended up not working anymore, so you proceed to buy a new one. 

Try to always think about long-term use, look for something that can last longer than a whole school year to help you save more money in the long run. 

Classroom supplies are also investments, and the more they will last the longer you will be saving money in the succeeding years inside the classroom. 

Functionality. Try to weigh out the functionality of certain school supplies and see if it is really worth it to buy and stock up your classroom with them.

We sometimes see cute little clipboards, or maybe educational toys that we think might be a cute little decor that can amp up the look of your classroom (which can just end up as a distraction to the kids). We then get to a point where we want to buy them but then realize that it’s just not really necessary to buy it as it will only end up in storage and not really use it. 

Try to focus more on the type of school supplies that you will use frequently inside the classroom. Cute glitter pens with scents maybe a good idea, but reading your students’ writing in black and white will just be easier to read in the long run.

It will be more ideal to focus on good quality and highly functional items that will aid you day by day inside the classroom. Say, for example, a box of high-quality pencils, or maybe a reliable pencil sharpener that will surely be useful both for you and your students. 

Affordability. We all know that in today’s society, some teachers realize that they have to buy some classroom supplies with their own hard-earned money, this is why it is important to look into classroom supplies that can provide great quality and functionality without straining your pocket. 

Most teachers would want to decorate and stock up their classrooms with essentials needed by their students. This is to create a warm and welcoming environment to make the kids more enthusiastic and motivated about learning. 

But then, most of the decorations and supplies needed for a classroom come out fro the pocket of the teacher. Some schools may assist with all the supplies but not all schools have the capability to provide a fully stacked classroom for teachers. 

This is the reason why most teachers are in the look for affordable classroom supplies that can fit the budget and will surely benefit the classroom. From the classic supplies like pen, pencils, paper, staplers, teachers really go beyond just to provide for the educational needs of their students. 

Teachers are heroes and they are rockstars. They deserve all the support they can get. Period. 

Availability. It takes a lot of effort to stock up and fill the needs of one classroom. Make sure that the items you are going to purchase can be easily accessed to buy again in case the need for it arises in the future. 

It is ideal to look for items that you can easily order to replenish your stock inside the classroom, if a certain item cannot be replaced easily that might add up to the task you will be needing to have more time to look into just to replace, and we wouldný want that of course.


12 Classroom Supplies For High School Teachers in 2022

**Disclosure: There are Amazon affiliate links below, meaning that as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

 1.) Astrobrights Colored Cardstock

Astrobrights Colored Cardstock

Click image for details

Keeping a pack of AstroBrights’ vibrant cardstock will surely bring your student’s ideas to life. I believe this tool is perfect for any project such as crafting, flyers, colorizing documents, color coding, and many more.

It can also serve as a way to decorate and style the classroom; adding color to the old bulletin board and whiteboard. 

The pack itself contains 75 sheets full of various 25 color assortments, you’ll get 3 sheets each of Colors: Lift-Off Lemon, Solar Yellow, Galaxy Gold, Cosmic Orange, Solar White, Pulsar Pink, Plasma Pink, Rocket Red, Re-Entry Red, Orbit Orange, Fireball Fuchsia, Outrageous Orchid, Planetary Purple, Gravity Grape, Venus Violet, Gamma Green, Terrestrial Teal, Lunar Blue, Celestial Blue, Blast-Off Blue, Martian Green, Terra Green, Vulcan Green, Stardust White, Eclipse Black.

You’ll get 3 sheets each of Colors: Lift-Off Lemon, Solar Yellow, Galaxy Gold, Cosmic Orange, Solar White, Pulsar Pink, Plasma Pink, Rocket Red, Re-Entry Red, Orbit Orange, Fireball Fuchsia, Outrageous Orchid, Planetary Purple, Gravity Grape, Venus Violet, Gamma Green, Terrestrial Teal, Lunar Blue, Celestial Blue, Blast-Off Blue, Martian Green, Terra Green, Vulcan Green, Stardust White, and Eclipse Black—all of which can be seen in the spectrum of colors. 

Its structure is as thick as a cartolina making it perfect for writing on it with a ballpoint pen or a pencil. Moreover, printing on AstroBrights gives you the benefits of color without the high cost of and extra time with printing with colored ink.

Teachers will definitely need this in their classroom in order to drag out students’ creativity and get them to be more motivated in doing class works or school projects. Ultimately, the brightly colored cardstock adds vibrance to your bulletin boards for the spring! 

Activities during the class discussion will surely be less boring when teachers have these in their hands, they can use it for their students to present something in class, brewing their spontaneity in the process. It is a flexible school supply that can be used in different ways for instilling learning and crafting ideas for students.

The product itself is very easy to use, and lightweight compared to most cardstock brands. It is thick enough to stand up to frequent handling and the rigors of postal machines, yet smooth enough to work with inkjet and laser printers. 

With its sturdy yet smooth structure, it is a top-pick paper for seamless folding, cutting, and tearing—just the feeling of the high-quality paper itself will encourage users to step up their creative thinking to produce an outcome that will brightly shine.

Just having this product in the classroom will be appreciated by the students, and it will certainly not go to waste. Having a couple of these products will set the classroom into full, frenzy-filled creative students.

Teachers can let their students use these cardstocks to make crafts, gifts, and cards for holidays that parents will surely love to receive. Using these cardstocks, I did notice that they are a bit thin on the side but I think it is great so that the kids will not have a hard time folding it. 

They are very sturdy and I found tons of ways to use them for decorations, signages, for the bulletin board among the many other things I found where I can use it for. 

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 2.) POST-IT dry-erase accessory tray

POST-IT dry-erase accessory tray

Click image for details

For sure, the first thought that comes into your mind when it comes to your classroom is how well it is organized.

Things in the classroom should be kept neatly, safely and in an easy-to-reach place, that’s why organizers and file cabinets are commonly seen in a typical, high school classroom setup for storing important documents and school works of students. 

But how about those small things that teachers commonly use? There are so many instances where whiteboard markers and erasers get lost because there is no proper place to store them after being used. Often it becomes a disruption in the class looking for these items or worst is we borrow a spare one from another teacher. 

But with the Post It Dry Erase Accessory Tray, those whiteboard markers and erasers will have a place to stay for their next use. It is a must-have product for any teacher who utilizes a whiteboard during class discussion. 

The tray itself is made out of sturdy plastic, has a minimalistic design, and comes along with command strips to stick the tray into any surface. The command strip will let you attach it to the walls without any problems as well as any ideal flat surface you would like to stick it to.

It looks like a deep pocket that can hold up strongly to 4 markers and 1 eraser, also it is very easy to clean and strip off from one place to another. The command strip that comes with it is very sticky, so it keeps the tray in place, and yet it is very easy to take off when used with force.

4 packs of the tray will be delivered when buying this product. Teachers can use the extra trays for storing other small items such as ballpoint pens, pencils, pencil erasers, correction tapes, rulers, index cards, and any other small materials that teachers and students use on a daily basis. 

Teachers can also give the extra trays to their other colleagues or make use of them on their own desks to keep it organized. Post It Dry Erase Accessory Tray is a simple-looking product, but it is definitely effective when it comes to keeping the classroom organized.

It is a simple and solid solution that just works wonders for teachers to help them avoid losing their everyday essentials. I actually have two of these for my workplace and it really does its job when it comes to keeping things at bay and preventing them from being sucked into a black hole (that’s what I think happens to the long-lost markers I never found again). 

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3.) MAGNETIC dry erasers

MAGNETIC dry erasers

Click image for details

Here is a multi-purpose eraser that can be used on standard whiteboards, calendars, memos, marker boards, rolling, classroom calendars, easel, and wipe-off boards.

The small but strong magnets inside allow them to stick on any magnetic surfaces such as magnetic boards and other magnetic surfaces. 

Magnetic dry erasers are very convenient they are simply stuck onto the board if there is no space to put them. They can be reached easily by both teachers and students. The magnets are also fun to use. Who doesn’t love magnets? Well, I sure do! 

The whiteboard eraser is made out of a sturdy material that encases the sponge that has a hard, black coating on one side. The small magnets are found between the hard casing and the sponge, making the sponge side of the eraser stick to the magnetic surface. 

They are durable enough to withstand falling from a high place without falling apart, and it can be used for a long time with proper care. It has an easy grip so that both kids and adults can use this eraser. If the product is constantly used, sometimes it will leave “eraser dust” in the area of the wiped-up board but it has an easy solution; you can just simply wash it. 

It is fairly easy to wash the erasers—just wash it by hand or with a scrub and gently grind the foam, you don’t need to worry about damaging the magnets inside since it is separated by a felt pad so it is safe to wash.

When ordering this product, it is a 12 pack magnetic whiteboard dry eraser. This will give the teachers plenty of whiteboard eraser stock in just one single order. They can use it anywhere and not just the board itself. 

It can be used on calendars and memos that are displayed inside the classroom, it can also be used to erase reminders on bulletin boards. Many people have reviewed this product and the majority of the reviews are positive, they displayed their love for this product and how it was very easy to use in the classroom. 

I actually bought these for my brother’s high school teacher as a gift and she said she loved using them. They have 4 whiteboards inside their classroom so they really had multiple whiteboard erasers. She even told me that she wrote her name on the blue foam part of the erasers so that it doesn’t get lost and go to a different teacher’s room. 

She surely was delighted at how useful these erasers are said she will buy them again once she runs out of them, but that might be after two years or so with how durable these erasers are. 

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4.) SMEAD cascading wall organizer

SMEAD cascading wall organizer

Click image for details

Smead Cascading wall organizer is a 6 pocket wall organizer and has a dimension of 114-1/4″ Width x 36-1/4″ Height. This organizer helps in reducing desk and office mess, and at the same time, it can also be a decoration for organized files. 

The six cascading pockets are removable to make the documents inside be easily seen or accessed. It has an elastic cord closure for secure and easy transport. It is made out of durable poly material which is tear-proof and water-resistant.

The cascading organizer can be used as a medium for students to submit their works by the end of the day, instead of giving them directly to their teacher, they can put their works in the cascading organizer for teachers to check and see at the end of every day. 

It holds a decent amount of papers and the multiple folders are good for sorting different subjects and/or different types of students’ work. Teachers can hang it anywhere from doorknobs to hooks inside the room which makes it very accessible. This is a highlight of your wall decorating ideas.

Anything can be put inside it; lesson plans, the work of students, important announcements, class schedules,  and even personal belongings. This particular product would be very helpful not only for teachers but also for a lot of people who want to free up space on their desks and be organized without taking too much effort.

This product received a ton of positive reviews from its users. Some say they love how it saves them so much space for their desk and how easily it is to use. Teachers are also a huge fan of this product as it provides its organization duty and it is also a creative way to design the classroom. 

Not only does this product do a great job in keeping files organized, but it is also a good way to free up space inside the classroom by handing this on walls. It is supplemental to your space-saving tactics! This is a multi-colored product meaning it comes with all the bright colors that will surely bring life inside the dull classroom. 

Just slide and take or keep what you want then you can fold it right back to make it easier to carry around anywhere you like plus its very lightweight. Quality design and organization are just a click away when purchasing the Smead Cascading Wall Organizer.

The Smead Cascading Wall Organizer is surely a handy teacher tool that gets the job done and will surely aid to get a teacher’s classroom organized in no time. Even if you are not the most organized person in the world, you will find yourself loving this product and recommending it to anyone that needs it. 

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5.) BOSTITCH QUIETSHARP 6 electric sharpener

BOSTITCH QUIETSHARP 6 electric sharpener

Click image for details

It’ll be a disastrous scenario to realize there’s no way your students can sharpen a pencil as the need arise. That’s why teachers should always have this school supply for emergency sharpening.

The Bostitch QuietSharp Electric Sharpener has the XHC cutter technology that allows for a 70% faster sharpening and 10x longer life. It is made with extra durable steel and the blade is designed to be helical, allowing for a pointed tip every time in under 4 seconds. 

The combination of the super heavy-duty motor and thermal overload protection will have you worry-free about overheating.  This means you can sharpen a lot of pencils without having to take a break in between. 

The operation is quiet with the durability to withstand strenuous classroom use, teachers won’t have to worry about the noise that can distract other students from their work. To ensure safety in the classroom, the tamper-proof MagnaSafe shutoff technology smartly prevents operation when the shavings tray is removed. 

So, if the tray is removed, there’s no way to get the motor to run. This prevents any accidents that can occur in the classroom; and for ease of use, the Tip Saver Technology prevents over-sharpening, extending pencil life. Once a pencil is perfectly sharp, the blade cutters will pull back will automatically stop sharpening the pencil. 

The sharpener has a 6-size dial selector that will accommodate various pencil sizes, so there is no need to worry about getting another sharpener with a different size slot. To ensure security and safety, the wide base of the Bostitch Electric Sharpener has a large suction cup feature for utmost stability, securing the sharpener to the table while students use it. 

It can also sharpen colored pencils, however, keep in mind that pastel-based colored pencils tend to be softer and occasionally get stuck on the product’s blades, it is recommended to clean the blade at the end of every day. 

Lastly, students constantly sharpen their pencils so the Bostitch Electric Sharpener has designed the shaving tray to hold a high amount of pencil shavings—effectively stopping the frequent trips to the wastebasket. The tray is translucent in a color that provides a clear vision when it needs to be emptied.

The reviews on this product have been great so far, many stated that the sharpener has been with them for at least a year about now and is still operating exceptionally well. Making it a perfect candidate for high school teachers to have inside their classroom. 

When I bought one of these for my classroom, I was stunned as to how big it was as it was the largest pencil sharpener I have ever seen—and when I say big, it was really BIG. IT works so fast and well whenever I use it and pencils just come out with perfect tips that just look satisfying after sharpening a pencil. 

I also love that it comes with many sizes of pencil holes and how very easy it is to use. You just plug it in with just insert your pencil and with just minimal pressure to apply you can instantly get a perfectly tipped pencil. 

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 6.) SCANTEST-100 answer sheets

SCANTEST-100 answer sheets

Click image for details

Tired of going through piles of quizzes and examinations from different classes to check and correct them? Being a teacher is a strenuous profession that drains you physically and mentally. Just thinking about checking loads of quizzes and exam papers one by one already makes a teacher dread it. 

You need to develop various strategies to overcome the hurdles and struggles of teachers. One problem can be easily avoided if teachers will utilize these ScanTest-100 Answer Sheets for every quiz and examination that will occur.

Use these Answer Sheets for students to answer whenever they take a quiz or an examination, these answers can be scanned through a scan reader or simply an app through a phone. 

The reader or the app will tabulate the answers and accurately give the results and the percentage of that student’s quiz or exam. There’s no need to go through a bunch of quizzes and examination papers to manually calculate their scores, simply let the machine or the device work to derive the results. 

It is an effective way to reduce the time when teachers can give the results of the quiz or exam, they can immediately let their students know what scores they got with just a click of a button. 

It is also a way to reduce printing and ink costs since the school will only be printing questionnaires that can be used again by different classes—the answer sheets are the only thing that students can write on so there will be no unnecessary paper waste.

On another note, many students have attempted to cheat by copying others’ answers. This is not an ethical behavior that students should possess, it simply dictates that students have no desire to learn and depends on others just to pass. 

Students should strive and be more eager to learn about things since the school is shaping and training them for the real world; cheating is not tolerable anywhere and students should know that. 

That is why the ScanTest-100 Answer Sheets is perfect for preventing cheating inside the classroom. Students will not be able to copy the answers of others since the correct answers need to be shaded. 

In the picture, the answers sheets have up to 100 items with 5 choices; the numbers and choices that needed to be shaded are small enough that if you want to see the choice they made, you need to lean in their line of vision.

Many teachers have purchased this product since a single order will provide 50 sheets of the ScanTest-100 Answer Sheets. There are many various models of Answer Sheets but so far, ScanTest-100 gives more accurate results than any Answer Sheets.

Most teachers loved the idea of how scantron works. It surely lightens a load of tasks teachers encounter every day especially with all the piled-up tasks they have during the week. It accurately gets the job done and helps save money big time. They really scan great and I have never found any problem with using them. 

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7.) TIME TIMER analog timer

TIME TIMER analog timer

Click image for details

Proper time management is important to practice in classrooms, so that lesson plans will go as scheduled and students will be able to practice managing their time for various tasks. It’s a tap to your behavioral management plans that can make your classroom extra organized!

Time Timer’s Analog Timer will surely help students keep track of the time, making sure that every minute counts as they work on their tasks.

It measures 5. 5 inches x 7 inches and weighs about 12 ounces. Ideal for individual use or small to medium groups, a one AA battery is required. The battery compartment is securely closed by a small screw and a mini Phillips head screwdriver will be needed to open and close the battery compartment making it very safe for use inside the classroom as it strictly adheres to CPSIA standards

It is a 60-minute analog countdown clock that offers a carrying handle, protective lens, and a center knob for ease of use around the school, office, or at home. It can be used for personal time management or for small groups that do a range of activities—keeping their allotted time, for each activity, in check. 

The simplistic design caters to both students and those who have special needs. The Time Timer is proven to ease transitions and encourages the independence of students as well as productivity for all abilities, including those with Autism, ADHD, or other special needs.

The Time Timer is very easy to set, you just simply turn the center knob counter-clockwise; the colored disk can be set to the desired amount of time certain tasks needs. After that, it will automatically start to count down with no loud ticking, providing silence and focus for school, homework, training, and other silent or group activities. 

As time elapses, the colored disk disappears. The Time Timer operates in a clockwise direction to replicate the movement of an analog clock and will show everyone exactly how much time is left. The volume-controlled alarm signal when time is up can be dialed up for a loud alert or down to silent for sound-sensitive environments, preserving the Time Timer’s “quiet” timer feature.

This timer is being used by teachers, workers, and parents alike. Positive reviews have been prominent with this product; most of which states that it is a long-lasting timer that does the job. Its sleek design can bring color to the classroom, and at the same time, it brings order to students who are having a lot of trouble allocating their time to certain tasks.

Right off the bat, I really loved the way visual of how the red timer appears as well as the adjustability of the volume for the timer itself. It can greatly help teachers and students be on track and on time for all the lessons planned and lined up for the day. It is definitely recommended for high school teachers to use. 

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8.) EXPO dry erase markers 

EXPO dry erase markers 

Click image for details

Dry erase markers are the new chalk in the classroom. There is nothing wrong with investing in good dry erase markers to bring more color and life to everyday class discussions and activities. 

Expo provides excellent dry erase markers that are vibrant in color, and are consistent in bringing out the full pigment of each color that they have to offer. The formula of their dry erase marker is smoother to work with, leaving a nice feeling and grip of the markers when it is used. 

One of the fascinating features of Expo dry erase markers is that it has a low odor formula, for those who are not comfortable with smelling toxic dry erase formula—also it is easier to remove than other dry erase markers.

This school supply is a must to have inside a high school classroom. The color-assorted dry erase markers are perfect for elaborating discussions by writing important things to remember using different colors. 

It is an essential school supply that every high school teacher needs to make class discussions more efficient and interesting. Teachers can give the students black dry erase markers for them to use, and display the other colored dry erase markers on the accessory tray.

What is great about dry erase markers is that they last longer than your regular wet-erase markers. The ink is more pigmented, and writing on the board with it is smoother and has a pleasant feeling. Students will enjoy the variety of colors that are available for their usage.

Students will also be encouraged and excited to participate more inside the class as they will get the chance to pick and choose the color they would like to use to write on the board, this will help express their personality as well as their creativity. 

Having the ability to differentiate all the ideas and thoughts gathered on the whiteboard can give a great visual for teachers and students thanks to all the colors the Expo Dry Erase Markers offer. 

This set of markers is definitely recommended for teachers who would love to bring colors to their whiteboards. 

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9.) POST-IT super sticky notes

Write, post, that’s it!

POST-IT super sticky notes

Click image for details

Post-it super sticky notes are a small piece of paper with a strip of glue on its back to make it temporarily attached to a wall or to wherever you want to make you reminded of what you wrote in the note. It has 12 pads per pack, 100 sheets per pad, and 1,200 total sheets.

It is available in very bright colors so it is pleasing to the eyes and it makes it more catchy in the way that you don’t overlook the notes and maybe lighten up your mood for the day.

A lot of people love to write down notes as a reminder of what we need to do. Post-it note is a good tool to keep notes. It is very convenient and efficient. You can write anything on post sticky notes like for example your thoughts, quotes to keep you motivated whenever you read it, tasks to do, reminders, and a lot more.

Post-it super sticky notes are disposable since they are made of small bits of paper. This tiny piece of paper is also a very useful tool to illustrate an idea. This is not only for personal use, but can also be used by groups. You may ask the members of the group to write their ideas and post it so no idea will be left out. Post-it super sticky notes can be used anywhere personally or in your workplace.

Post its super sticky notes is different from the normal post-it notes, it has 2X the sticking power. Its size is 3×3 meaning you can carry some in your pocket at all times. At home you can also use this to keep your loved ones posted on what to do, where are you headed, some reminders you can post on the fridge or on the doors to make sure that they will notice it and read it.

At school, you can post this at the corner of the boards to keep your student reminded of their task and their schedules. Sticky notes would be a very useful tool for a classroom environment wherein there are a lot of students and you want to know their thoughts or questions about a certain topic. So what are you waiting for?

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 10.) Crayola colored pencils

Crayola colored pencils

Click image for details

When it comes to colors, Crayola rules. These colored pencils come with 50 rich and vibrant colors that will highlight the details of what you want to color. Can be used at home crafts and some indoor activities, these Crayola colored pencils are fun to use for kids and a great way to stay thoughtfully engaged and entertained. 

The color quality of these colored pencils makes them a very great art supply for children and adults. They’re long-lasting, safe, and non-toxic. Since it has 50 different colors, you are getting a wide variety of pleasing color choices for your artwork.

This is a very useful tool inside the classroom it will help the student get entertained on the activities since they can make anything out of it. Also with this product, it can develop or show your students artistic sides. you might be surprised at what your students can do. Crayola colored pencils are made with a wax binder which helps contribute to the product’s durability.

Colored pencils will bring out the creative side of students, it can also bring out the craftiness in them. Using high-quality art supplies will encourage students to do their best and create something that expresses what they have learned inside the classroom. These colorful gems can also serve as awesome rewards to students who excel in class!

This will also bring life to the dull classroom by using this product for art production and hanging up those arts in the classroom to make it more personalized for students. This product is long-lasting, and with the variety of colors that are available students will have no trouble making the image forming in their hand materialize on the paper. 

Having colored pencils available all the time will give students the opportunity to relieve stress by doing some artwork, which many schools have been already practicing. 

The reviews on this product are all positive, the various pigments of colors available are high in quality. It is not one of those “soft” wax tips but at the same time, it is not as hard as the lead on a regular pencil—meaning it is still sturdy to use and can be regularly sharpened on an electric sharpener. Bringing a little bit of color and a splash of creativity can work wonders inside the classroom, so don’t hesitate to buy.

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11.) Niutop 8″ Multipurpose Sharp Scissors

Niutop 8" Multipurpose Sharp Scissors

Click image for details

Another important yet taken-for-granted classroom supply that teachers might look overlook is scissors. 

Even though high schoolers have already developed their motor skills fairly well, they still have a lot of projects and arts and crafts that they will go through during their high school years that will require the use of scissors one way or another. 

The next item on our list is the Niutop 8″ Multipurpose Sharp Scissors bulk set where you will get twenty-five (25) high-quality and precise cutting scissors that will work well with adolescent hands. 

The scissors you will get in the Niutop bulk set is guaranteed to be 3X harder than stainless steel and will promise to remain sharp even after 100,000 cuts which is quite impressive. 

And this can only mean that these scissors will last through the years and a few batches of high schoolers that will come through your classroom doors. 

The scissors included in this pack are also corrosion-resistant so you don’t have to worry about them rusting if they get in contact with any liquid material. Kids will also love the five fun and bright colors as these scissors come in green, purple, blue, brown, and red. 

You’ll get five of each color so that means you can set colors for each team if you plan on having a group activity for your students. 

These scissors are also equipped with Soft-grip handles making them very comfortable on the hands. They can also be used by students who are left-handed as well without any problems. 

They’ll also be able to cut clean through fabrics, burlap, cardboard, leather, and a lot of other materials making them very versatile, perfect for any cutting job that you will put up to it. 

The Niutop 8″ Multipurpose Sharp Scissors are also incredibly lightweight, its adjustable stainless steel blade pivot provides smooth opening and closing when in use.

If you haven’t had a set of trusty scissors yet in your classroom, it might just be good for you to consider getting the Niutop 8″ Multipurpose Sharp Scissors—one of the best multipurpose sets of scissors that you can rely on for any cutting job that you and your students might need in the classroom.

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12.) Kickbands from Solace

Kickbands from Solace

Click image for details

Help improve your student’s focus and attention with these awesome Kickbands from Solace! 

Fidgeting is no stranger to students in the classroom, even teachers do it too! That’s why you’ll surely love this next item on our list—it’s something that will make fidgeting more fun for your students. 

Physical activity during classes helps kids have a longer attention span compared to having them sit tight and proper during class discussion, as studies show. Having the freedom to move while they learn increases the level of neurotransmitters in their brain that is responsible for controlling focus and attention levels. 

And teachers should take advantage of this recent discovery as it can be a gateway to a more engaging and enriched learning environment for students.

These ultra-flexible bands are designed to help kids increase their focus and attention during classes as they will have complete freedom to move their feet as they channel all their extra energy in a fun and non-distracting way letting them immerse themselves more into their studies. 

These chairbands are known to be quiet and durable and very safe to use as well. It greatly supports self-regulation and provides flexible alternative seating for classrooms. 

Installing the Kickbands is as easy as 1-2-3. All you need to do is simply stretch the bands over the two front legs of any chair and it’s good to go! 

It also fits most chair sizes so you don’t have to worry about measuring it if it’s compatible, it can stretch up to 24 inches even fitting over desks.

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Teacher’s Funding for Classroom Supplies

And as we all know most teachers voluntarily open up their wallets when buying school supplies to stock up their classrooms. Some teachers are lucky to get reimbursed but statistically, 9 out of 10 teachers do not get reimbursed for the money they have spent on school supplies for their classroom, and this is in accordance with the survey data from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES).

So this is when a teacher’s creativity to get funding for their classroom supplies comes in, and below are some of the ways teachers can get extra help with funding for classroom supplies and to not break the bank. 


There are many ways teachers can get additional funding for their classroom supplies and a lot of them are from grants available for educators, there are actually thousands of grants teachers can get help from when it comes to funding. 

There two most commonly known types of grants—the Federal Grants and Private Grants—these two types of grants can be utilized by teachers to aid them with funds for classroom supplies. 

Federal grants are economic aids provided by the United States government to help educators. You can also source out all the available grants through the listing in Grants.gov—then apply a filter to get to the Education section. 

Teaching grants have a wide range of topics and they can aid in professional developments, classroom supplies, classroom enhancements, field trips, and just about everything that is for the betterment of how education molds the mind of students


Crowdfunding is the act of fundraising money for a certain type of movement, which can also be intended to raise money for classroom supplies. 

This is done through the donation of any amount through a large number of people—and as you can imagine with the technology and social media nowadays people can connect in many ways and help each other even with just a small amount of donation—A little really goes a long way. 

There are many platforms where you can start crowdfunding for classroom supplies. One of the most used platforms by teachers is DonorsChoose.org, which is one of the best platforms teachers can use to get extra help with funding for their classroom. They have also earned the highest ranking in Charity Navigator for their efficiency and transparency.

Teachers just need to create a profile within the website of DonorsChoose and include some details about their classroom and what their classroom is in need of, the next step after creating the profile would be the giving of donations from the donors in the form of money sent through the website—then the last step would be is the teachers receiving the donations then directly as long as the minimum goal is reached.

Another awesome platform that teachers can use is AdoptAClassroom.org, this is also a Crowdfunding website made especially for teachers. Teachers have to be specific when entailing what they need as well as the reason why they need it. Teachers also need to create a detailed classroom profile. 

GoFundMe is also a versatile crowdfunding platform that teachers can also use to raise money for classroom supplies. Teachers can use this money to also raise money for different class-related needs such as field trips, classroom enrichment, and many other things. Many teachers have attested as to how helpful this platform has been for education-related goals

Another great option if teachers want a more flexible way to raise money for their classroom is through ClassWish. Classwish offers support to both public and private schools, and this platform is open not only for teachers as it also includes everyone under the educational sector (librarians, school aides, counselors). 

These are just some of the hundred ways a teacher can get help with attaining the funds they need for school supplies. Teachers have the talent to make the most out of what they currently have and are very resourceful just to go the extra mile—and they also just want to bring the best education they can give to their students. 



Shopping for classroom supplies can be fun but also an intimidating task for teachers, you have to go through making a list of supplies you’ll need, as well as do thorough research on the type of items or products you will be purchasing—if they are good enough to withstand the whole school year.

We also know that it is a struggle for teachers to purchase classroom supplies especially when they are on a tight budget, this is why giving a helping hand to our educators is deeply appreciated by them. 

Even if the money they use to buy supplies comes from their own pocket, teachers just turn to the other cheek just to give the best educational experience they can give to their students. Teaching is really the noblest and humble profession in all the world. 

There are also many ways where students, parents, and the people of the community can pair up to help teachers in this endeavor. If we can just all stick together for a better and brighter tomorrow, I am sure we can achieve it. 

Drop off your comments if you think I should include some products you love using for your classroom! I would also love to get your insight as to how teachers get creative when trying to get funds for their classrooms. 

Cheers to an awesome school year! 



1.) Is it best to buy in bulk and cheap rather than just a few classroom supplies but has quality? 

This would really depend on what type of school supply you are looking to purchase if you are going to purchase items that are going to be for long term use it is much better to go for a product with a higher price but can really guarantee you the durability and quality you look for a long term use. 

You can also look into bulk buying if the quality is there and the deal really gives a great offer, this can be seen with maybe a pen and pencils that will surely come and go inside the classroom.

2.) What are the most common types of school supplies should I include on my list?

If you have been teaching for about a year or so, you should be already familiar with what type of classroom supplies you need to be always available inside the classroom. But if you are a new teacher, this can be a challenging task. 

Think of the basics like writing supplies, coloring supplies, arts and crafts supplies, and cleaning supplies. Imagine going through a day and class and all of the items you’ll be needing to proceed throughout the day. 

Pencils, pens, markers, crayons, glue, scissors, sharpeners, are some of the items you can include on your list. A great tip when you’re out shopping for classroom supplies is to take pictures of the items you already have so you don’t have to end up buying double the item you already have. 

3.) Is it practical to order online for the classroom supplies I will use?

We all know how convenient it is to order online and have the items you purchased delivered right at your doorstep is. It is a very fascinating time to be alive, consider yourself lucky if you get the item your purchase delivered one day after you placed your order. 

Most teachers don’t have the time to visit different stores just to get the supplies they need for their classroom, because we all know that not one store will have all the things you need and some of the things you are looking for will not be available there. 

One thing you can rely on when purchasing online for your supplies are the reviews. You can check the reviews of previous customers who recently purchased the same item you are looking at to see if it really is a good buy or not. 

Buying online can also save you time and effort, and can leave you with just a happy purchase and not have to go to different stores for a supply shopping spree. 

4.) What is a supply sweep and how do I do it?

Doing a supply sweep will not only save you money but will also surprise you as to how many classroom supplies you already have lying around your house or maybe at your workplace.

You can start doing a supply sweep by checking all closets, desk drawers, file cabinets, and basements bins, and you’ll never know what kind of hidden gems awaits you in your search for additional and free school supplies.

Once you have rounded up all the supplies you already own. You can now isolate all the items you already have and you can now make a list of all the items you need for your classroom.

You can also ask the parents of your students to participate and ask them if there are any items in their household that they are no longer using but can be useful for their kid’s class

5.) Are there any other ways I can save on spending money on classroom supplies?

Of course, there is! There are many ways you can avoid breaking the bank when shopping for classroom supplies, and teachers sometimes have to be creative and resourceful to get the best out of a purchase.

One way is to shop at Dollar Stores, you’ll be amazed at all the available school supplies they have in store just for you. You’ll be able to get some awesome bargains for pencils, notebooks, as well as sanitizers, wipes, which is very important and you know it is.

And the best thing about it is that you can buy all of these at a bargain price, you’ll feel your pocket smiling with delight with all the great items you can buy at Dollar Stores. 

Great Buying Tips

1.) Buy in Bulk

Buying items in larger amounts will really help you save money as bulk deals can really be at a great price. 

2.) Clearance sales

Aim to wait on clearance sales and big cut-offs from school supplies because you will really get awesome deals for it. Big sales on school supplies usually go on before the school year starts by mid-September. And you will surely see some of the items you are wishing to purchase at large discount offers. 

Patience is a virtue, and usually, the deals get better as time moves on. 

3.) Do a supply swap

If you have tons of extra writing papers or A4 size papers, you can coordinate with your colleagues if they want to do a supply swap for maybe a pack of extra markers they have just lying around their classroom. Just think of it back in the old times, bartering and trading but in teachers’ style. 

You will also be surprised as to how many items you’ll be able to get once you’re done swapping for classroom goods. 

4.) Use social media to follow stores. 

Many school supplies and office supply stores now have a large base of followers on Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms. They sometimes give out coupons (i love coupons!) and give out announcements online if they have big upcoming sales. 

There are tons of online coupons that can surely help you save money when buying essentials for your classroom. 

5.) Compare and match prices

This type of strategy may take a bit of time and effort from you but will surely pay off when you’re purchasing large amounts of classroom supplies. There are plenty of apps online that can help you check and compare prices across different stores so you don’t have to really visit every store one by one. Instead of paying for gas, you can just price match to save time, money, and effort.

6.) Ask for donations

Truth hurts, and the truth is parents know how obvious it is that teachers are overworked but sadly they are also underpaid. It’s never wrong to ask the parents of your students for any amount of help they can give just for the betterment of the classroom their child goes to every day. 

7.) A class wish list

Making a class wish list is an easy way teachers can let parents know what supplies are needed inside the classroom. Teachers can create a class wish list through Amazon’s Wish List and send the list to families before the school year begins. 

Creating this list will also help you keep track of all the things you currently have in stock, and you will also be able to easily update it throughout the year. 

8.) Teach kids to save up on supplies

Teaching your students how they can stretch the usage of a certain item can really be a good thing to do especially when it is just the start of the year. You can imply rules when using school supplies that can smartly help the kids be productive while saving on supplies at the same time.

This can also be a form of positive reinforcements to the kids and for them to learn to use something until it is absolutely exhausted as it will eventually help the environment too. This will just be a domino effect that children will also learn to practice outside of the classroom too. 

9.) Cashback credit cards

If you are someone who uses their credit card frequently for purchases, this might be perfect for you. Many credit cards offer cash backs at retailers that sell different types of school supplies. 

When using your credit card for purchasing supplies for your classroom, you will surely get that rebate that will ultimately put money back to your pocket. 

10.) Organize your supply station

Keeping your supply station organized will help you keep a tab of the items that are almost used up and items that you still have a lot of stocks. Organizing your supply station will also teach your students to put back whatever items they used and they will surely put it back if you notice that something is missing. 

Teachers can also instill discipline to their students as well as the assurance that classroom supplies will be out back where they originally belong, and this means fewer lost supplies, and less money going out of a teacher’s pocket.