10 Best Wireless Headphones for Online Teaching [2021]

Wireless headphones have journeyed from being a plain tool for listening to audio signals to a mainstay gadget for today’s online learning.

These devices connect to your computer from a distance with Bluetooth and work without a cord. This is why more and more teachers are looking for the best headphones for online teaching to help power digital education in a more competent way.

Best Wireless Headphones for Online Teaching

On a bird’s eye view, there are wireless headphones that sound perfect, there are highly expensive, less-expensive ones, and some are even dreadful. But even though they are not without a few issues, they remain an extremely efficient tool in the field of online learning.

Wireless headphones may not be without a couple of tweaks, which is normal, but the benefit of no wires and the freedom to move around unrestricted is a big reason why many people shift to the wireless option.

In fact, headphone manufacturers are rushing to compete for the title of the best wireless headphones for online teaching. But while all wireless headphones have the same uses, not all offer the same features, the same style, the same impact, and user safety.

This is where most educators fail – by putting too little consideration into quality equipment and instead rely on what are claiming to be the best devices without further investigating.


<<In a hurry? Take a peek at our top 3 editor’s choice for wireless headphones.

Editor’s choice #1

JABRA EVOLVE 75 MS headset

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  • Offers an HD voice combined with world-class speakers to deliver crystal-clear audio
  • A Skype-certified headset with dual Bluetooth connectivity used by Microsoft teams
  • Superior ANC to enhance productivity focus, super comfortable ear pads, and band
  • Has an all-day-battery with up to 18 hours of talk time allowing use for charging

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Here are 7 things to consider before paying for your next wireless headphone:

How to Buy a Wireless Headset 

1) Good Audio Quality

Typically, headsets have two audio: mono and stereo.

The stereo option delivers stereo sound coming from two different channels. Due to its design covering both ears, it creates a more natural, live sound. That means they can better block noise in the background.

Mono headsets, on the other hand, provide only one earpiece. This structure is to allow one ear uncovered so you can still hear the sound around you.

Both types have their advantages and disadvantages depending on your personal preference. While the stereo headset comes a bit pricier than the monotype, the cost is just right granting it offers the best immersion experience. You want your students to hear you loud and clear as much as you want to hear them.

Editor’s choice #2

 SONY WHXB900N noise cancelling headphone

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  • Offers high-quality wireless audio with extra powerful bass to enhance low frequencies
  • Alexa-enabled giving you a smart voice assistant at your service right away
  • Has a sleek design, comfortable ear pads, and a foldable design
  • With approximately 30 hours of battery life with a quick 10-minute charging time

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2) Noise-Canceling 

A noise-canceling microphone may not flawlessly improve the sound you hear, but it can amplify and make your voice a lot clearer to your students.

Noise cancellation is proven useful and helpful in reducing or blocking out background noise. This is for you if you are teaching in a room that can access noise, near the street, or a crowded surrounding. More advanced models are capable of higher technology and likewise offer superior noise-canceling features, although they may be a bit to a lot pricey.

Note that not all headphones with ANC offer the same capacity of noise reduction. If you have decided to invest in noise cancellation, be very keen on scrutinizing this factor. Check how a certain model works. Don’t be afraid to ask about particular details. Try if you must or research about the brand you have in mind when buying online.

Editor’s choice #3

MARSHALL MID BLUETOOTH wireless on-ear headphone

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  • Connects to MID with Bluetooth aptX technology blasting a CD-like audio quality
  • The custom-tuned 40mm drivers lend a robust sound with just the right amount of bass
  • Perfect travel companion with its durable collapsible design
  • Up to 30 hours of playtime on a single charge

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3) Sound Leak

A sound leak is possible. But there is a technique that can help stop sound leakage from headphones. Since that is for you to find out, spend time to inspect before paying. This is a must if you want a headphone set with no-leak magic.

Many users say an over-ear or on-ear headphones can better support the noise-canceling feature. But ensure that the headphones are designed closed-back. Vents or perforations can let airflow and leak sound.

Headphones with such vents can be seen in their earcup design known as open-back. Models like these don’t have noise cancellation as the design disregards the importance of “closed” space in the ears. They are best for solo listening or if you’re in a quiet area and don’t need to reduce unwanted ambient sounds.

Also, check the seal around the ears and the reliability of the material. Go for well-padded earphones – they are the best and to me are the most comfortable for hours of use. Because the pads completely cover the ears, they ward off sound better.

They also help you speak in your natural voice without the need to raise the volume excessively. Not only it allows you to hear your students better, but it can also help them hear you even when in a noisy room.

bluetooth headset, wireless on-ear phones

4) Comfortable Fit

The best headphones are those that fit comfortably. You will be using the headphones for hours, so look for a model that fits well but is not so tight when they’re on you.

If you have the chance to buy in a local store, try to put on the device exactly and correctly. Move as if you’re in a real teaching setting. Bend in them and feel their hold on your ears. Does the headband loosen as you flex your head? If the band remains sitting upright and fits nicely on your head – it’s a good one.

The secret is – the more cushions are secured on the lines of your ear area, the fewer chances that external audio frequencies will reach your ear. The result is a better audio experience. A padded headband likewise will ease vertical pressure.

Don’t forget the lightweight factor. Since you’ll be teaching with longer periods of talking, a lightweight option is recommended to make you teach relaxed and comfortably. You know the feel between a lightweight and heavy device when you put it on your head.

5) Battery Life

The battery is an important component in every wireless headphone. But as different types of Bluetooth headphones come with different types of batteries, it means that each category has different battery life, charging time, and speed.

Over-ear headphones, for example, may run up to 40 hours before you need to recharge, while the in-ear has 20 hours via USB. Typically, the True wireless batteries run for approximately 5 hours before they need to be recharged.

So it is best to look at each of the headphone categories. Ask about battery life and how many hours it takes, including charging time. Being familiar with these figures will help you understand when to plug the wireless headphones for charging.

6) Durability

I believe the look, touch, parts, materials, and the way a wireless headphone is built are the gauge if they are made of quality or not. How is the texture of the headband? The foam density and thickness? Does it snag?

Look for a warranty. To me, it’s one gauge that a product is made with quality in mind. The warranty will make you feel safe about a digital product because you know you can come back to the store if there are issues.

For example, some manufacturers offer a one-year warranty that allows you for replacements in case a model will have malfunction issues. This serves as an assurance that makes you feel at least confident about the headphone you’re going to buy.

7) Price

Premium gadgets offer a degree of excellence which also means a higher worth of figure. Modern models with active noise cancellation, stereo sound quality, easy volume control, considerable range, obviously add up to the cost.

Advanced models may also feature Alexa and other advanced details that truly deliver excellence. You’re not only looking for a pair of wireless headphones for listening to music while waiting to fall asleep, but a superior device to help you teach better online. My advice is if you can afford it, go for great quality.


Benefits of Using Wireless Headphones 

black and gray wireless headphones on white table

You can teach cored-free and hands-free

You sure have experienced being unable to leave your station while teaching because you are connected to your computer. Has a student ever told you that your voice is static? It could be because you keep moving with wired phones on your head.

This is where a wireless headphone comes in- by giving you the freedom to go away from your computer without sacrificing the quality of sound. The most helpful part is you can walk as you talk. It even allows you to choose a perfect spot you like for the day if you’re using a laptop.

Other than the freedom from unwinding knots formed by your headphone’s wires, teaching becomes as easy as turning the power on and then start working without any plugging of wires needed. It’s also convenient to store a wireless device and you know that.

With a wireless device, you are able to work hands-free even with multiple gadgets. You can make and pick calls conveniently, give instructions without wire connections, and relax by listening to music from your phones anywhere in the house.

In short, everything is done the wireless way.

Everyone wants high-quality sound

Wireless headphones use advanced technology to achieve more data to pass through. The advanced automation has provided them a top-quality sound. Some even say it’s close to a CD-quality.

The fact that wireless means using microwaves to transmit signals also means their specifications, frequency response, sensitivity, impedance, drivers, etc., are well-examined.

Wireless headphones today already come with noise isolation technology. Most have a built-in microphone for you to speak directly into the mic without trying to make your voice bold.

Parents, teachers, and students in the value of going wireless and understands how a really good sound is more important than cost. If students have seen and taken advantage of this technology, a little research on your part will help you find and use the same tool for your online teaching.

Connects with online technology

Education has obviously shifted to the online platform. Technology-wise, a quality device used in online learning helps students learn faster. In fact, one of the 7 strategies that make online education effective is to get well-versed with technology.

Good quality wireless headphones make education more entertaining in a lot of ways. When your students hear you, they have a higher chance of understanding your lessons. It helps them understand your instructions clearly and even encourages them to participate. They can do their assignments with ease, study for their tests with more focus, and see online learning on the interesting side.

Since online education is delivered via technology, educators as well, need to upgrade by being equipped with tech tools. Your going tech-savvy will bring you to an online level that gives students an enriching online education.

Some Drawbacks of Using Wired Headphones

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May Have Issues with Transmission

It’s normal that any signal disruption between headphones and the device can cause the sound to delay or drop out. Since wireless headphones have no wires, they have a lesser direct connection compared to the wired headphones. This explains why unsynchronized audio can occur. Many users may need to look for areas with low Wi-Fi usage.

On the positive side, modern wireless headphones are now equipped with access to microwaves, supplementary microphones, and other high-end integrations required to achieve better audio transmission. A high-quality Bluetooth headset also offers a quick and flawless pairing with other Bluetooth-enabled devices.

So it is less worrisome that you will be getting those scrambles on your audio while talking to someone online, listening to a song, or while watching a video.

They Need to Be Charged Before Use

Obviously, wireless devices need batteries to power them. That is why Bluetooth headphones are rechargeable. You need to charge a typical Bluetooth headset the same way you would charge any other rechargeable appliances. So as long as you monitor when to charge, you will always be on the go.

You can pay attention by reducing battery consumption and extending the battery life. For example, turn the Bluetooth off when charging, and do not use your headphones while charging.

Wireless Is More Expensive Than Wired

Since wired headphones perform with no questions asked due to their direct connection, the wireless group has to even this performance aspect granting that they perform with a less direct connection. Bluetooth also cannot be obtained by higher quality audio compared to wired.

Having said that, wireless headphones have to double their effort in offering higher fidelity audio clarity which requires additional features. All these factors are causing their price to tag up. Because wireless headphones today closely compete when it comes to performance, that makes them new and more advanced.

Do you want to pair your SmartTV to your wireless Bluetooth headphones but not sure how to do it? Watch this video.


10 Best Wireless Headphones for Online Teaching 

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1) Mpow 059 Bluetooth Headphones

Mpow 059 Bluetooth Headphones

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The Mpow 059 Bluetooth Headphone is an over-ear, Hifi stereo wireless headset made for a clear chat. It has a hands-free call and built-in mic that can quickly connect to any Bluetooth-enabled device like your PC.

The 059 over-ear headphone operates with dual aperture 40mm drivers. With Bluetooth 5.0 technology, it provides flexible pairing and reliable transmission to deliver an immersive and Hi-fidelity sound.

What’s more is it has an upgraded battery life of up to 65 hours, so that’s giving you 65-hours of power for all-day teaching, wireless music, movies, and calls on a single charge.

The Mpow 059 Bluetooth Headphone is so workable it can be used as a wired headphone with the help of the audio cable provided. So you can always have full power, a well-balanced reproduction of sound, and an exceptional listening experience.

Another thing that makes this ideal for online teaching is the around-ear cushion design that gives a closed and immersed environment for your ears. It’s even a big plus it uses a Memory Protein ear cushion to simulate human skin texture for comfort.

You’ll love the softly padded headband and simple to use stainless steel slider – you can work smoothly. Because it is foldable, you can keep the headphones in the accompanying bag, too.

The Mpow 059 Bluetooth V5.0 headphone provides a wireless range up to 33ft (10m) and compatible with most Bluetooth-enabled devices.

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2) Sony WHXB900N Noise-Canceling Headphone

Sony WHXB900N Noise-Canceling Headphone

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This one is a sleek and comfortably-designed headset for all-day listening, the Sony WHXB900N.

Thanks to the Alexa-enabled voice access, integrated microphone, and Bluetooth connectivity, you get quick and convenient hands-free calling. Simply activate Alexa and you have a smart Google or voice assistant at your service right away.

In this headphone, you will be using a touch sensor control. By quick taps on the button, you can answer calls, playback, or activate a voice assistant. Alongside is a quick attention mode that allows you to talk without the need to take your headphones off.

Sony understands the importance of clarity in a headphone so to take it to the limit, it employs the digital noise-canceling technology that utilizes supplementary microphones. Here, the mics pick up low-frequency noise and isolate the sound before it reaches the ear. This automation is a proven technique in improving the quality of a phone call.

What’s more, is you’ll love how the extra bass enhances low-end frequencies. With a single click, you will be lifting every track with a wave of booming tempo.

One selling feature of the Sony WHXB900N Headset is its 30-hours of battery life on a single charge. Plus, its quick charging capabilities give 60 minutes of replay within just 10 minutes of charging.

With all the features this headset provides, the extra bass, touch panel control, quick attention mode, and voice activation function that is all done wirelessly, you will enjoy teaching the whole day or listening to your favorite music for hours.

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3) Jabra Evolve 75 MS Wireless Headset

Jabra Evolve 75 MS Wireless Headset

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You’ll like the Skype-certified Jabra Evolve 75 Headset created with world-class speakers and HD voice.

This device is a service-oriented stereo Bluetooth headset that focuses on professional active noise cancellation (ANC) and microphone clarity. It’s also very convenient the active noise cancellation button is within reach on the left earcup section. 

The Jabra Evolve 75 is Skype-ready. Therefore it works for online teaching, as well. Its on-ear phones come with well-cushioned leather earpads and a matching headband with rubberized pads.

You will like that its superior Bluetooth can connect with dual Bluetooth correspondence in a range of 100 feet. With a Jabra Link 370 USB adapter – you have all the access to great connectivity.

Overall, it is made for exceptional comfort so it can keep up with online businesses, and teaching requirements of long listening periods.

It’s so comfortable that most controls are located on the earcup. So it’s quick when you need to answer, end calls, higher, or lower the volume. There’s also the power/pairing switch, and the mute button if you don’t need the voice of your assistant.

One of the things you’ll love about Evolve 75 is the feature that allows you to hear your colleagues without removing the headset. Just find the button, press it, and it will activate the setting that lets you monitor your background.

Jabra Evolve 75 claims a battery life of 18 hours and a standby time of 15 days, although again, battery usage varies according to your activity. You have two hours of charging time for this model.

All Jabra USB headsets are compatible with most communication platforms, from the popular voice call services to Google apps you normally need in your teaching courses.

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4) Marshall Mid Bluetooth Wireless On-Ear Headphone

Marshall Mid Bluetooth Wireless On-Ear Headphone

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Connect wirelessly using Marshall Mid Bluetooth Headphones with aptX technology. The term MID personifies the Marshall black vinyl, brass details. and rock ‘n’ roll looks signature.

Mid features custom-tuned 40mm drivers that transmit 20Hz to 20kHz frequency response. The headphones are compatible with Bluetooth 5.0. so you can easily share your audio, listen to music wirelessly, and talk online without issues.

Although some hints of Bluetooth distortion may be felt (it’s common), overall, the microphone’s signal is strong enough to deliver the range of frequency response you need.

It’s an on-ear design that uses supra-aural (on-ear) fully-cushioned cups and a matching faux grain leather headband with cushioned undersides. It also has a stop design that you can use to adjust for the right fit and balance.

The Marshall Mid Bluetooth Wireless Headphone avails two built-in passive noise reduction microphones to create better-structured conversations and voice recordings.

Unlike some headphones with too many buttons, the Marshall Mid has a multidirectional knob that controls everything from answering, rejecting, and ending calls with a single button. You can also power the device, play, pause, shuffle, and adjust the voice volume in the same knob.

Mid will keep you going strong with a solid 30+ hours of estimated battery life on a single charge – although your results will vary according to the level of volume used.

The collapsible design makes it another teacher-perfect option. Simply fold the headphones for safekeeping when your classes are done. Plus, if you like things stylish, then the Marshall script logo emblazoned on either ear fulfills that desire.

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5) VANKYO Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Headphone

VANKYO Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

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Top manufacturers have been releasing over-ear headphones for their exceptional soundstage. That includes the combined audio-enhancing features, functionality, and comfort in the VANKYO Hybrid C751 Hybrid Headphone.

VANKYO has a personalized hybrid active noise canceling (ANC) that utilizes integrated microphones to cancel out background noise. This feature also cancels interfering frequencies and allow the fullness of audio coming from the headphones.

This device has been analyzed in detail to achieve 90% ambient noise reduction. Thanks to the CVC 8.0 (Clear Voice Capture) and noise reduction microphone, you can hear and be heard prominently.

Bluetooth 5.0 is known faster with a more stable connection and sound transmission. These wireless headphone also works well both in wired and wireless mode. Plus, with a multi-point connection, it allows you a maximum of two devices. So other than its wireless mode, you can also avail the services of an auxiliary cable.

The battery life is impressive delivering approximately 25 up to 30 hours of working time. If you turn off ANC, you’re extending the battery. The same thing holds true with the level of volume you’re using while teaching, or listening to music.

VANKYO C751 Headphone provides a USB-C connection for charging. I think you will prefer this type of connection to the outdated micro-USB. Just plug-in the USB-C cable and you’ll get a full charge in 2 hours.

Another thing is the “Turbo Charging” trademark. You’ll like that it can get you fully-charged in 2 hours and stay on for up to 30 hours.

I think VANKYO Hybrid ANC Bluetooth Headphones have a modern interface that is much more desirable for online teachers.

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6) Avantree Aria Pro aptX-HD Bluetooth 

Avantree Aria Pro aptX-HD Bluetooth 

click image for details

Another option for a better experience is a headphone with a boom mic.

Avantree Aria Pro Bluetooth Headphone is a 5.0 HD active noise-canceling headphones to help you against distracting noises. Avantree’s mode of ANC reduces the distracting low-frequency backdrop sounds you don’t want.

While it doesn’t have strong sonic capabilities, it is supported by AptX-HD so it gives 24-bit HiFi Bluetooth. Users say it delivers a well-balanced and amazingly dynamic bass sound that offers an exemplary listening experience.

With an improved signal-to-noise ratio resulting in lower background noise – you can say the obvious highlight of the Avantree Aria Pro is the active noise cancellation.

The Avantree combines a soft, plush protein leather padding on the ear cups, a clamping force,  and a fully adjustable headband. This is for you if you require an ultra-comfortable design for over extended listening sessions. 

Bluetooth 5.0 is supported, and the Avantree Aria Pro can connect to two mobile devices at once. 24-hour battery life is estimated in this model, dropping to 15hours with long hours or ANC use. Charging takes two hours to Full.

There are sliders for power, Bluetooth pairing and ANC, playback, and volume buttons that are designed raised just enough to distinguish the difference over the rest. On the same location is a standard USB connection for charging, and multimedia controls for volume or skipping tracks — all integrated into an intuitive user-interface.

The model is designed with a detachable boom mic with omnidirectional flexibility. There’s a button on the boom mic that will help you fast mute access during calls. You can use the other USB mic or wired lavalier mic for the camera or social media voice recording.

Do you travel? Then you can fold your Avantree Aria Pro Headphone and place them in the accompanying hard carry case.

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7) BlueParrott B450-XT Headset

BlueParrott B450-XT Headset

click image for details

Parrot models are engineered for superior calls in high noise environments.

The BlueParrott S450-XT is Bluetooth-enabled and built for crystal-clear conversations. With Hi-Fi stereo audio, you will get excellent audio quality paired with a boom mic.

Because it supports an A2DP Bluetooth and multimedia streaming, it will accommodate your phone calls, music, or GPS. 

Thanks to its 96 percent noise cancellation, a frequency response of 100Hz, and superior HD voice call quality, it lets you listen to the person on the side of the call clearly. While it is not active noise canceling (ANC), it still rejects ambient noise. Very ideal for teaching and music.

To use the boom mic, adjust it first according to what you need. You’ll like how it provides a greater range of connectivity. Plus, it comes with a BlueParrott app that allows you to customize control for voice commands using a designated Parrott button.

The BlueParrott B450-XT Headphone offers a customizable button and seamless pit integration. With a BlueParrot app, you will enjoy instant access to speed dial, voice control, and text-to-speech, and mute functions.

There is also the Push-to-Talk function which works with Android, iOS, ES Chat, Zebra Workforce Connect, and more. The same app allows you to integrate B450-XT with other Bluetooth-enabled terminals allowing you to connect to up to two devices simultaneously.

The BlueParrott S450-XT headphone has a unique one-cup design. It may sound like they’re not as convenient as headphones with two earcups, but the over-ear design fits well on your ears. 

Moving on to battery life, you can get 24 hours of talk time which is more than a day of teaching, and up to 500 hours standby. Isn’t that a great thing you can be on the go with confidence?

To charge, use the USB-C port and charging cable and in under 3.5 hours, you get an entire day’s worth of battery life. Here’s more, your BlueParrot B450-XT also offers 24 hours-long talks with the help of the BlueParrott app.

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8) COWIN E7 Active Noise Cancelling Headphone

COWIN E7 Active Noise Cancelling Headphone

click image for details

Looking for a deep accurate bass response?

Cowin E7 Active Noise Cancelling Headphone is a new design that looks nice and feels more high-tech than previous Cowin models. 

It is engineered with a bass range to give a deep, powerful, and crisp sound. The structure, as you can see, is made sure to provide better sound quality and a great listening experience. One drawback, though, is that you’ll notice a significant drop in bass when the ANC feature is in full use.

So that you can focus on your work with less noise, Cowin works with advanced active noise reduction technology. That gives much better calls for your class, music, videos, too.

Cowin SE7 Headphone has a built-in microphone for hands-free calls, Aptx, and Bluetooth 5.0. and a stable connection. Its Bluetooth transmission distance is >15m.

You’ll be impressed with the advanced microphone system that provides clear calls even in windy or noisy environments. This includes enhanced sidetone to ensure the quality of outgoing and incoming voice. With control located on the headphone, you can answer calls, increase and reduce volume, and power ANC on/off.

Other than being lightweight, you’ll love the well-padded and foldable headband that has been reinforced with a thin metal sheet. So you can carry it in your bag anywhere you may need it. Plus, the SE7 cups have a solid and dense feel they don’t easily break with accidental drops.

All these features prove that the new Cowin E7 Active Noise Canceling Headphone doesn’t put too much pressure on the head. Instead, it lets you enjoy high quality, long listening comfort, skin texture, and a comfortable around-ear fit.

Moving on to its battery, you have a continuous 30 hours of playtime. This headphone utilizes a built-in 800mAh battery that will not power off anytime it likes leaving you nowhere to go. 

Overall, the Cowin SE7 is an average headphone, but of mixed usage, and a closed-back headphone that most professionals use from daily business, offices, and schools.

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9) Sony WF-1000XM3 Industry Wireless Earbuds 

 Sony WF-1000XM3 Industry Wireless Earbuds 

click image for details

Many thought the Sony WF-1000XM3 is greats for personal music listening, podcasting, or as mere headphones during a commute. But more people find the headset potential for Teams, Skype, and Zoom meetings that they call the device a perfect “academic tech” tool.

Sony boasts this as another top-performing headphone in this age of wireless freedom. Thanks to the HD noise-canceling processor QN1e, it’s the central unit that inverts sound waves and offset background noise resulting in a supreme level of noise cancellation.

It has a 24bit audio signal processing to deliver this improved sound quality. The additional microphones also assist in isolating sound while talking on the phone. Both features work by canceling ambient clamor across all frequencies as well as conserving power energy. 

The Sony WF-1000XM3 Earbuds is built with an Amazon Alexa feature ready to be your secretary! You’ll find it fun you only have to speak with a double-tap for hands-free voice access to music, information, and more.

It’s totally amazing that small earbuds as they are can deliver a wireless, uninterrupted L/R simultaneous Bluetooth transmission. You can also try the different sizes of the included silicone ear tips for the best experience.

Sony headphones connect app for Android and iOS, and the earbuds are easy to wear. After positioning the earbuds into your ears, twist backward slightly to fit securely Because it’s Sony, the world knows how it works.

If you’ll ask about the battery, well, it has extended battery life plus quick charging. You get up to 6 hours of battery life on a single charge which can be enough power to last for regular classes. The charging case supplies another three full charges for 24 hours of battery life. A 10-min charge time is equivalent to 90 minutes of playback.

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10) Anker Soundcore Life Q20 Hybrid ANC Headphone

Anker Soundcore Life Q20 Hybrid ANC Headphone

click image for details

Get sound and audio in the best way you like. Anker Soundcore Life Q20’s Headphone has custom 40 mm dynamic drivers to achieve hi-resolution audio.

The Anker technology uses a special algorithm to step up low frequencies. Its active noise canceling (ANC) units consolidate with internal feedback and external feedforward microphones so that low and mid-frequency noises are obstructed by 90%. The result is a clearer sound.

More importantly, this model’s microphone enhances voice pick-up to ensure you a sound crystal clear to the other end. Its Bluetooth 5 scope also allows you to walk as far as 100 feet from your working station while wearing the Soundcore Life Q20 Headphone.

Much more effective is the headset’s volume rocker on the right earcup that you can simply press. Just click the button to answer calls, play, and pause. Want to boost the bass? Then do a double or long-press to call for Siri or Google Assistant. There’s also a button for pairing.

Life Q20 comes with memory foam earcups that gently mold around your ears. The headband, as well, can be automatically adjusted to your right fit. This maximum comfort makes it ideal if you’re working at home, taking online classes, teaching online, or traveling.

Anker claims it has up to 40 hours of non-stop playtime in wireless ANC mode when 60% volume and wrings up to 60 hours in normal music and up to 30 hours in ANC mode. That gives you enough juice to about 600 songs. You’ll like the micro-USB charging port and a 3.5mm audio jack for wired listening using the included 3.5mm-to-3.5mm cable.

The Anker Soundcore Life Q20 has been tested by Best, TechHive, Wirecutter, and TNW as detail-rich and well-balanced with decent sound, ANC, and perhaps the best entry-level pair of noise-canceling headphones money can buy.

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1. What do you think is the number one reason why a wireless headphone is worth investing in?

When you’re teaching online, it follows that you’ll be wearing headphones for hours, if not for the whole day. You are confined to one position and are limited to move due to the wires on your headphones.

Because of this, a wireless headphone is a solution. Online education is the new norm, and you as an online teacher can be effective by creating a cord-free, hands-free, and distraction-free learning experience.

2) How effective is noise cancellation in online education?

Noise can make it difficult for you and your students to understand one another. Worst is, it can negatively impact your online teaching and their online learning.

Noise cancellation can reduce or remove the noise going from you to your students, as well as the noise coming from them to you. Since this feature works on both ends of the line at the same time, you can have your class smoothly going without thinking about the noise.

A quality headphone with noise cancellation works by reducing background sounds that could distract your students. From your end, it helps you from straining your voice over hours of teaching because you don’t have to exert creating a louder and bolder voice to be heard.

3) Are there apps I can avail myself of to enhance my headphone’s noise-canceling feature?


If you want to upgrade your noise-canceling headphones, there are noise-canceling apps for that. Some examples are Krisp, Noise Gator,  SoliCall, and Sound Amplifier to name a few.

4) Other than the advanced features, what other benefits will I be getting from buying a much costly headphone model?

There is a strong basis for why wireless devices are pricier. The reason is obvious – wireless technology is more expensive to manufacture.

If wired headphones deliver better sound quality due to fewer chances of interference, then their wireless counterpart has to lend extra effort to deliver “as-perfect” audio signals and similarly minimize the risk of interference that otherwise could affect the quality of sound.

Your headphone is a very important part of your online teaching job because you’re looking for the perfect audio consumption. While I’m not pushing you to spend more money, in this instance: going for really nice headphones will give you more benefits in the long run.

5) Can you explain the significant difference between inexpensive and expensive headphones?

Any pair of low-cost, averagely-priced, or cheap headphones are used the same way you would an expensive model. However, their overall features, again, may differ when it comes to specs like a strong noise-canceling feature, richly-padded headbands, or a luxury sound system.

They also tend to have replaceable bands, ear pads, and cables. The goal is to allow users the utmost convenience in higher-end models. That includes warranties.

Expensive headphones have interesting features that mean an advanced system, more durable materials, fewer annoyances, and structure that makes the device easier to use. To sum it up, the expensive models come ahead of the line for their unique features, which also means you have to pay a premium to get them.

6) Is it true that low-cost headphones perform less?

Not at all.

As explained earlier, whether a headphone comes pricier or cheaper, they are tools for exactly the same purpose which is to allow users to listen to an audio source privately.

A low-cost headset does not necessarily mean low quality that will perform less, and that it will malfunction within a month. The purpose for which you buy a headphone depends on where you need it for. If you only need to listen to music, then any low-cost model will provide you music. If you’re teaching online and require ambient silence, then you would prefer a device with a good noise-canceling feature.

In a low-cost option, you shouldn’t be expecting the fullness of the latest technology, a seamless life with your music, and other near-magical abilities in a headphone.

7) The most expensive one on your list is the Jabra Evolve 75. Why should I buy it?

If you want to try the best, why not?

Whether an expensive headset is the right one for your needs, the Jabra Evolve 75 is what I find a strong contender.  It’s a lot above average in price, but it is engineered for professional applications which I believe includes teaching online.

If you use Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, and other similar platforms, the Jabra Evolve 75 is optimized for Skype. So it’s the perfect and easiest to choose for a wireless headphone proven with great functionality in that aspect.

More than that, Jabra Evolve 75’s compatibility with communication platforms and noise-canceling ability are essential factors if you want to connect smoothly and be heard with clarity.

It also has approximately 18 hours of battery life which embraces a whole day of usability. While power in its battery depends on your usage, still, it covers all the time of the day you are teaching.

8) Do you have any advice for us, teachers, when it comes to buying headphones?

I would say anything that shares all the information and knowledge your students need will make the best option. It’s a two-way tool – the headset should allow you to conduct lessons efficiently, and your students should benefit from that device by learning from you. Putting your students’ needs before you mirror the type of educator who goes the extra mile to ensure that his or her students are learning.



In these days of online technology, the way people use headsets or headphones has changed. More and more buyers now prioritize sound quality over price. Shopping for the best wireless headphones for online teaching is not only to get a device you can use, but a headphone that offers the benefit of allowing you to teach, move, and learn without wires.

At the end of the day, only you can determine what type of comfort you need, the excellence of sound, or if you require a voice assistant or a trusted ANC factor.

Before deciding to upgrade, try asking your students how well they hear you. Verify if they understand you when lecturing online and if the overall quality of your audio is nice to their ears. Establishing where you need to improve will help you find the best wireless microphone that will ensure an engaging lesson.

So, which of the wireless headphones above you liked the most? You might like to share your thoughts, please leave them in the comments.

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