8 Things To Donate To a Preschool Classroom That Teachers Will Truly Appreciate

With teachers already having a lot on their plate, many people do not know that funds for buying classroom supplies, field trips, and even classroom decors and other classroom essentials come out from their own pocket voluntarily. 

And I’m not talking about just a couple of bucks, some teachers go to great lengths of spending up to hundreds of dollars or even more for the whole school year and not even giving it a second thought just so that their students can have a well-rounded education. 

preschoolers having recess break

There are actually a handful of ways to help and one of them is by donating supplies and other items for the classroom that can greatly help lighten the load teachers are bravely carrying on their shoulders every day. So if you’re looking for things to donate to a preschool classroom that your child, niece, or nephew might be attending, or you just want to be a good samaritan and help out, you’ve come to the right place!


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Crayola Washable Marker Set
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  • Encourages more creativity in the classroom
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Learning Resources Jumbo Magnifiers
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8 Things To Donate To a Preschool Classroom That Teachers Will Truly Appreciate

Figuring out what to get for a preschool classroom can be a bit tricky,  but it’s best to think of “hands-on supplies”, and this list will help you know what items are most needed by the teachers and kids in order for them to maximize learning in the classroom.

The items included in this list are some of the essentials that kids will use every now and then in the classroom. I also included some things that will be a great addition to any preschool classroom to enrich their learning environment in the most fun and engaging way. 

Additionally, you don’t necessarily need to buy a ton of stuff and break the bank in order to give the kids a really good educational experience because it’s actually simple everyday items that count which the classroom does need and kids go through like candy day in and day out. 

Read on to find out what items can really help out both the teacher and students. 

Art Supplies

Preschoolers are set to learn school readiness skills that they need as they go higher in the ladder of education, and this is done in the classroom mostly through playing and arts and crafts, and all sorts of hands-on learning. 

Learning these pre-skills is essential for them to be the foundation and groundwork of learning they will go through in the future. 

Kids will be going through art supplies like candy day after day in the classroom, this is why it’s best to consider donating art supplies as a first option because most of their activities focus on arts and crafts and other tidbits to help foster creativity, fine motor skills, as well as their freedom to express themselves through the things they create this will boost their confidence. 

As preschoolers’ demand for art supply increases, it’s a challenge for teachers to keep up with the demand and supply their needs without having to spend their own money to buy the necessary supplies they need for such activities. 

Most schools provide pencils and papers, but supplies other than that like glue, construction papers, crayons, and more are scarce, leaving teachers with no other choice but to buy the supplies themselves. This is where parents, friends, and people who want to help can step in and lighten a load of teachers by donating art supplies. 

Alternatively, if you have a surplus of school or art supplies in your home, whether it be glue, crayons, scissors, go ahead and grab a box where you can put all that extra stuff and have it donated too!

A preschool classroom always goes through large quantities of supplies and is always in need of replenishment for supplies. 

It may not seem that much but the small things are usually the most helpful and meaningful contribution that can go a long way to help create a strong learning environment for the kids. 

This now leads us to the first item on our list that is highly recommended for preschoolers to use that you can donate to their classroom. 

1.) Ticonderoga My First Tri-Write Pencils with Eraser

Ticonderoga My First Tri-Write Pencils with Eraser

Click image for details

Considered to be a holy grail for most teachers and also tagged as one of the best pencils in the world, Ticonderoga my first tri-write pencils with erasers would be a great item to donate to your local preschool to help out with their supplies. 

These pencils come in a triangular shape which is great for preschoolers who are just learning how to write as the pencils come in a much bigger barrel making it easy for them to hold on to and also provides a very comfortable grip for small hands. 

It also comes in #2 HB soft which is the standard for use in schools as the leads are not that soft nor hard and it provides very clear and bold lines that can be easily applied to paper without too much pressure needed. 

Kids will be able to write with these pencils smoothly because of their very thick and durable graphite core and it’s also a pretty comfortable pencil to hold thanks to its triangular shape making them naturally ergonomic for preschoolers to use. 

And another neat thing about these pencils is that because of their unique shape, they will not roll off from the table and they will just stay put, kids will not have any issues about pencils rolling off and distractions are lessened as these pencils will stay in the place where you need them to be. 

You can get these pencils with or without erasers, but it is more preferable that you get them with erasers so that it can be convenient for the students to use them without having to reach out to a separate eraser every time they need to correct something, and for preschoolers that would be most of the time since they’re still getting the hang of using pencils and writing. 

You also get a pretty decent amount of eraser which is latex-free and pencil as these pencils are jumbo-sized so you’ll know that they’ll be able to use this for a longer period of time. This pack comes with 36 pencils which is a lot leaving kids with plenty of backup pencils in case some of them get lost. 

The build of this pencil also feels very premium and you don’t have to worry about splinters. The wood used for these pencils is of high-quality and is sourced sustainably as well, ensuring you that splinters will not be in sight even when they sharpen every now and then. 

It’s also utterly important for items that you donate to a preschool classroom to be non-toxic and safe for kids to use, and luckily the Ticonderoga my first tri-write pencils with erasers are certified non-toxic leaving you with no worries once you hand ‘em out to the teacher. 

As these pencils are designed and intended for primary schoolers, you’ll never go wrong with donating these pencils to a preschool classroom. They are teachers preferred because of these pencils’ dependability and craftsmanship. 

They greatly help with fine-tuning the fine motor skills of students, they surely are a must-have for preschoolers and they surely love writing activities with these excellent pencils!

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2.) Crayola Washable Marker Set

Crayola Washable Marker Set

Click image for details

Kids love everything colorful, and with this next item on our list, they’ll surely pay attention to the whiteboard and they will also love to participate in writing on the board with the Crayola Washable Marker Set. 

These markers will help unleash their creativity and imagination to their hearts’ content as they express themselves through the things that they can write and create using this awesome marker set. 

This colorful and magnificent marker set comes with 64 colored markers that are completely washable making it safe to use without you having to worry about keeping it away from their clothes or from any surfaces as they will always erase with ease. 

And that’s not all, you’re actually getting 3 different kinds of markers from this set and even the teachers will love using them! Initially, you’ll be getting 48 Ultra-clean broad line markers that come in 32 different colors as you’ll be getting duplicates of the 16 most popular colors that this set offers. 

This comes in handy because the teachers do not have to buy another set just to get that one favorite color that every student uses, they will already have a backup of that color in case the first one runs out. 

This is also very ideal for preschoolers because that means they don’t have to fuss over one specific marker because they have an extra one in case other students want to use the same color as well. 

8 washable window markers and 8 gel FX markers are also included in this set. So you’ll be donating markers with a multitude of uses that the teacher and students can use for all different kinds of activities they have in mind. 

With so many colors to choose from, they’ll have a hard time choosing one to use. All colors come in fun names too, so the teachers can help with color recognition by using these markers for their activities. 

The duplicates that you’ll get in this pack are; 2 reds, 2 oranges, 2 yellows, 2 greens, 2 seafoam green, 2 blues, 2 blue lagoons, 2 violets, 2 tropical violets, 2 pinks, 2 wild orchids, 2 coral reef, 2 sandy tans, 2 browns, 2 grays, and 2 blacks as well. 

All the markers you’ll get from this set are washable from the skin and any type of washable clothing. They’re non-toxic too, so you’ll be worry-free about these markers getting on the students’ skin when they use them. 

They can also be removed from most surfaces easily even on painted walls making them very ideal for use inside a preschool classroom. 

With the Gel Markers, kids will be able to create cool effects on dark paper, poster foil, glass, and plastic surfaces. Making these markers a great candidate for arts and crafts. 

This is truly a good buy given that these markers are versatile and the students and teacher can use them in many ways. They also have excellent ink flow and kids will not have a hard time using them as they also provide a very comfortable grip for small hands. 

All in all, they’re a fantastic value for money and the classroom as well. It will surely be a tad more colorful with these markers! 

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Aside from art supplies, books are another great option for you to donate to a preschool classroom. And even though kids love storytime, they’re not going to want to read the same books over and over again. 

It’s important for them to have a variety of books to choose from for them to have different great discoveries from time to time. You can consider checking books for kids at home and see if there are any that you can donate. 

a preschooler reading a book

It does not have to be a specific book, because that’s the good thing about preschool, they can cover any topic and read any book that can help them widen their horizon. It can be books about nature, family, community, or just about any book that you deem appropriate for preschoolers to read. 

As they need to be developing their literacy skills through the day they’re in the classroom, having a variety of books can greatly help keep reading activities fun and engaging, they can have the freedom to choose whatever book they want to read. 

And if you don’t have extra books lying around your house, you can opt for these amazing books that children will surely love! 

3.) Pete the Cat 12-Book Phonics Fun Box Set by James Dean

Pete the Cat 12-Book Phonics Fun Box Set by James Dean

Click image for details

It’s important to help children be aware of their phonemes as this would be the foundation to help them be life-long and strong readers later in time. And we all know that reading opens the gateways to endless possibilities and it’s our job to help them unlock that. 

And having that foundation is vital for them to develop during these early stages of school so that they can increase their chances to be successful in school during the higher levels of education. 

I had the chance to get this set last year, and I can vouch for how my daughter who is a preschooler loves reading the books included in this set. This awesome box set includes 12 simple and fun Pete the Cat storybooks that are perfect for children who are just starting to explore the world of reading. 

Kids will find reading fun and engaging with this book set thanks to the colorful illustrations and fun stories that Pete the Cat book set has to offer. Each of the books contains different repeated examples of short and long vowels along with the most common sight words that they need to be aware of during the early years of learning. 

And what’s best about this book is that they’re specifically designed to help teach kids how to read books with confidence while having fun and rocking out with Pete the Cat, and I assure you, my 5-year-old loves Pete the Cat so much it was a breeze teaching her the CVCs and the next thing you know it she’s reading the books all by herself. 

Learning these phonics is essential for preschoolers to master as this will greatly help them with learning how to read and spell. This will also help them learn familiar words and know how to decode them by simply gaging their way through the phonics of the letters and eventually be fluent with reading by themselves. 

So if you want to donate great reading material to a preschool classroom, this would be a great option to help as it’s age-appropriate and highly engaging as well. Every story is nice and short because dragging stories might bore them fast, but this will keep them engaged until the last page of every book. 

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Science Activity Supplies     

A few times a week preschoolers will tackle a few topics in science mostly about nature, animals, weather, plants, and other topics that will help them get a glimpse of the basics they need to learn before heading on to the big school. 

And they’re actually great scientists and this is due to the reason that they have this enormous amount of curiosity making them keen to learn more about all the things that currently surround them. 

Teachers will usually discuss science topics through the use of books, videos, actual demonstrations, and or experiments. This is where the need for science activities supplies for preschoolers comes in. 

The best way for them to grasp the concept of science is by exploring it in actual and interactive activities, and things like magnifying glasses, microscopes, tweezers, scales, mirrors, and other useful items that they can use for their science activities are great stuff top donate for a preschool classroom. 

You can also try donating gardening kits so that they can have activities to observe and learn about plants and see how they’ll get excited when their seeds start to sprout!

4.) Learning Resources Jumbo Magnifiers

Learning Resources Jumbo Magnifiers

Click image for details

When my daughter started attending preschool the teacher gave a list of things that they need that will mostly cater to their everyday activities, the list included writing and art supplies, as well as hygienic supplies and other common items that teachers will request to start up the class for the year. 

And on the bottom part of the list, the teacher also requested a donation of other items that they can use for their science subjects because most schools will be able to provide basic classroom staples but sometimes nothing more beyond that due to budget constrictions. 

And of course, all parents, including, were more than happy to help out with that, and this next item was the choice of mine to contribute—the Learning Resources Jumbo Magnifiers. I bought 2 packs as each pack comes with 6 colorful and jumbo magnifiers that just helped the kids explore their world in a fun and colorful way. 

A single pack will give you 6 jumbo magnifiers in bright and appealing colors in red, yellow, green, orange, blue, and purple and kids will be able to pick their fave color when it’s time to use them. 

These jumbo magnifiers helped kids appreciate science into a big-time view and just seeing them be amazed when using these magnifiers filled my heart. The teacher loved using these magnifiers with the kids as it helped them dive deeper into science exploration and investigations with a tool that real scientists used as well. 

The teacher even let my daughter and her classmates wear white lab gowns to really make them feel like their scientist, well, actually junior scientist at that.

Each jumbo magnifier fits perfectly with small hands giving them a comfortable grip and they can manage to hold it pretty well by themselves as well. Each jumbo magnifier is about 8-inches long with a chunky handle design making it easy for kids to hold onto. And the magnifiers’ plastic lenses are about 4.5-inches in diameter. 

This is great to use for looking into small insects, like butterflies, caterpillars, and other critters that they can look at by the school’s garden. 

They can also look into different interesting rocks and observe how each rock is unique and different. And that’s not all, they can look into anything they want to explore, and as these jumbo magnifiers have a multitude of uses letting their imagination take place and spark creativity as well. 

Another thing to love about these magnifiers from Learning Resource is that they are made to last, and they are also durable enough to withstand falling from certain heights like for example when it accidentally slips from children’s hand. They can also be used for both indoor and outdoor science activities.    

It also has a unique feature which is the flip-out stand so that kids can experience a hand-free viewing letting them manipulate and turn around the item that they’re trying to look into. They’re also not too heavy so that kids will have a hard time carrying them around. They come in the appropriate size and shape enabling kids to handle them independently. 

Overall a great quality set of magnifiers that really does its job of magnifying and is surely a neat addition to any preschool classroom that will last even after years of use to help inspire little kids’ imagination and creativity as well. 

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5.) GeoSafari Jr. Talking Microscope  

If the jumbo magnifying glasses got the kids excited, wait till they see GeoSafari Jr. Talking Microscope. 

GeoSafari Jr. Talking Microscope  

Click image for details

This kid-sized and kid-friendly microscope is truly a game-changer for students who are venturing into early science learning because they get to be like real scientists in a fun and engaging way. 

This amazing microscope will let kids look, listen and learn from 60-beautiful high quality and fully colored images that also provides 2 mode of displays which is the Fact-mode and the Quiz mode making every slide of pictures a new piece of fun discovery for them while helping them retain the information they learned from it effortlessly. 

Aside from all the learning possibilities that the GeoSafari Jr. Talking microscope offers it also features the voice of the amazing Bindi Irwin wildlife warrior to help expand the kids’ knowledge of all kinds of animals and plants. 

Introducing a real scientific toy will help spark their curiosity and hunger to learn more, and teachers will love how easy-to-use this microscope is and is also a fun way to learn for kids to help them build their love for science. 

This talking microscope also has over a hundred facts and questions that cater to other languages such as Spanish, German, and French. This is also a perfect STEM learning toy that encourages kids to build interest in biology, botany, and the fire of curiosity to learn. 

To operate the GeoSafari Jr. Talking microscope you only need 3 AAA batteries and you’re good to go. It’s also lightweight as it only weighs about 1.5 pounds (680 grams) and it comes in a size of 10.1 x 8.1 x 5.6 inches an appropriate size for kids to use. 

And also, instead of one eyepiece only, it comes with two eyepieces so that kids will not have a hard time closing one eye just to get a peek of what’s inside. Cleaning up is also a breeze with this microscope as all slides fit neatly inside for easy and convenient storage. 

All in all, the GeoSafari Jr. Talking microscope is an all-star scientific-educational toy that will spark creativity, curiosity, and learning all while having fun with the beautiful pictures along with the voice of the phenomenal Bindi Irwin. It will truly be an awesome piece to donate to a preschool classroom. 

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Educational Toys

Kids are all about toys, and since they’re all about toys why not donate educational toys? They get to have fun and learn at the same time with educational toys that’s why they are also a must for a preschool classroom to have. 

Hands-on learning is also what educational toys offer, and one thing is proven and tested and that is children increase their learning capabilities with things that they can hold and manipulate. 

Also, the great thing about toys is that they don’t have to be new if you have some lying around your house or if you have any spare that you think will be useful for a preschool classroom, the teacher will surely appreciate it as an addition to their classroom selection contents and materials. 

colorful blocks with numbers

It can be in the form of blocks and puzzles to help challenge their minds while also helping to develop their problem-solving skills. They also get to develop their building skills while exploring these kinds of educational toys. 

Blocks and puzzles will also help them grasp the concept of gravity, balance, and organization which is a skill that they need to develop during these early stages of education. 

Preschool education should not be intensely academic because their mind and bodies are not yet built for that. 

Children are also in need of play and exploration without limits from boundaries that we tend to set, free and unstructured play helps unlock their full potential and confidence to venture into new things to explore and learn all on their own. 

Toys let them do that, by having that freedom to do things on their own, you’ll be amazed as to what they can create and discover all by themselves. 

Outdoor toys are also needed by a preschool classroom because they also need to be exposed to nature and the outside environment because preschool learning is not only limited to the walls of the classroom. 

They need the freedom to play, run, hop, and other activities that they would typically do to help develop their motor skills well. And this is where they can use wagons, trikes, slides, and many more to get their body moving while building both their muscles and minds at the same time. 

6.) Spring Flower See & Spell Matching Letter Toy

Spring Flower See & Spell Matching Letter Toy

Click image for details

Learning is more effective when it is also fun for the kids, that is why you should make reading and spelling activities super fun with the Spring Flower See & Spell Matching letter Toy!

Helping children to develop a variety of skills such as sight-reading vocabulary, spelling, fine motor skills, color sorting, letter recognition together with word association skills, this wooden educational toy will help them develop essential social skills and is truly a must-have for any preschool classroom. 

The Spring Flower See & Spell Matching letter Toy set includes 28 pcs of double-sided letter puzzles or flashcards which will provide you with high-frequency and important CVC words that will help any preschooler to start reading. 

Along with the flashcards are two complete sets of the alphabet from A to Z that they can use to fill in the flashcards with colorful and fun letters challenging all their literacy skill to help them become fluent all while playing with this fun set. 

Aside from the flashcards and the wooden alphabet blocks, it also comes with a storage bag that comes in a fun design to help them develop a good habit of cleaning and packing up after they use the toy. 

Letting them explore with this educational toy will also help them build confidence when it comes to spelling and reading all by themselves, equipped with an abundance of varying words that is 56 of the most used CVC words they will surely have strong and fluent literacy skills with frequent use of this see and spell set. 

The materials used for this educational toy are non-toxic and are durable as well. The alphabet blocks are easy for little hands to maneuver making it easy for them to create and spell the words they want to. 

The Spring Flower See & Spell Matching letter Toy will absolutely be a great learning tool for preschoolers and teachers will surely appreciate this teaching tool to help kids get their A-game when it comes to spelling and reading. 

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Tech Gadgets

Do you ever wonder how life would be today if technology has never taken its place? How would classrooms be like? How would we function every day? It would surely be laborious and normal tasks would take a while to be finished just like when computing mathematical equations.

Technology has been one of the greatest milestones education has had and it has been at the forefront of human education that is ever-changing and revolutionizing every second as we speak. 

And this has led to the growth and advancement of educational capabilities that students get to experience in today’s age. And using technology in the classroom has been the fastest and most engaging way teachers can provide their teaching materials to students every day. 

Just like how we tend to use the internet to gain resources at a much faster rate compared to sourcing from the library because everything now is just one tap away. 

Preschoolers have the opportunity to use these technologies to help open their eyes to the wonders of education, teachers now can use educational images and videos to help students learn about a certain topic in a more elaborate way. 

This is why tech gadgets are also a great option to donate to a preschool classroom, think of items such as interactive boards, Bluetooth speakers, portable projectors, or other game kits that teachers can let students use to enrich their learning experience. 

You can also include Apps that teachers and students can use to make their lessons more engaging and meaningful as well. 

7.)  TOPVISION T6 Portable Mini Projector

TOPVISION T6 Portable Mini Projector

Click image for details

One of the best ways to make lessons for preschoolers more fun and engaging is by using educational videos and images to help them understand and absorb the lesson in a more effective way. 

That’s why the next entry on our list would be a great tech gadget tool a teacher can use inside the classroom. The TOPVISION T6 Portable Mini Projector is an all-in-one projector that can be used in a variety of ways and on top of that it also already comes with a 100-inch projector screen so you no longer have to buy one separately.

It’s like an all-in-one package and all that’s left to do is to plug and play however the teacher decides to use it. Additionally, there’s no issue if the preschool classroom is well-lit and the light is not dimmable as it is equipped with 5,500 Lumens making it capable to project bold and clear images with accurate colors even in broad daylight. 

It’s also upgraded with LED lighting that provides an increase of up to 85% brightness compared to an ordinary projector. It has a 1920 x 1080  resolution which is capable enough to display Full HD pictures showing even the most intricate details crystal clear on the screen, kids will surely have a cinematic experience with this amazing projector.

And when it comes to connectivity, there are various ways this projector can be used and teachers will not have an issue with connecting to this projector, and warm-up is also no longer needed. 

It has 2 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, VGA, AV, TF, and audio output as well just in case the teacher wants to use an external speaker to provide a much more clear audio quality for the kids. 

It is also compatible with a TVbox, a Chromebook, a PC, Mac, or any laptop, tablet, Blu Ray-DVD, an SD card can also be used or a USB Flash Drive, and aside from that it is also compatible with most Video game consoles and media players from a smartphone as well. So you see, you’ll have endless options on how to connect with this projector

And the reason why this is an all-in-one projector is that it also has a built-in speaker which is pretty powerful and can provide decent audio quality for a small to the medium preschool classroom. But if there’s a need for a more powerful speaker you can simply hook it up to external audio using a 3.55mm audio output jack. 

The projector itself does not produce too much noise that can cause distraction when using it, as it’s equipped with Top Vision’s latest dual-fan system for better performance and a more immersive audio experience. 

And longevity-wise, this projector also performs impressively with its 60,000-hour lamp life, and that means this will be used for a pretty long period of time before the need to exchange the lamp takes place. 

It’s definitely a good buy especially for its price, you’ll get great quality and great specs too, and it will surely fit well for a preschool classroom. 

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Gift Certificates

When you just really can’t figure out what to get for a preschool classroom a great way to give while also really helping out to get what the classroom really needs are gift certificates or gift cards. 

In lieu of cash, a gift card to any supply store or online selling platform is accepting donations to help get what the classroom is in need of. This way you’ll have no worries if the item that you’re getting is okay. 

The teachers will also have the freedom to purchase what supply they really need as they know how the classroom operates for their daily activities. 

So instead of making the decision of what to donate for yourself, gift cards or certificates are a great way to let the teacher decide what to get for the classroom. 

8.) Amazon.com Gift Card in a Greeting Card

Amazon.com Gift Card in a Greeting Card (Various Designs)

Click image for details

One of the best gift cards that you can give to a teacher is the Amazon.com Gift Card in a greeting card form. What I love about this specific gift card is that it comes in various designs that make giving a gift card personal and meaningful as well.

Unlike other gift cards or certificates that are plain and boring, you can choose this gift card to be in a greeting card that teachers will surely appreciate receiving. The gift card itself will be affixed inside the greeting card and you also have the option for the amount not to be imprinted on the Gift Card to make it discreet and more personal as well. 

And the great thing about them is that they have no fees and they don’t expire as well, so teachers can keep them for as long as they like until they need to buy supplies for the classroom to use

The gift card is redeemable in millions of items storewide on the Amazon website and teachers will no longer need to go to the store themselves as it can be delivered to the school or at their own home. 

It also features a one-day shipping option if it is available in the area. You can choose from different formats for the gift card to be encased in. you can choose from a gift box, a greeting card, a reveal card, a mini envelope, a gift tag, a slider, a gift bag, or a bookmark which is kinda cool as it can still be used after the gift card is redeemed. 

Overall a great donation option that will always be a win for everybody! 

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Hygiene Essentials

Schools are slowly opening their doors and students are slowly marching back to their classrooms amidst the Covid-19 pandemic—and that can only mean that back-to-school shopping is back on the agenda but expect that the list is going to be longer compared to before.

We live in the new normal, where masks and hygienic items are vital to prevent the spread of the virus and to keep everyone healthy and safe. And with that in mind hygiene essentials are no doubt a must for both students and teachers as well.

It’s best if you can create a back-to-school health checklist aside from the school supplies list, and since most schools might not be able to provide communal backstock, teachers will truly appreciate it if you can donate hygienic items that they and their students can use from day to day in the classroom.

You can opt to donate hand sanitizers, disinfectant sprays and wipes, soaps, and just about anything that you can think of that will help to keep the classroom free from bacterias and viruses.

8.) Mini Paper Soap Sheets

Mini Paper Soap Sheets

Click image for details

Hand sanitizers and rubbing alcohols are great, but we all know that the best way to kill germs and viruses is by washing our hands using soap, and these mini-paper soap sheets are just amazing for kids to use.

All they need to do is get one sheet and they already have a surefire way to clean and sanitize their hands sparing no germs or viruses.

These soap sheets will also make handwashing time a fun time because it’s a new and fun way to get soap into their hands instead of them all using one pump bottle to get soap.

And don’t underestimate these tiny sheets because each and every one of them makes a rich foam that will keep students’ hands clean and free from germs and viruses.

It also has a good smell that’s not too powerful and is easy to the nose perfect for kids to use even for those who have sensitive noses.

It’s also very affordable and you’ll really get plenty enough for everybody including yourself, making it possible for you to donate one for each student so that they can just carry it along with them and swish it out whenever they need to wash their hands.

These sheet soaps are also made from premium quality biodegradable materials and pure natural plant extracts that are safe to use for kids. It comes in cute pocket-sized dispensers and is easy to carry around wherever they go.

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No one should ever feel pressured when trying to decide what to donate to a preschool classroom, because whatever it is whether it’s a pack of a pencil or a dozen of markers or even your time to help out in the classroom will surely be appreciated by the teachers and will also surely be felt by the students as well. 

Education plays a vital role in every children’s life, it provides them with all the necessary tools that they need in order to succeed in whatever path they choose to take later on in life. And it’s up to us to help out the best way we can and even the smallest amount of help can help in big ways we have never imagined. 

I hope this article helped you figure out what to get for a preschool classroom, and if it did share it with some of your friends and family as well if you think this will help them too! 

Until our next one! Cheers!